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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 2, 2014 8:01 AM Flag

    In the search "the pledge of allegiance" and move the drop down menu to "all" from "3 months" and ask others to take it and stop voting for the Republicans and Democrats they have been Evil to the our presents and the futures of our children. 40M over the age of 65 if should be marching on the WHITE HOUSE TO REMOVE THEM FROM THE INSTITUTIONS THEY have corrupted.

  • jforuus jforuus Nov 2, 2014 7:51 AM Flag

    We are responsible for not being caretakers of our nations and families futures.
    Our young pups have been fighting with "Occupy Wall St." These pups will grow up to be vicious dogs but most likely weighed down with responsibility to combat the corruption again, time will tell.

    It is pathetic men and women who were voted into protect us have become the butchers of our futures. If this was the tv show WalkingD@#$D, these men would be the people at "TERMINUS". You should always go back to put cannibal dogs down, else? They continue to cannibalize on others which is what is occurring to us and you don't stop till you put all of them down so they don't continue to set traps for others to fall into. They had a responsibility to do so and see what happened when they did not embrace it, a part of their family was lost. Now you see what this version of Congress is like

  • jforuus jforuus Nov 2, 2014 7:48 AM Flag

    Our Congress is the manifestation of corruption of Wall St. by all the money they contribute. The Bureaucracy of Congress protects them. The marriage of Wall St. - Corp America - Lobbyist is strong as ever.

    The SEC is compromised. Their ALERTS play book is known to all Wall St. Executives to avoid investigation. Steal a few grapes no one notices from the grocery store. Steal a bushel and its a different story. The talent goes their and the talent is asked for help by the Federal Government. The talent is what created the problem and we are the ones equally responsible for not hunting down the wolf. The talent learns more information to combat and steal when they return to the private sector

  • jforuus jforuus Nov 2, 2014 7:45 AM Flag

    *15% to 80% LOSS

  • This is from a guy who doesn't live too far from Wall St......

    This is how one of their "CLASSIC" rule works.

    Recommend a stock X

    Sell stock X for $10

    Short stock X or and buy puts and keep rolling it over to a lower strike price and put.

    Brokers collude to bring it down stock X to $2. In cases like a stock that needs to be in a Russell Index where the price per share has to be above a certain point, trigger their alert to sell and force a flood of share into the market. Giving the COLLUSION massive gains.

    Most sell for 15% to 80% law. (trust me on the math regarding that which involves the larger broker houses sharing data "information" regarding your accounts such as "stop loss order", human psyche and profession trading rules, screeners, i.e.; hence why you should never have "stop loss orders" they are crooks always remember that).

    Ten drive it back up 40% to 70% repeat this process twice before you finally force a DIVE or go exponential. They call it volatility.

    CNBC and the pseudo-journalists never inform you of such things. Hard to imagine they are so blind to such patterns.

    If you think they do not, well than I guess you never heard of ENRON and about every company you purchased on the OTCB and 75% of the tickers on the Big Boards. Barclay's interest riggings. Guys like Carl Berg who lie to you and hide behind the end of conference statements 3 days later. You know where they tell you everything they discussed on the podium during their conference call can be completely a lie and they are not to be held responsible for it. I can go on all day, but if you don't want to see it than your eyes will remain fixed as you so desire to.

    We need to get our money out of Wall Streets hands, you are asking a wolf to protect chickens and its eggs; it is unnatural. You have to SLAY THE WOLF, not hand him the keys to the hen house.

  • Lets keep it active.

    1. Archive all those losers that had General Dynamic DEAD at $55 in June 2012 BLITZKRIEG to separate you with your shares?

    Where do we start? Lets think about this.

  • Sad...

    "Norman Rousseau shot and killed himself in May in the midst of a battle with Wells Fargo to stay in his home"

    "Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet invested $1.4 billion into Bernie Madoff's investment fund. When it was discovered that the fund was a ponzi scheme and he had lost everything, he killed himself, "

    Wall St. is lucky these guys aren't coming after them and their families?

    That guy with a Billion $$$ loss, surprised these Billionaires don't save their last $5M before they do themselves in and send in a HIT SQUAD to exact justice on those that are part of the corruption? Congress included?

  • jforuus jforuus Oct 30, 2014 10:32 PM Flag

    This country needs new leadership and the account ledgers need to be re-examined.

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    Playing the oil crash means BBEP calls

    by bobdbus Oct 27, 2014 12:10 PM
    jforuus jforuus Oct 27, 2014 10:16 PM Flag

    Unless you are part of the rigging, buying call DEEP IN THE MONEY is the way to go! serious note....

    Else you will certainly find yourself paying the last $15K to some stranger to go postal on the BOD of BBEP and god knows who else it spill over? Just a joke, but it would be great to see that on the news! The US Citizen would root for the pseudo criminal? Just like how we hope to see a car crash at a nascar or formula one race?

    The SEC isn't going to give you justice.

  • Acquiring allt hose stop loss orders to pay out the 4.3M shares.

    How is this legal and how does the SEC no see through this?


    Exactly what is wrong with the FINANCIAL TERRORIST CALLED WALL ST.

    The SEC tells them what number to stay above or below the RIGGING never triggers a inquiry.


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    Smartphones, Encryption, Text Messages and the FBI

    by jforuus Oct 26, 2014 7:35 PM
    jforuus jforuus Oct 26, 2014 7:44 PM Flag

    You younger agents coming into these institutions, you will have to be the light where your superiors are deaf and blinded by their history of being bed by these corrupt politicians. By all means use the same rationalization they use to maintain power and control to end their corruption using the same tactics.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

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    Smartphones, Encryption, Text Messages and the FBI

    by jforuus Oct 26, 2014 7:35 PM
    jforuus jforuus Oct 26, 2014 7:41 PM Flag

    "But Comey remains fixated on gaining access to smartphones -- never mind that the data can likely be accessed from synced iCloud accounts, and law enforcement can obtain metadata from cell providers, get wiretap orders, conduct warrantless cell tracking, and intercept cellphone calls and all other sorts of unprotected data.

    To illustrate what he perceives as a pressing need to access smartphones, Comey told compelling stories about the death of a two-year-old Los Angeles girl, a Louisiana sex offender who killed a 12-year-old boy, and a Sacramento hit-and-run that killed a man -- all law enforcement cases, he said, that required access to the content of phones."

    What about the Salem Witch Trials - McCarthyism anyone? That was UN-AMERICAN and we should be ashamed for allowing that to happen.He should have been EJECTED from our borders. The media was just as bad as that RICK, own it they never do ?

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

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    Smartphones, Encryption, Text Messages and the FBI

    by jforuus Oct 26, 2014 7:35 PM
    jforuus jforuus Oct 26, 2014 7:35 PM Flag

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

  • Sounds like complete lies unless since the last Super Bowl encryption software has outpaced our government's surveillance policies and software?

    Time for some interjection by all of these software engineers to chime in and shed some light on the truth regarding such a subject?

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    75M Youth to march on the WHITE HOUSE?

    by jforuus Oct 20, 2014 12:15 PM
    jforuus jforuus Oct 26, 2014 7:30 PM Flag

    They don't teach much in high schools of inner cities where minorities come from broken homes. Where working a job for minimum wage to feed the family is more important.

    Teachers in these cities are now instructed with a silent code to move along children that are problematic an sub par in performance.

    Simply put they are spending our money on products for this nation that fatten their wallets instead of actually executing the duty of their offices.

    If and when this nation has an awakening, quickly these families and institutions in power will be dismissed.

    It is too bad organizations like the FBI have been compromised and have blinders placed upon them and are barely able to live up to the idealistic purpose of their institutions. Perhaps they were always meant to be oppressors rather than to prevent oppression? The young agent of these nations will need to start their own inner sanctum to exact justice and rationalize this justice just as their superiors rationalize abusing the US Citizen? The truth should always be paramount when it come to civic duty. Never let your superior allow or ask you to blurr the truth for any reason. They usually compartmentalize their lies and truth so no one ever knows the BIRD'S EYE picture of what is going on; usually it happens to be another PLAN for them to control and retain power so the better good of the general population.

    Vote rigging and how long has it been part of our political system? These are the questions we should be asking? Cyber Criminals should be focusing their energy on cleansing our political system by using the TRUTH to purge them?

    Men like Eric Snowden should always be considered from both sides of the view and not just what men who will at every turn give the nod to tell us lies if it keeps the status-quo?

    We should have our own public voting sites to truly to keep track and keep them honest.

    Please share such topics of conversations with others at the dinner table.

  • jforuus by jforuus Oct 24, 2014 8:11 AM Flag

    Is this a systematic way to kill off the elite in NYC? I assume many are going to leave the city, TODAY and who will suffer?

    Clearly Obama needed to stop travel and FAILED resulting in what is to come?

    Mr. President please step down from office.

    Congress should impeach him and each other for allowing EBOLA to be introduced to NYC/USA.

    When you are losing control, introduce a new factor to retain power? Classic move.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

  • jforuus by jforuus Oct 23, 2014 6:28 PM Flag

    "Officials say ISIS earns $1 million a day from black market"

    a. how much money did Barclays make of the Trillions with the interest rate price rigging for DECADES?

    b. how much does the US Congress make with all the law that make their transactions legal while they eFF us all for 3 centuries.

    Seems like all of these guys like to point the finger at each other and we are the ones that are being hammered with injustice.

    They do sell what they actually own and rip off from others, though I don't advocate them and the violence they use.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

  • Look at that $0.10 spread.

    Sure this is a legit business and the brokers are all legit.


    The SEC should make them an offer they can't refuse.

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    by jforuus Oct 21, 2014 3:01 PM
    jforuus jforuus Oct 21, 2014 3:03 PM Flag

    MJNA,how many legal issues do they have themselves?

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    by jforuus Oct 21, 2014 3:01 PM
    jforuus jforuus Oct 21, 2014 3:02 PM Flag

    Are they some Senators or Congresspersons favrorite son? Will they themselves be brought up on charges of fraud and conspiring with others to commit fraud?

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