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jimjohnson92 11 posts  |  Last Activity: Feb 5, 2013 1:03 AM Member since: Jan 17, 2013
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  • The only way Steve Bennett will effect true, genuine, real change for the better with his grand ambitious SYMC 4.0 will be to burn out the old guard and amputate. To cull the weeds at the root. That means fire and remove virtually ALL of the management structure, because it is absolutely full of duplicitous, back stabbing, game playing political shltbags at all levels. STILL.

    For example, senioir vps and vps have been consolidating their "direct reports", increasing their "direct" reports (dotted line or otherwise) from a handful (five or so) as little as a week or two ago, to now over a dozen and in some cases over 20 plus! Do they know that HR is watching these shenanigans and manipulations, or is it as the water cooler rumors indicate - that for all the bluster, all the talk of change, things will remain status quo? Will these master vermin simply worm they way out of the unemployment line they deserve to be standing in?

    People are jumping ship left and right according to the rumor mill. Unfortunately, none of the management-that-has-no-business-being-management has jumped ship or walked the plank as of yet, so we might end up with those who should rightfully be sent packing unfortunately retaining positions at the company, while once again true talent is lost due to the turmoil of the reorg. Just another game of rigged shuffling musical chairs it seems. Inherently, leopards do not change their spots. People do not change, no matter how much koolaid they serve at the magical, life altering SYMC 4.0 leadership training sessions. Waiting another few months to see things will just end up ultimately the same as they've been? Come on Steve. We want to believe! Make it happen for real!

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    What's with the crying?

    by dsouza_jonathan Feb 1, 2013 2:30 PM
    jimjohnson92 jimjohnson92 Feb 3, 2013 5:26 PM Flag

    By the way, Stevie's tears can produce miracles. He's trying to produce enough to not only restore the company, but also to bottle and sell.

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    What's with the crying?

    by dsouza_jonathan Feb 1, 2013 2:30 PM
    jimjohnson92 jimjohnson92 Feb 2, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

    The difficult choices that will result in many employees parting with the company (one way or another) are taking their toll. He weeps for every single individual contributor, from the lil'est associate software engineer intern peon all the way to Janice "my chaps are" chaffin (from the beat down li'l featherweight franny de Souza laid on my ayss - by the way, any relation to you op?)

  • Nothing but meetings meetings and more meetings since Wednesday, each one a bigger waste of time than the preceding one. Just meetings from top on down, first Bennett's on Wednesday, then Francis on Thursday, then L2, L3 (at least current L3), and on down.

    Unfortunately it's already sounding like fewer and fewer heads are going to roll than should, at least in certain groups and divisions, unless of course you are in sales, marketing, and a couple of other groups...

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  • This transition provides a great potential source of amazing revenues for the company - have managers fight to the death for the remaining management positions while filming it and putting it on pay per view! Think of batman the dark knight when the joker breaks a pool stick into sharp pointy pieces, and throws them down in front of 3 thugs telling them there's three of you and only one opening in my organization, make it quick.

  • jimjohnson92 jimjohnson92 Jan 25, 2013 2:26 PM Flag

    What did you expect, LT? It's going to cost a lot of money to send the useless redundant management packing. Just think about how big a slice of that $275 mil Janice will be getting for her GTFO payoff. Better to pay them to get lost than keep paying them year after year for little to no ROI, as has been the case for years for many.

  • jimjohnson92 jimjohnson92 Jan 25, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

    3:1?!? That is unbelievable. Well past time to clean up these mistakes.

  • jimjohnson92 jimjohnson92 Jan 24, 2013 10:17 PM Flag

    "The former head of Intuit Inc and a General Electric veteran would not say how many managers would be laid off, but managers at his company on average have fewer than five people reporting to them among the comany's 20,000 employees. That is about half as many as managers at a typical company, he noted"

  • Just some items of note I've found interesting from the past 36 hours.

    From one of the press releases and comments from Bennett, he indicated that Symantec managers/directors/execs average 5 direct reports, which is half of what comparable companies' management has. Thus, we can see enormous amounts of bloated fat aka Sym-management to be cut, to the tune of half of management. No doubt managers at all levels have been busy udpating their resumes and job sites, networking, and getting their moving boxes ready to go. Although, some sentiments are that there will simply be a lot of attrition as well, with people leaving and no replacements brought in. There was some other slide or note in the press release that indicated that managers at the company went up by 34% last year in sheer number of them, versus something like .02% of grunts/rank and file/individual contributors.

    Also, given the ridiculous amount of sales people the company has, roughly 7000 versus something like 5000 engineers, there will probably be a lot of losses in sales as well, or simply attrition again. Estimates from the rumor mill are anywhere from a couple thousand to upwards of 7 or 8 thousand will be culled, or at least no longer working for Symantec, come the end of the year. Everyone imagines little to no work getting done over the next few months, given the turmoil as top dogs pick and arrange their teams and it rolls down from there.

    Congrats to Francis, who won out over Chaffin, although his big meeting today was fairly uneventful. Unfortunately nobody asked either Steve or Francis why there are so many shiftless, good for nothing polesmokers and brown nosed, sychophantic, snivelling little yesmen (and yeswomen), like the bozo on the Francis call from Net Backup today who threw the question that was nothing more than a brown nosing attempt to save his useless job from the axe. Sad, sad, sad...

    Unfortunately, we the frontline, individual contributor, rank and file grunts don't get to decide which managers stay and which go. There is absolutely no shortage of sh!theads in management that have advanced well beyond the best of their capabilities (usually on the level of assistant managers of convenience stores) and really deserve to be living under an overpass and panhandling at offramps.

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    Thoughts on the Call Next Week

    by long_term_tech_investor Jan 17, 2013 11:42 AM
    jimjohnson92 jimjohnson92 Jan 17, 2013 5:29 PM Flag

    "Rather, maybe some smaller pieces that are not contributing their fair share of margin and growth."

    No shortage of that, and people like that, all over the company.

    "And then there are analyst who opined about a layoff, but that would also seem logical given the consolidation actions. And already there is indication of upper management changes between head of sales being removed and the hiring of a new CIO."

    Rumor around the water cooler is, Stevie's got his direct team in place/ready to go, everything and everybody else is the great unknown. I personally suspect cuts all over for underperforming groups and individuals, particularly at the incredibly bloated low to middle/low upper management levels. Historically it's what he's done, cutting out and flattening the middle. How many levels does there need to be, really?

    "Will also be curious to see if there might be any separation of the business lines more along security and storage in some fashion that makes things more transparent to investors, but I kind of doubt that because it might set the company up for a split or activism in the future, which would go against the historic management entrenchment plan (so to speak)."

    Don't give in to your doubts ;-)

    "Bottom line is, all indicators are pointing at actions being taken for some long over due house cleaning that will hopefully improve margins and make for more reliable execution while setting the grounds for improved, or at least sustainable, growth."

    Spot on. The house needs Mr. Clean industrial strength plus extra strength fumigation to remove all the pests and vermin infesting it...

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  • SYMC is shopping around Altiris, good riddance.

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