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jimmydugan503 126 posts  |  Last Activity: Oct 1, 2015 9:24 PM Member since: Oct 12, 2009
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    Oh no!!!!!!....Not Fox News!!

    by jimmydugan503 Oct 1, 2015 4:55 PM
    jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Oct 1, 2015 9:24 PM Flag

    you are a gutless most liberal LGBT idiots...Go crawl back under your rock you moronic salamander...

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    Oh no!!!!!!....Not Fox News!!

    by jimmydugan503 Oct 1, 2015 4:55 PM
    jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Oct 1, 2015 8:15 PM Flag

    Have you got goose-stepping down yet, you punk fascist? And while you're at it, what about LBJ's fake Gulf of Tonkin incident to deeply involve us in Vietnam so he and his cronies could make millions? We still pay over 22 billion a year in compensation for Vietnam (more than the FBI budget) undeclared, unfunded war. And yet YOU want to cry about Medicare Part D by Bush? Are we not still paying for LBJ'S original Medicare and Medicaid?. Yeah, I know, that doesn't count..Everything that you believe in is garbage, but you can not learn to think for yourself. Go stump for Hillary, you freaking buffoon.

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    Oh no!!!!!!....Not Fox News!!

    by jimmydugan503 Oct 1, 2015 4:55 PM
    jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Oct 1, 2015 7:03 PM Flag

    No, that's not what I am saying at all. I'm saying that you, with your stated purpose in life to hate people that don't believe in your horse excrement, must be having a a freakin hissy fit over some liberal college survey that says more people trust Fox News, (that would be Goebbels News to you) than the Rachel Maddow garbage that take your shoes off for, bend over in the street when the bell chimes, and pray to, Yeah, I know, her voicing of the news is the prettiest sound on Earth to you.Personally, I don't watch any of the stupid channels. I don't need to. My TV is for sports. I don't care what any TV talking head has to say. Funny, but if you check out the survey, Northeastern liberals trust Fox more than your Allah Rachel.

  • jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Oct 1, 2015 5:56 PM Flag

    She, er, It would strike fear in the hearts of many a fellow Zulu Chieftains..

  • jimmydugan503 by jimmydugan503 Oct 1, 2015 4:55 PM Flag

    "According to the poll by Suffolk University, Fox was the most trusted news source by 23% of respondents. The second most trusted was CNN at 15%, while NBC placed a distant third at 10%. Only 5% of viewers found MSNBC to be the most trustworthy. The only sources to perform worse were Comedy Central and C-SPAN. Yes, even Jon Stewart’s final hit pieces were more virtuous than whatever tirade Rachel Maddow is on right now. Looks like MSNBC’s reliability has caught up with its ratings in the race to the bottom."

    Suffolk University, that bastion of liberalism with its motto "Honestas et Diligentia" obviously did their due diligence and is being honest. They have to be fair with that motto. The poor owner of the Institutefor rightwingvictims. This should kill him. It will start with a wild, object-throwing, uncontrollable rage, and will progress to a mouth-foaming, teeth-gnashing, palpitating, clonic seizure that will probably result in the poor boy's entry into the nearest psychiatric ward where he will spend the remainder of his days heavily sedated in a padded cell, with or without the straight jacketdepending upon his mood, drooling and screaming :Rachel! Rachel Rachel!

  • jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Sep 30, 2015 7:04 PM Flag

    On another note, Russia has already begun airstrikes, and immediately the U.S. is claiming that the strikes were directed at U.S.-backed rebels attempting to overthrow Assad, as opposed to ISIS. The Wall Street Journal is claiming that the rebels attacked were in areas that ” are largely dominated by relatively moderate rebel factions and Islamist groups like Ahrar al-Sham and the al Qaeda affiliate the Nusra Front.”

    So now our administration wants us to believe that al Qaeda is “relatively moderate”? Really? And just who in the name of Sam Shitsky did the administration think they were going to strike? Putin already made it abundantly clear that they were involved to help Assad maintain power first and foremost. That means ISIS and the Obama-armed Syrian rebels. What’s the moron going to do now? Draw another line in the sandbox? Maybe he should just pick up his toys and go home. Leave it to those that really have a plan.

  • Putin stands for Russia’s interests globally as opposed to being a global social justice warrior like Obama attempts to be. Obama’s feckless foreign policy, especially in the Middle East, is little more than reckless global community organizing. He despises wealth and power, especially in the hands of pro-Western countries in the region.

    From his misguided efforts in Libya and Egypt to his mistakes in Iraq and Syria, he appears to have little foresight into the future beyond his efforts to organize against and alienate pro-Western countries in the Middle East. His attempts to redistribute power in the region have led to numerous power vacuums that have been filled by Islamic jihadists and warlords, resulting in increased chaos, destruction of the human rights he claims to embrace, an abominable refugee problem, greater poverty and social destruction. Amid the chaos, Obama slinks away smugly claiming no responsibility for his fairy tale land foreign policy where our worst enemies are going to one day become our best friends once we drop sanctions against them and help blaze a trail for their nuclear arms equality.

    At least Putin has a long range idea for the balance of power in the region that isn’t based upon a world where everything must be borne of parity, equality, and fairness. While Putin is not to be trusted, at least his policies are grounded in reality and what is best for Russia. What is ultimately best for the United States falls far down the list of Obama’s priorities when it comes to foreign policy.

  • jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Sep 25, 2015 7:38 PM Flag

    You still can't answer my offense with your pathetic defense, so you change the subject. You try to deflate my question, TB. You really are a intellectual limp noodle.

  • jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Sep 25, 2015 6:22 PM Flag

    No, you said: " You can already see these effects with the right-wingers on this board ("on this board" being the operative words) At first, they were Trump fanatics, but slowly, inevitably, they are beginning to question his candidacy". Prove to me that that has happened on this board. The truth is that you can't, because it's all a part of your false, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, left wing-driven, liberal narrative. And I implore you, I beseech you, to find where I have ever said anything that would even suggest that I might have backed Trump at any time. Don't waste your stupid time, because you won't find a thing. Why don't you do the board a favor and you just hang yourself, you pathetic fool?

  • jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Sep 25, 2015 4:38 PM Flag

    Check me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall anyone on this message board that was a "Trump fanatic", let alone one that is now questioning his candidacy. Maybe you should name a few, or would that prove your scripted narrative to be just that - a false scripted narrative? And your "exercise in logic" only proves to show that you are controlled by the left wing-dominated main stream media and incapable of rational thinking. Your playbook seems to be: (1). Rail at every opportunity about George Bush and/or Richard Cheney. (2). Foam at the mouth while screaming Fox News, Fox News, Fox News (3). Faithfully repeat, on every message board that you can, whatever Debbie Wasserman Schultz directs you to say, and lastly, (4) Faithfully and unwaveringly defend Hillary's honor, her honesty and trustworthiness, even though you know she has spun an horrific web of deceit and deception, and has become entangled in that web.

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    Federal Reserve Screws America Again

    by c11ray Sep 17, 2015 2:13 PM
    jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Sep 17, 2015 4:10 PM Flag

    Yes, they had pretty much telegraphed the no raise, but what was a bit of a shocker was that one FOMC member predicted negative interest rates (NIRP) may soon be coming....Yet Obama continues to tweet about he has saved the economy...smh

  • jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Sep 11, 2015 3:59 PM Flag

    Per the JCPOA, Annex III Sec. 10, the U.S. is responsible for :

    Co-operation in the form of training courses and workshops to strengthen Iran's ability to prevent, protect and respond to nuclear security threats to nuclear facilities and systems as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems.

    Co-operation through training and workshops to strengthen Iran's ability to protect against, and respond to nuclear security threats, including sabotage, as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems.

    Obama has already warned Bibi that he will shoot down Israeli planes that intend to strike Iran's nuclear facilities.

  • jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Sep 4, 2015 4:55 PM Flag

    If everyone is employed, and unemployment is only 5.1%, why are retail sales circling the drain? They are down YOY same month, despite back to school shopping and tax holidays in many states. Auto sales may have improved, but a large percentage of them are sub-prime loans taken out by members of the FSA that have little intention of making payments.

  • jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Sep 4, 2015 3:30 PM Flag

    So, the Bureau of Lies and Scams (BLS) claims that 173K jobs were added last month which, in turn, they claim brought the unemployment rate down from 5.7% to 5.1%. Really? They expect the sheep to buy that?

    So, if the unemployment rate is really 5.1%, why is the Fed keeping interest rates at 0%, especially if the economy is growing at 3.7%?

    The government wants you to believe the economy is improving. Since January, 1.5 million Americans have supposedly dropped out of the workforce. Meanwhile, only 835,000 more Americans got jobs. But the unemployment rate has supposedly dropped from 5.7% to 5.1%. It would be hysterical if it wasn’t so sad.

    The Participation rate of 62.6% is the lowest since 1977. Since December 2007, 14.9 million Americans have “willingly” left the workforce while only 4 million new jobs have been created. We're talking a robust recovery here, folks.

    From Jim Quinn: "The breakdown of the 173,000 new jobs is even more revealing. The number of high paying goods producing jobs grew by NEGATIVE 24,000. That’s right. We don’t need to produce anything in this country. We added 164,000 low paying Obama junk jobs. We added fry cooks, housekeepers, bed pan emptiers, bartenders, social workers and government union teachers. And you will be thrilled to know there was a surge in government drone employment by 33,000. The Federal, State, and Local governments are bloated and they’re essentially bankrupt, but they keep hiring more drones to control us. Great news!!!

    This whole recovery, and the associated figures from the BLS, is nothing but The Big Lie, repeated over and over until the sheep buy in.

  • jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Sep 4, 2015 11:50 AM Flag

    The Washington Times reports that Clinton’s unsecured e-mails contained spy-satellite information about North Korea’s movement of its nuclear assets. This sort of information is universally recognized as top secret and is normally subjected to draconian safeguards. There is no way Clinton didn’t know this.

    looks like Pagliano isn't the only one who is neck deep in ca-ca.

  • jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Sep 3, 2015 5:46 PM Flag

    Actually, it seems, that left-wingers' lives are hard-wired about rallying around more "ex post facto" excuses and other such 'excuses' to protect their savior, whatever the cost. Taking the fifth, constantly changing stories, lie after lie, she and her camp will do whatever, and I mean whatever, to protect their syndicate that they believe is above the law. Yet, left wingers will believe that when they got on their knees before they went to bed and prayed to Obama and the Federal Government, that their prayers would be answered and that they would wake up to a totally exonerated Hillary Clinton, crown and all. Their pre-school hissy-fits are truly comical. They're supposed to get their way. Otherwise, it's not fair. It's truly funny that anyone would actually vote for the disgusting see word. They are selling their souls if they do. Their nervous feelings that control their lives? It's perfectly normal when you know that your "Queen" in the hole is about to get Trumped.

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    Clinton aide subpoenaed, will take the fifth.

    by jridley17 Sep 3, 2015 10:04 AM
    jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Sep 3, 2015 12:17 PM Flag

    Taking the fifth is obviously in his best interests, but it suggests that he is hiding something that could cause him or the Clinton Family Crime Syndicate great problems. If Congress or the FBI really want to know what Pagliano knows, they could offer him immunity from using his testimony against him in prosecution. More than likely, however, is the fact the Pagliano is a small fish in a cesspool of bottom-feeding criminals who will take the fifth and escape the seine of the law.

  • jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Sep 2, 2015 1:22 PM Flag

    Sorry, but the"ex post facto" rational is also a lie, and has been proven so. In fact, many of the e-mails that contain classified material were e-mails that Hillary originated and distributed. The e-mails to and from Tony Blair (then Prime Minister) and other foreign dignitaries concerning negotiations between Palestine and Israel and other classified matters were a direct violation of Obama's 2009 Executive Order #13526. They were in violation of parts 1.4(B) and 1.4(D) of said executive order, and as such Hillary is subject any and all Federal sanctions provided for by law. Even Hillary has given up on the "ex post facto" defense. It's just another of Her Inevitableness's outright lies.

  • jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Aug 31, 2015 3:54 PM Flag

    He is obsessed - obsessed with Hillary Clinton. She is his political and sexual goddess. The sexual part goes back to his childhood, I believe. I think Freud called it an Oedipus something or other. The more lies she tells, the more he wants her.

  • jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Aug 31, 2015 12:50 PM Flag

    Really? Here's the original quote:
    "There is no more neutrality in the world. You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.’ ~ Eldridge Cleaver

    So, like a good fascist (o con noi, o contro di noi) you're either with us or against us. Divide everyone into two camps, claim that your camp is part of the solution, and deem the opposing camp as part of the problem, because they don't agree with you. Anyone that doesn't agree with you is the enemy, and needs to be re-educated or corrected, even with government force, if necessary. One of the problems with that type of myopic, fascist thinking is that (especially in this case with your fictitious war on women) is that not everyone agrees that a problem exists, i.e., they don't buy into your propaganda. And in this case, that is exactly what it is, propaganda constantly being repeated ad nauseam in the hope that it will become universally believed.

    Even if I may believe that a problem exists, I am still at liberty (for how long in this country, I don't know) to be ambivalent about the problem if I choose to be. That does not make me part of the problem. Your solutions to a problem that simply doesn't exist are without merit. Realizing this, you seek to give them validity, by attacking those that disagree with you, publicly shaming and labeling them. It's an old trick commonly used by con men and dictators.

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