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jimtorpet 724 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 3, 2014 10:02 AM Member since: Apr 28, 2012
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  • end of year selling and any crash in the market and this is easily under a dollar by end of december, thats when i might buy it for a short run up

  • market near all time highs and this is a continuous downtrend...i suspect this is a good place to short as it looks like we should hit some eod selling, markets wont hold much longer and if this cant find a buyer here is a safe the very least a quick short off the eod selling

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    chances on fda approval for gsat?

    by jimtorpet Sep 8, 2014 11:02 AM
    jimtorpet jimtorpet Sep 9, 2014 12:26 PM Flag

    oh my god , i bought the wrong stock!!!!!...i just researched this company and im really scared.

  • i think fda approval is extremely likely so im not that worried.this stock will run up to fda date and then see the moon on approval, cancer vaccines are the future.

  • stop selling for christs are going to cause a panic and cause this stock to crash...whatever small bit of profit you are taking is nothing compared to what i have at stake...i have my entire life savings in this stock and my wife has no idea i invested already underwater by more than i care to think about...this is not a joke..have a heart please and just stop for a little while!!

  • jimtorpet by jimtorpet Sep 5, 2014 6:05 PM Flag

    shut up you jerk..a dollar is a joke, this company is worth a million dollars a share!

  • are you crazy!!!..this company is going to make you rich!!! buy more you idiots!!!

  • im thinking of shorting and was wondering what your opinions looking at the chart and its overbought and very bearish, im looking at the D/E and its looks like a nearly worthless looking at the business model and i dont see the growth potential or what would make this a homerun and im considering the fact that 99 percent of the BB upgrades usually tank back to the pennies and delist eventually....but like i i said, the chart is what initially caught my interest and im reading the wiki page on this company and it seems like one disaster after another, it seems they just drag this ship along so mgmnt can collect a salary off of investors with no past or future plan of really making money...what am im missing? thanks

  • already overvalued but when the class action is announced for the massive fraud and deceptive marketing linked to the cubex line of printers this will be under 10 bucks,...3d printers are getting better and cheaper and startups have made progress that would have someone committed for paying the type of money 3d systems charges for their printers...they destroyed the consumer market with the cubex(no one will ever buy another 3d systems printer( i know i wont) and their professional market share destruction is easy to see with whats currently on kickstarter.

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    jimtorpet = terrified short

    by jvscalendar Jun 1, 2014 2:18 AM
    jimtorpet jimtorpet Jun 1, 2014 5:57 PM Flag

    im sorry but what did i say that made it seem like i was bashing? i provided links like the amazon rating for the cubex and links to the cubex sucks page so you can read even more horribly scary reviews and i posted links to products that began shipping recently or will soon that can do exactly what the top line 3d systems printers can do but for a micro fraction of the is this the words of a terrified short? im not in this stock long or short but i dont see why i short would be "terrified" at all...only a buyout could save this share price...current technology that is being released as we speak clearly makes their professional line of printers obsolete so a buyout would be for name only but the cubex was such a disaster and tarnished their name so badly i couldnt see anyone buying then simply for their name, in all honesty they would be better off changing their name because if you took the time to read the cubex reviews on amazon or the cubex sucks page you would see that a class action lawsuit is not in this stock but i did have unfortunatly have 4 in my possession for a couple days and mine and the techs inability to get a single one printing is what prompted me to do the research i did ...this is why i know what i know, not because im short...again, you could think im lying but i didnt type the amazon reviews but 3d systems certainly typed the fake reviews claiming the cubex was number one, you need to dig deeper like google "cubex problems" or look on amazon to get the real story...because the story 3d systems put out is paid for and can only get them so far, deceptive marketing will only get you so far and eventually the chickens come home to roost and they sold so many printers that just dont work at all, its going to be a huge problem for them now and in the future, this combined with the fact that based on current technology like that of bot objects, not only will there professional line become obsolete, but it ALREADY IS!!!

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    now this is a nice printer

    by jimtorpet May 31, 2014 3:03 AM
    jimtorpet jimtorpet Jun 1, 2014 5:48 PM Flag

    im sorry but if you read my post again you will see that i said its so advanced it was seen as a scam...the problem was, botobjects took lots of prepays before the printer was all startups they ran into problems and couldnt ship on time and this #$%$ off lots of people but this certainly isnt a i said, im very well educated in 3d printers and i went to the jacob javits 3d printer expo 2 months ago and i had the pleasure of seeing this printer and what it can do in person and i assure it, its very real and very impressive...does this mean its a good idea to buy one? i have no idea, i simply mentioned it because i wanted to show that consumer printers that can print at speeds and quality and in color that rival 3d systems 1000,000 dollar printers are right around the corner...this printer can do what a professional grade 3d systems printer can do but do it for 3 grand....again, this is new tech so there is likely bugs to be worked out and likely not the best idea to buy something thats brand new, but my point is still valid, the technology is there to make 3d systems obsolete and its being sold right now!!!! the future is not with expensive printers but with affordable desktops that can do now exactly what 3d systems expensive models can since the direction is in low cost high precision desktops for the consumer market, 3d systems is done because with the release of the cubex , they lost their consumer base forever, the printer is not just bad, its just plain terrible and their greed by adding a chip that forces you to pay 12 times more for filiment left a terrible taste in consumers mouths....

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    any of you losers own a 3d systems product?

    by jimtorpet May 29, 2014 9:13 PM
    jimtorpet jimtorpet May 31, 2014 4:59 PM Flag

    yes but if you read my post you will see that the gap between industrial and consumer grade is narrowing, like i said, look at the new botobjects printer that begain shipping this week..its 12 times faster, 4 times better resolution and is the first consumer printer to print in true basically compares to a 100 thousand dollar ddd printer but only costs 3 grand..

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    now this is a nice printer

    by jimtorpet May 31, 2014 3:03 AM
    jimtorpet jimtorpet May 31, 2014 3:07 AM Flag

    btw, im not short 3d company just bought 4 cubex printers so i know first hand how they dont work at all and they do not allow refunds so we are stuck with 10 grand of paperweights...we have a chargeback in that we will likely get....but anyway, im not short, i am just mad and if i my posts can cause managment to lose any money i want to try.

  • take a look at the upcoming botobjects prodesk3d...i saw it in action at the 3d printing show a couple months ago in manhattan....its about 12 times faster than current desktop printers(making it comparable to the professional 3d systems printers that sell for the cost of a small home. ..the resolution is about 4 times better than current desktop printers again making it comparable to 3d systems pro machines, and its full color, lol, again making it comparable to professional machines.....its so advanced that people were calling it a hoax last year when it was announced...they just began shipping and like i said, i saw it in person and its amazing.....oh, did i mention its 3500 bucks?? about the same prince as a cubex trio, .lol lol lol ,....things like this are what will destroy 3d systems if their cubex class action doesnt

  • first their professional printer market share will collapse as newer affordable and equally fast printers hit the market next year.. kickstarter is full of some amazing printers that will make most so caller professional printers obsolete. the reason 3d systems was a growth story was because the consumer market plain and simple. their professional market share will die and cheaper printers advace to print as good, but they just plain lost the ability to appeal to the consumer market......they paid for all sorts of marketing, they paid for fake reviews claiming the cubex was the best ....this is fine if they wanted a headstart in the consumer market share but they should have at least properly tested and developed a product before they sold it with their name on it.

    i cant provide links so i will just suggest some good reading. first try amazon cubex printer reviews, read a few and see how they compare to the competition like bot objects and ultimaker., lol cubex gets zero stars with some scare reviews.

    secondly try the cubify sucks facebook page

    next google cubex printer problems and read some of the complaints.

    they decided to be greedy and only offer prorietary filament , but after you buy a printer, you cant get them to sell you any cause they are out of stock..why would someone pay 10 times the price for filiment? especially when the printer isnt even superior in any regard to cheaper printers? in most respects maker bot is not only better but cheaper.

    anyway, the problems with the cubex printers and 3d systems false marketing campaign touting cubex as the best rated printer leaves them ripe for a class action(just read the reviews and youll see why) but the worst is that cubex is such a bad printer and their no return policy and shotty customer service leaves noone ever wanting to use another 3d systems product even if it was given away for free,.

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    any of you losers own a 3d systems product?

    by jimtorpet May 29, 2014 9:13 PM
    jimtorpet jimtorpet May 31, 2014 2:26 AM Flag

    to answer your question, my company decided purchased consumer 3d printers as opposed to industrial , for the simple fact that based on our needs and the understanding of current technology, we got far more bang for our buck by purchasing 4 low cost desktop printers as opposed to a $100,000 professional printer. if you measure most variables, like speed and resolution, desktop printers are currently not far behind many much more expensive units. take new companies like zortrax or formlabs(the printers i was actually interested in before my company purchased 4 cubex without my approval)...these printers are capable of printing at 25 micro resolution at speeds that rival many so called professional printers and the gap is closing pretty quickly....point is, aside from the fact that 3d systems huge mistake by releasing the cubex without testing, their professional printer market share will slowly fade as less expensive printers begin to offer similar quality prints....anyway, the trend is most certainly in consumer printer sales and this is what allowed 3d systems to have such a huge the market sees that fake printer reviews claiming they are number one will only get them so far, they need to back up those claims and not only is their cubex far from the best , it doesnt even print at all...jlike i said, i bought 4 through work and not a single one worked, amazon is full of similar complaints showing the cubex to have the lowest rating of all 3d printers and its just not a low rating, the complaints are scary....its not just bad prints, its the fact that the machine doesnt even work at all and customer service is so overwelmed, they cant even respond to the i said, the threat is that currently many lower cost printers are just plain better and startups and now releasing printers like botobjects with stunning resolution, amazing speed and even print multi color..3d systems dropped the ball and they can never recover,.class action!!!

  • my company just decided to add 4 3d printers to our factory. we purchased 3 cubex duos , they were purchased with little research but it was my job to operate them so after i found out what they ordered i did some research and after you fish through the "paid for" reviews claiming the cubex is the best desktop printer, the true story becomes clear. its actually not only the worst printer on the market, but its only a matter of time before a class action lawsuit forces a recall on all cubex printers...not only do they produce bad prints, they just plain dont work at all...the 3d printing crazy made them rush development, eliminate testing the printers before shipping and customer service is so overwhelmed with complaints that they just cant keep up...when i found out i had my company attempt to cancel the order the next day but 3d systems does not allow refunds...the printers were delivered and not a single one of the 4 was able to produce a single print....this was after a full day of the tech trying to get them to work...we called our bank and despite 3d systems refusing to take them back, we had a charge back authorized because the bank was well aware of the problem with this company....if you do not believe me, and you choose to believe these paid for reviews, just go on amazon and look at the reviews and ratings to other popular desktop 3d printers like makerbot, ultimaker etc...most get 4 or 5 stars,,,3d systems cubex line has zero stars with hundreds of posters claiming very similar stories to mine...mark my word, class action lawsuit and recall any day now.

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    dust weekly

    by jimtorpet Feb 26, 2014 2:14 PM
    jimtorpet jimtorpet Feb 28, 2014 2:01 PM Flag

    yada, you missed your chance to buy dust this run if you are waiting for another drop..if you buy based on charts, its now running, this, at least until now, has been an easy chart play and if gold continues its pattern you will have another chance to buy dust but not before another monster run to 30 or 40 bucks, maybe even higher if gold and the markets tank...the markets are at record highs and are extremely overbought..imo dust at its current level is far from "overbought" at the moment we have a solid "bottom" at these prices, look at the weekly and see how much upside there is compared to downside,,,holding out for another dollar to the downside when the upside is showing 20 bucks makes no sense...all trades are risk/reward and the risk is certainly to the downside in this ..just buy it now you will regret it if you dont

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    do not sell till DUST goes to 23

    by kotharivk Feb 27, 2014 9:20 AM
    jimtorpet jimtorpet Feb 28, 2014 1:56 PM Flag

    what are you talking about 23? it could reach 23 in a day..if gold continues a downtrend and with the markets now making records and overbought, this could see 40 bucks in a couple weeks..this is primed for at least 30 bucks...selling at 23 if you bought in at 20 is really stupid

  • jimtorpet by jimtorpet Feb 26, 2014 2:14 PM Flag

    dust weekly chart is making my mouth water. setting up for a 100 percent gain from here for those who are patient. spy at all time highs and gold in a downtrend

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