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    by marcobello785 Dec 3, 2014 7:58 PM
    jj719903 jj719903 Dec 3, 2014 8:24 PM Flag

    3 rec's...Do you think Sinclair will cash in one of his gold bars?

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  • jj719903 by jj719903 Dec 3, 2014 8:18 PM Flag

    At .89 cents, you don't have that much to lose well, its no surprise that you are buying the stock. know damn well this is Sinclair's "Crown Jewel". What stops him or anyone else from writing a check?

    The fake paper gold price is keeping India happy. If a hedge fund wants to play hide the weenie, let them.

    The shares will figure it out in due time. Don't forget to cert some...

    New G20 Rules: Cyprus-style Bail-ins to Hit Depositors AND Pensioners

    Posted on December 1, 2014 by Ellen Brown

    On the weekend of November 16th, the G20 leaders whisked into Brisbane, posed for their photo ops, approved some proposals, made a show of roundly disapproving of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and whisked out again. It was all so fast, they may not have known what they were endorsing when they rubber-stamped the Financial Stability Board’s “Adequacy of Loss-Absorbing Capacity of Global Systemically Important Banks in Resolution,” which completely changes the rules of banking.

    Russell Napier, writing in ZeroHedge, called it “the day money died.” In any case, it may have been the day deposits died as money. Unlike coins and paper bills, which cannot be written down or given a “haircut,” says Napier, deposits are now “just part of commercial banks’ capital structure.” That means they can be “bailed in” or confiscated to save the megabanks from derivative bets gone wrong.

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    Know The Source

    by jj719903 Dec 3, 2014 1:32 PM
    jj719903 jj719903 Dec 3, 2014 2:05 PM Flag

    Relax Lud...he's short TRX and a Hedge fund trader and analyst specializing in REIT, hotel, home building, real estate, financial, and consumer discretionary stocks.

    You have been stationed on these boards for years,posting the same BS.

    Next you will be telling me the trucks in the operation update video on the company website don't exist. The pay as you go mode shouldn't bother most folks while the dust settles in the phony gold paper markets. 50 percent premiums in Asia don't exist?

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    Know The Source

    by jj719903 Dec 3, 2014 1:32 PM
    jj719903 jj719903 Dec 3, 2014 1:38 PM Flag

    James Emerson, CFA


    Hedge fund trader and analyst specializing in REIT, hotel, home building, real estate, financial, and consumer discretionary stocks. Preferred stock expert. Extensive experience investing using a variety of typical hedge fund strategies including long/short equity, merger arbitrage, capital structure arbitrage and distressed debt.

    CFA Charterholder.

    Adjunct professor of Finance and Accounting at SUNY, Empire State College.

    This writer has no business scripting mining companies and has conveniently ignored the manipulation subject in his article. That is, the evidence that GATA, Jim Sinclair, myself, and many others, who have for over a decade brought to the surface the biggest fraud in history, the suppression of Silver and Gold prices within the commodity sector.

    The evidence is clear enough, especially after fines of up $41 Billion may be paid out by several banks for manipulating currency prices as well as interest rates. forex-rigging-fines-could-hit-41-billion-globally-citi

    Folks, both of these items (currency and interest rates) are directly tied to Silver and Gold because they (the precious metals) are real currency and to ignore that is to ignore the underlying evidence that is now proven without a doubt … In closing .. Know the source before believing what is written, it will make you stronger in your convictions and you won’t be taken in by shoddy reports.

    JB Slear

    Fort Wealth Trading

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  • jj719903 by jj719903 Dec 3, 2014 1:32 PM Flag

    Posted on December 2, 2014 by JB Slear

    It has been our increased awareness in seeing the changes of media and their attacks on everything Precious Metals, that has made our determinations stronger. We have proven over and over again, and for years now, that there is direct and intentional manipulations in Silver and Gold by the entire central banking system as well as the governments they support, to bury the prices of precious metals to keep people from seeing the problems inherent within the fiat system we live in today.

    The most recent “hit” piece was done on Sunday and is posted on the Seeking Alpha website in which professor James Emerson, CFA, lays his out opinions titling his article “Playing Mine Games, Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Is About To Fold”. Not even a question mark, but a certainty in the title.

    With ever growing evidence that Silver and Gold mining companies have been doing horribly because of the market manipulations, I have to ask why don’t these writers ever delve into the real issue that has affected everything within the mining sector and beyond? Case in point with fines to prove it.


    To write stories like this is completely irresponsible. To ignore the facts that there is intentional manipulation in the pricing of Silver and Gold, then to lay blame on the mining companies owner for not having a profitable period, is flat out intentionally misleading.

    To thoroughly ignore the underlying problem within the mining sector makes me certain this most recent article is nothing but another hit piece by another writer who has no idea what he’s talking about. But he sure does stirs it up in his writings though. But what type of expert is he? You should read about his expertise in the fields of investments.

  • jj719903 jj719903 Nov 6, 2014 3:29 PM Flag

    RSI 14.57 is way overdone...the bears are getting greedy... It's been awhile...good luck

  • The shorts will leave like bats at Carlsbad caverns at dusk. IMHO.

    Wolf thanks for the insight...JJ

  • Published on Oct 23, 2014
    the secret world of gold


  • Troll bosses... things are looking toppy for the Too Big to Jails...

    Posted on October 21, 2014 by Martin Armstrong

    Several banks who are friendly and not the wild trading types, reported to us before that the Federal Reserve officials were visiting them warning that they needed to change their models. Now the Fed is warning banks that they MUST do more to curb excessive risk-taking. They have also been warned about the bogus claims of “rogue” traders who amazingly lose billions and somehow management never knew. That claim is BOGUS, for anyone claiming that means that the bank should be shut down for it is incapable of risk management and should be barred from trading. So the Fed has again informed the banks that they have to now improve employee behavior at their firms or face stiff repercussions, including being broken into smaller pieces.

    The bankers have come in second to politicians as the most untrusted profession. Our model turned in 2013 and from then on the banks are losing control of government. This time around we WILL see banks broken apart. The Fed will cover only deposits. There is no political stomach for another $1 trillion check to bail them out next time. Besides, next time would be 3 times as great as the last bailout. This seems to be the growth path that they are on with a MINIMUM 300% increase from one bailout to the next. However, our models are pointing to a Phase Transition in this statistic. That means we may see more than a 500% increase in losses next time around.

  • 10/22/2014
    VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Oct. 22, 2014) - Pretium Resources Inc. (TSX:PVG)(NYSE:PVG) ("Pretivm") is pleased to report the remaining assay results from infill surface drilling in the Valley of the Kings targeting the deeper portion of the 2013 Mineral Resource estimate block model. (See Table 1 below for assays.)

    Selected drill highlights include:

    Hole SU-644-W1 intersected 13.81 grams of gold per tonne over 22.10 meters, including 1,085 grams of gold uncut over 0.50 meters;

    Hole SU-644-W2 intersected 125.35 grams of gold per tonne over 4.45 meters, including 1,620 grams of gold uncut over 0.50 meters and 2,930 grams of gold uncut over 0.50 meters.
    The extreme gold grade intervals noted above were intersected in wedge holes drilled downhole off drillhole SU-644 as part of a program of infill directional drilling in the western part of the Valley of the Kings, with offset holes drilled downhole from single surface drillholes (see results for drillholes SU-631 and SU-632-W1 through W4 in news release dated August 20, 2014.) The program, which comprised 5,818 meters in three holes including 14 wedge holes, was successful in confirming the grade and continuity of Indicated and Inferred gold mineralization in an area defined by the 2013 Mineral Resource estimate block model.

    For plan and section views of drill holes SU-644 and SU-632 with currently reported wedge holes please see the following...

  • by michaelsuede • September 12, 2014

    Although I use the term “free energy” in the title, it’s not really “free,” it’s just really really really cheap and clean. A company called Blacklight Power is nearing completion of a prototype generator that will change the world as we know it.

    The generator operates by pumping a hydrated powder catalyst through a series of rotating electrodes that cause the water in the powder to explode in a brilliant flash of light. The light that is generated is the exact same spectrum as sunlight, and the flash can be upwards of 50,000 times brighter than sunlight.

    After the powder is detonated, it is recycled and rehydrated, then sent back through the system to explode once again. This means the system only consumes water, and it obtains the water it needs by sucking it out of the atmosphere. It generates no pollution and it will have a 25 year warranty.

    When this system is combined with the latest in solar cell technology, the light can be used to power a generator capable of producing 10 megawatts of power. A 10 megawatt generator is capable of powering a small city. The generator itself is a relatively simple device that’s small enough to fit inside a car’s engine space.

    Obviously this generator will change the entire global energy market. Blacklight estimates the cost per kilowatt of power to be around 100 times less than coal. Blacklight plans to have a prototype generator operational in less than six months. Their last estimate put prototype completion at about three months from now.

    Last week Blacklight closed on $16 million in private equity funding to finish up prototype development.

    Several independent labs have confirmed Blacklight’s process:

    Dr. Nick Glumac, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    Dr. Gilbert L. Crouse, Jr., Auburn University

    Dr. K.V. Ramanujachary, Rowan University

    Dr. W. Henry Weinberg, California Institute of Technology

    Dr. Terry M. Copeland, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Casey Research October 9, 2014

    Years of a severe downturn in the gold market have left very few bulls to speak out in favor of the yellow metal. Here are some positive opinions on the future of the precious metal, from the recently concluded Casey Research Fall Summit.

    David Tice, founder of the Prudent Bear Fund, believes we are heading for a “global currency reset” that will reduce the role of the dollar in global trade. Central banks, he says, don’t possess all the gold they claim to, and the unwinding of the paper gold market probably isn’t far down the road—it could even ignite the next major crisis.

    The paper gold market (for example, exchange-traded funds like GLD) has massive leverage, with a ratio of 90:1 or 100:1 of paper claims on gold bullion. If only a small fraction of owners convert their paper to physical gold, says Tice, it will create a “no bid” price environment and cause the price of gold to explode.

    He believes that once the paper gold market collapses, gold will be priced on the basis of supply/demand for the physical metal—which means it could be headed for $3,000 to $8,000 per ounce.

    Ed Steer, editor of Casey Research’s popular e-letter Gold and Silver Daily, is equally bullish on gold… in the long term, because right now, he believes the gold market to be rigged: “Central banks intervene; that’s what they do.”

    They control not only gold, but also silver, platinum, palladium, copper, and oil. He says there are two possible reasons that Germany hasn’t gotten its gold back that it had stored in the US—either the gold doesn’t exist or there’s so much paper written against it that it can’t be moved for collateral reasons.

    While there’s not much an investor can do about gold manipulation, Steer believes that the manipulators’ schemes will blow up in their faces sooner than later.

  • A field supervisor in the Census Bureau’s Denver region has informed her organization’s higher-ups, the head of the Commerce Department and congressional investigators that she believes economic data collected by her office is being falsified.
    And this whistleblower — who asked that I not identify her — said her bosses in Denver ignored her warnings even after she provided details of wrongdoing by three different survey takers.
    The three continued to collect data even after she reported them.
    When I spoke with this whistleblower earlier this year as part of my investigation of Census, she told me that hundreds of interviews that go into the Labor Department’s unemployment rate and inflation surveys would miraculously be completed just hours before deadline.
    The implication was that someone with the ability to fill in the blanks on incomplete surveys was doing just that.
    The Denver whistleblower also provided to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform the names of other Census workers who can spill the beans about data fraud in other regions.
    Census is broken up into six regions. Cheating has already been proven in the Philadelphia region. And with this whistleblower’s letter, Census authorities now have allegations that the same kind of nonsense was going on in Denver — that office covers Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wyoming
    The Oversight Committee recently completed a report along with the Joint Economic Committee of Congress that verified one case of falsification in the Philly office. But the committee said it couldn’t prove or disprove that there was a nationwide pattern of data fraud because Commerce — which oversees Census — had “obstructed” its investigation.

    See Denver Census staffer brings data falsification to light
    By John Crudele October 6, 2014 | 9:21pm

  • jj719903 jj719903 Oct 7, 2014 10:39 PM Flag

    How about Richard Russell - We Just Saw Ultimate Bottom In Gold & Silver

    King world news

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  • Today the Godfather of newsletter writers, 90-year old Richard Russell, said we have witnessed the “ultimate bottom” in the gold and silver markets. The 60-year market veteran also warned that the world is going to see a new monetary system which will feature gold as the centerpiece.

    King world news

  • jj719903 jj719903 Oct 7, 2014 2:06 PM Flag

    Did you listen to it? Looks like the shorts are handing out nice entry points. ANV is very oversold.

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  • Published on Oct 6, 2014
    Dr. Jim Willie Editor of The Hat Trick Letter joins me to discuss big developments waiting in the wings for the US and Global Economy especially in regards to the repricing of Gold and Silver as alternatives to the US dollars System that currently dominates world trade.

    China to Comex - cash settle all the gold you want to. Physical gold to be re-valued somewhere close in the $2700.00 USD area.

    Sentiment: Buy

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