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  • 4 hours ago April 15 2014 from Boerse-Go

    Microvision: Gerüchte, dass Ford seine In-Car-Informationssysteme überarbeitet. Das Unternehmen entwickelt Laser-Displays.

    MicroVision: Rumors that Ford and MicroVision are working over his in-car Imformation Systems. The company developes Laser Displays

    in the link below also add (,) after the 7 and before the a.


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  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Apr 11, 2014 3:42 PM Flag

    I bet know one here has a CLUE who MVIS Go-To-Market Partners are...

    Who is in the "Pipeline as we speak? This is going to get interesting and exciting .....

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  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Apr 11, 2014 3:39 PM Flag

    Complete development with Fortune Global 100 customer, support them with commercialization efforts and supply key components. Build pipeline of consumer and automotive OEM opportunities for MicroVision’s go-to-market partners that are providing display engines incorporating PicoP® display technology. Ramp supply chain for high volume production of MicroVision components by the second half of 2014. In addition to these 2014 focus areas,

    MicroVision also dedicates resources to continued research and development of our patented PicoP® display technology in accordance with our roadmap. With industry leading features today, including HD resolution and Always in Focus images in a very tiny, low power module, our roadmap lays out the path for higher brightness, higher resolution and lower power while maintaining the extremely small form factor of the display engine module

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  • The recent financing stops the bottleneck of quarterly financing for 1 year. I like the wording MicroVision use after the completion of the financing. MicroVision * Fortune 100 * Complete Development * Support Commercialization Progress * Go-To-Market Partners * Build pipeline of consumer and automotive OEM * Ramp supply chain for high volume production 2nd half 2014 * Advanced R&D Research

    .It's all coming together


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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 Apr 8, 2014 3:14 PM Flag

    Navy laser weapon with 'video game-like controller' set to deploy


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    Ultimate bottom

    by scootman1212 Apr 7, 2014 2:46 PM
    joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Apr 7, 2014 9:11 PM Flag

    Thanks Mike, right on!!.. What better person to sift through the library of patents RR left microVision than Alex Tokman. Of all those patents..he selected a handful to do the same thing he did at GE. Win. The race is the moment we are the pace car...and the cars behind us are mighty fast and furious.

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  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Apr 6, 2014 11:37 PM Flag

    I don't agree

  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Apr 5, 2014 3:26 PM Flag

    Martin I agree multiple products are in play and remember also that Sony released all this information about PicoP and its future plans well into the restructuring plans (Feb 2014). I don't think in my eyes that they would announce the technology and it's roadmap less than 6-7 weeks ago. I think they are committed to this technology more than people think here.

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  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Apr 5, 2014 2:40 PM Flag

    "How many will Sony sell per month? Is the launch only in EU and Japan, or will they bring it right away to the US?"

    Let's look at this another way. How many devices will Sony introduce with PicoP inside? Will they launch them in Japan, CHINA, EU, Americas or all of the above? How Many OEMs will MicroVision secure this year or have ALREADY secured? How many major OEMs will think about how many THEY can sell? How many wrap around Patents do MicroVision own in the single, double mirror technology? How many OEMs will approach MicroVision to buy their company before it's to late for them? How many DGLs will advance the technology and MEMs suppliers as well? How many should we be looking for this year and if there are multiple major OEMs partnering with MicroVision, what does numbers of sales mean early fall from a standalone and what does the technology speak if OEMs commit to PicoP this year? I truly think Sony will kick but on all products as well as other OEMs.

    It's not about how many standalone sell in the fall, to me its about advancement with major OEMs which tells a much brighter picture to our future and that's why I put it first on my list of HRs. If OEMs are jumping on board, things will get really interesting. As you know many companies lately have been bought out for $billion WITHOUT revenues. For me, I like what I see ...

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  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Apr 5, 2014 2:18 PM Flag

    Make sure to keep in mind the money Sony has in this project, the new channels into the China markets, the 35 lumens which look like 70 lumens in comparison, other OEMs entering the markets with PicoP, going to 50-100 lumens with extending the size or power, possible NEW technology to add to the mix and a price under $300. Sony said it has plans to shrink the engine with brighter, low power advance technology and embed the engine into multiple devices. So Sony is on the right track, just not one stand alone. They are building the engine for "multiple product"s. Do you think they will market it well after showing the world the engine and explaining what their roadmap is? I do. They did not do this with TI engine which was embedded into their camcorders. Think!!

    This is just one company doing the PicoP thing. Can you image who some of the other OEMs maybe working with MicroVision as we speak? The future is speaking lately about this technology, just follow the yellow brick road through the supply channels. Remember WE own both single mirror patents as well as double mirror. That being said, the products today along with the advancements blow away the ShowWX and anything around it.

    I walk with my head up not down most of my life.

    Will people buy this technology now with these new advancements? Sony I believe knows they have something special in their secret cave, UPS is no joke and we will wait to see who they have lined up behind them. I'm betting there are some BIG BIG names involved . MicroVision goal stated at the CC is to secure more OEMs this year. Being that the company has been pretty right lately I'm confident we see just that.

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  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Apr 3, 2014 11:11 PM Flag

    a thing of beauty...

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  • Q4 Global Video Index: Mobile online video taking center stage for consumers -
    It wasn’t very long ago that “mobile video” meant carrying your portable TV out to the porch and plugging in an extension cord. There just wasn’t anything else. Today, for an increasing share of consumers, mobile video means the ability to watch what ever online video they want, when ever they want on an increasing array of mobile phones and tables on iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. The popularity of mobile online video is clearly increasing, at a pace even more rapid than many executives, analysts and industry pundits have acknowledged. -


    Live Video Beats VOD Hands Down in Per Play Viewing Time


    Live video viewing times are far, far longer than VOD times according the Ooyala's Q4 2013 Video Index. On connected TVs, no surprise, times reach more than 42 minutes while VOD on the same platform is just 5.1 minutes per play. So live sports, breaking news and live linear streaming of things like special events are pulling down a lot of viewing time

    .Why Amazon wants to rule your television


    For Amazon, which has already been pushing its video service and original studio content such as "Alpha House" to mobile and online viewers, it's almost a no-brainer to try and grab a piece of that larger pie.

    Amazon joins screen battle with Fire TV video streaming device


    It's all coming together says the Rock...

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  • Reply to

    Contacted Investor relations

    by afinvestor14 Apr 1, 2014 7:41 PM
    joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Apr 1, 2014 8:39 PM Flag

    Nice post Mike..

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  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Apr 1, 2014 6:09 PM Flag

    I agree

  • MVIS Twitter

    Global Diode Laser Market Analysis and Forecast (2013 - 2018): Pico Projectors, HMD and HUD Key Product Segments for Future Growth Opportunities

    Laser diodes are electrically pumped semiconductor lasers and are different from the optically pumped lasers found commonly. These laser diodes use different semiconductor materials for doping based on the wavelength needed and end use application. Laser diodes are most commonly used compared to other types of lasers. They are used generally in fiber optics communications, barcode readers, CD players, scanning and printing devices and so on. The green laser diode is one of the fastest growing product type with sales expected to reach $710m by 2018.


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  • PlayStation’s ‘Nixon goes to China’ moment? Sony’s new division focuses on huge Asian nation

    I've been hearing mega drums about China play and MVIS. China is opening up their markets. This move is so big for Sony Gaming and other tech. MVIS=Sony=China=portable gaming, standalones, smartphones, tablets and wireless TV streamlined to the mainland's.. The World does not wait around for change anymore..

    "Only a bunch of idiots would ignore an audience of over a billion people. The people running PlayStation don’t seem like a bunch of idiots.

    That might explain why Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia is forming a new group to explore the Chinese market. Sony announced the division, dubbed the China Strategy Department, in a message to investors earlier today. This at least means that the PlayStation wing of Sony is investigating the potential of China as a market for its hardware and games. China banned consoles in 2000 to protect children from violent games, but its Ministry of Culture has recently repealed those restrictions. The country already has a $13 billion gaming industry primarily on PC and mobile.

    Sony Computer Entertainment veteran Takehito Soeda will lead China Strategy Department. He previously worked within the PlayStation business as an expert on China business strategy. The company has provided no other details on what kind of work Soeda or the new department will perform.


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  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Apr 1, 2014 3:57 PM Flag

    The terms of the deal with UPS is stealth to all from what I see but I'm OK with that. I think that custom designed modules for UPS says it all at least for me. UPS could have chose the competition but they hand selected MicroVision PicoP Technology. Remember as well, Sony will use their designed engine. They published it to the world in a PR and I would bet they have mega money into the tech at this point. remember at the CC MicroVision said multiple products from the OEM (Sony). (Read the PR last April 2013)

    This time around things are different, we have DGLs , we have low power (3 hours) and lower cost, higher quality DGLs for mass production soon. I'm hearing the 30 lumen engines looks like 70 lumen in clarity and configuration. The company is going to 50-100 lumen while keeping the playtime at 3 hours. We are patent protected. Plus keep in the back of your mind the genius deal MicroVision completed with MOT for the double mirror patent technology from Symbol. Smart move to keep the technology of 2 mirror out of Google's and others hands I'm guessing? Wrap around patent technology going on here.

    Again at this point, the OEMs are making their move and depending on what NDAs they have with the OEMs, some things will have to stay stealth until we get the OK or the OEMs starts the thunder. I'm convinced for my own thoughts that big OEMs are lined up at this point. It could be fast and furious to say the least. To me, PicoP = Black Diamonds. People go to war of those diamonds just to have them in their castles.

    If many really studied hard what Alex Tokman really did at GE they will realize that he has a genius mind and I'm 100% confident in him and his team at MicroVision. One of GE's Six Sigma "pioneers", IMO Alex and MicroVision will be making history soon with their disruptive technology.

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  • April 1 2014 from MicroVision email alert


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  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Apr 1, 2014 1:45 AM Flag

    UPS Opens Expansion of its European Air Hub at Cologne Bonn Airport

    $200 Million Investment in Leading-Edge European Logistics Center Poised for Further Trade and Export Growth, Ensures Continued Reliability and Capacity for Businesses of Any Size

    UPS (NYSE: UPS) has celebrated the official opening of a $200 million expansion of its European air hub facilities at Cologne/Bonn Airport in Germany that will continue to serve as Europe's window into the world of international trade and export. The expansion, which took two years to construct and has already created an additional 200 jobs, constitutes one of UPS's largest facility investments in the company's history and cements its position as the largest employer at the airport with more than 2,500 employees today.
    "With this upgrade, we now have the equivalent of 15 football fields of sorting space for a growing export economy on the move," said Cindy Miller, President, UPS Europe. "All of this ensures that UPS's Cologne/Bonn air hub remains the centerpiece of the company's European express network, a key component of UPS's global air operations, and one of the largest and most advanced sorting facilities in the world."
    The operating area now measures more than 105,000 square meters (1,130,000 square feet). The addition of eight automated sorters increases the hub's package sorting capacity by 70 percent to 190,000 packages per hour - or around 53 packages per second. The conveyor system now covers a distance of about 40 kilometers (25 miles), with a package taking an average of just 15 minutes to move through the hub from unload to load point.
    The expansion equips the existing facility with additional state-of-the-art technology and includes a building extension that is partially dedicated to processing larger express freight shipments. The Cologne/Bonn facility serves as an international logistics hub for both major multi-nationals as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe wishing to tap..etc

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  • UPS Opens New Facility to Improve Time-In-Transit to Mexico


    UPS today announced the opening of a new package sorting and delivery facility in Laredo, Texas, doubling the capacity of its previous building. The new facility will also use advanced technology to increase processing proficiency. UPS customers in South Texas shipping to Mexico can benefit from the new technology by experiencing a one-day improvement in time-in-transit.
    The new facility is strategically located to improve shipping to Mexico, an extremely important market for UPS and its customers. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, trade between the United States and Mexico has increased 113 percent over the past 10 years, with more than $1.35 billion in cross-border commerce taking place every day. The Laredo facility will allow UPS customers who ship from South Texas to maximize the potential of cross-border commerce by allowing their packages to move more quickly through the UPS system, thus arriving in Mexico sooner.
    The Laredo facility further enhances UPS's industry-leading portfolio of services and solutions that provide reliable and fast access to Mexico for international suppliers. With solutions like the expanded UPS Preferred Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) freight service, UPS CrossBorder Connect, and UPS Standard, the logistics company offers innovative visibility technologies, supply chain and brokerage expertise that help customers remain competitive and meet their business objectives.
    The 33,000 square-foot-facility can accommodate up to 66 delivery trucks/trailers. Other enhancements include technology upgrades to improve sorting accuracy and decrease the effort needed to sort packages. These upgrades will result in an improved working environment and simultaneously reduce fuel consumption,...etc

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