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  • 3 hours ago
    Sharp begins selling robot-shaped mobile phone


    The device, called the RoBoHon, is only available in Japan as the Japanese firm is initially producing 5,000 units a month.
    On Thursday, a display center dubbed the RoBoHon Café opened at the Aoyama district in Tokyo for visitors to try the robotic smartphone.
    Aside from the café, which will run until June 7, the product is also available at 200 electronics stores across Japan.

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  • Interesting find today on LinkedIn. George Valliath who worked at MicroVision several years ago is back as Director of Systems Engineering at MicroVision Inc.

    Pathlight Consulting
    January 2013 – June 2015 (2 years 6 months)
    Systems, Innovation, R&D, Display Technologies

    April 2012 – November 2012 (8 months)|San Jose, CA (Very interesting)

    Director, Advanced Applications and Embedded Products
    Microvision, Inc
    2010 – March 2012 (2 years)

    2009 – 2010 (1 year)
    Director, Display Technologies (Interesting again)
    Motorola Consumer Products

    November 2008 – July 2009 (9 months)

    Motorola Consumer Products creates products to support phones (headsets, etc.) as well as products other than phones (Navigation Devices, etc). I was responsible for technology selection, sourcing and implementing displays and touch panels for consumer products. Also tasked with creating platform approach to future products.

    From Director, Display Technologies Motorola Consumer Products to Director, Advanced Applications and Embedded Products at Microvision to Director Qualcomm??? Back as Director of Systems Engineering at MicroVision Inc.

    Director of Systems Engineering
    MicroVision Inc.

    July 2015 – Present (11 months)|Redmond, WA

    Systems Engineering for MEMS Laser Scanning systems for mobile projection, HUD, 3D sensing and eyewear displays. Managing systems requirements, technology roadmaps, innovation and key joint development partnerships.


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  • Google Project Ara smartphone: Release Date, Price and Features May 24, 2016

    If you are thinking about what this fuss is all about, Project Ara is the next generation smartphone directly manufactured by Google. While few attendees managed to view a prototype of the Google Ara at the recently concluded Google I/O conference, the product team is working hard for Project Ara release date to take place by Google IO 2017.

    The main purpose behind the launch of Project Ara is to provide a facility for you to easily change the malfunctioning modules with new ones. Alternatively, you can also upgrade the device as per your wish. According to Google, Project Ara will reduce the amount of electronic waste.

    In addition to cameras and speakers, modules also enable you to provide advanced features like medical devices, receipt printers, laser pointers, pico projectors, night vision sensors, or game controller buttons.


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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 May 25, 2016 9:32 PM Flag

    RoBoHon Facebook just now!


    Ladies and gentlemen
    Today 2016 years on may 26, thanks to your robo Hong, finally sold.
    Still don't have any place, but he and we left, please.


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  • Sumitomo Electric

    Ultracompact RGB Laser Module Operating at +85°C Sumitomo Electric

    April 2016

    We have developed a novel ultracompact RGB laser module with a wide operating temperature range. RGB laser chips,
    photodiode chips, a thermistor, and optical components are mounted on a thermo-electric cooler on a base mount. The base
    mount is hermetically sealed in an 11 × 13 × 5.7 mm metal package, from which high-quality stable collimated laser beams are
    emitted. Operation at +85°C was difficult with conventional RGB laser modules because the output power of laser diodes (LDs),
    especially red LDs, dropped at high temperatures. However, the thermal capacity was lowered by mounting LDs on a chip, thus
    enabled control of module temperature at a wide range of -40°C to +85°C with a Peltier cooler. The temperature is controlled at
    a high reply speed of less than 4 sec.

    We succeeded in developing an ultracompact RGB
    laser module with a wide operating temperature range.
    The size of the module is 1 1 x 13 x 5.7 mm, in which
    RGB-LD chips, PD chips, a TEC, a thermistor, and optical
    components (lenses and a multiplexer) are mounted on
    a base mount. The PDs monitor the laser output power
    of the RGB LDs. The thermistor placed within the
    package controls the TEC. This ultracompact package
    emits collimated RGB laser beams with high precision.
    Control by the TEC enables the RGB laser module to
    operate stably within a wide temperature range from
    -40°C to +85°C.

    (8) /


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  • Full Pu Optoelectronics: Leading MEMS micro laser projection and lighting

    Great article today.. May 24th



    Mobile Laser MEMs Projector phones
    Smart Glasses
    Smart Bracelets
    Virual Projection Cinema
    Outdoor Billboards
    Laser Light
    Laser headlights
    Pocket PC

    Technology research and product development of the whole Pu Optoelectronics began in 2009. Through a strategic partnership with the United States as the company Micro (Microvision LLC), the whole Pu Optoelectronics MEMS micro-laser display technology to further enhance the system. In 2011, a resolution of 600x480 of MEMS micro laser projection modules successfully developed; in 2013, the resolution of up to 960x640 and 1080x720. Currently resolution reached 1920x720, is the most competitive on the market today micro laser projection modules. At the same time, design and improvement of the optical module has an optical laboratories in Tokyo, Japan, in order to continuously optimize the volume of the laser beam spatial correlation, optical loss, and the production process of the optical system. Currently MEMS micro laser projection technology has been completed industrialization, successfully used in micro projectors and projection smart phone.

    Full Pu Optoelectronics global partners are major well-known companies from the United States, Japan, Korea and Europe, including: Maxim (Maxim), a microscopic (Microvision), Texas Instruments (TI), Broadcom (Broadcom), Qualcomm (Qualcomm) Corning (Corning), Sony (Sony), Hitachi (HITACHI), SEI (Sumitomo), Sharp (Sharp); Samsung (Samsang), modern (Hyundai), LG (LG); Osram (OSRAM); STMicroelectronics semiconductor (ST), Leica (Leica), Zeiss (Zeiss), and the like.

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  • Service robots are the latest fad

    THE times they are a changing.

    Gadgets had already made inroads into our homes — add robots to the growing list.

    Service robots are now being deployed into our daily life to do meaningful works instead of expensive gadgets with concept technologies.

    Robot phones can interact with dialogues and projection; an office robot developed from an iPad; a robotics housekeeper to help with cleaning; and robots designed for kids for the purpose of education while there are others for security reasons as well.

    The robot market in China is expected to be worth 100 billion yuan (US$15.4 billion) within three years and the sales of robots in China are set to almost triple by 2018, according to a report by the Germany-based International Federation of Robotic

    Sharp’s Robohon phone

    With the aim of evolving the way users and devices interact, Robohon allows users to interact through dialogues apart from offering basic functions including call, e-mail, camera and Internet — and serves as a companion in our daily lives. It can grow to accommodate more natural communications with the user by learning the user’s profile and usage situation. It plans to debut in China after finding voice recognition partner in Chinese language.


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  • Global Communications Group Dentsu Aegis Group (DAN) in Asia last year, following the Consumer Electronics Show (CES Asia ™) debut a big success this year, with a more powerful line-up of innovative exhibits once again landed the world's top consumer electronics exhibition. As the show's Official Sponsors & Partners, the Group "Empower Our Extended Self" as the theme, designed around the concept of self-extending exhibited a series of innovative consumer electronics technology.

    Dentsu Aegis Group, this exhibition of innovative technologies including RoBoHoN-- robot phone , by understanding the user, combined with the use of the user to establish a more natural way of communication, and the ability to interact through dialogue. RoBoHoN creator of Sharp Corporation and Dentsu Aegis Group, China established a strategic marketing partnership, content-related programs are being explored.


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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 May 19, 2016 1:53 PM Flag


    Our 3D sensing demo in action. LaserExpo. Captures hand w ring on finger. Part of PicoP scanning tech platform

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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 May 19, 2016 12:51 PM Flag

    MicroVision Twitter


    Laser-based Heads-up Display (HUD) is one of the demos we are highlighting at LaserExpo this week. PicoP.

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    MicroVision Twitter

    by joe_spaz2003 May 17, 2016 7:23 AM
    joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 May 17, 2016 7:25 AM Flag

    Also facebookDOOTcom/MicrovisionInc/

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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 May 17, 2016 7:23 AM Flag

    Some photos from Laser Expo in Japan


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  • Smartwatches and wearables may be the future, but in the present their clunky interfaces and small screens keep them from imagining their full potential. A new Samsung patent wants to change that.

    The patent features technology that projects a virtual user interface (via laser) onto the wearers hand. The laser would also project touch-sensitive “buttons” onto the hand, forearm or length of the arm that could provide a larger, less-cumbersome means for the wearer to better interact with their watch.

    According to the patent, the feature isn’t limited to smartwatches either; it can also be used for VR/AR headsets and even a full-sized desktop-like interface that beams projections onto the wall around the user via smartwatch.

    As with all patents, this doesn’t mean Samsung is actively developing the technology — or that it ever will — but, the idea of futuristic lasers shooting out of a watch as a control device sound pretty amazing.


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    RoBoHon getting ready for sale May 26

    by joe_spaz2003 May 16, 2016 5:43 AM
    joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 May 16, 2016 5:56 AM Flag

    Robohon Head photo. Very small PicoP laser module used


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    RoBoHon getting ready for sale May 26

    by joe_spaz2003 May 16, 2016 5:43 AM
    joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 May 16, 2016 5:51 AM Flag

    Features of RoBoHon and video demos


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  • Photos of RoBoHon box. Nice


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  • Thanks ppr_24 for the Optics & Phontonics 2016, MicroVision connection.

    If you go to the Exhiibitor List, click MicroVision

    ● Products
    Laser Beam Scanning Pico Projector New Product / Product Demo

    Pico Projector which use RGB laser diodes and 2D MEMS mirror creating focus-free, bright and high resolution image with low power consumption. Best solution for embedding into small mobile devices.
    Short-Throw LBS Pico Projector New Product / Product Demo

    3D Sensing by LBS System New Product / Product Demo


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  • Some great photos of the Qualper Laser MEMs Projector phone


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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 May 15, 2016 9:06 PM Flag

    If you look at the article I posted earlier in which the CEO of Qualper was interviewed, you will notice a photo on that site showing Qualper phone outside in the wild.

    From PetersMVIS Blog

    Doesn't that picture down there look familiar??
    Why yes it does. Remember Carlucci Design?

    The photo shown is designed for Sony.


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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 May 15, 2016 11:57 AM Flag


    Full product P acclaimed number of new products will be available this year

    Wang Jijun said, the whole S & P will be launched this year, three mobile phones, mobile phones will become increasingly thinner body, more light, lumens are growing, in broad daylight projection out of the picture, from the clarity, color saturation, contrast in a dark room will close out the projection image quality.

    In addition, he also revealed particular, a body "petite" ultra-wide angle projector can be put on the market, "This product is mainly to replace the current outdoor LED electronic advertising screens. It's super short, super Wide projected oversized outdoor advertising, and can display high-resolution video screen. "

    Future targeting Pocket PC for users to create the ultimate living facilities

    Among the needs of users already Poor's whole product layout plan, Wang Jijun said Pu Optoelectronics whole future products aimed at the vanguard of smart pocket PC.

    "This product will set your phone, tablet, computer advantages in one, able to vote on the virtual screen, the next cast laser keyboard, using Intel's latest CPU processor with lightweight, portable, multi-scene, entertainment and unrivaled superpower office performance, so that pocket phones, resolve any issues from life, to entertainment, to work. "Wang Jijun said.


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