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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 Feb 22, 2016 4:01 AM Flag

    Sony announces Xperia Ear wireless earpiece, teases Xperia Eye, Projector and Agent concepts

    The Xperia Projector is a small box designed to be a home communication and information device. When placed on a table it can project an interface onto any smooth surface, like a wall, and give you information in a heads-up interface with touch, gestures and voice controls. Sony's concept image shows a simple interface with the time, weather, upcoming appointments and missed calls.


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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 Feb 19, 2016 1:58 PM Flag

    Have a friend in Mexico that has contact with Sony's store there. The Sony MPCL! is selling very well. He reported to me that the store had 500 units in stock two weeks ago, last week he told me it went to 200 in stock, He called the main store last night and the MPCL is now Out of Stock waiting again for new shipments.

    Once you see projectors in personal, everyone wants one.

    Look out India, MPCL1 just arrived on your turf thanks to MicroVision wonderful partner Amazon. Look for Amazon to sell Image by PicoP products around their Global websites in the coming months

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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 Feb 13, 2016 1:30 AM Flag

    Sr. FPGA Verification Engineer

    Job Description
    MicroVision is the creator of PicoP® display technology, an ultra-miniature laser projection solution for mobile consumer electronics, automotive head-up displays and other applications. MicroVision’s patented display technology helps OEMs break down display boundaries and offer enhanced visibility to mobile experiences.
    MicroVision has an immediate opportunity for an experienced Design Verification Engineer. As a key member of the MicroVision Electronics Platform engineering team, you will work directly with MicroVision electronics design engineers as well as with the MicroVision Software, Systems, MEMS, and Mechanical engineering teams. This position at our Redmond facility will provide electronic hardware analysis, design and development for small embedded products.
    The primary focus of this role is:
    Support design and development of laser projection products involving analog, digital and firmware domains.
    Perform product emulation and prototyping using FPGA devices.
    Develop script based utilities and hardware-in-the-loop verification architecture.
    Automate laboratory equipment to capture, isolate and validate system behavior.
    Create and maintain verification models to increase system test coverage of electronic designs.
    Design and execute RTL test benches, including test monitors and self-checking metrics.
    Review and propose improvements to design ideas and concepts for all phases of FPGA design; RTL coding, simulation, debug and system test.
    Develop new test architectures and comprehensive test plans.


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  • In the Year of Light, Lasers Started To Really Shine


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  • Wang Zhihua

    When you go to the opening Ceremony for Qualper in December, this guy was standing behind the big ball in the middle of Management team from Qualper

    Prof. Zhihua Wang received the B.S, M.S, and Ph.D. degrees from the Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University , Beijing , China , in 1983, 1985, and 1990 respectively. During 1992 to 1994, he was a Visiting Scholar at the Carnegie-Mellon University , Pittsburgh , PA , and the Katholieke University , Leuven , Belgium . He is currently a Professor of Electronic Engineering, and Deputy Director of the Institute of Microelectronics , Tsinghua University . He is an official member of China National Commission of URSI since 2000. He is the founder of IEEE Solid-State Circuit Society Beijing Chapter and served as the Chapter Chairman since 2000. He is a senior member of IEEE and served as a Technologies Program Member of ISSCC (International Solid State Circuit Conference) for the years of 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. He is also the Deputy Chairman of Beijing Semiconductor Industries Association and ASIC Society of Chinese Institute of Communication, as well as Deputy Secretary General of Integrated Circuit Society in China Semiconductor Industries Association. His research interests include design methodology of integrated circuits and systems, lower power analog and RF ICs for Medical and communication, high-speed real-time signal processing. In his more than 24 years of academia experience, he has published over 170 academic papers, 3 books, filed more than 25 patents, and accomplished over 15 research projects.

    Address: Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 100084, P. R. China

    imeDOOTtsinghuaDOOTeduDOOTcn / publish / ime / 5910 / 2015 / 20150315142048923730191 / 20150315142048923730191_DOOThtml

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  • How To Turn Your Home Into A Theater During A Blizzard


    Make something with your hands -- in this case, a movie projector made out of a shoebox, magnifying glass and your smartphone -- and reward yourself by watching a movie afterward. If you're not feeling very motivated, Celluon's PicoPro ($349, Amazon) is a very sharp, easy to use handheld laser projector.

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  • numeramaDOTcom/tech/144497-la-chine-fait-danser-540-robots-pour-le-nouvel-an-chinoisDOThtml

    RoBoHon mentioned in the article but check out the Video and changing culture in japan and Asia and their love for robots never ends

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    MVIS just twit the ROBOHON website link....

    by meetcamkool Feb 10, 2016 3:48 PM
    joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Feb 10, 2016 4:37 PM Flag

    Well if you think that RoboHon webpage is a interest page, that is OK with me as the RoboHon video on their website is now approaching 3.2 million viewers. I'd say that's a very successful website.

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  • joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Feb 8, 2016 2:17 AM Flag

    It will be interesting to see if Sony moves their assembly line production South Korea in the near future..

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  • Last year 12 months 29 days, Lixia Qiu accept the invitation, into CCTV "influence Dialogue" column site, with hundreds of millions of viewers to share his "dream shadow artifacts" together.
    Brand strategy success in the future, spring green river Nanan. This year 2 months 28 days, science and technology economic sector experts, academicians and other parties brought together celebrities Shanghai, from Sony Corporation of Japan has just offline "Dream shadow generation" heart to see, constructive comments, spoke highly of. Chinese Academy of Engineering, the International Society for Optical Engineering and a Fellow of the American Optical Society Zhuang Songlin said at the meeting: foreign R & D personnel did not make them stick down and off the assembly line production, this is a very remarkable achievement!
    A well-known economist, said in his speech: Dream Shadow technology in the field of micro-laser to create a "world leader in the domestic and create a" proud; to achieve a "Created in China, Japan production," proud.

    So Sony is confirmed. Is Sony creating these companies in China? They stated Samsung is a partner as well? Or China Gov? Someone from Germany (Siemens?) I think t was a interview with ceo of LTV that said they are working with Siemens for mass production in their future products.

    Getting really interesting...

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  • According to authoritative reports, China has independent intellectual property brand dream shadow heart to see, not only in the field of laser micro rewritten from China to China to create new history, but also to subvert the traditional projector, television and cinema usage patterns, the industry attracted a "Made in China, Made in Japan" in a pond, ushered in innovation breeze micro laser industry.
    Up to now, the dream Movies & Laser Technology has received three national invention patents, utility model patents three countries, there are 20 active patents are pending, since the dream shadow technology officially moved to Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai has been City of science and technology enterprises innovation Award, Shanghai high-tech achievements into the project awards, and international patents pending in the US high-tech enterprises in Shanghai.

    Not only that, the dream shadow technology also has strong domestic and foreign leading scientists, first-class hardware and software R & D team, and maintained with the United States, Germany, South Korea and other international leading manufacturers very good technical cooperation. German maglev technology also allows the use of high density energy laser without damaging the eyes and body.

    Currently dream Ying Technology also collaborated with top American chip makers to achieve RGB condenser and MEMS driver chip oscillating magnetic levitation and so integrated and co-production with Japan's Sony Corporation triple laser, micro laser projection technology to make the world leader in the domestic create.
    Movies Dream in Zhejiang Science and Technology has invested 80 million yuan to build a logistics center and service centers, will invest the creation of "Chinese laser Zhangjiang Industrial Park" in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, and strive to fight the laser display business areas "Laser front."

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  • Go to moinnsh DOT com then to company news. Interesting read. May have to do this in a few post

    Started research and development of smart phones machine and micro laser projection technology, manufacturing and sales of integrated high-tech industries, the main products are 3D Smartphone, 3D handheld car MTD products and intelligent micro projector. This is called "Dream Movies card heart to see", the phone screen content directly displayed by the projector, and common viewing multimedia content on the phone. This is the company's first invention of high-tech products, he broke through the laser focus and Sanko maglev dispersed worldwide problem, completed the development of a new product, its market, the video will bring a revolution in electronics, to people's production and living a great convenience. The product has been and international chip manufacturers Sony, Samsung, Broadcom and other established close strategic partnership, which has the world's high-quality products for micro laser projectors and other products to provide hardware protection.

    Not only that, the dream shadow technology also has strong domestic and foreign leading scientists, first-class hardware and software R & D team, and maintained with the United States, Germany, South Korea and other international leading manufacturers very good technical cooperation. German maglev technology also allows the use of high density energy laser without damaging the eyes and body.

    Interesting here is on their front page, Moinn or (Dream Movies ) not only have the Sony Barcode but on the left of that same page, they say. more than 30 academicians, experts and scholars from across the field of laser, around just off the assembly line from Japan and South Korea "Dream shadow card heart to see the" micro laser. So, USA (MicroVision) Germany (Siemens Technology) Japan (Sony) South Korea (Sony assembly manufacture) Remember Korea stated MPCL1 are made in Korea.

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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 Feb 5, 2016 2:11 PM Flag

    LinkedIn profile at MicroVision

    Sean O'Connor

    System Engineer at Vulcan Inc.

    Greater Seattle AreaConsumer Electronics

    Vulcan Inc., Jan 2016 - present
    Microvision 2005- Present

    Companies followed: MicroVision, Vulcan

    Vulcan is a company founded by Paul Allen


    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

    With lifetime giving totaling over $2 billion, investor and philanthropist Paul G. Allen has spent his career tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Through both for-profit and philanthropic investments, Allen has sparked important developments and innovations in the areas of science, technology, education, conservation, the arts and community improvement.


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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 Feb 4, 2016 1:32 PM Flag

    If you go to Moinnsh home page, you will see some of the same management from Moinnsh and also with Qualper.

    If you go to About Dream Movies translated look at the bottom of the bar code on the right side of the page. It says, it says Movies create Sony

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    Qualper Part 1

    by joe_spaz2003 Feb 2, 2016 6:15 PM
    joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Feb 2, 2016 11:31 PM Flag

    They are like Celluon? A test bed, really? So Celluon is doing what Qualper has done in just a few weeks?

    I think Celluon, maybe ViewSmart, even LTV and MPCL maybe a test bed.maybe not but IMO Qualper is the real deal. Would a test bed company be hiring 20+ jobs on their website, would they tell the world about their roadmap and products to come out in 2016, would they show 3 laser phones on the website and telling you they are 1.01 gong to be thinner and brighter more features more products to come, glasses, signage, Set Top TV box? Would they start a Recruitment national distributor plan for 30+ sites in China on Jan 29 2016. Would they talk about doing 2K in their labs NOW going to 4K roadmap and telling us then day or night, the projector is nasty as ell. Would they have $47 Million USD in capital just to be a TEST BED???? As the "Kid from Brooklyn would say, THINK ABOUT IT!! Qualper has China Funds, China Government and the major Universties backing them, add by the way they rocked the 2K display recently going to 4K thing, sounds alot like Sony?? I think of one thing happening in China, they have money, they are aggressive on new tech, they love new technology..they don't want "made in China" hanging on their backs but they do plan on the big change, they call "Created in China" Lets see how this plays out... Hang in there

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    Qualper Part 1

    by joe_spaz2003 Feb 2, 2016 6:15 PM
    joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Feb 2, 2016 7:55 PM Flag

    100, you did not understand what I was posting I'm assuming . I never said Qualper will own PicoP in China. I said they have the potential to get to $1 billion in the near term future IMO and gave my reasons from the companies excelled website and roadmap, pr's and articles. I also stated if they could be connected to LTV and ViewSmart, right? Is that what is called a monopoly in China? NO... Lenovo, Haier, etc. Hang in there..

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    Qualper Part II

    by joe_spaz2003 Feb 2, 2016 6:32 PM
    joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Feb 2, 2016 7:28 PM Flag

    What got cut out of my Part II is Qualper new Business Cooperation, Recruitment national distributors which now has it's own page on their website. If you look at their plans for this distribution strategy on the map on that site, you will see they are covering all of China with 30+ National Distribution locations. That's impressive!

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    Qualper Part 1

    by joe_spaz2003 Feb 2, 2016 6:15 PM
    joe_spaz2003 joe_spaz2003 Feb 2, 2016 6:57 PM Flag

    Also of note try to remember this same company that had their grand opening ceremony In Dec (China), the founder that spoke with the balding head seems to be on some other laser projector sites. Are they all connected? Is LTV, Viewsmart and Qualper all under one big roof?

    Along with the fact that Qualper, LTV partners are from Japan, Germany and the USA, they have a very CLEAR ROADMAP set in place for their products and technology.

    Qualper has a registered capital of 300 million yuan ($45.7 Million USD) and is located in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai.

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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 Feb 2, 2016 6:32 PM Flag

    Interview with Qualper Founder Wang Jijun

    End of interview

    It is worth mentioning that, MEMS technology is widely used, can also be used in the field of artificial eye. In this regard, Wang Jijun said: "Our research and development of MEMS technology now higher than the current camera speed camera 200 times, more importantly, MEMS sensor can be built into the artificial eye, once the technology has been a breakthrough, no corneal transplant, direct connection the brain can be. "

    Business Cooperation

    Recruitment national distributors (Over 30 sites p. As the world's first high-tech photovoltaic enterprises on micro laser projection technology used in mobile phones, set-top boxes, projection keyboard, glasses and other products in different media, the whole P brand in the United States equipped with microelectronics, optics, MEMS MEMS and other research laboratories, class technical core team; the manufacturing capital of the world - incubation center in Shenzhen to build a complete product production networks and base to ensure the company's excellent position in the global sourcing and manufacturing. After the company's core technology and production capacity to integrate up to eight years, is now officially launched the world's first laser projector phone the whole Cape Q1.

    The business people also told reporters that a subversive short focal STB will come out in mid-January 2016, and to enter the market, this will replace the current short-focus projector set-top boxes on the market, not only is a projector, is a TV, its powerful features unmatched, will be a new form of access to the market, available to the general user. In the future, every bit of time there will be new products come out, such as micro laser lights is expected in May next year. Micro Laser outdoor advertising will be launched in June next year to enter the market.

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  • joe_spaz2003 by joe_spaz2003 Feb 2, 2016 6:15 PM Flag

    Could Qualper be one of the fastest growing companies in China with sales of $1billion usd or more in a very short period of time?? Keep your eye on their growing website and new products. This company grand ceremony was in Dec 2015.

    Interview with Qualper Founder Wang Jijun

    MEMS smart projector phone the whole size of 130 × 62 × 11.5mm, having pixels high, low power consumption, powerful, simple structure, wide color range of features, while also using the current industry best display resolution up to 1080P, its color reproduction of 95 percent, compared with other products, color reproduction and high of more than 25% of similar products, so that the higher-resolution phone screen more clearly.

    Now we have introduced a MEMS projector mobile phone version 1.0, soon we will launch more memory, the volume of thinner, larger screen of version 2.0. "

    Wang Jijun said in an interview, MEMS technology 2k color projector, this year has been successfully developed and formally oriented market. The projector is a compact pocket-sized, portable TV, MEMS technology will soon be developed to 4k colors. Wang Jijun told reporters:. "Now our MEMS technology has been able to achieve 100 million times per second shock, is preparing for the 4k color" Once MEMS technology breakthrough 4k color, then, only white wall, regardless of the day, can enjoy anytime, anywhere "private home theater" style viewing experience, and even change the form of the existing TV set.

    2016 full-Pu Optoelectronics launch of new products also include the regulatory function of the glasses have - myopia of a person's life just need a pair of glasses. Wang Jijun said: "MEMS technology glasses can always adjust the best view of a person senses, such as the rising of myopia, only need to adjust the viewpoint of glasses, you do not change the old glasses.

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