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  • joejoepepitone by joejoepepitone Mar 18, 2015 2:20 PM Flag

    From the CC, it seems like this volume damage may continue through the current quarter, and perhaps could accelerate. Who knows if the biggest accounts are still in the process of 'rationalizing' their mix. If the biggest accounts are rationalizing the line-up (cutting items from their mix) this will mean volume loss, increased marketing expenses (closeouts, etc.). As MSLP brings in more 'customized' items, this also infers increased marketing expenses, and again, drawing down and pulling standard units from their customers' stock. In total, it will be a short-term mess, with a capital M. Much, much larger companies would have difficulty dealing with this type of complexity. I think there will be an additional shock to the system when Q1 numbers are put out. After that, it may be quite interesting. I am a bit concerned about expansion offices in Brazil, Ireland, etc. while they are loosing $15M per quarter here in the USA. They are uncontrolled in their spending. Can't do everything, and risk the whole boat. Where are the adults? Brad is Emperor??

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    by joejoepepitone Feb 24, 2015 11:24 PM
    joejoepepitone joejoepepitone Mar 11, 2015 10:02 PM Flag

    Thanks for article. They are now almost up to production..5 months late. Better late than never.

  • joejoepepitone by joejoepepitone Mar 4, 2015 9:28 PM Flag

    Company is now staffed with very bright folks who have been attracted by a big technological concept for this industry sector. I have a full position. Waiting for progress to start to become evident over the next 1-3 months. Big opportunity ahead.

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    by joejoepepitone Feb 27, 2015 10:42 PM
    joejoepepitone joejoepepitone Feb 28, 2015 11:49 AM Flag

    Unless the genius of ACK gets incorporated into fresh technology, this company will become dust.

  • joejoepepitone by joejoepepitone Feb 27, 2015 10:42 PM Flag

    Listened to CC. Have no idea what the future holds, although I had hoped he would have provided a bit more understanding of the value of the Chinese partner (how that would work), and the value of ACKinetics. I am a bit surprised that management believes that branding lighting products with an electric flooring brand (HOOVER) creates any benefit whatsoever. What are they thinking. I don't get it. And they are willing to stake a huge amount of cost, upheaval to their inventory/logistics, customer relations, retail positioning, sales execution, all for a change to the HOOVER name? Hunh? This was a risky investment. It got much more risky. I would only take an investment if ACKinetics R&D got incorporated in a big way in truly ground-breaking products. Until that happens, this is worse than Vegas odds. Hoping that ACK can be the hero here.

  • joejoepepitone by joejoepepitone Feb 24, 2015 11:24 PM Flag

    Apparently this plant is barely running. Bad news.

  • Well done report with short term price target of $.71. Actually I think they are being conservative. I believe there will be more announcements coming out when the HIPP deal closes. I assume they can't specify an exact date for that, since it is coming out of the bankruptcy court. Additional to the expected valuation is the potential of the patent family. There is a reason that Jerry has an expensive, dedicated resource on this issue. I would not be surprised if Jerry is thinking about the acquisition of additional patents in addition to organic growth of the patent estate.
    I think if Jerry can do a seamless integration (dramatically cut HIPP costs and improve profitability) and begin to show sales traction with the new account roster, then by Q4 reporting (Q1 2016) we can double again to $1.50 (price not reflective of stock reverse). All execution now.

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    by joejoepepitone Feb 19, 2015 11:58 AM
    joejoepepitone joejoepepitone Feb 19, 2015 4:18 PM Flag

    Those may be the contractors/consultants in Lowe's company. I believe he has his own gig, correct? I did not think that they were exclusively part of Amarantus headcount. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. I thought that Lowe's group did contract work for AMBS and other clients.

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    by joejoepepitone Feb 19, 2015 11:58 AM
    joejoepepitone joejoepepitone Feb 19, 2015 3:52 PM Flag

    This European office was opened and is maintained purely for the convenience of Dr. Lowe.

  • joejoepepitone by joejoepepitone Feb 19, 2015 11:58 AM Flag

    Need clarity on AVXL and future deals. I had thought that these assets would be either partnered or sold to a Quest, Becton, etc. and that THEY would be marketing/distributing these products/services to Biotech/BP. Now it seems that AMBS is filling that role? Are they really equipped to be the marketers here? Will Gerald be on the phone all day doing this? I have not seen anything described as a sales force to fulfill this role. I am not clear on what is going on here. Anyone care to offer an explanation? Thanks in advance.

  • joejoepepitone by joejoepepitone Feb 19, 2015 11:18 AM Flag

    I see the CFO just signed up with another AZ company. This goes to a dime in March.

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    I put the news release up, guess yoohoo

    by cl124cl Feb 11, 2015 10:41 AM
    joejoepepitone joejoepepitone Feb 17, 2015 3:49 PM Flag

    Price reacting to Cox article that has now been sent out officially by the IR Group(s), and upcoming news releases that will be much more numerous, and significant. I think we'll be up significantly once some of the Science Journals start to publish results. Will look forward to another research report written at some point.

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    Implications of new parent info released today?

    by ckelly3 Feb 17, 2015 1:48 PM
    joejoepepitone joejoepepitone Feb 17, 2015 2:10 PM Flag

    I think IF it was significant, that the company would have communicated that in the PR. It probably helps to reinforce their existing IP estate. Useful but not significant in terms of changing their business.

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    Insights for New Shareholders

    by goutah3006 Feb 13, 2015 5:23 PM
    joejoepepitone joejoepepitone Feb 13, 2015 10:46 PM Flag

    #5. Seems like a binary event holding. Why invest in a coin toss? If it is scraping along as a penny stock, perhaps. Now it appears mortally wounded, with significantly less than 50% probability of survival. The upside seems a potential merger into another company over the course of time. Why bother with this? I sold and broke even, looking to get back around this level. Now that its arrived, I can't reason why it shouldn't be cut another 50%+.

  • Mauldineconomics Transformational Technologies
    Huge article on NR. Referenced the CDXC press release. Next issue to feature Dr. Frost. Would expect CDXC to possibly be a portfolio pick by P. Cox, and therefor receive lots more attention.Tens of thousands of readers, KOL's among them. If this gets picked up by Dr. Oz, etc., we go viral. We are almost there…much faster than expected. Big, big, opportunity for appreciation from here. GLTA

  • joejoepepitone by joejoepepitone Feb 11, 2015 2:05 PM Flag

    From Today's Release:

    Frank - -"this study opens the door to the development of both consumer products and pharmaceuticals addressing these conditions"

    Another couple months and we start the releases from the mega's…P&G, J&J, NVS, NSRGY, Lever, etc. etc. 2015 is going to be a great year for CDXC. I am sure that Frank had NDA development deals well underway throughout 2013/2014. This conclusion of the study/results, officially turns on project approvals/introduction timetables at company HQ's for these giants.

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    Massive Verification Seal Opportunity

    by joejoepepitone Feb 11, 2015 11:02 AM
    joejoepepitone joejoepepitone Feb 11, 2015 11:42 AM Flag

    I don't think they need any sales force to serve this up and manage. It's a contract for the use of the seal that will be handled through invoicing against customers' production runs. I am sure that they are already insured, but will likely need to increase coverage. They already have the facility to do this, but will need to add some capacity or manpower to accommodate a surge of business. They absolutely are going to work hard to make this happen. This is huge. What the NYS Atty Genl did was just a sign of the times. CDXC is in the right spot to take immediate advantage of everyone's worst fears about products being pulled off shelves.

  • joejoepepitone by joejoepepitone Feb 11, 2015 11:02 AM Flag

    Look at BPI Sports website video, minute 4 20. They show the use of the CDXC seal. They are making it part of their marketing plan. Competitors will HAVE to follow, both for competitive as well as legal reasons (see NYS Atty General investigation). This will impact all the nutraceutical mfg, retailers, ie. Walgreens, CVS, Target, WalMart, GNC, Herbalife, Nature's Bounty, you name it. No one will want to leave themselves exposed. This will be a multi-million dollar, virtually pure profit, opportunity that has fallen in CDXC' lap. Incredible good fortune that was totally unforeseeable just several weeks ago. Above and beyond all the great stuff with NR, which will probably take some time before revenues are realized. The seal opportunity will more than carry them through until NR kicks in. CDXC has gone from bunt single, to double, and now lined up with NR, to be a 4 bagger.

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    On Deck and ready to bat: Chromadex

    by joejoepepitone Feb 10, 2015 1:14 PM
    joejoepepitone joejoepepitone Feb 10, 2015 4:16 PM Flag

    Probably, but I think a/some contracts/revenue generating events, would be even more desirable at this time. They need to demonstrate a solid foundation for growth over time.

  • joejoepepitone by joejoepepitone Feb 10, 2015 1:14 PM Flag

    Something is brewing. This afternoon from their IR :

    ...After 13 months of not working with CDXC on the Investor Relations, have been rehired. Could not be more excited about the prospects for Chromadex over the next 1-2 years...

    My take is that a string of good news is around the corner. Corner, 3-6 months? Stuff has been percolating over the past 12 months and it's reasonable to assume that the company was gagged by its customers from discussing, therefore the termination of the IR group. The situation appears to have changed, and the IR group's cost expenditure to CDXC can now be rationalized. I think Frank's hire of the IR group says loudly and clearly that we're getting ready (or are already there) for Prime Time. All IMHO ( I expected 2014 to be the breakout, but I'll gladly take 2015!). Loaded for Bear…Double Target $2.50+ by Fall, if not much sooner.

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