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joetong419 125 posts  |  Last Activity: Oct 18, 2014 6:30 AM Member since: Mar 9, 2006
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  • Yahoo recap show Div as "NA";
    Accurate? So September 2014 was last ex-div date?
    From over 17 to 16 is not good; market pullback and sellers don't want to sit and wait for merger and 18.25 price.
    If IGT heads lower to 15.xx this is not good; red flag indicator buyout up in the air/changes.

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    $ 100.00 closing today..................

    by boyshah15 Oct 9, 2014 8:17 AM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 18, 2014 6:21 AM Flag

    With the general market correction, LNN has gone higher instead of lower.
    3rd quarter earning upside surprise the reason.
    Now, to determine if this is a headfake - LNN to 90 or return to 80.
    Need another quarter like previous to have shorts cover and send LNN higher (lol).

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    Why Did it open higher and hit 540?

    by hey_rob69 Oct 17, 2014 2:49 PM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 17, 2014 3:48 PM Flag

    Computer gone haywire for a few seconds;
    Opportunity to have gotten out before reversal to the downside;
    Now, question is will there be a bounce, but only to about 550 or go under 500.

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    Miss est. $4.38 actual $4.09

    by rndyjensen Oct 16, 2014 4:05 PM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 16, 2014 4:10 PM Flag

    Conclusion: with market correction, GOOGL will see 480-520 stock price instead of over 600.

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    real value here

    by ann_arbor_gal Oct 11, 2014 12:54 PM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 16, 2014 10:49 AM Flag

    In the meantime, this market correction has CTRX back under 40.
    I wonder how long it will take before CTRX revisit over 50...won't be in 2014.
    Those who bought CTRX over 50 not very happy; while those bottom fishing under 40 has not seen substantial returns.
    Spread the risk around and compare with ESRX on which is the better buy.
    Wall St. has placed CTRX in the doghouse, unfortunately. Any reasons why?

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    New 52 week low by next week easy. Look out below

    by kopach Oct 15, 2014 11:56 PM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 16, 2014 10:42 AM Flag

    GOOGL might see 52-week low by this Friday, not next week.
    Even with blow-out quarter, GOOGL might still go under 500 (YIKES!)
    GOOGL rarely discuss their earnings (good or bad).
    Call it market correction causing all this lower price.
    Buy on the dips and pray? We shall see when November 2014 comes and GOGL can make it back over 600.

  • joetong419 joetong419 Oct 16, 2014 10:35 AM Flag

    Always good to think positive, but will that result in Shire stock returning to 250?
    They can't sue ABBV if no merger; they get about $1.6 Billion.
    Looking back, Shire played hard to get, wanting ABBV to pay more for the marriage.
    Combination market correction and potential tax law made this happen, unfortunately.
    Waiting to see if Shire can make it back over 200.

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    Good investment for another year?

    by markkhuebner May 13, 2014 10:13 AM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 14, 2014 7:21 PM Flag

    Vanguard VFIIX has so far in 2014 been a winner while the stock market gyrates wildly higher and now in reversal.

    One only get between 2 and 3 percent return, but principal at low risk.
    If you don't need to withdraw, good place to park spare cash.

    Alternative is PGX (preferred shares) which pays a little over 5% each month.
    Stock price has narrow price range like VFIIX.

    Worth taking a look.

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    Close above $24 today?

    by bearnobull Oct 14, 2014 1:15 PM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 14, 2014 3:31 PM Flag

    You imply: high yield, high risk/reward. But this is expected with LINE paper losses of 20%?

    I have some PGX paying about 6% with share price in a narrow range. Could be 5-10 years from now, principal could be like LINE and lose 20%.

    Calm down!

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    Why would I Buy

    by whisperingpines1962 Aug 19, 2014 10:53 AM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 14, 2014 3:18 PM Flag

    Whisper: you made a comment that now pop is retired and the son has not done a good job in maintaining or increasing shareholder valve.

    It could have been worse...have you read a recent story of Market Basket, a supermarket chain in MA. This is a private company with family feud. Check it out.

    What does it take for a higher WMK stock price? Sell the firm, get new management, or something else.

    Only positive is this market correction WMK didn't go to lower 30s or high 20s (yet).

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    Close above $24 today?

    by bearnobull Oct 14, 2014 1:15 PM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 14, 2014 2:45 PM Flag

    Should equity markets pull back further (instead of stabilization) LINE should trade under 20.

    In a few trading days LINE 28-30 down to 22-23 for over a 20 percent loss - OUCH!

    Some will brag LINE 23.xx to revisit 28-30.

    How has LINE compared against the competition? Or all in the same boat. Long term potential good with the Berry Pet purchase?

    Once held LINE around 35-38 to sell over 40 was in better times. But then came suspect accounting issue to knock it down. LINE might be good for income, but subject to major principal depreciation. YIKES!

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    salveo buy..

    by coolbrowneyedguy023 Oct 8, 2014 11:41 PM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 10, 2014 4:50 AM Flag

    I would not be surprised CTRX retreats under 40;
    market pullback affects almost all stocks going south; some more than others (as is the case with CTRX);
    One day in the near or distant future CTRX will revisit its 52-week high of 58. Probably in 2015-16.

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    $ 100.00 closing today..................

    by boyshah15 Oct 9, 2014 8:17 AM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 9, 2014 10:27 AM Flag

    You got your hopes up too high;
    Watch if LNN can close above 80 today;
    Then the next several days if there are legs into this or reversal back to 75.
    Would like to see 85-90 and less negative news on earnings.
    LNN 100 maybe in 2015.

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    Why would I Buy

    by whisperingpines1962 Aug 19, 2014 10:53 AM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 8, 2014 3:37 PM Flag

    Just checking...did you buy some WMK at 39 or still waiting?

    Yes, WMK went lower than 39 with this market pullback...excuses more to sell on the downside.

    Nevertheless, has that much changed since WMK was at 54.xx back in October 2013 and now at 38-39 in October 2014.

    WMK is not a Great A&P, when it went in Chapter 11.

    Will like to see an upmove from here to 42-25 if possible before 2014 ends. Might be asking too much, unfortunately. At least one gets a dividend every 3 months.

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    looks like they haven't fired Viegas yet

    by tlounsb2000 Oct 8, 2014 9:56 AM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 8, 2014 3:19 PM Flag

    Another alternative is write the dude a letter, making a suggestion he should resign for the better of all shareholders.

    No guarantees, his replacement will result in IMMR stock price headed higher, though.

    Depends on Wall St. interpretation whose going to be in charge.

    If IMMR should go to 5-6 trading range, you'll see a low-ball offer, eventually no more than 9-10 IMO.

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    by attymdmnola Oct 7, 2014 10:53 AM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 7, 2014 12:39 PM Flag

    The handwriting was on the wall for SODA.

    My guess you bought side SODA price was off its 52-week high.

    Sorry, some stocks never recover, lows make new lows.

    SODA is a passing fad not like GMCR (coffee addicts; few if any soda addicts).

    Expect SODA to sink into high teens. SODA won't return to over 40-60 range anytime soon.

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    drop in price

    by magilla_s Oct 2, 2014 2:50 PM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 3, 2014 2:59 PM Flag

    Keep in mind CVV is a small cap (more like micro cap) stock which for 2014 vs. S&P500 has underperformed.

    Maybe in a couple of years in 2016, CVV is in the 20s and you look back in 2014 bought during the market correction.

    My expectations is CVV stays in low trading range 10.90-11.25 and not single digits for a couple months max.

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    What the heck is going . . . .

    by longpickuptruck Sep 29, 2014 11:44 AM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 2, 2014 2:46 PM Flag

    Cross your fingers...pray NTLS holds above 10 and market corrections almost over.

    Maybe it was end of quarter sell those stocks like NTLS which hasn't performed.

    With computerized trading and fighting the institutional buyers/sellers, the individual investor has to go along for the ride and pray sometimes.

    I bought NTLS because it is a value stock, near its 52-week lows. Price set new 52-week lows. Holding for a rebound 12-14 or will take a loss at 9-10.

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    Why so few messages on this board?

    by juddman7 Oct 1, 2014 7:45 PM
    joetong419 joetong419 Oct 2, 2014 1:33 PM Flag

    Many CBM shareholders must be "buy and hold" instead of day or swing traders.
    The ladder two will constantly fill the message board on small price swings (e.g. SLV, BABA, LOCO).
    Equity markets going through a correction, therefore, majority of stock pullback.
    Notice on CBM earning, the price swings can be $2-$3 lower then just be down 0.75 (check the history).
    CBM already had nice runup for a small cap, trading 18-25 range.
    Good time to dollar-cost average at lower price, bounce will come over several months, to sell at a profit.
    Just my 2 cents.

  • joetong419 by joetong419 Oct 2, 2014 9:54 AM Flag

    should see under $1 before it goes to $2 (if ever).
    Time frame: before 12/31/14.
    Slow bleed.
    Great concept but like many say, the pump is over....$2 last seen 8/12/14.
    Started 1/1/14 at $2.07.
    Moral of the story: anytime you get flyers in the mail, get in early, don't hold forever, sell.
    Just my 2 cents.

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