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  • joeypoles joeypoles Jun 3, 2016 11:20 AM Flag

    wow sorry to hear that is your heart ok your in my prayers pls take care

  • joeypoles joeypoles Jun 2, 2016 2:05 PM Flag

    How are you doing? I hope your doing much better SAW G.S EVEN 124 IS A BIT to much now i thought 102 07 would have hard time was wrong 100 found good selling think is was more a lack of buyers at that number than sellers going short.Most important is that your doing well and you can go back to what you enjoy.. take care of yourself I was thinking about the board posters some i have talked to for years meet a few at the wake for my wife, but i feel like i known all of you for years, good caring people ,smart without question too Would love to hae had a dinner some were ,were we all could get together ,but since were all over the country

  • day avg will be taking out the 50 DAY which is a good, plus this way it will be in right order price 20-50-200- more than not it spells bull move .But first the 20 needs to do it's job thought tdy vol numbers were right on Ponz good job on your part How do you think they took the numbers the action doesn't say much being down tdy to me is more of a small correction than selling do to the numbers I could dead wring on that ? What's your take?? Thank you

  • Everty time i try to hold positions rather than day or swing trade but still it was a nice trade looking now to buy aapl even though G.S. put out a sell on her and rightly so but i love 3 box keys looking to buy around 200day avg on 60 minute chart this way it's a 30 cent risk on 3 lots playing with their money makes it easier to make dumb trades buying when the biggest house says sell ,sell Have order in at 96.27 stop on 4th box not the right place but since i am buying on 3 box formation i must get out on 4th box there are better places to buy this stk also low risk a bit lowe than 96 but just playing the 3 box game that's all Dam CME WON'T BREAK TO 96 IT LOOKS LIKE BOT SOME YESTERDAY AT 55 BOT SOME TDY AT 35 WON'T KLOOK TO ADD AGAIN UNTIL 96 IF AND THAT'S A BIG IF THAT IT WILL GET THERE?? GOOG STILL HOLDING NONE NOTHING 2 TIMES I ALMOST HIT SELL TAB BUT TRYING MY BEST TO AT LEAST STAY AS LONG WITH THIS BABY Looking at the 50 day avg it's a bit overbought and if she takes out 50 which it looks like she will than here comes the 20 So watching her on small 15 and 30 minute charts too hope to get clue in what to do get out take a gain and look to buy the 20day back. Big mkt can help by moving up, if not she goes south tdy than she might takes us for a little ride too?

  • instead of buying them in my comdy futures acct i bot them in stk a Act thought i was up about 900 but all i was up was just about 90 bucks or so though i put wrong number on bu, but i bot them in wrong exchange I haven't traded sps in some time still no reason to not to buy in wrong exchange..Have you ever done that?? Hows your day going Cme doing good Was lucky to get some at 96.55 like i said in post to you yesterday i wanted to buy from 750 ondown to 6but that's not going to happen COULD HAVE HAD A GOOD DAY IF I WASN'T SO STUPID bUT HAPPY ANYWAY THAT BIG MKT TURNED AROUND FROM GETTING HURT BIG TO UP ON DAY SO FAR ANYWAY REAL GOOD ACTION Still long goog and aapl but proud that i haven't taken any goog of like i would most times lock in half my gains But this time trying my best to stay the course hopping ponz is right about 800 or so He AND DADDY HAVE BEEN VERY GOOD WITH THEIR READS HAVE A GREAT DAY FRIEND

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    POLES.. I noticed GOOG bounced off its 200

    by ahhhaa63 May 27, 2016 2:30 PM
    joeypoles joeypoles May 31, 2016 3:08 PM Flag

    aahhaah got lucky selling cme yesterday looking to start taking them back from 9750 down if it gets there 96 area 3 box key hows your day going? all the best

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    cme1111 ok the bad news on vol pls thanks you?

    by joeypoles May 30, 2016 11:28 AM
    joeypoles joeypoles May 31, 2016 12:14 PM Flag


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    by marylandrealestatefsbo May 24, 2016 4:19 PM
    joeypoles joeypoles May 30, 2016 12:33 PM Flag

    So true well said my friend was long took gains from 1.60 .70 area starting buying back at 78 looking to add 70 on down to 63 area but i doubt i get anything that low ?200day avg sitting around 1.00 1,02 i would look to take some gains there as the first 1 or 2 times it trys to take it out it might fail, so see nothing wrong taking some off there? . Still believe going forward with all that insider buying this past year i truly think we haven't seen her highs yet?? Very possible in time we could take out old highs and maybe,maybe see 2 or better?? Good luck longs I liked the action on the charts that's why i first bot it and it has been very watching even the 60 minute chart too. Not a pumper just giving why i have been buying the stk over the past few months Again good luck to all ..

  • want to know what yiou guys are thinking? I bought on Friday ponz the 60 minute chart you so right when you always talk about looking at the 50 overbought or oversold on through the mov avgs were the daily doesn't show much of anything Friday when she opened above her 20day at 23.70 instead of buying when she took out the 50 day at 527 area got in when the 20day on the 60 minuter took out 20 bot 24.60 and i noticed that my son had bot the 50day too putting one in my acct so now long 2 i don't mind at all I noticed you said in a early post that in time your looking for over 800 i think it was?? pls correct me if i am wrong Myself off of the point i am going to try my hardest to stay until she hits the maj down trend line 750 area I think if she can get there that's great the only way she might not make it is if big mkt gets hit because the ding bat over at the FED taking up space does or says something dumb that sends big mkt south and it takes most everything with it?? If things stay as they are now big mkts in nice uptrend going to have orders in at 750 area If that s taken out with a 55 print which should take us up to last high at765 real near your obj at 800 770 new buy and that could give YOU YOUR number? Going to do my best to at least have 1 dam lot on to at least 780 790 area going to be hard doing something i am not very good at ,that is holding long term in this case it would be a short long term but my guess it might take 3 4 weeks to get there ?If you guys could give me a idea n my thinking if it's dumd not doable , or possible and were would you think risk would be my avg is 726.30 not very good you guys are long way below so dips or small corrections won't hurt or change your thinking In my case a small correction could very possible stop me out, and that would send me crazy as i hate giving up gains not mi8nd losing out right but way i have a good size gain and not take it ,it goes against everything i been doing.So your thought would be a great

  • however if it's good, that would make me happy thank you

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    POLES.. I noticed GOOG bounced off its 200

    by ahhhaa63 May 27, 2016 2:30 PM
    joeypoles joeypoles May 30, 2016 11:26 AM Flag

    i thank ponz and daddy for goog, ponz keeps me going with goog for that i than him

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    NICE, CME up a BUCK

    by ahhhaa63 May 27, 2016 3:41 PM
    joeypoles joeypoles May 30, 2016 11:25 AM Flag

    well than i would have to say my friend, WELL DONE ALL AROUND

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    POLES.. I noticed GOOG bounced off its 200

    by ahhhaa63 May 27, 2016 2:30 PM
    joeypoles joeypoles May 27, 2016 3:57 PM Flag

    shehas been fighting to hold the 200 for about a month been a low risk area to get long i doubt we see that area again that's history for time being she just busted through her 50day tdy had to get back in been lucky buying the avgs when their taken out i go in and out try not to hold more than a day or 2 i day and swing trade sure i give up a lot of up side all i want is a nice piece of the move that's always been my game plans just good lucl just sold some cme here as i post against the buys at 9700 just holding 900 and still long aapl been holding for a while un like me to stay that long but when you get a bear trap formation taking out triple bottom and turning right around try to milk the cow so to speak looking for 02than maybe as high as 07 the bestnof luck

  • you guys i just can't has hard as i try except foe cme to be anything but a day and swing trader Sure i do well but i would love besides cme to hold something for long term gains Came near with goog lasy year but didn't make it I guess what's important is that when you trade the goal is to make money i do and you guys sure as hell do too. that's the bottom line sold twtr tdy held that about 15days got out out 14.80 didn't make a whole lot but with the help of my son who was long and said he will take care of that position as he was long for over 3 weeks he's smart i am not just lucky i guess Cme sure as hell don't want to see a hammer tdy that would not make me feel loved so will be looking to sell what i bot yesterday with scottrade the bums of stk trading who make up their own rules bas they go along still holding aapl guess you can call it mid term holding out for 102 on half and 107 on balance stop at 98.55.avg price 93.335 that's the first trap i caught in about a year they come along that often missed a few, am i am sure i will miss many more just as long as i keep making a buck Ponz now i know how yiu feel about long term for tax because with new acct it's not ira can you of set short term losses against short term gains As i have a ton of lu as my wife never wanted to sell it when it was in the 80s so now that it's between 1and 3 i take 3000 shares every year but say i make 10,000 short term can i use more than 3000 against the gains??It sucks with the tax #$%$ to worry about plus i get put in new tax bracket with adding 66250 this dec from my ira acct to regualr acct that goes on as income WOW it's pay back time i guess? When is roll over end?? Many thanks and again very happy that you have the skill set to believe in yourself and your reads to hold long long term good luck

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    how many got screwed on that first print at 96.44

    by joeypoles May 26, 2016 10:58 AM
    joeypoles joeypoles May 26, 2016 12:25 PM Flag

    ponz did you know they don't count the trade done on that exchange? i found out the hard way but it worked out ok but what it does it screws up the chart the lows were 96.81 to 79 that's it what really gets me if the trade is not real than they must change the low 100 shares traded on exchange that' the houses do not members i guess???? change the low most traders don't know what the low really is it could hurt some one ?? i am glad i don't use scottrade as much now that i have FID. but trading cme 90% goes to my ira acct .Ponz what's with the whites sox are they for real or is it just a early hot time and than down they go ,or can they stay up here all year?? if so what changed from last year It would be great for you guys just think if both make it to the end your town will go nuts that would be great for baseball too.

  • joeypoles joeypoles May 26, 2016 12:08 PM Flag

    Sorry about the mess in spelling i hit a key and at times the key next to it comes up too the keys stick from soda or coffee but i am sure you understand,i hope? My board is a mess i am not that dumb i can spell believe me audi will be on soon calling me a idiot and why would you follow a idiot who can't spell that's his line that gets me good, and when i spell things wrong i can't say #$%$ about it just take it and keep my mouth closed

  • after going to all 3 houses that i use because i got screwed on 300 shares at 97.05 the first trade at 9.30 was 96.44 on finra regu exchange were the hell that i???s It must trade on the nasdaq to be counted as a good tradeThey wouldn't give me a fill even at 97.05trade because to those 3 houses it never traded at 96.44 Go figure ? In the end it worked out a bit better not much,When things are going good most times one ends up better for it Scottrade gave me 6 free trades and i got filled at 96.95 as thank GOD it trade lower in morning Fidelity since i still have free trades for 3 years or 500 which ever comes first said they couldn't do anything because that traded never happened because it trade on exchanged that is not counted they said the real is 96.79 if so i said why don't you change the low as most traders have no clue what went on and thinking that 96.44 is good it should have and did really hold 97 area were it should have first time down as support should have been there and since real low was 79.79 one could say it held support as you never know who put stops in at 96.90 figuringn that if it got under97 they felt it could go lower??? who know but that 96.44 is going tr=o mess up small point chart and more important bar chart so correct your charts so y Wasted all morning on that problem By the way never got a fill FROM FID,AS I CXL ORDER AND NEVER PUT IT BACK WAS TO #$%$ .

  • the sobs told me it went on small exchange so they didn';t have to fill my 97.05 buys what a bunch of crooks

  • joeypoles joeypoles May 25, 2016 4:08 PM Flag

    How are you doing, i hope much better? does it take long to get back to normal after what you went through?Some guys tell me they walked out of hosp that same day ?Not sure if it's true but he had said it was a piece of cake very little pain after ? All the very best AND STAY HEALTHY

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    Let me guess....tomorrow it will be DOWN 200

    by ponzescheme May 24, 2016 7:11 PM
    joeypoles joeypoles May 25, 2016 3:19 PM Flag

    you very well could be right both are overbought plus a correction could help us to back test 97 would be good i think would love to buy another 300 to add to what i bot tdy just trying to let the money work for me bailed out of goog tdy when it failed the 50 i was a bit early but plan was to sell at the 50day would hope it tests the 20 if not will have to change plan still long aapl .ponz first time i think i didn't buy or sell a 3 box key at 98 i still believe the trap can take it to 102 and very possible 105 07 area ? hope you day has been a good one take care my friend

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