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  • Correct me if i am wrong? You said they gave us a buy with a target of 85? How could that idiot call it a buy when the stk is trading about 10 bucks higher? I just don'y understand their thinking why couldn't they say say any set backs to 85 area we would than buy the stk,but to say it's a buy at 85 when it's trading 10 bucks higher makes little sense to me .hsw can traders put any faith into a post like that if i knew nothing about the cme and was long say at 89 or so and read that post that they put out a buy at 85 i would be pushing the sell button real fast maybe you can tell me what i am missing by their post?/ many thanks by the way missed my peix sell order again tdy had sell in at 10.02 same as friday think fridays high was 91 now will try to buy there 20day avg have order in at 9.02 for 1000 only good to 1:30 than i kill it i don't like the reversal day in goog make new high than new low and overbought i was to fast to buy back tdy if it can get back near 44.20 i might just sell, if it can get above will hold than than use it as a stop on those shares wait and see thanks for letting me know about our friend .. Have great day

  • joeypoles joeypoles Feb 17, 2015 11:54 AM Flag

    Great to hear she ok..Zacks with a sell and were up what does that say about them? Was wondering how she was doing with all that snow glad you have her email good to hear all's well with her and family .

  • joeypoles joeypoles Feb 17, 2015 10:17 AM Flag

    that was 544.38 got lucky

  • joeypoles joeypoles Feb 17, 2015 10:15 AM Flag

    bought 200 bacch 400 pts lower

  • below if you have a chance under the heading cme group chairman daffy duck selling shares there are about 20 posts you never would have saw it.. When you were talking about how many years you were trading on floor If you have time take a look see Not important t at all..Was just wondering how many years you were in meat pits ? Enjoy your long weekend Sir..

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    Happy Valentines day MANdy

    by ahhhaa63 Feb 14, 2015 12:17 PM
    joeypoles joeypoles Feb 14, 2015 12:24 PM Flag

    Thats a good one what a jerk at least audi trades this idiot just trys to cause trouble never posted anything of value can't understand why yahoo lets him go on posting i see at times they kill some off his posts.why not kill them all but again yahoo stinks too

  • joeypoles joeypoles Feb 14, 2015 12:21 PM Flag

    didn't know you were short thought your were waiting like i am for it to get near mov avgs were our risk is small Very sorry to hear you got hurt ,but like always in the past you will come back It's a given Watching very carefully way overbought and do for a correction i am not crazy enough just because it's overbought just to short it,but i want to get short ion a area were my risk is small HELL MY LAST S/P TRADE IN MINUTES ON 1 LOUSY LOT COST ME 540 BUCKS BUT AT LEAST I STAYED WITH GAME PLAN GETTING SHORT NEAR AVGS Or if i see a hammer than i will short the close GOOD LUCK AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP NOT GET DOWN ON YOURSELF, IT ONLY MAKES IT WORSE.. GOOD LUCK THIS SHORT WEEK I HATE 3 DAY WEEKENDS GIVES TRADERS TO MUCH TIME TO THINK OR NEWS COMES OUT ON MONDAY OVERSEAS AND WE CAN'T DO #$%$ ABOUT IT... GOOD LUCK

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    CME Group Chairman Sells $2,919,231.25 in Stock

    by cme30086 Feb 12, 2015 10:58 PM
    joeypoles joeypoles Feb 14, 2015 10:53 AM Flag

    it's their right like our right to sell but i hate daffy duck for closing the floors hurting the not so much traders but the guys who worked there what do they get? nothing no nothing that's a cheap sin .

  • joeypoles joeypoles Feb 13, 2015 3:59 PM Flag

    38.38. ON 200

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    CME Group Chairman Sells $2,919,231.25 in Stock

    by cme30086 Feb 12, 2015 10:58 PM
    joeypoles joeypoles Feb 13, 2015 3:34 PM Flag

    Yes you can and anything else that comes to mind that fits daffy the duck

  • joeypoles joeypoles Feb 13, 2015 3:04 PM Flag

    PONZ SCOTTRADE CHARTS DON'T HAVE A 200 DAY AVG YET PLS ADV AVG. ALSO WEEKLY ALL I HAVE IS THE 20DAy at 533 pls adv many thanks do you agree that the key to moving higher we need to get above 560 area ? i think that area is as important as the trend line being taken out will be happy when i see 565..Than the way i see things is a test of 590 area Since her history i should say her past history before the dam split she loved the 3 box keys i did very well playing them but now there is very little history on any formation yet.. thanks for your help

  • joeypoles joeypoles Feb 13, 2015 2:32 PM Flag

    You got that right what do you think of our goog ? Thank you and good luck

  • With this correction no sell signals were set off both showing support 93.50 93.25 think if does get under there and prints 3 giving off a small sell signal, could take her to 92= 91.50 area which would give us a 3 box key on good point chart_cme we needed it to correct a bit it was getting so overbought i can't see anything major on downside more than the numbers above? If anyone is looking for more than that on down side pls share your thoughts many thanks

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    CME Group Chairman Sells $2,919,231.25 in Stock

    by cme30086 Feb 12, 2015 10:58 PM
    joeypoles joeypoles Feb 13, 2015 2:08 PM Flag

    30086,WOW 35 years all in the meats? It must have driven you nuts at times,,crazy mkt locked in limit for days at times. You must have a real good trade to stay that long in such a hard mkt to trade.. When i left the floor for a few years i went to E.F.HUTTON My job was trading Metals S/Ps,Bonds and Meats too I think i traded Porkbellies 40 or 50 times I NEVER EVER HAD A WINNING TRADE NOT EVEN A PASS OUT For me it was the hardest comdy to trade as a outsider. If you were on the floor you odds were much much better To stay 35 years i take off to you . Between the floor and E.F.HUTTON which was only about 3 years until they went bust and until 9/11 put a end to my trading days on the floor is was over 30 years I loved the floor way back than when a good floor trader did very well for himself just day trade scaling all day a tick here a few tick there it was great It's a sin now the dam computer does everything and if you trade futures the big banks own the tap The sad part is the old timers never learned to trade long term uit was scalping that's all they knew ,now their lost and most here in new york can't make a dime and thank GOD if you owned a seat you made a few million in stk half the floor leased the seats and missed out on that,the guys that did at least could have something to live off of the others gone or went bust Do you still trade meats since you know it like the back of your hand? I wish you all the very best And pls keep that COLD AND NASTY SOB DAFFY DUCK IN CHICAGO ONE DAY WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH.. HAVE GREAT WEEKEND.

  • Think we really need to get above 560 area before we really take off.. But i love the bull flag formation with a 3 box key too i can't ask for more than that.. Added TDY AT( 45.15) 200 SHARES NOW HAVE A TOTAL OF 600 NOT IN YOUR OR PONZS CLASS BUT IT WILL DO Thank GOD i didn't have any trades on other than 1200 cme so had plenty of funds to trade tdy Avg price up there now @ 525.85with the buy tdy but if this goes were i think it should it very well could make up for my seats in comex taking a hit.. In the past i would be selling half of my position tdy if it traded up near 550 But been able to keep a position on this long is new to a swing day trader but the possible long term gain out ways the risk I THAN YOU FOR KEEPING US UP TO DATE BOTH YOU AND PONZ have been very good helping with info can't thank you both enough IF I HAD MY HEAD SCREWED ON YESTERDAY I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT @540 BUT HAPPY WERE I AM NOW .ALSO AAPL YESTERDAY AGAIN I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE CLOSE BECAUSE SHE GAVE OFF A BIG BUY SIGNAL WITH A 520 PRINT YESTERDAY FEELING SORRY FOR MYSELF COST ME 2 GOOD TRADES ..Anyway very happy for you.You will need a brinks truck to take your money home WELL DONE DADDY The thing i see that could put a hold short term on both stks, is their both overbought as is the big mkt so any correction in big mkt could put a damper on us short term The big mkt just goes and goes without correcting which is not good it needs to correct every now and than to avoid big down days when it corrects and takes every stk with them too Anyway again well done SIR ALL THE BEST GOING FORWARD

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    Ponz Duffy came off as a king size

    by joeypoles Feb 11, 2015 4:16 PM
    joeypoles joeypoles Feb 12, 2015 4:01 PM Flag

    feel like #$%$ to be honest i lost in 1 day what i made this year in cme thank God they didn't hit my nmx seat.. I did put a bid in below trying to pick up something cheap for my son Last low i think was 35 or 30 grand,My son put the bid in tdy think he put it at 35.700 If it gets offered cheap i told him he can take the offer if it's offered around 45 46 grand . Can't believe 1 lousy seat and everyone runs for cover here in new york Been so #$%$ that i could give 2 #$%$s were mt stks are now. Glad your kicking #$%$ in both cme and goog, good for you my friend.

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    Ponz Duffy came off as a king size

    by joeypoles Feb 11, 2015 4:16 PM
    joeypoles joeypoles Feb 12, 2015 12:42 PM Flag

    i have no clue were your seats will be in a year,but i can tell you were our seats are I lost over 100,000 on 2 seats in comex in just 2 days bid 43.500 last bid was 88,000 at 100,00 bid got hit next bid was 86 ,000 who that was killed his bid it stands at 43.500 now All you need is 1 person to start a panic than members start to think hell what value will seats have going forward??? Let me sell it now while i can get value and before you know it bam it's down 30 40 50% fear and panic go hand in hand Hell i seat cost me 100,000 grand 1 dam sale hate to think if we get 10 guys selling ?? i I SAW IT HAPPEN AFTER THEY GAVE US THE STK THE SEATS WERE ABOUT 100,000 WENT TO 30,000 IN A BLINK OF A EYE .TRADED BACK UP OVER THE YEARS TO 130,OR 140 NOT SURE BUT IT HAS BEEN STEADY AT A LITTLE OVER 100,000 PAST 2 YEARS UNTIL NOW Just think how you would feel if you saw your seats value drop 30 or 40% in days?? once fear and panic sets in people stop using their heads and start using their hearts and you know what happens when we use our hearts to trade more than not we have losers not winners same way with seats. Good luck guys hope your members use their heads ours have shown so far that we haven't been able to do so.

  • #$%$ his first words were that they the right to do what their doing.. We knew they had the right We still have a 5 year lease on the floor he said they were going to keep the floors open in both cme and nmx just for options only .. HE SAID IT WAS 50 50 THE traders want no part of a buy out they want to be able o trade and lease their seat The old timers who own 2 3 4 seats that never come down and made millions want the money not that they need it But my son said for him that Duffy besides coming off as a #$%$ he seems cold none caring king size SOB TOO.

  • that pattern 4 boxs back to back at least my loss was small tmw if it gets to 10 will sell it this time

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