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  • Check it out, not a good sign. hmmm, cramer selling off half or all of his position in facebook? very likely!

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    I missed what Cramer said

    by gentlemansjack111 Jul 24, 2014 6:07 PM
    john11cv john11cv Jul 24, 2014 6:15 PM Flag

    Cramer is long fb and is simply pumping his own stock on national tv. the sec allows this behavior so it's legal. just kind of pathetic and desperate in my view. why doesn't he just say the truth that analysts expect $2.00/share in 2015 and $2.50 in 2016. not the 3.00/share he is chattering on live tv today. where is he dreaming these numbers up from? too much booze on the lynolium floor again?

  • I'm long FB like EVERYONE ELSE. WHO ISN'T LONG FACEBOOK? MY DOG IS LONG FACEBOOK AND SO IS MY CAT AND PET SNAKE HERBY. Face book, like every other tech company's earnings are projected to experience "DE-CELLERATING EARNING'S GROWTH" for the next 3 to 6 months. Meaning, major headwind for ALL TECH. SOON, LIKE IN AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER, you will hear Cramer's annual chant that "I HATE TECH IN HERE" on his cute little hip hop money show called "MadMoney". Every year, tech dives between August and October and they year will be no exception. IT'S GETTING UGLY OUT THERE. I HAVE SEVERAL FRIENDS AND RELATIVES WORKING BETWEEN CUPERTINO AND BOSTON, MASS. ALL ARE SAYING THEY ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THE HEALTH OF THE CHIP AND SOFTWARE BUSINESS IN THE US AND EUROPE. IT'S WEAK FOLKS. AD SALES ARE SLOWING ON MOBILE AND INTERNET. JUST AS WE ARE ALL CONVINCED THERE IS NO END TO THIS MONSTER BULL RIDE. Keep your eyes open and do your own reserch. Oh, and take a peak at margin debt volume peaking a few months ago, also a historic warning as prior market selloffs came 3-4 months after peaking margin volume. Be aware that Cramer gets caught up in his own BS on his show and will suck you right in and make a choice you will resent like no other in your life. Just look at his $707 gotta invest in Apple, "just invest in apple don't trade it" chant. Right at the top in Apple. Apple declined to $400/share after his "gotta own and invest in Apple" chant on cnbc. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE FOR THOSE WHO LISTEN TO HIM. There will be a dozen+ more googles and Apples and Facebooks. Look for them in the next few years and be patient. The problem is that traders and short term investors want instant profits today because they are all hurting for cash. YOU MAKE NOTHING IN STOCKS BY BEING IMPATIENT AND JUMPING ON EVERY WORK BEING PUMPED OUT ON CNBC. Go fishing or go for a swim. It's Summer!! I will bet you anything that in a month from now, you will see Facebook in the low to high $50s.

  • What the heck is cramer doing and saying, fb isn't going to earn $3.00 this year or next.
    hmmm, cramer, do you own facebook stock? Lol
    i own facebook stock and don't see $3.00 for at least 4 to 5 years out.
    come on cramer, enough with your imagination getting the best of you and the lambs.

  • Margin volume peaked 4 months ago and facebook is heavilly margined. so are other tech stocks. that's a concern that i have for the next quarter or two for fb. because fb's going up against much stronger comparisons in their earnings for the next few quarters. earnings grown year over year on quarterly basis is now in decline and acceleration. that's what concerns me about facebook along with the fact that everyone and my dog and cat own it on margin. a top sell in margin accounts when margin calls go out in early and mid august. just you watch.

  • 25 PE X 2015 EPS (3.00) which is 40 to 50% higher than current high estimate = $75/share stock by year end
    Earnings are decellerating as you can see on current EPS lowerings in upcoming 3 quarters. You don't excellerate PE when earnings are decellerating. You can, but you will be down on your purchase as soon as correction hits the market and FB and everything else trades 15 to 30% lower. So buy a little at $70 and a little more at $60 when market corrects if you are hot and bothered about owning FaceBook. I'm in at at average of $63/share. Would only buy more if we saw it dip into low to mid $60s. I don't buy highs! It's no way to make money just to be miserable with Cramer right along side of you.

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    Thanks Mr. Cramer

    by bogeyamos Jul 24, 2014 6:12 PM
    john11cv john11cv Jul 24, 2014 6:19 PM Flag

    Ouch, analysts lowered q4 estimates to 44 cents, that's only a 25% growth per prior year's q4. hardly on track for $3/year in earnings any time soon. i own the stock and would never put a $3/share earnings estimate on the stock. he's doing the stock a bad, not a good, by saying this to his viewers on cnbc's mad money. i can't believe that all of the estimates are dropping on facebook for the next few quarters, what's going on at facebook? yikes!!!

  • Cramer pumped facebook last quart at 73, then the stock dips to 58/share and he says nothing. i bought 50 shares at 58/share but on my own doing. cramer only pumps when earnings are reported and the stock has already moved. thanks alot buddy for nothing!!! where are you on the dips cramer? he will learn, he's not fooling anyone. Wait another month, and you and i will have a chance to add to facebook around $38 to $62 per share. earnings for next 3 quarters are in decelleration mode. expecting drop by september, no doubt!!!

  • not impressed! Just because Cramer likes something, we've seen this story before from when Cramer loved Apple at $707 per share. When he love LULU at it's highs. He does this with every stock that reports a decent quarter and then it exhausts itself for a week or two and heads lower. Cramer pumped FB last quarter at $72, it dropped to 58/share. I bought some at 58/share. Now we are at 75 and we should buy it ? Cramer, where were you at $58/share ? You are not an investors friend, you his nightmare!!!

  • 34 cents next quarter vs prior year's 25 cents = decelleration in earning's growth
    44 cents for dec/14 qtr vs 31 cents for same qtr in 2013 = major deceleration in earnings growth for facebook
    i own facebook and am getting very concerned by the decelleration in earnings for the guidance they gave for next few quarters.
    cramer is pushing $3/share in earnings for the year ... Hmmm, what year is he referencing? current analyst estimates for 2014 is $1.44 and 2015 is 1.84
    all is posted on yahoo finance under earnings estimates for facebook
    check it out.
    did cramer imagine that facebook split it's stock or what is he smoking?
    bubblews and google are really weighing on facebook's ad sales
    be careful new investors, this stock will touch $38 again ... Soon!!!
    mark my words!

  • Cramer is just trying to push the stock higher to see into this move. telling you that it will earn $3.00/share. that won't come for 5 years. we have a $2.00 earnins targe for next year, 2015. that puts the price target for facebook at $60 per cramer's 30 x earnings chatter today on his goofy show.

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