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  • Ultra Low Float, similar but differentiated immunotherapy platform. Is it a coincidence they are moving together? Something happening, yet to be announced.

  • Major deal to be announced tomorrow @ 10a.m. Stock could easily triple be end of week

  • I was a shareholder of GIG for a long time- too long. Avi Katz is a #$%$. He lines his pockets with investor's money. The company has never made a GAAP dime, he has never made a dime for GIG shareholders. If you had purchased GIG 4 yrs ago you would be down 50% bleeding a little more every year like a stuck pig. Meanwhile Avi has circumvented fiduciary interest securities laws and funneled $millions into his pocket w cash awards and free stock options. It is clear to me why he wants to merge. If he tries to pull any more cash out of GigOptix, he's may be thinking someone out there might put a bullet in his head. He wants to steal the GSIT cash hoard.

  • johngunn51 by johngunn51 Aug 16, 2014 3:41 PM Flag

    The quarterly report was good- nice YOY increase in production and earnings, projectable expansion of low risk high cash flow drilling program and clear guidance on potentially transformational fracking business. You have high leverage right here right now and you usually don't get that unaccompanied by LT debt, but the company has none. You weekly whiners all apparently bought the stock when it was higher. That's on you. If you were smart, you'd average down right now. Just because you weren't smart in your initial entry point, doesn't mean you can't be smart now.

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    Stock should settle in at 9.50-11.00

    by johngunn51 Aug 13, 2014 7:00 PM
    johngunn51 johngunn51 Aug 13, 2014 8:38 PM Flag

    The U.S. is full of the illogical and ignorant people w Ameritrade accounts and money to lose. It's a casino mentality masqerading as "investing" Kinda sad...

  • That's where it settled when the FDA ordered a hold on the clinical trials. Nothing has really changed. If any of this stuff does get sent to Africa, it's going to be sent for free, nobody is going to pay for it, and it will not be possible to draw any conclusions on it's efficacy/ side effects, because only a few people would get it and the clinical setting does not exist. Anecdotal is someone lives, tragic if someone dies. It's a lose, lose for Tekmira. The ZMap is less problematic in terms of side effects, and production is now being accelerated, according to Zeitlin. The preventive vaccine should be available sometime in 2015 anyway, and all this may be moot.

  • Am I dreaming, can't tell sometimes. This is the most volume we've seen in a year!

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    high cytokines

    by serious7 Aug 3, 2014 12:29 PM
    johngunn51 johngunn51 Aug 3, 2014 10:03 PM Flag

    Cytokines drive COX and LOX enzymes to activate immune responses. They are a necessary part of mammalian response to injury and infection. Many people with poor diet, poor genes, or long term exposure to environmental stresses produce cytokines in excess- this is a characteristic of autoimmune diseases like RA, psoriasis, Crohn's, Lupus, even asthma. High cytokine production in Ebola patients would be considered desirable if carrying the virus whether by innoculation or incidental exposure. In my opinion, and I have a science as well as business background the Tekmira drug is going to get fast tracked with a special protocol allowing the NIH and the FDA to collaborate directly with the team at the company to accelerate development. No question in my mind about this.... Couldn't tell you what it means for the stock. Probably keep going up until it's proven not to work and that won't happen any time soon, if ever. I think every nation would have to stockpile a drug effective against Ebola. You guys do the math.......

  • the results will be devastating. There is a genetic immune response that has been conferred over time to a significant percentage of native Africans. The rest of us are immunologically completely naive. I worked in Belize in 1995 and contracted Dengue- a similarly hemorrhagic virus. The locals weren't worried about it. I almost died, lost 40 pounds, my organs were failing and I was given 6 months to live. I had been in perfect health until it happened and made it through with the help of an experimental drug made available to me at the Baylor University Medical Center. But I still carry the virus, and I have had a host of medical problems since the original infection. They need to get out it front of this thing NOW!

  • johngunn51 johngunn51 Aug 1, 2014 8:25 PM Flag

    Whether or not this particular outbreak goes cross-border pandemic- and it certainly appears to be, a vaccine to protect against Ebola and to save the newly infected has to be among the top 3 medical pursuits on the planet- along with cures for cancer(s) and Alzheimer's, Tekmira is the only company with a vaccine that protects against Ebola in primates. As such, development and commercialization will be accelerated. I can pretty much guarantee you the woman that is head of the FDA will be meetings next week to figure out how to do this. Buy it and pray.

  • johngunn51 johngunn51 Aug 1, 2014 8:13 PM Flag

    Shortsellers are generally the ones with karma problems

  • johngunn51 by johngunn51 Jul 2, 2014 7:06 PM Flag

    The hottest sector in biotech is diagnostic equipment that makes disease screening cheaper, faster, safer and more accessible to more would be patients. APPY does all this. According to my sources, the product is in the process of being approved by the FDA, the only remaining detail is instructions and application guide. I don't have any inside information on timing, but my best guess is very soon- possibly an announcement could come concurrent with the presentation on the 9th.

  • johngunn51 by johngunn51 Jun 23, 2014 4:28 PM Flag

    Similar, possibly more advanced immunotherapy platform out of Raleigh Durham. Very thin, catalysts approaching. Could go way big on KITE PR. Gunn says pick it up, he's 93% on double picks.......

  • johngunn51 by johngunn51 Jun 21, 2014 12:34 PM Flag

    Load up here before people make an association. HTBX will explode.

  • Art's Way Scientific. Very substantial- could add a dollar to earnings next year.

  • Big news over the weekend from Mayo Clinic. Complete remission in Stage 4 multiple myeloma patient with measles vaccine. Heat platform is 2-3 yrs ahead of them. I'm a scientist and this is the future of oncology in my opinion. The stock is ridiculously undervalued here, if you're fortunate enough to be here reading this, I would take advantage of it. God Bless ya'll

  • Big news over the weekend from Mayo Clinic. Complete remission in a Stage 4 multiple myeloma patient with measles vaccine. And they are no where near as advanced as the the ADVAXIS listeria platform. This is the future of oncology. Simon says Load Up. God bless ya'll

  • Hopefully he will have the opportunity to discuss possible battery ventures and other mutual interest like the growth of EV's in China. Lyndon Rive will also be there- Solar City is now incorporating battery systems into their installations for storage and on demand availability.

  • and has a good chance to win the limit, which I believe is now 10,000. Avi has manipulated the board, ruined shareholders, and repeatedly drained cash from a company that has lost money 5 years in a row and would not have been able to stay in business without dilutive stock offerings and litigation awards. It is clearly against the spirit of public comany fiduciary interest laws to habitually pay senior management bonuses for legal settlements and joint venture arrangements. Neither the settlement nor the JV arrangement has done anything to indicate that a sustainable, profitable business model has been thereby achieved or even advanced. Avi is a liar, a #$%$, and more importantly a greedy self- serving CEO of a public companies. I don't own the stock anymore and it still irritates the #$%$ out of me to see him do this over and over. HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE. Wherever you live, go to your county clerk and fill out the small claims paperwork if it is available to you.

  • johngunn51 by johngunn51 Apr 3, 2014 11:21 AM Flag

    "This is a day of tremendous personal accomplishment for me and my family" That's one of the most impertinent, selfish statements I have ever seen after an IPO. The stock is down 30%. What all the buyers and their families?

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