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  • Everybody knows by now, Buffet just paid 37Bil for Precision Castparts. Lesser known but perhaps equally indicative of the surging interest in the sector, is Liberty Hall, which bought up Accurus Aerospace recently, and Primus and Firth Rixson previously. When the new plant is up and running IKNX is a 50-100 stock IMO. Now is the best time to buy it.

  • johngunn51 johngunn51 Aug 28, 2015 2:46 PM Flag

    Well let's see. Up everday for 10 days since you sold. $1.05 at the moment. You missed the insider buying. Don't miss the board member announcement next week, don't miss the technology deal in September, and don't miss the Adage investment or the Baker Bros investments after that.

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    Nasdaq top 10 gainers list 2 days in a row?

    by johngunn51 Aug 21, 2015 3:56 PM
    johngunn51 johngunn51 Aug 21, 2015 4:52 PM Flag

    You know just enough to be dangerous. Trading algos do not go long on disconnected junk stocks during hard market corrections. The HF props are high volume symbols that are liquid and where a penny can be buried and resurrected in 5 minutes without distorting the market. If they are long anything it's vulture and mercenary material like VIX options and haven options like gold and treasuries. I worked on the street for 15 years and retired wealthy- gimme a little credit

  • Rarely happens. There are prop traders out there who automatically short them after the first day on the list, so they go down the next. HART is not readily shortable so we are seeing nothing but pure unadulterated conviction buying ahead of the new director appointment. Pretty freakin' cool!

  • Stop/losses, margin calls, tax loss captures, index tracking trades and fear have made this the buy of the decade. Right here, right now, load up and go enjoy the day... Double plus from here in Spring.

  • He has lined his pockets every year for the past 6 with secondaries, litigation awards, non-performance awards, and obscene option grants. I have all his calls and interviews on tape. In the beginning it was bootstrap, organic growth, thin film on silicon, acquisitions using stock. Now it's a straight stock offering w another $.5mil to go to selling insiders. Why can't Avi use stock to make acquisitions? Duh, cause no one w half a brain and the ability to read a financial statement wants it. The offering will be at a discount to the close. Sell first thing in the morning. The guys's a shmuck, what part of no one gets rich on Gigoptix but him don't you get.

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    In defense of McGorry

    by johngunn51 Aug 19, 2015 7:51 PM
    johngunn51 johngunn51 Aug 20, 2015 11:37 AM Flag

    I remember 2 yrs ago buying ADXS at 2.30 when a VP from ImClone took over a struggling immunotherapy company w failed trials that had been banished to the pink sheets.. The market cap was about the same as HART"s is now. It is now about .5Bil. He did this by leveraging IP knowledge and human resources gained from his experience at ImClone. He recently hired the global head of oncology product development from Merck among others, a brilliant man who is quite excited for the blue sky opp. For a lot of these folks working at the Merck's, the Roche's, and the Novartis's is boring and lacking in challenge and opportunity. Judging from how he came across on the CC and his public statements, McGorry believes he has moved up not down in taking the CEO job at HART.. I don't care about last year's trachea transplant. We're at ground zero here at 10mil cap w McGorry and lots of blue sky.

  • johngunn51 by johngunn51 Aug 19, 2015 7:51 PM Flag

    He worked at Genzyme for 12 years, ending as international VP of development. Maybe some of you forgot or never knew but Genzyme was the third largest biotech in the world by market cap when they were bought by Sanofi Aventis in 2010- their annual revenues increased from 130 mil to almost 4 bil while McGorry worked there. If you want to hold it against him that he graduated with honors from West Point got his MBA at Fuqua, was a special forces dive captain, but doesn't have an M.D. or phD after his name then perhaps all the money you lost buying this stock at the wrong price made you bitter. I didn't buy it until the last few days. It looks very interesting to me here.

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    Fire in the Hole!

    by johngunn51 Aug 18, 2015 10:04 PM
    johngunn51 johngunn51 Aug 19, 2015 7:24 PM Flag

    Tequila and Qualudes available now and ecstasy as well. Spana has spent almost his entire adult life trying to invent a pill to make women #$%$. With other people's money no less. What kinda degenerate does that? If I ran the SEC I would try to see to it he shares a cell with Jared Fogle.

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    Diminishing losses, returns

    by te_st_5674 Aug 19, 2015 1:51 PM
    johngunn51 johngunn51 Aug 19, 2015 2:21 PM Flag

    You can't look at it like that- cost basis of 6 bucks, now worth .60. You have to look at it at in freeze frame at .60. A regenerative medicine science company in Boston selling below cash value w a great new CEO and a new director- not Langer but a respected RM name to be introduced within the next couple of weeks. This stock could run fast and far from here. Sure it's speculative but at the present price it's very compelling.

  • johngunn51 by johngunn51 Aug 18, 2015 10:04 PM Flag

    Run children! The nasty poodle is barking!!!

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    by te_st_5674 Aug 16, 2015 1:13 PM
    johngunn51 johngunn51 Aug 18, 2015 1:00 PM Flag

    It's called patent trolling. Can potentially make a lot of money like Acacia Research. But bad image in the investment and socially conscious community- kind of like Sturm Ruger or Funeral Corp of America. HART will pop shortly and hopefully continue to gain traction through the end of the year. New director about to be announced- will be a good one.

  • johngunn51 johngunn51 Aug 14, 2015 11:21 AM Flag

    Actually, if memory serves correctly ADXS was victimized by improprieties- lies and misappropriations of funds for which the CEO was charged but never convicted, and banished to the pink sheets. That was when the Board found O'Connor and things did not go smoothly for him at first because of the legacy of misdealings and suspicion on the part of investors. In the first year, O'Connor did two "dilutive" capital raises - sequentially lower PPS and substantially below market. He also fired the CFO that had come with him from ImClone. It really wasn't until the Adage investment, the checkpoint inhibitor collaboration w Merck and the hiring of David Mauro, that Advaxis crossed over into legitimacy. When O'Connor came in I bought in and I held through the early dilution and paucity of signicant trial data. The "execution" risk was high but I held because I thought there was a trend building in immunotherapy and Advaxis under O'Connor would benefit. Same feeling w HART. There is a trend building in regenerative medicine, and McGorry has the experience and drive to lead the company into a high profile position. Is there execution risk? Of course. But the ceiling is even higher here than w Advaxis. Any company even talking about organ regeneration and fast track status with a guy of McGorry's character running it should be worth 50-100mil market cap right out of the gate....

  • johngunn51 johngunn51 Aug 13, 2015 7:55 PM Flag

    Jim McGorry was as high in Genzyme as Dan O'Connor was in ImClone. Genzyme was a $5Bil company when it was bought by Sanofi Aventis, and the leader in materials for regenerative medicine. They invented the Bio Reactor for scaffold/tissue growth now in use by companies like Smith and Nephew. I would say McGorry is an expert in regenerative medicine as well as a high character guy, and doesn't take the job with a start-up unless he believes there is something very worthwhile there. . And when O'Connor came in, remember the early Phase 2 stuff had been done in India and the results had a questionable pValue and negligible statistical significance . I think McGorry takes HART up, as O'Connor has done w Advaxis.

  • This was a very quiet board 2 yrs ago, the few that were here were disgruntled and skeptical. Advaxis was a. company that languished in obscurity with interesting IP but poor management. Board brought in a hotshot CEO who had held a high position with a large successful biotech- ImClone and had proven leadership and work ethic qualities- as a Marine officer. Dan O'Conner quietly built a 30 mil market cap company with a single unproven immunotherapy platform into a 600mil juggernaut. Striking similarities to my top pick for the next 12 months, HART- Harvard Regenerative Technology. They have the technology to regenerate organs. Languished in obscurity under poor management and Board hired a hot shot CEO who was a senior VP at Genzyme- and also a SEAL dive team captain. Trials in process with Mayo Clinical and Connecticutt General Children's Hospital. More coming. Market cap 12mil. Sellling below cash value. No one has ever heard of HART. As with ADXS in 2013 it's all about to change. If you missed me the first time, - you're getting a second chance to invest in the future and become very wealthy doing it.

  • They are down the street from Eyegate and announced positive trial results on eye drug. There's a lot of drugs out there but no one has the next gen delivery system, no one but EyeGate. I think this thing goes to 20-30 and gets bought out.

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    11.9% of float is short

    by port077ver Aug 7, 2015 10:27 AM
    johngunn51 johngunn51 Aug 7, 2015 11:48 AM Flag

    I would agree. There is no question in my mind CDTI's ZPG exhaust capture science is one of the biggest breakththroughs in the car and truck industry in several decades.. I think short-sellers are over-expressed and over-exposed here as a percentage of the float. The key is to go for commercialization/ expansion capital at higher and higher prices, When you get into the 9 figure short share number that must be bought to cover- esp in a thin market, you could see a dramatic, perhaps parabolic rise in PPS. This will require continued testing and validation of Spinel and ZPG and a coordinated effort of rebranding, and PR. This is a big story and it needs to be told in a big way.

  • This one will have a large name attached, be a leap forward for the pipeline, and could result in a dramatically higher stock price by year-end. You want to accumulate anything you can here under a buck. Way too cheap for what's about to occur in my opinion...

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    is overcharging the only trust issue

    by spirallocks Jul 31, 2015 2:42 PM
    johngunn51 johngunn51 Aug 3, 2015 4:27 PM Flag

    They have lots of problems. I got salmonella poisoning from eating the spicy tuna bowl in the sushi concession in San Rafael. Not the first time I've gotten sick. Have stopped eating the prepared foods there even though I live next door. It's garbage. You would think they would put some talent and ingredients into making the hot bar and the salad bar special to draw customers who would then do a little extra shopping on higher margin everyday items. The 365 refrigerated fresh salsa has sugar in it, although it's not on the label. They think they're smart and consumers are stupid. I also sense cynicism and resentment from more and more of the employees, like they're serving rich people because they have to and being treated poorly by the corporate suits. Not everybody, but a double digit percentage. Bad way to do business and they will be punished for it. I am philosophically against shorting stocks, so I am not going to recommend doing that, but if I were holding the stock either short term or in a retirment account I would sell it. They could turn it around, but I would want to see evidence of that before I bought the stock back. My best guess is they are not up to the challenge and will try to sell the whole shebang, no pun intended, but to whom and for what price remains to be seen.

  • Just my opinion, from tracking the trading, the news cycle and the events unfolding at DNAI.

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