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    How'z it work?

    by naturallaws1 20 hours ago
    josephblough939 josephblough939 18 hours ago Flag

    naturallaws.. LOL, I'm glad to read your crusty attitude toward a short holder of stock has waned and your subjective reasoning dominates. Congrats, and no hard feelings from me either. Not many who know that I hunt for ideal short trades understand or care to understand why, Just that they preceive I'm a bad, bad, bad person. Let me explain it another way as to my reasoning about ACAD. If I build a house and the contractor wants all his money up front before the home has been constructed, the likehood of me paying him is "zero". If he completes the plumbing and the electrical inspections, and wants to be paid , again, zero likelyhood, and ACAD is no different. Because they received FDA anything (inspection approval) does not mean they've finished the entire process of constructing a finished product. No Finish...No Sale..No MONEY, and No Investment. Analogous to ACAD... Lets all see the NDA submission verbiage and the facts and evidence to back up the data. More importantly, because this so called experimental wonder pill is SO NEW and unproven, adds more pressure to the ACAD exec to not only perform but reveal the gospel of why this pill is gonna lauch this share price to the moon....Alice. Hope that explains my position a little clearer. Have a great evening natural and we'll see you on the trading floor tomorrow morning :~)

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    How'z it work?

    by naturallaws1 20 hours ago
    josephblough939 josephblough939 19 hours ago Flag

    natural..No Sales..No revenue stream,. Just because the FDA has given their approval to a wing and a prayer pharma experiment does not mean without seeing all the data (not just excerpts of something potentially benefitting) does NOT equate to a $24, $28, $38 or $100 share price. As an Investor myself in many companies and some Bio companies, like the FDA, I need to see proof in the pudding, that means, results... good, bad or indifferent. I have yet to see anything from the exec of ACAD to sway my decision not to short this company. Trusting the preceeding explains my position. If not, then sorry naturallaws, I can't help you.

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    How'z it work?

    by naturallaws1 20 hours ago
    josephblough939 josephblough939 20 hours ago Flag

    naturallaws simply put..If ACAD had a viable product, stock would bounce and all you Villagers would win!, Since they have no revenue...and a bunch of Insiders selling a dream, STOCK FALLS GL

  • A Pipe Dream? Gosh, I forgot, there is only one drug in their pipe. Sorry Longs, ACAD won't be reporting anything, anytime soon....Better dump those shares before your all lining up demanding their "sleep easy" pscho drugs Rootie toot toot..Rootie toot toot, all you Longs are from the Institute!!..Rootie Toot Toot LOLOLOL Oh yeah, thanks Baker boys for the $$

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    Once againn Zacks late to the game

    by imdaman20072002 Sep 29, 2014 3:39 PM
    josephblough939 josephblough939 Sep 30, 2014 9:41 AM Flag

    The sum of all parts are LOSING $$.... any activist out there wouldn't want to tip a toe in this water. If your "long", I'd be real careful. Next reporting date is Nov. 3, 2014. I'm not expecting BLMN will meet expectations.

  • josephblough939 josephblough939 Sep 29, 2014 3:19 PM Flag

    Hi hgl12692529, I'm now dumping shares and shorting this co. I see further downside and not "any" upside, at least until they report early Nov. I've seen this scenario before and burnt once, twice shy. It's trading volume is also telling me, Insiders are dumping and conserving their resources. We'll find out in November when they report as to the number of shares Insiders are dumping.
    Lastly, and answering your comment that the price reduction is already in the stock price. I think "Not" and with that stated, keep your eagle eye on the next weeks' trading volume and money flow. I firmly believe you'll notice a decline in PPS and an increase in trading volume.
    If I'm wrong, I'll buy you a java. GL

  • Unfortunate. If your holding long term better dump and hide on the sidelines. Better there than pickin pennies when your losin.

  • By Zacks Equity Research
    On Sep 27, 2014, Zacks Investment Research downgraded Bloomin' Brands, Inc. (BLMN) to a Zacks Rank #5 (Strong Sell) based on the company’s weak second-quarter results and soft guidance.
    Why the Downgrade?
    Analysts have been continuously downgrading estimates for Bloomin' Brands after it reported weak second-quarter results on Aug 5, wherein adjusted earnings of 27 cents missed the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 6.9% due to higher costs and expenses.
    Total costs and expenses increased 10.3% year over year mainly due to rising beef prices. Bloomin' Brands offers beef products at its Italian as well as casual dining restaurants. Proteins account for 60% of the total commodities purchased by the company, of which approximately half constitutes beef.
    Although revenues increased 9% year over year and surpassed the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 1.3%, shuttering of 29 restaurants since March last year and a substantial dip in comps in South Korea affected sales adversely.
    Domestic comps were sluggish rising only 0.6% primarily due to flat traffic. Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar's domestic comps rose 3.6%, while Outback Steakhouse edged up 0.9% and Bonefish Grill increased 0.3%. However, Carrabba's Italian Grill declined 1.2% during the quarter.
    Based on the bleak results, Bloomin’ trimmed the 2014 earnings outlook to a range of $1.05–$1.10 from $1.21. Further, the company expects third-quarter operating expenses to increase due to marketing, a Bonefish Grill menu rollout and costs from a Carraba's expansion in Brazil.
    Not surprisingly, analysts continued to significantly revise down their earnings estimates for Bloomin’ Brands. Therefore, the Zacks Consensus Estimate for the third quarter of 2014 nosedived 46.7% to 8 cents per share over the last 60 days. For 2014, the Zacks Consensus Estimate declined 12.3% to $1.07 over the

  • josephblough939 josephblough939 Sep 29, 2014 10:10 AM Flag's the traders influencing the short trades. They hedge their bets to the downside, and there lies the rub. When you see the chart rise like a rocket, alot of those shares are bought on credit. When you see the dramatic fall of a knife actione', it's those same shares picked up on credit that are being dumped on mass.

    BLMN remains a good trading stock, beginning and at the end of each week. the mid-week action is a snooze fest.

  • josephblough939 by josephblough939 Sep 26, 2014 3:33 PM Flag

    ACAD @ $80 or $100/share.... Your All Blowing Smoke! And I love the entertainment. Until ACAD executive submit their NDA, they still and always remain to Have Nothing in the Pipeline! And the so-called Longs on this Yahoo Board can keep Dreaming in La-La land..... O I wish, I wish, I wish LOLOLOL Suck it up Villagers...ACAD is Toasteado's...have a great weekend in your wet dreams LOLOL :~)

  • josephblough939 josephblough939 Sep 26, 2014 2:12 PM Flag

    There are Weiners and there are Losers and unfortunately...crecy-war-knight is another LOSER! Just another Idiot who has lost his Village...Pathetic, just like ACAD! Have a nice weekend Villagers. :~)

  • when they report next. The bump in share price is indicitive of the shorts taking over. Be careful if your long

  • josephblough939 josephblough939 Sep 26, 2014 10:35 AM Flag

    naturalaws...the nonsense your spewing is comical. Who elected you as gatekeeper of the Yahoo message board? What an Idiot! might be time for your medication LOL Nurse Gravitz has the day off today... better yell a little louder for your meds, They can't hear you thru all that insulation in your padded room LOL

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    by adelantado Aug 21, 2014 5:40 PM
    josephblough939 josephblough939 Sep 26, 2014 9:53 AM Flag

    essencefull...I haven't been happy with the President for some time because he hasn't done anything pro-active in any arena of politics Except hone his golf game. There are too many factors that I could address but won't because it would fill a book and I don't have time to explain. The 1st issue is the tax law, and the last issue is why do we have lawyers running this country when it's common knowledge, they are truly the stupidist people on the planet and look after their own needs before anyone else's...after that, Bengazi, H. Clinton, legitimisy of the IRS and bottom line All the lies they hide behind. I'll stop now... Have a great day and watch the Ryder Cup. More relaxing

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    Would be nice to see this go higher today....

    by josephblough939 Sep 25, 2014 12:27 PM
    josephblough939 josephblough939 Sep 26, 2014 9:41 AM Flag

    couple comments 1) we have earnings season starting up in 10 days 2) the current PPS increase that looks like a step ladder (daily trend) may be preemptive to a dump of shares once BLMN reports. I'm not hopeful they will meet previously announced expectations (estimates) Only because the economy as I see it remains flat and discretionary spending for eating out remains tight. to hypothesis the outcome at this juncture is premature and all anyone can do to make money is day trade these stocks.

  • Obviously the Hedgies like to trade it. Couple pennies profit would be most appreciated :~)

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    I should expect this by now

    by michaelb824 Sep 25, 2014 10:26 AM
    josephblough939 josephblough939 Sep 25, 2014 10:38 AM Flag

    Great Idea...Buy Mo Mo Mo

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    by adelantado Aug 21, 2014 5:40 PM
    josephblough939 josephblough939 Sep 25, 2014 10:19 AM Flag

    With the economy flat, restaurants take it on the chin firstly. Next the employees, part-timers, and lastly the shareholders if they are long term holders.

    I see the PPS declining significantly and no one is immune from the downturn that is happening.
    Don't expect the country is turning around for the better when we still have a knucklehead leading the troops.

  • For What... where's that Post?

  • josephblough939 josephblough939 Sep 24, 2014 2:31 PM Flag might want to tread softly yourself there dipp #$%$. Nothing comical about illegal trading patterns or illegal traders performing for their own book. Plz don't reply to my posts because your obviously on the inside and GL.

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