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jotar49 12 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 21, 2014 1:16 PM Member since: Nov 1, 2011
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    by gmegga Aug 20, 2014 11:21 AM
    jotar49 jotar49 Aug 21, 2014 1:16 PM Flag

    Sound investing decision. Take your losses when necessary and live to invest another day. But first, as I told you before, get some knowledge ( investopedia for example) before you lose all your money.
    Truth is....of all the private investors (people like you and me) only 5% manage to make a ´´kind of´´ living.
    You need to be able to recognise the paid pumpers (sad individuals) from the genuine people who want to help each other.
    If you bought this stock because of a ´´ hot tip´´ website, unsubscribe.
    Hope I never see you talking about buying this POS again. Good luck my friend.

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    Help me understand.....

    by tiiisos Aug 20, 2014 3:21 PM
    jotar49 jotar49 Aug 21, 2014 11:25 AM Flag

    You are correct. IR says there are 12,926,593 shares outstanding.
    You think it´s too low? How high do think it should be for a company that has never earned a cent,ever.
    It plans, plans you understand, to sell sub-standard drugs to 3rd world countries that have little or no drug regulation in place.
    Why do you think the chinese have a large interest in this POS?
    You and your buddy Tiiisos should take your pumping tag-team somewhere else.
    Shame on you.

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    Help me understand.....

    by tiiisos Aug 20, 2014 3:21 PM
    jotar49 jotar49 Aug 21, 2014 9:57 AM Flag

    maybe you would like to explain where you got the Market cap from?

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    What's with GMO today?

    by alex1444b Aug 20, 2014 1:52 PM
    jotar49 jotar49 Aug 20, 2014 3:58 PM Flag

    Another possible way to look at it is...if we believe that there´s a better than average chance of a positive result from the Supreme Court then we have the near perfect ( close to 52 week bottom) buying opportunity.
    I have to admit I still have not taken a position as yet. Lot of nasty business going on globally which makes me a little hesitant. Need to make a move soon I guess. Luck to all.

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    Help me understand.....

    by tiiisos Aug 20, 2014 3:21 PM
    jotar49 jotar49 Aug 20, 2014 3:49 PM Flag

    not sure where you get 12.9M shares outstanding. I see 2.91M outstanding.
    That gives a market cap of ( 2.91 x $9.68) of $28.16M
    By the way, you know of course that ALL the earnings (or losses) in the earnings release are from ZLCS.
    Epirus hasn´t earned a red cent to date. Not likely to either. But that´s an other story. Good luck.

  • jotar49 jotar49 Aug 19, 2014 10:09 AM Flag

    Oh I do love that ´´IGNORE USER´´ button. Done!
    No point in your responding .....but you know that...don´t you, numb nuts

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    Russia is amasing troops in Ukaraine.

    by pmkhoopster Aug 6, 2014 11:13 AM
    jotar49 jotar49 Aug 6, 2014 12:35 PM Flag

    You need to get your facts straight.
    Moscow slammed NATO and Pentagon claims that Russia is amassing military near the border with Ukraine calling them unsubstantiated, according to a statement made by a Ministry of Defense spokesman.
    "In Russia’s Ministry of Defense such statements only raise sympathy for the speakers of the Pentagon, the US State Department and NATO. It seems the people are serious, but they have to constantly improvise during their speeches to somehow add seriousness to their statements," said Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the ministry Major General, on Wednesday.
    Pentagon spokesman, Rear Admiral John Kirby, told reporters on Tuesday that Russia has at least 10,000 troops on Ukraine's border.
    Following this, on Wednesday, NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu stated that Russia has already amassed around 20,000 combat-ready troops on the border.
    Konashenkov said that “we would like to explain to the Pentagon and NATO officials that it is impossible to perform such a manoeuver with thousands of soldiers with weapons and military equipment in such a short time, all the more to keep it secret from OSCE observers now in the region.”
    In late July, the OSCE deployed sixteen observers to two border-crossings in Russia - Gukovo and Donetsk, following a request to the organization by the Russian government.
    The regular “tales” of Russian troops amassing near the border with Ukraine are reminiscent “of an auction selling soap bubbles, where the main goal is to set the price higher before the bubble bursts.”
    This is the reason Pentagon and NATO figures vary so much, he explained.
    Russia has conducted a series of war games since the start of the crisis in Ukraine. The latest five-day military exercise started on Monday in Russia’s south at the Ashuluk test site near Astrakhan, more than 700 kilometers away from the Ukrainian conflict zone.
    The tests were scheduled last year, according to Russia’s Ministry of Defense.
    Source: Independat news. NOT your neocon MSM l

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    The real reason...

    by toad4you22 Aug 5, 2014 2:26 PM
    jotar49 jotar49 Aug 5, 2014 2:54 PM Flag

    You are so,so wrong. You read way too much MSM.

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    Thinking of taking a position here....

    by jotar49 Aug 1, 2014 12:40 PM
    jotar49 jotar49 Aug 2, 2014 5:04 AM Flag

    Thanks for that.
    I guess you mean 2nd qtr financials will be better than 1st?
    I´m more concerned with the water rights. No water rights no financing no mine.
    Decided not to buy . Will wait until the Federal court decision.
    Good luck.

  • So tell me, is it all, is everything, is GMO´s future hanging on today´s federal court decision?
    Tempted to dip my toe at $1.05.
    Any honest, informed advice out there?

  • jotar49 jotar49 Jul 28, 2014 4:14 PM Flag

    With all due respect my friend, you, and I mean you, should NOT even consider investing ANYTHING,ANYWHERE, ( not shouting, just emphasis) until you thoroughly understand the basics of Fundamental an Technical analysis.
    What you posted above explains why you have lost nearly all you invested in ZLCS/EPRS. Please, for your own benifit, stay away from stocks until you know what you are doing.
    Good place to start: investpedia. Lots of information for beginer investors. Take it slowly, read everything on fundamental and technical analysis and how the market actually works.
    Take it or lewave it. Jo

  • jotar49 by jotar49 Jul 21, 2014 3:45 PM Flag

    Ya think the stock is low now? Wait ´till they issue new shares. Minor institutionals will only be interested in buying this scam when the pps is driven to the floor. THEN, they will pump it , by the usual means, untill the pps is up again...and slowly sell while morons like loveinfriendship e.g. continue to buy. Rinse and repeat.
    Don´t ya just luv it?

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