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    The Truth Hurts/ Goodbye

    by biospeculator2014 Mar 13, 2016 8:58 AM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 5, 2016 2:38 PM Flag

    Nice post in returning to this board, thanks for the tips. I too am out of IDRA completely, having started my recent selling at 1.99 and on down. I've saved my daughters from further carnage and what they are in now has gone up, each is up about $5,000 in a month instead of staying here losing more money. Hoping isn't enough to stay here. The sell signal was the hiring of a crack management team, it was Baker's effort to salvage what wasn't happening. Vince Milano is a great CEO, but he can't turn it around either, it's headed lower. I agree with others on this board that it is a 2018 story, maybe 2017 will be good, but I was too early and had to preserve capital from what I had left invested here. That in the short term has proven correct. IDRA was a failed investment for me, I'd had enough. Good luck to all the good people here, I know who you are,

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    The Aspire Capital deal

    by jrdelane May 4, 2016 11:26 PM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 5, 2016 1:10 PM Flag

    OK, that's why everyone needs to pay attention to their next quarterly update and read the fine print, and not get it from posters here like me. It can be confusing. Their revenues and sales if they continue to grow at the present rate last reported, should get some excitement brewing. There is a lot of buzz about this stock and today the pps is recovering a bit, we'll see.

  • jrdelane jrdelane May 5, 2016 11:49 AM Flag

    What Monday news are you talking about? This doesn't seem to need news to move.

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    The Aspire Capital deal

    by jrdelane May 4, 2016 11:26 PM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 11:39 PM Flag

    In 2015 Biocept burned $17.0MM, so $4.25M a quarter. Assuming they came into the year with 12.54MM in cash (per 10Q), of which they may have $7.0MM left, plus the new offering netting them $4.637,500, plus the Aspire deal at $15MM, they now have a cash runway of at least 6 quarters (through end of Q3, 2017) from this point forward. We should get an update on this next week when they report.

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    The Aspire Capital deal

    by jrdelane May 4, 2016 11:26 PM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 11:30 PM Flag

    I just reprinted a portion of the filing. Go to SEC dot Gov and seek the rest of the document for your review. This mandates that the price of the shares can be anything above $0.50 for Biocept to require Aspire to purchase 100,000 shares a day at the request of the Company up to the $15MM. This is better than I had previously been aware.

  • Today's SEC filing Form POS AM - Post-Effective amendments for registration statement SEC Accession No. 0001564590-16-017690
    Filing Date
    2016-05-04 17:03:21
    Filing Date Changed

    this should be read by all shareholders as it explains the Aspire Capital agreement in it's amended format. Pursuant to the Purchase Agreement and the Registration Rights Agreement, we are registering 3,774,122 shares of our common stock under the Securities Act, which includes the Commitment Shares, the Initial Purchase Shares, and an additional 300,000 shares of common stock that have already been issued to Aspire Capital and 2,684,122 shares of common stock which we may issue to Aspire Capital after this registration statement is declared effective under the Securities Act. All 3,774,122 shares of common stock are being offered pursuant to this prospectus. Under the Purchase Agreement, we have the right but not the obligation to issue more than the 3,774,122 shares of common stock included in this prospectus to Aspire Capital. As of the date hereof, we do not have any plans or intent to issue to Aspire Capital any shares of common stock in addition to the 3,774,122 shares of common stock offered hereby.
    After the SEC has declared effective the registration statement of which this prospectus is a part, on any trading day on which the closing sale price of our common stock is not less than $0.50 per share, we have the right, in our sole discretion, to present Aspire Capital with a Purchase Notice, directing Aspire Capital (as principal) to purchase up to 100,000 shares of our common stock per business day, up to $15 million of our common stock in the aggregate over the term of the Purchase Agreement, at a Purchase Price calculated by reference to the prevailing market price of our common stock over the preceding 10-business day period (as more specifically described below).

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    BIOC main competitor is in real trouble

    by hednrix7070 May 4, 2016 11:06 AM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 11:19 PM Flag

    TROV fired their CEO and CFO over a supposed conflict of interest. The BOD has lost it, shareholders are fuming over these firings, that are contested and with the change of mngt, new CEO, and further they lost their CMO who held the confidence of shareholders in his roll out of their product launch and insurance ramp up. The company share price has tumbled huge, from $6.40 to 3.40 in the last 8 trading days. A major holder has likely shorted their shares, in a manipulation effort to fleece retail holders, and so it's not all organic selling. They don't have cash problems, have $60M cash, and good science with deep patent protection. They are delayed but not defeated. New CEO has challenge of getting this damaged ship running smooth again. Will give BIOC a window of opportunity to penetrate the market.

  • jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 7:40 PM Flag

    Yes, I was told to come to the FB site, but searched for it and didn't find it. I agree, would be nice to get away from the bs here.

  • 1. Each restricted stock unit ("RSU") represents a contingent right to receive one share of the Issuer's Common Stock.
    2. The RSU shall vest on January 2, 2017 provided that the Reporting Person provides continuous service to the Issuer. In the event the Reporting Person's employment is terminated without cause by the Issuer, the RSUs will immediately vest.

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    Bought more at the recent fire sales

    by iamallin777 May 4, 2016 6:37 PM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 7:11 PM Flag

    Three year low today, you'd have to go back to August 2013 to score cheaper shares, not allowing for the significant dilution that has occurred, and the enormous increase in company overhead. That new management team isn't cheap, and they can only do so much with what they've got.

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    by moneygamer Apr 19, 2016 2:41 PM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 6:25 PM Flag

    I came back in when it broke $14, got in at $13.82. I sold out most of my shares of IDRA before it tanked big time, although still lost money on it.

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    by moneygamer Apr 19, 2016 2:41 PM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 3:47 PM Flag

    Extra choppy trading lately, down, up, down again :-( . This time it feels more ominous, hope I'm wrong.

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    i'm out ... good luck all

    by a911stockman911 May 4, 2016 1:33 PM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 3:31 PM Flag

    Sorry for your loss a911, I've only been a seller for months now, but nothing below 1.67. I've already booked the losses to that extent, but still holding last batch at 2.76. Worst experience in my investing history, probably for a lot of folks. Not even our shrewd CEO has escaped the pain of living with this "investment".

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    Id like to thank

    by oilup12345 May 4, 2016 3:01 PM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 3:22 PM Flag

    What is a good price for IDRA stock? I hope you're right that buying here is the right thing for you and yours.

  • jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 3:00 PM Flag

    Whatever they decide it will be the right duration since they have FDA oversight on their trial design. They wouldn't do anything short of what is recommended through that process.

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    by bioballs2014 May 4, 2016 10:47 AM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 12:47 PM Flag

    It's all about misplaced confidence in an early stage pipeline, fraught with risk. My highest hopes for salvaging what was looking good earlier, were pinned around the new management team assembled. Even the best talent is impotent to produce something in time to save this downtrend from playing out to it's endpoint.

  • jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 11:58 AM Flag

    Erlander was the lone voice, investors have nothing on Welch after today's conference showing, he might as well have stayed home. Stock is languishing, recovered off the 3.37 low, but for how long will be be sub-$4 after 6.50 a week ago?

  • jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 11:01 AM Flag

    Brutal, holding. Glad I don't have size.

  • jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 10:13 AM Flag

    What's your clue, you think they're buying today to support the stock? Thanks for pointing out slide 11 and the likely earnings beat.

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    by helmutloeffler May 2, 2016 3:38 PM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 4, 2016 9:41 AM Flag

    Ya think?

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