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  • I could see a setup for false expectations forming on this board, and today's selloff is a reflection of immature thinking on the part of a lot of nervous investors that without data being released today, the stock turned into a sell. Those same people who sold today will be the ones berating themselves for selling what likely is going to be one of the most sought after stocks, and greatest investment of not only this year, but potentially years to come. Provided the data when released matches up to the patient's responding as we've seen with our own eyes, this is going to be a blockbuster as their platform can treat all CNS disorders safely and effectively. The bar is set low, the SOC isn't affecting the cause, merely providing some assistance to patients as they continue to decline. Anavex may stop the cascade of folded proteins and actually unfold them, reversing the disease characteristics. Nothing new I've said, but bears repeating.

  • jrdelane jrdelane May 3, 2016 2:08 AM Flag

    Yes, this is just the beginning. Can't believe how this is being punished in our country, held back, attacked, and viewed with such a high degree of skepticism. Eventually, we'll get our own press to write a fair positive article, eventually the shackles will be broken.

  • The weekly is inspired, RSI rising at 71, Chaikin Money Flow just went positive, MACD soaring, bullish cross on the MACD happening this week, KST at 845 and rising, doesn't get much better than that! The highlight on the daily is the impending bullish cross on the MACD, likely by Monday with follow through. Good day for our stock, I see new 52 week highs in May. Holding 30,000 shares now, been here just over a week.

  • As we headed into the close today, shorts were determined to close it at least flat for the day. Another down close today may have caused the bearish MACD cross they were hoping for, but they didn't count on a determined buyer showing in the last five minutes. The last one minute this buyer added 23,151 shares and pushed the price from the 2.16-2.17 level to close at 2.19 giving us our first white candle since May 9th, the Monday after the Friday Earnings conference call. The MACD on the weekly may yet avert a bearish cross as a result. While I realize that it will be news flow that will dramatically move the needle, in between these PR's in a relatively quiet period, technicals will help us avoid computer driven sell signals that are built into algorithms of HFT shorting programs. If we don't change the trend ahead of these bearish crossovers, they become self fulfilling prophesies.

  • From the you tube video entitled "R and D Partnership Day", /watch?v=rviLNOExY0Q.

    I love the statement by Hardy T.S. Kagimoto, President and Executive Director of Healios. "I think this is a moment we can create a company like Amgen or Genentech. What you need is... you have to be there at the birth of a new class of therapy, and this is a moment." If you haven't watched this video, it is a must see.

    Moderator Jason Kolbert handles himself with great poise, skill and intellect, with considerable enthusiasm. "We're looking at the potential for Athersys to move at a pace that none of us seem to be expecting, certainly the value of the stock in the marketplace doesn't expect. And pending that data release, you could see MultiStem unlocked to become a very, very big product."

    Athersys and Healios, "the potential to change medicine as we know it." Jason Kolbert.
    "We think that by working together, we can achieve that." Dr. Gil Van Bakken

  • jrdelane jrdelane Apr 25, 2016 1:30 AM Flag

    You misrepresent what was covered in the video, and where are longs saying 100-200%? Lies.

  • "Healios will, in addition to the compound drug field, position ourselves as a core company in the field of regenerative medicine products that utilize iPS cell technologies. We will build cooperative relationships with leading research institutes, universities and businesses around the world for the research and development of drugs and regenerative medicine products." wwwDOThealiosDOTcoDOTjp/en/message/transition/

    As regards the expansion of the partnership to include other indications, and other markets, watching the videos carefully, taking the many statements offered by Gil and Hardy, and projecting their own vision statement forward, the likelihood of Athersys becoming fully integrated as a worldwide partner of Healios seems more than likely, just a question of time IMHO.

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    Benzinga Article

    by korporate_kyle May 2, 2016 10:41 PM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 3, 2016 1:47 AM Flag

    Now that is great perspective, Ackman is right, innovation is being killed by the likes of Bernie, Hilary, AF, greedy short sellers, and a prolonged biotech sector bear attack.

  • jrdelane jrdelane Jun 3, 2016 11:28 AM Flag

    Regardless of what news is being anticipated out of Mesoblast, your investment here will be amply rewarded, in time, and that time is drawing relatively near.

  • On the landing page on their website wwwDOThealiosDOTcoDOTjp/en you will find they added their first quarter report of financial condition and update, which you can download in PDF. Athersys is prominently visible throughout as we are now a very important partner in their game plan, clearly their vision is worldly, as you will see. It's clear now to understand the enormous potential once you pour over this report.

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    We made it to the big leagues boys.

    by dmackattack89 Apr 22, 2016 10:51 AM
    jrdelane jrdelane Apr 22, 2016 11:39 AM Flag

    There's no 'maybe' about it, this Company rocks. Gil and his management team will deliver a solid report on May 5th, giving investors an ear full of positives and answering all pertinent questions, sending the stock into the $3's. From there it's only a question of time before we are trading in the $4-5 range. All IMHO, GLAL.

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    by pinstripe68 Jun 21, 2016 10:15 AM
    jrdelane jrdelane Jun 21, 2016 10:48 AM Flag

    "Results may not be reported until early 2018" but I would imagine they might report based on the 90-day interim results, if deemed important. Remember, Hardy said PMDA would approve based on "safety and a "tendency" of effectiveness". There is the chance that patients responding early to treatment (in sufficient numbers) may be enough for them to approve early. Others here agree or disagree? We have the other trials ongoing, we can't languish until 2018.

  • Started buying this morning at 2.08 but got most of my shares later at 2.17 then 2.27. Holding 10K shares now at 2.22. Good first day in the stock, love what I see here, watched many of the videos and listened to the CC's, studied the chart, happy to be in with what I see coming for ATHX. Thanks Mark for the IR summary, very good information.

  • jrdelane by jrdelane Apr 18, 2016 12:24 PM Flag

    And when it was sinking near the $4.00 lows, I loaded the boat for my two daughters and they are now up 49 and 35% respectively, even though my shares were under water then. Now of course, it is easy to see what a great bargain that was. The sentiment has clearly changed since just a few days ago we had those two big red candles testing our rising channel support. Then came the abstract and the orphan drug designation, and together with a positive market backdrop, we are now soaring. We have a lot of turf to travel before we reach parity with SAGE, but then with a better drug, and positive Fragile X readout, it doesn't seem implausible does it?

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    Avxl long's best scenario

    by heatherp1114 Apr 30, 2016 3:24 PM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 1, 2016 2:08 AM Flag

    Every long's best dreams are realized, in the days following news agencies recount a record number of bankruptcies being filed by (crooks) short sellers, and the reported closure of several sleazy hedge funds is rumored. Wall Street goes into shock envy, CNBC talking heads go wild, AF's alleged connections to organized crimes in short attacks are exposed by the SEC, he is picked up by the FBI. While handcuffed, is heard on live camera saying "No comment" to all the hurried questions of reporters. Agents roughly push his head below the clearance of the FBI's black unmarked sedan back seat as they slam the door on him. Reporters are going berserk, recounting what they've heard as to the dark deeds of this apparent lowlife, as the sedan speeds off. Cramer is heard saying that afternoon on Mad Money that he barely knew the man.

  • jrdelane jrdelane May 2, 2016 7:16 PM Flag

    Thanks tau, these poorly written hit articles unfortunately have their impact, people let go of their shares all too easily. The damage is done after the first day of publishing, in spite of the glaring omissions and innuendo, with few facts. The five day slide of over $1.00 per share in a little over a week on a small cap stock like AVXL is quite a hit.

    What isn't apparent yet is what the stock will do in one day when the 12-week data is released and provided it continues to impress just as the patients have continued to progress in their cognitive and lifestyle passions, with the return of their personalities. Next thing you know, we'll be hearing about the possible partnerships being rumored here, or something even bigger on the AD indication. The sky is the limit on this one.

  • I missed the early, on-sale shares, but managed to build a floor under our stock at 2.30 for most of the last 90 minutes. By adding 17,000 shares, I brought my average price down to 2.34. I think I'm set now, but always can jettison some other positions if this starts hitting a forward stride. What an interesting opportunity, to be here at this stage, just prior to the rocket launch. Very excited to hear what Gil and Company have prepared for us next week. Have a terrific weekend longs!

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    Response To Earnings?

    by bluelunch2 May 16, 2016 8:17 PM
    jrdelane jrdelane May 16, 2016 9:27 PM Flag

    Shorts saw to it that we almost got pushed to a loss on the day of the ER conference call. Since then, they've worked it pretty hard, and in absence of any news flow to prop up the share price in a dreary biotech market with general market weakness we've drifted down as shorts use HFT and 100 share lots being systematically traded at the bid with a new lower 100 share ask popping up every time we gain any headway on the pps. In the chart, we are still consolidating gains from the more than doubling of the stock since January 1st. Longs are being careful not to overpay for new shares, as we don't know how long it will be until we get next positive news from Company. That's my take.

  • If you pay attention to technical analysis, Tuesday is a very important day for our charts, being the last trading day in May. If we close up over 2.31 the monthly chart puts in a 5th white candle (green on some programs) instead of the currently red candle, down .02, sustaining the uptrend started in January. This week we gained $.06 which is almost nothing except as it relates to giving us a second white (or green) candle on the weekly chart. Further, we have successfully made a bullish cross on MACD for the daily chart, that's a big deal actually.

    The MACD on the weekly chart has been poised to make a bearish MACD cross with how the month of May started, but so far with the intra-month trend reversal, and an up week with flat closes on Weds-Friday, we have only kissed the signal line and not crossed it. If we have an up day on Tuesday, we will avoid this bearish MACD crossover which would avert algos in programmed trading from kicking in with a sell signal.

    Absent news, we just need a slight push on Tuesday to have slammed the efforts of the bears in the month of May, let's do it! I say we finish Tuesday's trade with what we need, at least a few pennies, that's my 2 cents! Show up with your orders near the close on Tuesday if you are still in accumulation mode.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    New Seeking Alpha article out by WST !

    by goldenegg54 Apr 27, 2016 9:54 AM
    jrdelane jrdelane Apr 27, 2016 4:29 PM Flag

    And thank you for a comprehensive well written article. Love your handle here, reflects well on your expertise, now confirmed with the article. Keep up the good work, we appreciate it. I keep adding, twice this week, as low as 2.29 and again today at 2.36 after reading your article.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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