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    Msg, for Geo Economue..

    by jrmills0014 2 hours 24 minutes ago
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 1 hour 25 minutes ago Flag

    You must be one of those last idiots left, trying to hustle this stk.. Now for anyone reading any of this BS... Realize, just how ignorant they really are??? Hell if you ain't posting BS, trying to help them sell this worthless POS... No telling what they will come up with to make you look, like an idiot.. Oh I am an idiot! But feel sorry for their dumb arzes...

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    JR Mills probably can't spell depreciation...

    by audiophul Jun 13, 2014 3:59 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 1 hour 44 minutes ago Flag

    You ain't worth responding to! But, you need to learn how to read, before, Trying to cypher! Drys is pure shipping Co.. Drys and Orig, assets + finacials have been completely separated.. Now with that tid bit of info.. Now do some cypering.. To see how much of those depreciations belonged to Drys... As Drys reported $223M in loses in 2013.. Oh yea! They F all the other figures up with Orig's.. But on YE report.. They do tell you what Drys lost... As they generated little over $300M in revenues in 2013.. I may not know how to spell dipriciathon.. But me and jethro bodine,, Are some cyphers fools.. Hell we both got more education than obviously you do.. We graduated 6th grade.. If you ever graduated.. They sure didn't teach you nothing.. Ain't got sense to read.. And you shore, don't know nothing about cyphering... You do know you will burn in hell for falsifying the truth,, Trying to steal money from Widows and Orphans.. You obviously want your fire.. To be real hot!!

  • jrmills0014 by jrmills0014 2 hours 24 minutes ago Flag

    You should know as well as I, what Drys stk is worth.. Seems most of manipulators done moved on.. Volume has dropped dramatically.. But while these last few idiots, are still trying to hustle Drys.. I would call Evercore, and tell them to slip that last $80M to their dumb arzes.. At any price they will pay above $2.50... Actually, if I were you I would sell those arrogant smart arz, Americans, Every shr, they would buy for over $1, If they payed no attention as you sold them the first $2B worth.. Try to sell them another $2B worth? Hell they don't pay any attention, to how many shrs are outstanding.. On flip side. More you sell, with all that free cash flowing in.. Earning will look better as per shr loss, will go down...Sell ole kemmy and crew, all they are capable of buying.. Before they get fired...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 3 hours ago Flag

    Earlier in year.. They had stated by mid year as santions were lifted against Irian..Iran, could be adding 3 to 4 million brls per day to the mkt... And that U.S. could become exporter vs importer.. We are past mid yr.. But Oil prices are sure worth watching.. They have already fell from about $105, to $93. in last mth or so? But none of that seems to faze Geo. E?? That there may not be big demand to drill in Deep water?? If there is plenty of oil.. Oil Cos. ain't going to spend all that money to drill, in deep water? Those drilling rigs, lease for over $200M per year.. If you read Orig"s last ER. GE, made statement, about may have to stack some of existing rigs, when they got returned? So why did he just order 2 more newbuild rigs... Is it because? His private Co. Cardiff, charged Orig 30% commissions, for ordering them? I know Drys generated plenty of revenues and profits for several yrs.. Now Orig.. And all Drys ever saw was money from revenues and money from sell of 400M shrs of stk disappear.. And are sitting here now with more debt, than they can service....Since beginning of 2011, he's already sold and pledged about 50% of that Orig stk, that Drys owns.. And that's while he had all those Panamax leased at good rates.. Last 2 lucrative contracts.. Run out in June + July.. At like $40K per day.. Now rates for all those Panys, are like $6.5K per day? He will burn thru this last 50% of that Orig stk, lots faster now.. All that debt, ain't going nowhere? When Orig stk is burnt.. Or if Orig stk price were to crash. Stick a fork in Drys.. It's done...

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    dont waste your time with JRMILLS

    by mystocks24 Aug 21, 2014 12:52 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 21 hours ago Flag

    You can ignore me! But don't ignore fact.. Half of drybulkers, stk holders have already been wiped out.. Oh, they are all still trading.. Just now.. Different intities, own them.. And don't ignore fact.. Every one is losing big time money.. And things just keep getting worse.. Big deal rates for bulkers, jumped a little in last week or so... Rates for Capes and Panamax could double, today.. Still wouldn't get Drys to profitability.. As rates have as good a chance of going down, as up! I sure wouldn't hold my breath, expecting them to double.. On that note. You know what happens to any stk, reporting loses Drys does? Eventually, they got to go BK? Now, you can listen to idiots telling you to buy these worthless Drybulker stks.. Or do some DD, and find out, they are all basically worthless.... Not only, are they all reporting loses.. Just check out where, they are coming up with money, to cover those loses... If you think officers are concerned about stk holders.. Seems they think, you are just someone, who should keep contributing to their well being?? I read EGLE's 2nd qtr results in 2013.. And realized, how bad a shape, they already had it in.. When last thing officers will do.. Cut General and Admin..expenses...Hell they had already, cut them to the bone.. Nothing much more, they could do? With loses they were reporting... Hell Egle, still kept, trading at what I thought was crazy.. But eventually the truth will raise its ugly head.. Here is crazy part.. I don't think stk trading right now is worth .05.. Last checked still way above $1. per shr.. Joe, don't let the lying SOB's trick you into buying any of these worthless drysbulker stk... Let the manipulators manipulate!!! But now way in hell right now.. Any or them are worth, a hill of beans...

  • In reading thru, Orig's last earnings report.. He sure warned you about, how bad outlook for rigs looked? But what the hell.. So far he made his fortune.. Selling stk and taking revenues, ships and rigs generate...I'm with Geo.. If you warn people.. Stk ain't worth a hill of beans.. And they are still stupid enough, to still want to buy it.. Go you little greasy Greek.. Shove all you can up their rectum!!

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 21, 2014 11:16 AM Flag

    If you go back and read 2007 + 2008 Earnings reports.. They are in Drys website.. Seems GE realized where the money was.. And how to take it all..I think GE realized the gold mine he was setting on.. You never see him mention Cardiff anymore.(his own private Co.).. But back then he mentioned it.. In 07, Drys earned about $18. per shr.. Got to that point.. From selling 33M shrs at $20. a shr, in 2005.. The ones who bought that stk should be rich.. And maybe some did ring the register? But by 08, GE threw all them under the bus.. Drys had been buying, selling + leasing bulkers.. Seems he switched everything over to Cardiff.. To make a long story short.. He basically wiped out equity in Drys, in 08.. He cancelled like $2B worth of bulkers.. Who already had long term lucrative contracts signed? What you recon happened to those bulkers? Which Drys, took about $1B loss on... Then, never read it well.. But seems, Drys bought Orig, from Cardiff? Seems, Drys down another $1B? But money was just flowing back then? With leases on those bulkers.. No problem.. Borrowing plenty of money? Since 08.. Stk holders, haven't seen anything but debt keep going up.. And money from the sale of $3B of stk disappear.. All those revenues, disappear..Now to add insult to injury? Read 2013, 1st qtr. earnings report.. Dry no longer own Orig.. Drys is pure shipping Co.. Which generates between $300M to $350M per yr. in revenues.. And for last few yrs.. Been raking up over $200M in loses every yr.. In mean time, about only asset, with any value left.. Is that Orig stk, drys, supposedly still owns.. But make no mistake.. GE has been burning thru it.. Done sold over 40% of it.. And pledged, who Knows how much? To lenders? While his private Co. Charges Drys and Orig.. Like 30% commissions, when buying or selling ships or rigs.. And don't overlook, they take about 5% of all revenues, Drys and Orig generate.. That ain't a bad hustle in itself! As Orig generated over $400M in 2nd qtr..And drys $85M

  • Capes have bounced, up to $17K per day.. Drys had 2 Capes that could have already been returned in Aug.. That were leased at $26K per day... If they done been returned and released.. We won't know till we see 3rd qtr results, what went on with Capes.. But as things set now.. They have or will get released at lower rates... Now for all those Panamax on spot.. Now leasing for $6.5K per day.. That's about, what just operating cost per day run... Don't leave any money, for debt, depreciation, General and admin. expenses.. And then, of course those 4M shrs, GE issued himself in 2nd qtr, as bonus.. And keep this fact in mind.. In last couple of mths.. Which could greatly impact 3rd qtr results.. Spot rates for Panys, dropped to $3.3K per day.. No need to discuss Capes.. I figure, the ones, trying to convince you to buy Drys.. Are ones who got caught, sitting on lot of those 413M shrs.. GE has already sold into mkt.. BTW: He is still sitting there with $80M worth of Drys stk, he could sell into the mkt, at any time.. Now if you want to buy Drys.. Try to figure out where the $123M went from sell of Orig stk, in 2013, Drys sold. And the sale of about $120M from sale of Drys stk, sold in last year...

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    BDI up 3.3% to 1096

    by audiophul Aug 21, 2014 8:38 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 21, 2014 9:12 AM Flag

    I just checked.. Bdi, hasn't been posted, today..And you are going to burn in hell.. For even indicating, rates for bulkers, ain't about as bad as they ever been.. Last couple of mths., rates for capes have been bouncing.. They had big bounce last wk.. So they don't look too terribly bad, right now... BTW: $16K per day ain't nothing to get excited about.. If those 2 Capes got returned in Aug.. They had been leased at $26K per day....If they got them released at $16K per day.. That would be $20K, per day, less in revenues..If everyone, else is like me.. They have forgot about Drys ever getting back to profitable.. Drys concern.. Is can they survive?

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 21, 2014 8:40 AM Flag

    I suggest you read those, warning on earnings report.. Concerning anything these drybulkers report.. They even tells you laws protecting them, If what they tell you ain't the truth.. There book value, should be based on vaue of bulkers and tankers. You are aware Drys is pure shipping Co..And do own stk in Orig.. And if oil continues to drop.. GE done said Orig looking at problems with weakness in mkt for rigs.. And that was when oil was over $100. per brl.. As of right now oil, has already dropped to $92.77.. The value of that Orig, stk. could see significant hit, before long..And don't forget, he has already, pledged mayby 10% of that Orig stk that Drys, supposidly owns,, to lenders.. To cover covenants on loans on bulkers.. As value of them just keep dropping.. How much better shape you think Drys in now.. Than beginning of 2013? In mean time.. GE sold $123M of that Orig stk. Sold about $120M of Drys stk.. And we really ain't sure how much of that Orig stk, has been pledged to lenders.. In mean time GE just keeps piling debt on Orig.. Their long term debt is now. $4.4B and ""Other Liabilities" are $695M.. That my friend.. Is over $5B.. Everybody should study Orig's backlog.. It looks mighty shaky to me? And GE, just recently ordered 2 more rigs... Of course, money paid up front, is borrowed money, that for 3 yrs, interest will be getting paid on.. But first monies, Paid as money comes in.. Will be those "Other Liabilities".. I figure that is money owed Cardiff.. For the 30% commissions they charge, for saying build us 2 more rigs, like the last one.. What a racket, ole GE has set up.. 30% of $1.3B is a nice chunk of money.. And then he gets 5% of revenues they generate.. Not a bad payday there.. Orig generated over $400M in revenues in 2nd qtr.. Up till 2008.. Drys was set up to making that money.. GE, figured out where the money was. His private Co. Cardiff..Started buying, selling,and leasing everything.. Drys, earned about $17. a shr, in 07.. By 08, Nada..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 20, 2014 5:21 PM Flag

    As drys has done pledged, maybe 10% of that Orig stk to lenders.. No way in hell, Drys will get that stk back with money they are losing.. I already consider that stk gone? And with debt problems Drys has.. In next 6 mths.. Look for GE to sell or pledge, lot more of that Orig stk.. If you think, that $123M of Orig he sold in 2013, and all that stk pledged to lenders.. And the $120M he has recently sold of Drys stk.. Have Drys debt in check.. I think, you are living in a dream world.. I figure most of that money flowed to GE? My god, he's got to live.. In mean time, that debt ain't going anywhere, as Drys just keeps racking up loses...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 20, 2014 4:44 PM Flag

    In mean time.. Don't think I was oblivious to all those call options, yall had sold in 2011.. As Drys went from over $6. to about $3. Funny part, nobody was smart enough to buy any puts, as yall just kept pushing it lower... Now game has changed! Selling about same amount of puts as calls.. Now will true value of Drys, come into play? If so. Drys aint worth $1. a shr... But got to be a lot of brokers sitting on lot of those 413M shrs outstanding? That's why I tell Joe, not to believe a word yall say!! Yall are lying, greedy SOBs... Yall are types that would steal pennies off a dead mans eyes.. And low and behold, if they put knickles of dimes on his eyes.. You could gaurd that body 24/7.. Bet yall would still figure out how to steal, those knickles or dimes..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 20, 2014 4:16 PM Flag

    In mean time.. While sitting and drinking.. Got nothing better to do but, study drybulkers? Reality.. They are rather transparent.. If you take the time to study them.. By the way, kemmy, glad to see, you used old lisa"s ID again.. Sort of like talking to an old friend... Hey tomorrow, just for old times sake,, Make at least one post as that irritating Osu.. That was most irritating ID, you ever used..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 20, 2014 3:54 PM Flag

    You better realize, how many have already been flushed.. Not that they ain't still trading.. What the F. Lenders made a small fortune selling 100s of million shrs on Newl... That ain't never been worth, a hill of beans... With the fortune debtors made off Newl.. At best Newl, ended up with little debt.. And couple of bulkers.. That they can't lease at profitable rates..Now its showing it's true value. Now lets watch Egle.. And glad I ain't got $100M to play, against manipulators.. Who may have billions or trillions backing their Play.. Cause, if I had $100M.. I would bet it all.. I know all these drybulkers are basically worthless.. On flip side, manipulators with billions, can squesh you like a bug...In mean time.. Just how much of these worthless Drybulkers stk.. Do they want in their portfolio? I figure only ones left now.. Are idiots?? Smart ones, done, done their thang.. And moved on... These dumb SOB's still hustling these drybulkers stk. Will eventually, see the light..

  • On that note.. DSX is up today? Take my word for it.. Its just BS!! Hell they started reporting loses every qtr, over a yr. ago.. And things, just keep getting worse.. They are doing better than lot of others.. On the surface! They do seem to lease their bulkers, On term leases, way above, spot rates? Fine! Now if you check.. While losing money, at what they had all those bulkers leased for... While they got last 3 returned.. They did lease them out again, at way above spot rates.. But about $1K per day less, than they had been generating... Bottom line.. Loses just going to go higher. But not to worry about SOB's running DSX.. They recently sold $60M of Preferred stk, that can be uses to cover their compensations, or anything they chose to do with that $60M.. Now let me explain.. Preferred stk holder got first claim to any assets.. According to what, DSX has been reporting.. No reason in hell, they needed to get that $60M at like 9% interest? Now read last couple of DSX ER's..Officers could actually spend that $60M on dope and hoes.. But interest on that money.. And they explain it very well in qrtly report, come out of stk holders equity.. What idiot would pay anything for DSX.. Let alone $10. per shr?? In mean time.. This is one interesting game!! Just be sure and read ER's and keep up with what bulkers are leasing for.. But to appreciate what rates for bulkers need to get back to, before any of these drybulkers, could possibly get back to profitability.. They do have all past earnings reports in their website...

  • I think only reason Egle is trading at $1.20.. People haven't figure out it ain't worth nothing? In watching as all these drybulker, stk holders, are getting wiped out.. And lenders, end up owning them.. Just to obsolete existing stk.. And then reissuing new stk... Not, that I'm going to try to figure out, what existing stk is really worth.. But that existing stk that is trading, I bet it ain't worth 5C.. The lenders. thru existing stk holders, 1/2% of 1% of something? Guess who are fat and happy.. The same bunch of SOB,s that drove EGLE broke.. Still in charge, and pulling their compensations... Hey banks lend money.. They don't run shipping Companies.. Bankers got took to wood shed.. When bulkers were leasing, at decent rates.. Now what are they to do??

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 20, 2014 12:58 PM Flag

    Sure don't surprise me.. In 2008, he cancelled $2B worth of bulkers, with lucrative long term contracts signed.. Drys stk holders took hit of about $1B, from that BS.. I figure all those bulkers went to GE? To much happened, in 2008.. To explain.. Anybody interested in buying Drys.. Should, try to figure out.. How Drys went from making all that money in 2007, to losing money in 2008.. Bottom line: GE done figured out stk buyers, just suckers, to be fleeced.. And what a fleecing! Since then, Has sold over $2B of Drys stk.. $1B of Orig stk. all earnings, went somewhere? And he has lenders on the hook for about $6B.. If you read ERs for 2013.. Drys took hit of about $100M on 6 newbuilds. they got rid of.. . GE even fessed up.. After Drys had paid, lot of building cost, and thru in additional cash.. Associate of Drys took 2 of them.. Why didn't he just admit, he took them.. That fleet of bulkers GE owns.. Were paid for from billions invested in Drys stk.. Now GE owns them.. Drys owes debt.. GE, ain't the idiot in this crowd.. It's the idiots, that keep buying all that stk he keeps selling... Hey, Drys can't continue to operate their fleet, at todays rates.. But if fleet was basically built for free.. Like GE's was.. He may be making money at these rates? But you can bet your arz.. Drys can't do anything but, eventually go BK! As it seems, GE's specialty, is carrying drybulkers public and then filing for BK.. He should be in shock, as to how much of Drys stk, he has been able to sell.. And then, how much lenders, have lent him...BTW: All that money, has disappeared.. And GE, ain't personally responsible for any of it...

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    DRYS dividens

    by saps95 Aug 19, 2014 11:21 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 20, 2014 11:36 AM Flag

    I have told people where to check.. What I say.. They can decide for themselves what Drys lost, last qtr.. With what reported. I say Drys lost $75M? "The Co."" figures are nothing but BS! As far as to where money went.. I think Cardiff, GE's private Co.. Buys and sells ships and rigs.. And charge Drys 30% commissions, when buying and selling.. Why did Drys keep ordering bulkers? After it was very evident there was no demand for? I think right now.. Stk holders are paying for money GE was taking, when no one was paying attention.. I just read 2010 4th qtr results.. Drys reported $99M In NET Earnings.. Assuming results should have been close to that since 2008.. BTW: In 2008, was when he really put the shaft to stk holders..But if Drys was earning that much after GE was taking big portion, of revenues.. In last 3 yrs, since 2008.. Net earnings should have been about $1B? In mean time he had sold at least $1B more of Drys stk in those 3 yrs.. So why didn't Drys have the money to take delivery of 1st of those 4 rigs arriving in 2011? If all that money hadn't mysteriously disappeared? But while people weren't paying attention.. He sold 22% of Orig, for $500M.. And since then borrowed another $4B against those rigs.. That for all practical purposes.. If all the money won't disappearing.. Drys should still own all of Orig....And at best, debt may should be $2B.. On that note: GE would still made a lot of money!! But nothing like billions, and owning one of worlds biggest art collections.. He invests his money wisely.. Art just keeps appreciating.. All these bulkers, That all those Greeks, ordered with Stk holder + lenders money , Now obviously no demand for.. All they are going to do is depreciate and rust away.. But don't think, GE ain't going to milk it Dry.. Hell not only he's got money from 1st $2B from sales of Drys stk.. He just tricked idiots, into buying another $120M worth.. Where do all these idiots, come from? Hell thousand dollars, is lot of money to me!

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    DRYS dividens

    by saps95 Aug 19, 2014 11:21 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 20, 2014 9:22 AM Flag

    The only ones who actually got a divvy.. Are the people who own shrs of Orig, that aren't owned by Drys.. Drys never paid no dividend... That divvy, Orig declared was brilliant move by GE.. For himself! So far he is paying out about $20M.. That $30M going to Drys, is nothing more than GE taking it out of one of one pocket and switching it to another.. Actually, that's the only way, any money from Orig can flow to Drys.. Lenders made him completely separate the 2.. Read 2013, 1st qtr earnings report.. Its in Drys website.. Actually stk holders should be able to sue GE for falsifying earnings reports.. He indicates "The Company" is Drys... But Drys and Orig assets + financials, have been completely seperated! Yet he took the $69M Orig reported as earnings.. And "the Co" reduced what Drys lost last qtr, by $69M.. Best I can figure out.. Drys lost $75M last qtr. And that would have included the $15M from Orig... In mean time GE getting himself more money, selling Drys stk.. OK he's paying out $20M.. In mean time. last reported.. He had sold about $120M of the $200M worth of Drys stk, he announced about same time as he mentioned, Orig may pay a divvy.. BTW: He averaged getting $4.14 a shr for the 33M shrs.. He has sold.. Still got $80M he could sell at any time.. By the way.. That 33M is incorrect number.. He said he didn't sell any in 2nd qtr.. That 33M figure includes, the 4M shrs that went somewhere in 2nd qtr? They reported like 409M outstanding shrs for 1st qtr.. Like 413M for 2nd qtr.. I haven't added it up.. But since 2007. Drys and Orig. have probably reported over $10B in revenues, sold over $3B in stk.. And have lenders on hook for about $6B.. Before, I would buy another shr of Drys.. I would want to know where all that money went? Clue: GE has become multi billionaire, and owns one of worlds, largest art collections.. Big hearted devil.. Finally pays out $20M, to Orig stk holders...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 19, 2014 3:02 PM Flag

    If anybody is paying attention.. Look at BS these idiots post.. To keep that relivant post of mine, from being payed attention to... I for one know, half of stk holders in drybulkers stks, done been wiped out.. Just a matter of time for rest...Just start with EGLE, then Newl, SHIP, and few others, I can't remember names.. Oh, original stk holders done lost their investment... But as these drybulkers survive, on stk holder investments.. Hell they will walk thru fire to keep them trading... Bottom line.. Ain't no profits in drybulker business.. Lot of money.. If you can sell enough stk! Which seems Geo E. has made billions, doing... I think GE belongs in prison, lot more than Bernie Madoff.. I think Bernie, started out with good intentions?? Over 30 yrs.. He lost control? I ain't sure GE ever started out with good intentions? Maybe he did.. Maybe he didn't.. Regardless, in 2008 he become one greedy SOB.. And make no mistake.. He could have become wealthy, without carrying Drys public..(Mayby) But then maybe not.. But regardless.. He started out with 6, 19 yr old scrap bulkers land has made himself billions.. At one point in time he made a statement.. Who are idiots, paying this price for Drys stk.. Then said.. What the hell.. I'll sell them all they will buy! Now you figure out whre the $2B from Drys stk,sales have gone since then? Along with all those revenues they were generating, when they had bulkers leased at lucrative prices.. Why I think GE should be in prison..When Drys was still very profitable, and owned Orig..That SOB continued to sell Drys stk into the mkt.. Hell he won't just taking earnings.. He was taking all the money from sell of like $2B of Drys stk... Oh, he has that money...Now figure out, what stk holders own... NADA! Make no mistake.. Very fine line.. How much a SOB deserves, Using stk holders money, to grow a Co.. But in this case.. GE, become multi billionare.. And what do stk holders own.. Lot of debt?

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