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  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 2, 2015 11:03 AM Flag

    If you think I missed fact Drys went up 20% yesterday.. U B wrong.. About now you and rest of you idiots,trying to manipulate Drys higher... Should own about all the 665M shrs GE tricked you into buying.. If there is any shrs you don't own.. Stick around..Yall are only idiots.. buying.. Believe this or not? I would buy Newl at .20 cent a shr vs Drys.. But idiots done figured Newl is worthless? And its selling at .002 cents per shr.. As for IBM,, Hell yes..I have lost every penny invested in calls, for last 2 yrs.... $3500. in 2014 and another $3500 this yr.. Sit back and warch.. What you can turn a few thousand 'into.. If IBM ever gets revenues turned AROUND?? If what I belive comes to truitiion.. EOM!

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 2, 2015 7:34 AM Flag

    Here is cute part..GE told you in 1st qtr 2013 earnings report.. Orig was already Disconnected from Drys..It's in Drys press releases for 2013.. Read it... In mean time..That SOB + hoe named kemmy.. Have sold idiots another $423M of this worthless stk.. Actually that don't include shrs sold in late 2013.. GE suspended that ATM.. After stk dropped from like $4. to $2.50..

  • And no longer going to cover it up, indicating ORIG revenues belong to Drys. With this statement ! Disconsolidating Orig from Drys???..He wrote off and wiped out $1.44B of what he had been indicating Drys was worth.. When GE bought those tankers, from basically himself.. He wiped out a lot more of what he had indicated Drys was worth.. Impairment charges.. Now he is buying 17 bulkers from Drys... Same ole same oh!! GE getting good deal, basically selling Drys assets to himself.. While writing off another $795M of all that money, you spent on stk.. If you haven't figured out .. GE is getting ready to send Drys into BK.. And wipe out that $3B of Drys stk he's sold.. Hey hoe Kemmy!!! Who do you love!!!..

  • In checking out Analyst Estimate board.. IBM missed estimate big time in 3rd qtr 2014.. Could they repeat this yr?? If so? How low can IBM go? Maybe as low as $120.. Should it drop to that figure? Reavaluate.. Don't cost a cent sitting on sideline!! And if you are sitting on stk!! Getting a decent dividend.. What it's trading at shouldn't concern you.. Unless their revenues continue to fall?? What I believe is irrelavant.. It's just my opinion.. But I believe in next yr.. Watson may have IBM's revenues going up?? As Of right now.. I would love to see IBM continue to go down... Sorry! Truth is the truth!!!

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 1, 2015 10:09 AM Flag

    Will GE ever be as famous as Jesse James or Bernie Maddoff.. What Jesse stole, robbing trains.. Was nothing compared to the billions GE has (Took)? Over 30 yr period.. The money Maddoff handled.. was lot more.. But he paid out most of that money, attracting new money.. He did live high on the hog for 30 yrs..But didn't take anything, like GE has took in last 10 yrs.. Funny part: There is a hoe, kemmy.. Steady helping GE, rob you.. One time Jesse was robbing a train.. Going to rob the men and malest the women.. Man spoke up and said.. U better not touch the women! Little lady named kemmy.." Jesse pay him no mind..You are in charge of robbing this train"..

  • He took all earnings, when Drys was profitable.. And the money from about $3B from sellling Drys stk. And he may still have lenders on hook for another $1B? And that may be less than what he has ripped Orig for? On last ER.. He wrote off $1.44B.. Deconsolidating Orig?? While no one seems to take $86M serious.. He took impairment charge of $86M on one drybulker?? If you know value of drybulkers.. Thats comical.. I think he bought those 17 drybulkers.. Because they were a decent buy! But by doing that.. He is going to be able to take another $795M. in imapairment charges.. Is he getting figures in order? Whereby when he sticks Drys up lenders rectum.. They make some kind of sense? We may have seen last Earnings report out of Drys? It's been deconsolidated from Orig.. And only revenues they will be generating is from those 20 Panamax on spot and if getting leased at all.. They are leasing for like $5600. per day.. And then Drys has 2 Supras.. Depending on what debt is? Maybe $1B?? Should be well under $500M ?? But who knows, when GE is handling everything.. In 2012.. I concluded I was watching maybe biggest scam of all times!! It has been interesting to see it play out!!!

  • And wouldn't play against manipulators. On any drybulker.. On a doulbe dare.. What I don't like about days like today, when they driving the mkt up.. I'm wanting to place a nice bet on IBM, before they report in Jan.. Nice bet will be some calls.. Depending on what IBM looks like after they reprt 3rd qtr.. May buy some April 20 calls? But May need to give options a little longer.. for IBM to get revenues to quit dropping and turn around.. If convinced that could happen? I may bet the farm on some Jan 20, 2017 calls.. Hey kemmy tell us what you would do?? I was surprized, you said you had a husband? Whats he going to do. when he finds out the one thats been goving him BJs. Is a morphedite? And got a package.. If he was slow witted enough to be tricked into marrying you.. When he figures it out.. I would sure like to have huge insurance policy on your life!!! Slow witted people.. Don't have much of a humor!!

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Sep 30, 2015 9:36 AM Flag

    Not exactly! GE wrote off $1.44B of those loses he had been lying about + hiding.. On last earnings report.. In mean time.. Going forward.. Only revenue Drys will have coming in.. Is from 20 Panamax and 2 Supras.. Which are on spot.. And we ain't sure they are being leased, at all.. Drys possibly, going forward, won't have any revenues.. GE sure can't sell idiots any more of Drys stk.. Or get idiots to lend him any more money? Yet will still have General + Admin expenses, And interest on all that debt.. Amortization should be nothing? Even thou GE has been taking all the money wrote off for depreciation, in the past.. Those bulkers do depreciate.. BTW: If those Pany are getting leased.. Spot rates for Panys is like $6K per day.. If crew is made up of slaves? They may could cover operating expense..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Sep 30, 2015 8:49 AM Flag

    As for false pretense.. On earnings reports GE has been indicating Orig revenues and earning also belong to Drys// Big fat lie!!! He has been indicating Drys was actually earning a little money,// Big fat lie..Drys has been losing over $200M per yr..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Sep 30, 2015 8:14 AM Flag

    It hasn't been but about a yr. since GE sold $333M of Drys stk.. Under false pretense.. Will they try to recoup all or some of that money? aS FOR THAT ORIG STK.. wE DON'T KNOW THAT IT REALLY HAS ANY VALUE? Couple of things GE don't tell U.. Orig has a lot of subsidiaries.. Who seem to be able to borrow money.. Using Orig stk as collaterial.. And GE has sold part interest in some of those rigs/ Which he indicates Orig owns 100% of.. Now, Drys will have 22 bulkers, that they are trying to sell.. They possibly may be worth $10M apiece ($220M)?? If GE handled the money from whereby he just bought those tankers + Capes from Drys.. Drys debt may not go down a penny.. May have actually gone up? Drys may have bulkers worth $220M and debt of $1B.. Yea!! should be bunch of fools lined up.. To pay $1B for something that possibly worth $220M!!!

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    160$ after earning will surprie most people

    by mystk7 Sep 24, 2015 2:49 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Sep 29, 2015 1:46 PM Flag

    I don't think IBM should have dropped below $160. to begin with? But it has! I don't think what IBM reports for 3rd qtr.. Will have any effect? As IBM is out of favor..Visualize this: If IBM can borrow money at less than the 3.5% they pay out in divvy.. Why wouldn't they borrow enough money to buy back at least 50% of their stk?? If they done that..Debt no big deal?? Earnings per shr, would double.. F these idiots that think revenue growth is important.. IBM would be earning like $32. per shr..This is not the time to play against those crooks on Wall St? But before Ibm reports in Jan.. You have opertunity to male a fortune.. U figure the rest ouy!!!

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Sep 29, 2015 11:30 AM Flag

    Geo. if you ain't figured out what is important..When Poco dies.. Going to be a lot of sad people.. When your sorry #$%$ dies.. Everyone will celebrate.. And only way you ever get mentioned in history! You may have pulled off biggest scam of all times? Bernie Maddoff never ended up with the billions, he scammed people out of.. it seems you will walk with?.. Bernie, while never being as sorry as you.. Spending rest of his life in prison.. As he didn't know to incorperate thru Cyprus.. You did.. Now seems the billions you scammed people out of.. You own your own private island and one of wolds biggest art collections.. Personally I rather be Poco!!!!!!!!! But how long is Lucy going to be happy with $5. a day? Poco may need a night job..And you can bet.. If Lucy tells him.. He will try to find one...

  • When earnings weren't going up in 2011.. As they added those 4 newbuild rigs, that Drys stk holders basically paid for.. In 2011, those bulkers were still ,supposedly. leased at hellacouse rates.. GE had sold enough of Drys stk to have about paid for those 4 rigs.. As those rigs weren't increasing earnings in 2011? O.K..?? Maybe cost to fit up a new rig, were taking earnings from rigsll But those cost would have been behind in 2012.. And those 6 rigs were leased at like $200M apiece per yr.. And of that $1.2B.. 40% of that should have been profits.. Big problem! GE had been taking that money from stk sales.. He had already sold 22% of Orig for $500M.. And started borrowing what he could against those rigs.. In 2012.. Orig who should have been adding like $500M to drys earnings.. Reported loses.. If GE handles money.. Oh, that can happen.. In 1st qtr 2013 ER.. GE told you Drys no longer owns Orig.. Just stk in it.. Orig looked like it may make a lot of money, back then.. But none of earnings would belong to Drys.. OK Geo.. With the billions you have f'ed stk holders out of.. Are you as happy as Poco! My name is Poco. I work on da rancho. I make a 5 dolar a day.. I go home to Lucy, she give me some p----. And take my 5 dolar away.. Poco is happy man! How happy are you? If you hadn't been taking all the money when Drys and Orig were doing well You could have built a Dynasty.. Unless you were lying about what those bulkers were leased at, from 05 thru 2011... Now your legacy will be.. Sorry thieving Creek!

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Sep 29, 2015 9:37 AM Flag

    Only way Geo, would buy Erik R..Even for 1/2 of what Orig has invested in it.. If he got it leased.. At a price he could make money.. He could buy it.. Without divulging that fact.. I think thats what he done when he bought those tankers from Drys. Since he bought those tankers.. Rates for tankers have skyrocketed.. As for .those 17 bulkers he just bought.. I think he bought them in order to cover up past lies he told lenders.. They lent him all that money based on what those bulkers were supposidly leased for.. Qtr. before last, supposidly, Drys had all 13 of those Capes leased at between $20K to $55K per day.. Same with couple of those Panamax..That Geo. bought 4 of.. How do you explain all that away, to lenders, when you send Drys into BK? Last qtr, he said all those Capes were leased for $12.5K per day.. Wrote off $1.44B in impairment chrgs.. That would be money he had taken from Drys.. When he bought those bulkers.. He said all leases went with them?? Bottom line: When he sends Drys into BK.. He ain't going to have to expaine where all that money he took went.. Now Drys has 22 bulkers left.. That are for sell.. When and if they get sold.. That money will go to lenders....They will have to eat rest of that debt.. GE walks with all those billiiions he made off Drys.. Mostly from selling 665M shrs in last 10 yrs..

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    ORIG's Debt

    by tthemainman38 Sep 28, 2015 10:35 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Sep 28, 2015 12:31 PM Flag

    In mean time: U forgot to mention the ""Other Liabilities"" of like $500M.. That are broke out from debt.. I figure that is money owed to GE, That he will take when possible? Orig has been generating like $2B a yr in revenues.. And reporting BS for earnings.. Backlog has already fell from over $6B to under $4B.. In past those rigs leased for over $200M apiece per yr.. Last 2 negotiated contracts.. Equated to like $100M per yr.. And they got a couple of more cantracts exspiring.. Will they be able to lease them at any price?? If you haven't figure out.. GE has already took it all and piled all this debt on Orig..That will BK them.. U R dumb as a stick!!! As all that going on.. Just the newbuilds that GE ordered, so his private Co. Cardiff could charge Oriig 30% commisions for ordering.. GE figured out how to rape Drys and Orig in 2007.. Made his private Co, like parent Co..of Drys and Orig.. Takes like 5% of all revenues they generate.. And 30% commisions when buying ships or rigs.. Since 07 has ordered like 11 rigs.. Rigs cost over $600M apiece.. U figure out rest..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Sep 28, 2015 10:56 AM Flag

    Geo. can still make money on Drys as long as he can keep it listed on Nasdaq.. SHIP went a yr or so with no ships.. And stayed listed.. GE has already bought, any of Drys ships with any value.. He got them cheap.. And if him and lenders can sell remaing 22 bulkers... They will take what they can for them.. Lenders recoup little of their loses..Drys would have no ships.. In mean time.. No telling how many more shrs GE could sell of Drys.. If he had a 1 for 100 reverse split.. Shrs outstanding would drop from 665M shrs to 6.65M shrs.. If GE just threw in a few bulkers.. He may could sell another $3B worth of Drys stk.. Anyone who bought any of Drys stk, after 2011 were just idiots.. If I figured out GE was taking everything.. Where were their brains? And the idiots that bought $423M worth of Drys stk in 2014.. Were biggest idiots of all.. BTW: I tried to warn them..

  • Sad part.: Those billions he has F''ed you out of.. He bought his own private island.. Maybe no one can touch him?? Or that art collection, which is one of biggest art collections on earth.. I could appreciate all that,, If I thought he had hot and cold running maids running around, dealing with his desires.. What drives me crazy! He may be like kemmy and crew..Twickly Toed! GE may have a bunch of Cabana boys running around vs. good looking women..

  • Read that last press release.. Whereby they are selling the 17 bulkers with any value.. And the ones they can't sell.. ARE for sell.. And all those loses they been hiding with lies.. Are now being wrote off as impairment charges.. And phul1 if you are going to post.. At least read last earnings report.. That little divvy that was flowing from Orig to Drys.. Which enable GE to sell anouther $423M of Drys stk.. Was suspended in 2nd qtr..Only reason GE ever perpertraited that scam! What the hell.. Money flowing from Orig to Drys.. Still belongs to him.. Whoever else, has ever got anything out of owning Drys stk? GE says thanks for the billions you sent him, buying 665M shrs of Drys stk.. He has his.. Now everybody can kiss his hinny! For the billions you sent him.. You now own 22 bulkers Which no one wants to buy..Not even thieving Geo!.. And Drys still owns supposedly 40% of Orig.. But just how much of Orig does Drys own?? GE sold part interest in some of those rigs Before oil prices collapsed. Which have nothing to do with shrs outstanding.. Depending on what Drys debt is..As GE keeps shoveling you BS// Is Drys worth 1 penny a shr? 665M shrs. 22 bulkers worth from 0 to maybe $220M and then that Orig stk? When Drys reprts 3rd qtr.. What is Debt? No way in hell Drys is worth anything.. GE has already told you!! I learned in 2011.. When GE says anything.. Read it a few times! To figure out what he is saying.. Ignore what he makes a big deal out of.. Do not ignore, the one liners, he wants you to ignore! Orig was looking good in 2013.. He basically told you he was stealing Orig from Drys... One liner: Orig and Drys assets and financials completly seperated..Big deal he said Drys still owned stk in Orig.. None of Orig earnings would belong to Drys.. But to continue to selli another 285M of Drys stk.. 380M shrs at the time.. Now 665M shrs. He has continued to indicate Drys still owns Orig.. Irrelavant now Both are worthless.. Slick Geo. made billions. On BS!!

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Sep 25, 2015 3:47 PM Flag

    As GE started Drys with 6. 19 yr. old bulkers in 2005.. Basically nothing.. GE is big success story.. In 10 yrsll he has made himself billions By not really lying about everything.. Just not telling the truth.. On earnings reports...He tells you, they are unaudited.. Last thing he tells you on ER.. laws protecting him if the BS he is feeding you.. Turns out not to be true..I have read back on lot of Drys past ERs' since they started..It's hard to believe.. People were gulllable enough to have bought into GE's BS!!! Now with same facts as 2012.. Whereby GE was taking it all.. Why are they now beginning to understand??

  • It seems all that depreciation they write off.. GE just pockets all that.. Sad part ,rigs are depreciating! Then look at the money his private Co. Cardiff charges for General and Admin expenses.. I figure that like $500M of other liabilities, not included in $4.8B debt.. Is owed to GE.. That he will take when money is there? Then GE can pay himself anything in bonuses, he wants to!! That would be in amortization expenses.. In mean time while GE has made himself billions.. Bought his own private Island and owns one of worlds biggest art collections.. All the billions Orig + Drys have generated from revenues and stk sales.. Have mysteriously vanished.. And GE has been able to borrow anoth $6B against Orig and Drys assets..

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