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    A heads up

    by seacapt7 May 23, 2016 11:19 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 4 hours ago Flag

    Swear, I ain't got a clue, as what they will really do? Would be no problem.. With big enough, R/S, to get stk price over $5.. But till they turn EGLE profitable?? Why would we pay, anything for it?? In last yr. SALT had 1/12 R/S.. Even traded for few days at $10. per shr.. Now trading for little over $3. per shr?? Now, what is this bunch, in charge of EGLE, made out of? It would be no problem, to drive stk over $1. per shr.. But there seems to be some rule, to continue trading on Nasdaq.. Got to have certain amount of stk, in hands of certain amount of stk holders.. If people, ain't buying at 50C? How can they accomplish that?? Count me in as 2 stk holders.. I own a little in 2 different accounts... But regardless!! They need to get stk prce over $1. per shr.. I figure R/S.. Just F'ng over stk holders? If they announce a R/S?? I'll sell those few shrs I own immediately..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 5 hours ago Flag

    Ignore this idiot!! Just one of kemmies I.D's.. Trying to confuse.. And telling you to buy.. Every thing he just posted is pure B.S. I have never worked, for no hedge fund! Or anybody involved with stk mkt..And just BS, about what he is saying about Orig and egle.. All kemmy is trying to do..Get you to Buy some of this worthless Drys..I figured out by 1st of 2012.. Geo. Economue, kemmy and crew.. Ain't nothing but lying SOBs, selling idiots this worthless POS.. Amuzing part!! They got idots to buy a bundle of it... 672M shrs.. If a newbee reading.. Drys just had reverse split.. 1/25.. As for the billions GE took from stk sales.. He wrote off, all that money, he F'ed stk buyers out of.. As impairment.. Check out last 3 earnings reports... Hey GE, kemmy and crew.. Impair this.. Middle finger, sticking straight up... BTW! Kemmy, how many more shrs of Drys, was GE able to slip to you today? Just be ready to buy all those 100M shrs. While trying to hold the price up. On the 27M shrs, you got caught with... Dumb az!

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 6 hours ago Flag

    Never looked at kex or nat.. Now going to.. I'll get back.. In mean time.. Past is past.. Egle owns 44 Supramax.. BTW! Rates for Supramax hanging in there, like a hair in a bisquet..Rates for capes + panys, dropping, again?

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    A heads up

    by seacapt7 May 23, 2016 11:19 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 7 hours ago Flag

    Just what would that accomplish? I think they done, done away with original plan.. Whereby they were going to have Big dilution, then R/S it?? Don't bet on that.. But, As they just updated Key statistics.. Now outstandings shrs 45M vs 38M.. I think they will keep shrs outstanding at 45M?? And if you check, who really owns Egle.. Institutional investors own 93.9%.. Insiders 2.1%.. Don't leave but 4%, that we own.. Reality, what difference does it make? As to how many shrs outstanding? It's time to quit playing games.. I think this bunch, will turn Egle profitable? On that note.. In past, shr holders lost all the money they invested in stk.. And when profitable.. Officers or whoever, took any earnings.. One way or other? Sad part! Eagle may be POS? But by far.. Pick of litter of all these drybulkers? Supras looking pretty good.. Capes and Panys looking like sheet..

  • I have compared them.. But at .50 a shr?? Egle owns 44 supramaxes.. And as Supras are leasing at $6K per day. And appears they can hold, that rate? They may be able to service their debt, and become profitable?? Compare that to Drys.. Drys owns 20 Panamax.. And they leasing for $4.8K per day.. And got like $270M debt.. And makes sense to me.. As supras only have carryng capacity of like 50K DWT, but do have their own cranes.. Wouldn't it cost less to operate them, than Panys, who have carrying capacity of 75K DWT.. And F those Capes!! They have carrying capacity of like 175K DWT.. And leasing for $6.3K per day...

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    by andygilbert_007 May 24, 2016 4:01 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 12 hours ago Flag

    You either an idiot or living in a dream world or a deceitful lier? Basically GE has took everything, Except 20 Panamax.. Check earnings report.. And for various reasons, no demand for Panamaxes.. The future for them so bleak.. Only about 10 being built in 2016 + 17.. Compared to over 500 Supramax.. Check Compass Maritime weekly...As for deal wth lenders.. Drys done missed 3 balloon payments.. And done told them, wouldn't be payng any of that other $260M debt? Why hasn't lenders took those 20 Panamax? What the F would they do with them? I think GE is trying to sell them, for them?? On earnngs report.. Wasn't there entry.. Like $89M worth of assets for sale? I think only reason, Drys is still trading.. GE got over 100M shrs.. He is trying to sell at these prices...And actually slipping that stk to hedge funds. as they manipulate it up and down.. All they going to end up wth.. Is more of that worthless stk, GE is slipping, up ther rectum... He has about 3 more mths, to play that game.. Before having to report outstanding shrs..
    He already about wiped out other stk. holders with that reverse split...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 13 hours ago Flag

    I just checked key statistics board....They have updated it.. Now showing there is 45M shrs outstanding?? Institutional investors own 93.9%..Insiders 2.1%.. Why wouldn't they scrap original plan of big dilution and then reverse splitting it?? If there is only 45M shrs outstanding??? Tht would only leave 4M shrs, held by others.. A mere $2M worth? Why wouldn't they just buy up all that stk? Or all they could for undr $1. per shr.. In the past..Seems all these drybulkers were just F'ng stk buyers, out of their money, selling stk. Now with Supras, leasing at decent prices.. Can Egle become profitable, with like $250M debt?? In watching BDI.. Seems Supras gong to be leasing for like $6K per day.. Now, Let's see what this bunch is made out of??

  • You just giving your money away.. First of 2011, I thought drys was a jewel.. By 1st of 2012, Realized, GE had everything set up.. Whereby, he was taking any porfits, money from stk sales and borrowing as much money as they would lend him.. And would tell you an untruth? First of 2011.. Drys was generating like $1B a yr. in revenues... And adding very lucrative DWR's.. Last qtr Drys actually generated either $8.4M or $11.8M..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 May 24, 2016 10:16 AM Flag

    Error on my parts! Drys didn't have but 10 tankers.. GE had already took 2 of them!!!

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 May 24, 2016 10:12 AM Flag

    What I can't figure out? Why hedge funds haven't sued?? GE sold hedge funds $333M worth of Drys stk, in the 4th qtr 2014.. On belief Orig results, effected Drys.. If they had went back and checked.. GE had told us they don't.. Yet on Drys earnings reports.. He kept indicating they do.. Maybe there is honor amoungst theives.. Those hedge funds probably sell worthless stk to idiots, every day.. When GE tricked them into buying that last $333M worth... Drys still supposedly owned 12 tankers, 70% of Orig stk, 13 Capes, like 24 Panamax and 2 Supramax.. Now all Drys owns.. Is 20 Panamax and that BS Nautilaus, that GE dumped on Drys, with all it's debt.. How do you write off? Fact you sold idiots 672M shrs of a worthless stk ($3B).. Very easy! Check last 3 earnings reports... GE just wrote all that money off as impairment charges... Why did they report good earnings for Orig, in 1st qtr?? Pure BS!! I'll tell you why.. GE personally owns over 100M shrs of Drys and over 100M shrs Orig.. He want's to sell!! I do believe GE must be a crack head? What does that say for people buying Drys + Orig stk???

  • At time.. trucks were getting payed $12. per hour... Paying driver $5. per hr.. Now you study how bad all the billions invested in drybulkers, really were..They ain't leasing for enough to pay crew.. Let alone service debt.. Did you know.. Drys General + Admin expenses for first qtr, were about as much as they generated in revenues.. I'm going to repeat!! GE, busted Drys, in yrs past.. Took the billions from stk sales, And any earnings.. And still trying to F you out of some more money? If he is selling that 100M+ shrs he owns...

  • They don't and dam well won't going forward.. As Geo took the last 40% of that Orig,for himself, that Drys supposedly owned.. As there, seems to be someone, always blowing smoke up our but!! Like idiot from Zacks.. Beat on revenues? What a friggin joke!! As GE don't want to be too big a lier, while robbing you blind.. He has basically told you Drys is worthless!! Can't pay debt.. Drys generated either $8.4M or $11.9 in revenues in 1st qtr? Wrote off another $41M, as impairment.. Your loss.. GE's gain.. And debt went up.. Now $270M. Drys actually lost $56M in 1st qtr About the only difference I see, in results for this qtr.. Revenues will be a little better.. But not enough to matter.. Drys will still report big losses! Here is mystry? Where are they going to come up with money, to keep covering those loses? They only had $5M cash or equivalent, going into this 2nd qtr.. One other thing.. GE may be selling those 100M shrs he owns.. If so, If Drys lasts thru 2nd qtr..Look for shrs outstanding to be lot more that 27M shrs. If you were Goe.. How much would you throw in to keep Drys afloat. On possibility, you could sell idiots, $200M stk??

  • They took billions from stk sales..And when bulkers were profitable. They took all the earnings! Egle has already wiped stk holders out one time.. Sent it thru bankruptcy.. Not that this is same bunch that BK'ed EGLE.. But now seems the lenders have it setup, any earnings will flow to them, should Egle, turn profitable Seems they own 90% of stk? Should Egle turn profitable? It won't be profitable enough to matter, to the ones who own that other 10%.. The lenders will be making a bundle, from loans.. Why should they take 90% of profits?? F UM! If they taking it all.. Let them have the other 10% of that stk... In what world, would the stk they are trying to sell? Be worth over 10C-15C per shr? Now should they wake up?? And share with stk holders (Buyers)..Rates for Supramax ain't that bad.. And Egle could become profitable.. But as of right now.. You are buying basically nothing!! Buying Egle stk!! And that is coming from some one who owns a little of it.. But very little.. I can see their thinking.. Dilute stk to like 380M shrs..Then have reverse split.. That would be great for them...If stk holds at .40C-60C, before R/S.. But the stk you buying now? For every 100 shrs. You buying right now could tun into 10 shrs.. Or less?

  • Exacta should be 3/5.. Should at least triple your money.. Should the #5 horse beat #3 Nyquist.. For serious money! That 5 horse finished 2nd in KD.. Not that I would bet any horse can beat Nyquiest.. But for serious money..I would bet #5 Places..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 May 20, 2016 1:29 PM Flag

    When you read how much Orig made buying, debt, back early? Let me tell you what's going on.. Before Orig's revenues dry up, completly.. Hell there backlog already down to like $2.5B and dam sure ain't getting any new leases.. Debtors taking what they can get.. I bet that's really psing off GE.. Them making him pay some of that debt.. I have a feeling, he intended to stick all that debt up their rectum, when he sends Orig into BK.. If Orig profitable now? What happened to profits in 2011, 12,13,14,+15.. When you could lease rigs for over $200M apiece per yr..Oh that's right..GE made himself billions Orig even payed a little divvy for like a yr.. That was a joke? He got lot of Drys stk sold, with that trick.. As Drys supposedly owned 70% of Orig stk... Most of that divvy, was GE moving money from his left pocket to his right pocket... Now I going to check and see if debt dropped last qtr... Or if everything Geo. tells you is pure BS!!!

  • How he has everything set up to tell the lies he does...And gets by with it? Is mystry to me?? In mean time.. He just took the last of that Orig stk, that Drys supposedly owned.. He has about 100M of this BS.. Before idiots figure out its worthless.. He wants to sell..And looks like idiots coming out of woodwork, today..

  • He has made, himself, billions.. Now has took all of Drys assets, except for 20 Panamax + Nautilaus... On good day.. May could sell lock stk and barrel for maybe $100M? What does that make Drys stk worth?? With $269.517M debt..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 May 20, 2016 12:12 PM Flag

    B a cold day in hell.. Before they scape a perfectly good,bulker less than 15 yrs old? Maybe even 20yrs old? Puts that much more pressure on drybulkers like DSX..If forced to sell some, or not able to take newbuilds? Those that are able to buy them, will be at big discount.. Will be competing for same business.. I think you overlooked one fact when stating DSX only lost $10M cash.. As debt went up.. I consider, that was also cash lost..

  • The problem.. Best I can figure out? They issued themselves over 300M shrs.. When they give EGLE access to $60M, on a loan?? EGLE still showing they only have like 38M shrs outstanding?? Now they don't know what to do with all that stk? Seems first plan? Big dilution. Then reverse split it? Is'nt looking feasible? But, as it seems they already owned 75% of those 38M shrs? They better figure out something? If you read that last filing.. Seems they scratching their head, as what to do? As of right now?? Are we buying this stk with 38M shrs outstanding or 380M shrs outstanding?? Sad part about all these drybulkers? All the billions they have lost.. Come from idiots buying their stk?? Duh!! I do own a little of EAGLE?? But if these idiots dilute it to 380M shrs.. It may not be worth10C per shr?? Jury out, right now, as what they are going to do?? Stay tuned..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 May 20, 2016 10:32 AM Flag

    You may not believe me.. But I don't mess with these drybulkers..With the exception of EGLE..I did buy few hundred shrs of it..They could become profitable? As all they own are Supramax, and rates for them, ain't that bad.. Now why don't you tell truth about how many more shrs GE stuck up your rectum, since April 1st? I figure he has 3 more mths now to stick the rest of that stk he owns up your rectum.. I know you ain't got sense enough to read earnings report.. But GE also owns like 100M shr of Orig, he would love to sell.. Seems he can charge Gen + Admin expenses to Orig or Drys.. If you check.. Drys wrote off about as much for G+A, as they generated in revenues.. Thusly lowering Orig G+A.. You can kept telling your lies.. You may even have ability to drive Drys up? But it ain't worth 1C per shrs..

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