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    otc already

    by lovelyqsi 1 hour 43 minutes ago
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 1 hour 27 minutes ago Flag

    I just clicked back to summary board.. And it sure shows, its now OTC stk??

  • But don get too excited.. Panys still down $4.5K from one yr. ago.. So they could very well be generating 1/2 of what they were a yr. ago.. And they were losing big time money then... So don't let anyone, tell you we have seen anything positive concerning these drybulkers.. Quit the contraire...In 1st qtr. All bulkers in Drys fleet averaged generating $13.5K per day.. And Drys lost $30M.. Now Capes at $9.6K per day..And those 28 Panamax, mostly on spot.. Are at $4.5K per day.. We should be getting earnings report in about 2 weeks... Money from stk dilution.. Shouldn't have much more impact, 2nd qtr, than 1st qtr.. Probably sold about same amount each qrt? Only positive impact. Could be that $15M dividend coming from Orig.. So look for loses in 2nd qtr. to be about same as 1st..I think Bulker loses will about, off set the $15M divvy... But the way Drys plays with figures.. You never know what they will report.. But they do warn you.. Figures unaudited.. And they choose to take safe harbor laws, protecting them for any lies, they tell you....

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    Subtle point (spot and charter rates)

    by warmcamp 15 hours ago
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 14 hours ago Flag

    Every point valid? Except gives sound ship owner, better bargaining position.. If I were leasing a bulker, to haul something to China.. Or Bum F Egypt.. I would be trying to lease at lowest price possible.. If you don't believe those 28 panama of Drys, can't get the job done.. That are leasing at spot as same results, you could get out of DSX's.. I think you are wrong.. If DSX can continue to lease their Panys for like $5K per day, more than Drys... Got to be more involved.. Than hauling cargo? Maybe, just pure friendship? I can imagine, people have come to have big dislike for GE and Drys.. But for $5K per day.. Wouldn't take me long to forget my dislike for GE.. Hell best looking #$%$ on earth.. Would have hell of time.. To get me to pay $5K per day, more than I could lease from someone else.. For $5K per day.. Hell you could get nice looking #$%$ for whole fleet..

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    bought 20k at 2.96

    by mystocks24 20 hours ago
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 15 hours ago Flag

    You are doing better than most that sit on this POS for 4 hrs.. Count your lucky stars.. Only down .02 per shr.. Now really show your genious.. Sit on it while GE is selling And it falls to $1. per shr.. Last thing you want to do is be buying as GE is selling additional shrs? Untill GE announces he has sold this last $200M worth of Drys stk. It takes a complete idiot, to be buying Drys, as stk is getting diluted more.. And as GE is selling at such a slow rate, to keep stk price from crashing.. Stk holders won't even realize he has sold idiots another $200M worth of Drys stk.. That $200M is coming in at pace.. May be covering every day loses? If so.. With BS divvy from Orig.. Who can figure out, what they will report for 2nd qtr.. So if results for 2nd qtr surprise to upside.. Look for GE to expand that $200M stk offering.. What a deal.. Sells $200M worth of stk.. And stk price holding up, with only $10M going out the door, for $200M.. In mean time.. When they report.. I dare anybody to explain, where that $15M in divvy went.. Or the $200M from stk sales went?

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 16 hours ago Flag

    In mean.. You got to hold that stk.. Anyday value could drop 12.5%.. Oh you could buy calls back, for less than you sold them for.. But small potatoes, Compared to what you will be losing, On any significant drop in stk price... If I like a stk, and think its going higher.. Last thing I would do is sell calls against it.. I live by my convictions.. If convinced its going higher.. I would be selling puts to anyone,willing to bet, its not going higher...In mean time.. If you got a hair on your arz.. Tell us JSP's What you may have made ringing register on those calls today. I know until you sell, undetermed, what you can get? But will bet, wouldn't be half what you lost on stk, you got to sit on, till buying those calls back... If you think the little money, us joe six packs have.. Making 12.5% on that money over 18Mts, means anything to us.. Think again.. Too boring.. And wouldn't amount to hill of beans... On the flip side.. If DSX is headed to$2. per shr.. Me and other JSPs. could make enough.. One day round up couple of hotties running around in those cut off bluejeans.. And carry them out to steak and lobster dinner.. Did I ever explain.. Best sex by humans, going on in trailer parks.. You live in your mansions.. Ain't no street walking hoes, going to knock on your door! They beat the hell out of my door, needing a few dollars.. And don't think they won't show their appreciation..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 17 hours ago Flag

    And joe, GE spun, last money he was borrowing on Orig.. Into decided due to favorable mkt conditions.. He would raise that money by different mean...Not that I know a bit more than you? But I believe all that is just some more of GE's BS.. I think attempt to get that money.. They decided, they were thru with his BS..And turned him down.. In mean time GE is trying to turn sows ear into silk purse!! Attempting to get money at more favorable rates.. I say BS! I don't think rubber has hit the road yetll But not far off? He may have already pulled all the money he can, out of Drys and Orig? But give the devil his dues.. After pulling out billions, thru his private Co. Cardiff. He sure don't want to leave nothing on the table.. Still got idiots buying worthless stk.. And borrowing as much as possible against.Drys and Orig assets...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 18 hours ago Flag

    As those 28 Panys of drys are now leasing at 1/2 what they were a yr ago.. Get back with us when rates for them go from what they are leasing for today $4.6K Back to what they were leasing for one yr ago. $9.2K per day.. Then us dummies will try to figure out if they go higher? Just how high they would have to go to be profitable.. Last yr drys was reporting serious loses at $9.2K per day.. In 1st qtr, all bulkers generated $13.5K per day in revenues... And Drys reported $30M in loses... Joe ignore idiots expecting you to rejoice, that rates should turn around any day? Rates could go up 10 fold.. And I still ain't sure Drys would be profitable? Drys started losing money, when rate for all bulkers dropped to about $30K.. per day... Up to you to figure out where they stand now.. I will shr this.. No way in hell can you really figure out where, they stand? Don't know what debt really is... As they been pledging shrs of Orig to Creditors.. to kick, debt payments and debt out till later dates.. What they report.. And truth.. Are entirely 2 different animals.. Learn to read warnings on anything they report... They choose to take safe harbor laws.. To protect them from lies they tell...

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    attention board

    by charliejdb 19 hours ago
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 19 hours ago Flag

    And take my word.. Not one will push you off, after deal has started..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 21 hours ago Flag

    Mike, I actually hope you hedge funds or whoever can drive these drybulkers higher.. If other joe six packs, Pay attention.. At some point in time..Will be great opertunity to turn our few bucks, Into a pocket full of bucks.. But I ain't low lifed enough, to help you drive them higher.. I want people to know the truth.. And anyone telling people there is one reason, drybulkers should be going higher.. Is a lying SOB, And will be a special place in hell, when they show up.

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 22 hours ago Flag

    JSP, Take what this idiot says, as grain of salt.. DSX was reporting loses yr ago, and every qtr since... If you check BDI.. Spot rates for Panys now 1/2 of what they were yr ago.. Yr. ago $9.2K per day.. Now $4.6K per day.. Eventually those rates, will catch up with DSX.. As DSX is already losing money.. Should they start leasing bulkers for $2K per day less than now.. That would be about $80K per day, more in loses they would be recording... Whether DSX in financial shape to handle those loses.. Up to you to figure out? Personally I am going to wait for figures in 8 days.. Before I try to figure it out... In mean time.. They got some Panys that should have already been returned? Maybe, they will get one of them re-leased... Will be very interesting.. To see how much less, they get re-leased at.. Vs what they were leased at??

  • Every year pumpers say how rates for bulkers going to make recovery.. Same thing in 2013.. Just wait for 2014.. If you chck BDI.. Rates for Panamax now at $4.6K per day.. Exactly 1/2 of $9.2K what they were one year ago in 2013.. And make no mistake.. Drys was losing a ton of money, in 2013... Now those 28 Panys, leasing for 1/2 as much... Why this stk ain't down to $1. per shr.. Is mystery to me? Not only, going to be losing lot more.. Year ago was trading at $2. And has had another big dilution of stk since then... Lot of idiots, somewhere...

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    What is going on here with NEWL?

    by tutino3 Jul 22, 2014 10:43 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 22, 2014 10:54 AM Flag

    Who can understand how its trading? I sure can't? Now going to sign into TDAmer. account.. And see if they are quoting bid and ask? But make no mistake.. I sure won't be buying any.. Or any other drybulker..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 22, 2014 10:40 AM Flag

    I am more concentrated on future earning, than what they are losing right now.. If DSX ever is forced to lease their bulkers.. At what spot rates are right now! They are already losing money.. So if rates for their bulkers, were to start generating $4K per bulker, per day less.. All that would be additional loses... That's why I keep telling everyone to keep an eye on bulkers getting returned.. What they get re-leased at.. Last 2 got re-leased at surprising rates? But were still below what they were leased for... Now as far as idiots on these drybulker brds. They have been on here telling everyone.. For yrs.. Just wait till next yr.. Since about 2008 rates for bulkers have fell from about $50K per day, to Now under $10K per day.. DSX + Drys biggest portion of fleet is made up of Panamax.. And they are leasing on spot, right now at .$4.6K.. BTW: That is exactly 1/2 of what they were leasing for 1 yr. ago.. As idiots, were telling us.. Just wait for 2014.... As far as valueing this Co or any other drybulker... You can bet value of bulkers, been getting hit hard.. And we know loses going to get worse.. And debt is sure going to keep going up, as they pay for those newbuilds.. That there is no demand for...

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    orig divi goes into interest expenses

    by mystocks24 Jul 21, 2014 5:41 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 22, 2014 9:42 AM Flag

    mystock, that would have been impossible.. Drys didn't generate that much in revenues... While they shouldn't.. They roll figures from Orig, in with Drys.. I figure just to confuse? If you want to know how much Drys payed in interest expense.. You have to subtract what Orig payed... If you read 2013, first qtr earnings report.. GE stated.. Drys pure shipping Co. Orig+Drys have been completely separated.. That earnings report is in Drys website, as press release..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 21, 2014 5:55 PM Flag

    Pip, after watching what happened with Newl.. Only ones with money in the game are crditors and Stk holders.. GE has creditors by the throwt..While taking all the money.. If they want to quit the flow of money from stk GE is selling/// GE has them by gonads.. They got to go along, with anything GE is doing, till things, get too bad.. In mean time for that little dividend.. Sure ain't enough to do Drys stk holders any good...On flip side! If GE and friends own most of stk in Orig. that drys don't own.. i'll bet they have drove the price of Pus......simons sky high... The one thing in life I can not condone, as broke as I am... SOBs driving up the price of pus.....simons... Us broke SOB's get #$%$ too!!

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 21, 2014 2:40 PM Flag

    I sure did say something to that extent!..But stated, I thought that would be one time dividend? As brilliant as I am.. Sometimes, miss the fact, biggest portion of that divvy flows to Drys.. To help pay for all their loses...On flip side, GE may own most of Orig, drys don't..If so?? Just another example of how GE is taking all the money.. Divvy, won't amount to wart on a frogs arz, with loses Drys is reporting... But if GE can keep Drys trading at these prices...Look for him to expand, stk offering.. I ain't got no money! But sure would love to sell $200M worth at $3. Cause I don't think its worth $1.? Only time will tell...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 21, 2014 2:03 PM Flag

    What a post to go back and pull up.. Trying to convince people I am crazy.. I will be first to admit, yall have me a looney tune, listening to BS yall post.. In mean time what has what IBM was doing back in Jan got to do with price of bulkers, now? And make no mistake, every day, I am playing with a chair and Chip..Now you really p'ed me off.. Going to turn that last chip into million.. Sorry JSPs.. I will no longer divuldge my trading..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jul 21, 2014 1:31 PM Flag

    In mean time, to tell you what a snake GE is... Drys should still own 100% of Orig.. But GE has been taking so much.. Like average of over 1/2 billion per yr.. He has sold so much, of Orig and pledged so much, against debt.. Drys ownership may be well under 50%?

  • Just a little info, planning strategy.. But no need to make a bet, yet.. They usually announce about 5 days before, earning will be announced...

  • Obviously idiots will pay over $10, for it.. I woudn't buy DSX at $2. per shr... Just looks like they are running a little behind others, that have already been wiped out??

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