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  • They always telling us all the stk they buying.. Telling you if they buying, so should you.. I hope you got more sense.. Hi for yr. is $17.75 and they just keep setting new lows.. Done traded as low as .65 today.. This stk ain't worth one red cent....

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    SPOT RATES for Supramax.. Now $6,101 per day...

    by jrmills0014 Jun 24, 2016 9:27 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jun 24, 2016 9:55 AM Flag

    Does it really matter. How many shrs outstanding? If EGLE is run like other drybulkers.. Stk holders, other than officers + lenders, never get any of earnings.. What is amuzing to me.. Those bulkers do depreciate.. And they justified writing off depreciation.. But its seems that is just tax free money, that disappears? What was amuzing.. EGLE had cut General + Admin expence to about $3M per qtr, trying to avoid BK.. Didn't do any good! They still went BK.. And lenders, stepped in and took over? Ray of hope! They have fired the ones who sent it into BK.. But are these lenders, going to turn out to be another bunch of thieves??

  • That is all Egle owns.. 44 Supramax.. Don't know if that is enough to turn Egle profitable.. But should be close Now just how many shrs are outstanding? I think there is like 380M shrs? But on key statistics board.. Last qtr, it showed like 37M shrs.. Now this qtr, it's showing 45M shrs????

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jun 23, 2016 8:44 PM Flag

    Crazy Part.. We don't know if Kemmy is a he or she!! All we really know that is one crazy SOB..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jun 23, 2016 8:30 PM Flag

    For the record!! One pound weed.. Is most likely another of our favorite little hoes, sign on.. Miss kemmy, She loves to F with me// I do love, hoes.. Hoe is insinuated I need mental health.. I'll tell you who needs mental health// That Hoe! Do you know mentally deranged women have some of best woose, you will ever run across..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jun 23, 2016 7:34 PM Flag

    I have been operated on for colon cancer.. Hell of a trip to go thru? Removed part of my large intestern.. I took radiation treatment after operation And then like 6 mths of kemo.. After 6 mths, Lucky SOB!! No signs of cancer! I figure doctors kill as many as they cure?? I was lucky one.. Eveybody can get depressed.. But no doctor is going to put me on medication for depression.. No way I would ever take any of BS, you talking about.. I can take an aspirin or 2 and feel fine... Sorry you and dad, need medication.. Other than cocktails, that sometimes do make me feel depressed. next mornings.. F. I can take one alka seltzer pill and one aspirin to get over that.. If I want to really feel good.. I'll take 2 aspirin... Not much words of wisdom.. But! How in hell all these doctors going to get rich.. If they tell you.. Nothing ever been invented better than shot of liquor, asprin and alka seltzer?? As far as medication.. That's all I take.. I should really be getting really healthy now.. Done had several cocktails..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jun 23, 2016 5:57 PM Flag

    Just back to remind you.. They will drive this stk to over $1. shortly.. As it seems stk mkt is big game.. If you can double your money.. Go for it.. Double your money.. I ain't got enough money, to matters.. This stk may actually, be worth $1. per shr? But as seem they hiding how many outstanding shrs.. When smoke clears? If 380M shrs.. It aint worth much.. But as they tricking us into believing only 45M shrs?? To sell those 380M shrs.. To keep it from getting delisted... They got to drive stk price over $1. I was born at night! But last night!!!

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jun 23, 2016 4:51 PM Flag

    I can't stand to listen to the duck.. But seems, wants to send people, back to where they come from? If he exports Mexicans, Muslems, Indians or whoever.. Can he ship all these blacks back to Africa? Something to be said for that!!! Going to hurt some feelings here! Lot of different people, have posted as Kemmy, over the yrs.. Trying to get you to buy, this worthless POS.. Few yrs back.. Was a gay black dude, posting as kemmy! I do have some very good black friends.. But they still black and I will always be a white #$%$..Don't bother me if my black friends, referr to me as a white N!! Actually find it sort of complementry.. But if you think, what happened in Orlanda, bothers me one ioda.. Well it don't.. I realize, they can't help.. If they gay.. But seems like now, they think they special and want to flaunt it!! Last time a gay hit on me.. I couldn't believe it.. Not in that bar! I went over and told owner, if that SOB said another word to me.. I was going to try to knock his head off.. Nice little bar! But seems like owner, was girlfriend of previous president of Hells Angles, before he pulled prison time.. And give that life up.. He may have give her money to buy that bar.. He was standing there.. Oh he knew me, lot better than I knew him.. I'd whipped him and anybody else back then, that would get on pool table.. I was actually more famous than him.. Which I didn't realize at the time? But truth always comes out.. But won't long,, They were stuffing, our gay friend into taxi and getting him away from there!! Yea! layed off booze for about a mth.. Won't enjoying it.. Yea!! Done had me a few cocktails and talking sheet.. When you think of GE, the Duck or kemmy.. They made out of same thing as white stuff, in Chicken sheet.. If you don't know what that white stuff is.. Oh make no mistake.. It's chicken sheet!

  • Well he's took all the money and left Drys and Orig way past broke.. This qtr.. Those Panys will generate less than $10M in revenues.. And lose at least another $10M to $20M.. How is GE going to make that happen? as Drys started qtr with $5.7M.. Not my concern.. Did you know Drys should still own ORIG? GE has took it all.. At one time Drys supposedly owned 100% of Orig.. Not that they needed to... But GE sold 22% of it for $500M.. Did that money go to Drys.. Hell no!!! Mind you, Drys still supposedly owned 70% of Orig.. So any money they had.. 70% should have belonged to Drys... How GE stole 30% of that stk.. Orig lent Drys $200M? At time Orig stk was still selling for about $7. per shr.. For Drys to pay off that $200M.. GE took 30% of that Orig stk, that Drys, supposedly owned.. Now you want to know how he stole last 40%.. He lent Drys like $50M.. Come out of his left pocket and into his right.. And took that last 40%.. With revenues Orig been generating.. Orig should be debt free or close to it.. Guess what.. Not only have all of Orig's revenues and earnings disappeared, Along with over billion from stk sales... That slick SOB, has borrowed over $4B against, their assets.. Him and Donald Trump, must have went to same school.. I don't know which of them has BK'ed the most Cos, and people?? And ending up on other side.. Grinning like a possum, and rich as hell... You got one consolation.. They should both burn in hell!!! BTW: I sure don't like idea, Bill layed up in whitehouse for another 4 yrs.. Sure wish ole tricky #$%$ was still around.. I for one, liked Nixon.. Big deal, doing a little spying on opposition..
    sping on playing

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    george vs elon

    by utahmick Jun 22, 2016 5:25 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jun 23, 2016 8:15 AM Flag

    Are these drybulkers + Orig is extension of Drys, really like.. What they call carny games in casinos? Where player doesn't have a chance of winning? I asked someone.. How could casinos get by with dealing.. And wouldn't let anyone cut the cards? He told me.. Gaming commish. let them run a few games like that.. If you never played a lot of Texas Holdum.. You can't appreciate this... I've been delt hands.. No way dealer should have beat!! 2 hands inparticullair I remember.. I had 9s full.. Three 9s +two 4s.. None of community cards higher than 9.. Dealer had the other 2 4s... One time had 3 queens.. No pair in community cards... And all small.. Dealer had 3 + 5.. Made that SOB a small straight.. Bottom, line.. They stacking deck!!

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    george vs elon

    by utahmick Jun 22, 2016 5:25 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jun 23, 2016 7:38 AM Flag

    If you been following Drys... I figure they had like $3B, they couldn't explain where it went? In last 3 ER's.. GE solved that problem.. He just wrote it off as impairment.. What a joke.. Waite till he starts writing off impairment for Orig.. Oh hell no, didn't write off any impairment last, qtr for Orig.. Waite till he gets that stk sold.. Be very leary!! Of any stk.. First thing they tell you on ER.. It's unaudited.. Last thing they tell you.. Laws protecting them.. If they did tell you an untruth..

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    george vs elon

    by utahmick Jun 22, 2016 5:25 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jun 23, 2016 7:13 AM Flag

    BS!! They worked over last ER.. And showed Orig had good earning.. What difference does it make to Geo.. He takes any earning, one way or other, regardless.. If Orig earnings were that good.. They should have been lot better in the past.. Did you know Orig has about $2B of their backlog left? As they may never get another contract signed? There is no need to drill in deep water.. They have $2B coming in.. It will take most of that to keep existing rigs, operating.. What they going to do about that $4B debt? And they on the hook for about another $2B.. For those 3 newbuid rigs.. Why did they make last ER, look good?? GE just F'ed Drys out of the last 40% of Orig stk, that Drys supposedly owned.. It hadn't been long before he took another 30%.. Now he wants to sell that stk, before letting cat out of the bag.. Just how worthless Orig stk really is.. After he had sold all the Drys stk he could.. And borrowed all he could against their assets.. Last qtr, he really let cat out of the bag... He has left Drys with 20 Panamax, worth at best $100M.. And like $270M debt... Which he has already admitted, will never get paid.. When rubber hits the road.. He is going to leave Orig, in lot worse shape than Drys... He is going to stick about $6B up someones rectum? Mind you he walks with all earnings and money from stk sales, and how much of that $4B did he take?

  • What is EGLEt worth now? They done sent it thru BK and wiped previos stk holders out.. They own like 44 supramax.. Believe it or not.. Rates for Supras ain't bad.. EGLE, may have already turned into earning a profit.. No way in hell any of these other drybulkers will ever turn profitable.. If you think I am pumping EGLE.. #$%$.. I know EGLE is worth like .,23 a shr? But to keep it listed.. Lenders and officers own 95%.. They will drive price up to over $1. per shr.. Put that in your pipe and smoke on it....

  • To keep it from getting delisted..This stk ain't worth over .23.. Don't matter.. Take very little effort to drive it over a dollar, to keep it from getting delisted.. If I owned 95% and had over 300M shrs I wanted to sell.. No way in hell. This stk would get delisted,, I'll bet they will drive it over $1. to keep it from getting delisted... Stk ain't really worth much.. What the F has that got to do with anything.. If need be.. If I owned 95%.. Very little money to buy the other 5%..Or enough, to get stk price over $1.? I believe right now.. You can more than double your money on EGLE stk, in next few mths.. Then will depend on what Supamaxs leasing for.. At price they leasing at, now.. $5800. per day.. EGLE just treading water! Dam sure ain't making any money for stk holders.. Oh lenders and officers doing fine.. F those greedy $%^&*!!! When they going to realize.. If we buy stk.. We ain't just buying it to support their crazy azs.. We would like to see a return on our investment.. If you go thru all these drybulkers.. Most of them went public in like 2005.. Joe Six Pack has invested well over $10B in the ones I follow.. And lot more in ones I don't follow.. Now all those billions have disappeared,, Poor ole Joe, sitting here, with nothing.. The SOB's hustling these stks, Fat and happy...

  • What a F,ing.. GE sold over $4B of Drys and Orig stk.. Took all that money and any profits.. And has left Drys with assets, worth less than $100M.. And $270M debt.. As for Orig.. They should have been very profitable for last few yrs.. Where the hell did all those profits go? You don't really want to know what Orig is worth They may never be able to lease another of their rig? But if existing contracts, don't get cancelled.. Orig has another $2B that will come in But debt is already over $4B? Why did Orig order those 3 newbuild rig, that there is no demand for? Well actually, seems GE privately owned CO. handles everything.. They ordered those rigs.. And get like 30% commission, of like $600M everytime they order a new rig.. That explaines where lot of money went.. But GE made lot more than that. Where does money go, they write off for depreciation? GE don't tell you what he gets in salary + bonuses.. Hides it in amortization.. Have you ever checked what that SOB charges for General + Admin exspenses. Rediculaus? As bad a shape as Drys in.. Last qtr.. That SOB, charged Drys with about as much for G+A expense as they generated in revenue? Where is money coming from to pay crews on bulkers, feed them and buy fuel? Well as they done turned off lights?? You figure out the rest.. But if you study it. Seems GE figured out how to turn. What should have been stk holders money, into his. Stk holders been wiped out of billions.. Geo is richer than 40' up bulls az. Privatly Owns: Big shipping empire, Yatchs, his own private island and one of worlds biggest art collection.. Bottom line: He invested stk holders money wisely, for himself... This SOB, is lot more crooked, than Bernie Maddof, ever dreamed of being.. Reality: GE should be more famous than Bernie! He has tricked stk holders out of billions,, And as he incorporated thru, Cyprus.. Seems he can keep the billions he tricked people out of.. Bernie got stripped of everything.. And spending rest of his life in Butner.

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jun 22, 2016 9:33 AM Flag

    Biggest joke of all.. Geo Economue sold 672M shrs of Drys, for like $3B.. Reality GEo. didn't actually own any of Drys.. But don't tell Geo. that.. He continued to do what he dam well pleased.. Buying and selling their assets.. Geo. was able to wipe out (take) over $4B of Drys and then Orig's money.. Actually may have took more than that? Drys with basically no assets left.. Still have like $270M debt.. And Orig, with $2B in backlog left, before they won't have any revenue coming in.. Have over $4B debt..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jun 22, 2016 8:48 AM Flag

    Sure they would like to keep it listed? If any chance they can sell those 380M shrs!! What the F.. They can just take any earnings.. Money from stk sales, just free money..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Jun 22, 2016 8:37 AM Flag

    BTW: I have never really studied NM.. But been following Drys since 2011.. As for 3rd party.. Seems Geo. Economue ,, Drys CEO, is their 3rd party.. And everything is handled by his privately owned Co.. GE has made billions of Drys..Most come from selling $3B worth of their stk.. When Drys was profitable. He took all earnings.. Now he has wiped out most of that stk with R/S.. As Drys sits right now.. They got 27M shrs outstanding.. It's selling for .83... Supposidly own 20 Panamax.. Worth maybe $100M? And debt of like $270M... You can study any of these drybulkers.. Reality: They all in about same shape.. More debt, than assets worth.. EGLE may be exception? They own 44 Supramax.. They may actually be worth, what EGLE's debt is? But be leary.. They have issued lenders like 380M shrs.. They seem to want to keep hidden?.. How is this for a joke.. They saying shrs, outstanding is 45M shrs... As nobody buying that BS.. It's trading for .50.. But hold on.. As lenders + officers, own like 95%.. To keep it from getting delisted.. Wouldn't take much, for them to drive that stk back over $1. per shr, to keep it from getting delisted... But as rates for Supramax are decent? Do they really care to keep EGLE listed?

  • As they have lost $1.24 per shr, The last Twelve mths. If they done a 1 for 5 RS.. Loss per shr would be $4.96.. And for every 5 shrs you now own.. You would own one shr... What would a shr of NM be worth, losing that much per shr? Not much!! You can dream, things going to get better.. That's BS.. NM has $1,640,000,000.00 debt.. ($1.64B).. And that debt is going to get worse, if they can borrow money for those newbuilds.. If they have to cancel them.. They will have to pay cancellation cost and lose all money already paid to builders.. Why did these idiots keep ordering bulkers, after very apparent no demand for them.. Seems all these drybulkers have a third party, who really run things??They charge Co. like 30% commission, when ordering a newbuild.. And they take their money, regardless... If you own common stk.. You really own nothing.. They have sold any equity to preferred stk holders.. The ones who own that preferred and the ones they owe that $1.64B.. Really own everything... Drys recently had a 1/25 RS.. Oh stk price held up for 3 mths. It took Drys 3 mth for stk to fall back under $1. per shr. When Newl started It R/Sing their stk.. Tey shouldn't of had but few thousand shrs outstanding.. But were trading upward of 100M shrs some days...Seems they had borrowed $25M from a lender.. And lender made them give them right to issue all the stk they wanted to.. As Co. R/S.. Lender was selling tons of stk into the mkt.. When Newl finally got delisted and went OTC.. At one time, they had several billion shrs outstanding.. It was selling for like .0001 cent.. My best advice on any of these drybulkers.. If you own any of them Take what you can and run like hell... They are a joke..

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