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  • On that note.. Expect oil to continue to fall.. In the mean time.. Seems U.S. is producing more oil than they use.. What are they going to do with surplus..As of right now.. Seems U.S. has a ban on exporting oil.. Also heard in last couple of weeks.. If U.S. were to lift the ban.. It would really hurt OPEC? I say F UM! I hope oil does drop to $50. Which most likely would BK Orig.. And as lot of Drys debt is backed by Orig stk.. It would most likely BK Drys.. But unless oil Cos.. Start cancelling some of those contracts with Orig.. They should be fine for awhile? The big question now.. At what price would oil Cos, decide not to drill in deep water? And pay cancellation costs on drilling contracts... If that ever happens? Orig has got like $4.5B debt.. And got 4 newbuild rigs, being built at a cost of upward of like $800M apiece... Sort of makes Drys look like childs play...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 16 hours ago Flag

    Thanks junior.. We will know just how much he paid, this time, for that painting or sumptin was? When he pays off that $700M debt? Debt was $1.6B..In 2014 he has sold $423M of Drys stk, Pledged big portion of that Oig stk to lenders, for $200M loan.. And borrowing anouther $120M from Orig..And has got about $60M in dividends from Orig.. Now if debt only goes down to $1B.. You figure out what GE had to spend, on his art collection..

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    They blew the doors off of earnings forcast..

    by jrmills0014 Nov 25, 2014 4:46 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 16 hours ago Flag

    jett, just reread you post..realize you said write-on not right-off.. So ignore, where I stated write-off..But as you state it was paper gain only..Did it really have anything to do with earnings? If they had added $40M to earnings results,with 82M shrs.. It would have added about .48 a shr?? Your thinking, would have been .14 a shr.. So I am going to assume, that $40M, didn't effect earnings? And don't take my word for nothing.. I sure don't know..Just trying to figure out what is real or unreal, concerning these drybulkers...

  • They come thru 3rd qtr unscathed.. Were projected to lose .07.. Instead earned .08.. and even bought back $10M worth of their stk..That tells me they are in good shape financially.. While their stk is trading at about $8. and Drys at $1.45.. Drys has 663M shrs outstanding.. DSX has 82M..When smoke clears on that $700M drys has to pay off..I think Drys debt will still be at least $1B and maybe as high as $1.3B..DSX has debt of $374M and $200M cash..While DSX just bought back $10M of their stk.. Drys just sold 250M shrs for $333M.. If you believe Drys earned money in 3rd qtr.. Don't!! They rolled in Orig's earnings with Drys.. Remove that $104M and you will realize Drys lost $87M in 3rd qtr.. Orig's earnings, don't have one thing to do with Drys earnings any more...They have been completely seperated..

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    They blew the doors off of earnings forcast..

    by jrmills0014 Nov 25, 2014 4:46 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 19 hours ago Flag

    Maybe I am crazy? Seems to me.. If they wrote off $40M.. It would be a lose vs a gain to earnings? I believe earning are for real.. As they bought back $10M worth of stk..That tells me.. DSX got thru 3rd qtr, in good shape? And that 3rd qtr, was a rough one.. Now seems rates for bulkers have firmed up.. And as fuel cost, have probably dropped by 25% from 3rd qtr.. DSX is looking good, to me??? Can U imagine.. Pulling up to pump.. In one of those tankers and say fill her up! I have absolutely come to conclusion DSX, is pick of the litter, in all these Drybulkers? SALT was always a joke.. Drys lies about their earnings..As they roll in Orig earnings with Drys.. Orig's earnings don't have one thing to do with Drys earnings, any longer.. Yet Drys reported earnings for 3rd qtr..Remove the earning they rolled in from Orig.. And they lost $87M..While Ship, is still trading.. I think they been out of business, since July 31st.. And when those lenders who ended up owning 99.5% of EGLE, start getting their money back? Oh and when comparing Drys at $1.50 and DSX at $7.75.. Realize.. Drys has 663M shrs outstanding.. They just sold another 250M shrs..And DSX has 82M shrs.....

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    BDI down a ton....Down 74

    by londonwhale1 21 hours ago
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 20 hours ago Flag

    I don't think so? Rates for those Capes had been holding up pretty good.. As rates for Panys had fell from $10K per day to $8.5K.. Looks more like in this case.. Capes adjusting to Pany rates.. Boatman is right.. As far as Capes dropping $3K have very little effect on Drys..Only time rates for Capes important to Drys.. When they got one available to lease.. Spot rates for panys always important..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 21 hours ago Flag

    real audio, is no more.. got clown posting as audio... But if you go to profile board and click onto drys website..Then click onto Daily Market Report.. That is BDI report.. It has a chart that shows you what bulkers have done for years...I know ln 2014, They started dropping like a rock, 1st of Jan..But that was off 2 big spike ups in 4th qtr 2013.. Cute part.. Geo E, reinstated ATM on Dec 31st when rates were up,.. And stated, he expected rates to stay strong.. I think GE knew dam well how bad rates were going to fall.. And in process got $90M worth of Drys stk sold in 1st qtr. At $4.14 a shr. He had $200M worth of stk slated to be sold.. Only got $123M worth sold.. I think Evercore come to realization what a POS Drys really is... And GE is falsifying Drys results, with Orig's.. And refused to sell any more of Drys for GE? In fact, I think when the ones who just paid him $333M for 250M shrs.. When they realize Drys no longer owns Orig.. May, sue the hell out of GE.. Does GE care? Hell no, Won't cost him a thing.. Its just stk holder money..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Nov 25, 2014 6:19 PM Flag

    In a day and a half? I just want to know how big a lie you will tell? Do you realize how stupid you sound?

  • Oh yea.. They would have to pay Drys cancellation fees.. The big question? What price would oil have to drop to? That it would make more sense for Oil Cos. to pay cancellation fees, vs spending over $200M per yr, to lease rigs? A couple of yrs, ago.. There was some small contract, that cancelled.. And cancellation chrges, wern't that much.. I wonder what cancellation fees would be on a billion dollar contract? Hey I don't know what oil prices are going to do... But sure looks like its going lower?

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Nov 25, 2014 5:21 PM Flag

    Next time you make 43% on anything in a day and a half.. Get back with us.. In mean time, I don't think you know your arz, from hole in the ground... And sure know you don't know anything about options.. Trading them are lot different than trading stks.. You have a fee for each option bought and then sold.. Why don't you give us a scenerio.. You could make $216. off $500. worth of Drys options, in a day and a half.. It's absolutly impossible..

  • They were projected to lose .07.. And earned .08.. .15 beat, should have this stk going up?

  • At one time in 3rd qtr.. Spot rates for Panamax dropped to $3.3K per day.. In checking what they got panys leased for.. Very little effect.. As I was expecting them to lose more than last qtr.. Was very impressed they come in with .08 a shr, profitsll And you don't buyback stk, if hurting financially? And it seems? Lower oil prices, should be good for shipping? This may actually be a buy??

  • I had $502. IBM run up to like $163.87 yesterday.. I bought 2 Dec 5, $165. puts at $2.40... It closed at $162.15 yesterday..Put them in to sell this morning, @ $3.60..They have sold.. Turned $502. into $718. in day and a half.. Now just down $999,278. since 07..

  • If you read that $200M loan from ABN,Drys cleared the way to pledge all that Orig stk they own to lenders.. And they still haven't divulged, How much has already been pledged.. They state Drys and pledgees own 78.3m shrs..Of that,they are pledging 44M get that $200M.. Don't tell us how much has already been pledged. But do tell you if those 44M shrs value drops below $600M.. They are obligated to pledge more.. If oil Cos. were to cancel a couple of those contracts, and pay cancellation cost on couple of those rigs.. I think it would force, Orig and Drys to seek BK protection? Then again.. Maybe GE can just keep selling $423M worth of Drys stk every year, indefinatly? Hell why will people be smarter.. Next yr than this yr? BTW: Oil dropped to $74.08 today.. And they are talking about.. It could drop lots more? At what price would it make sense. For Oil Cos. to pay cancellation cost on rigs, vs paying over $200M a yr, to lease them and drill in deep water?

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Nov 25, 2014 10:42 AM Flag

    I can understand someone selling 20K of ship this morning.. But who would buy it? We haven't heard a word out of them since.. July 31st... Someone should inform Nasdaq, this is no longer a viable Co?

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Nov 25, 2014 9:23 AM Flag

    You must be some kind of financial genious..That you are making 12.7% on a stk that has fell from like $200. to $160, while rest of mkt has been going up.. I really thought if we ever saw IBM at $160.. It would be a screaming buy.. But I was convinced with stk buyback.. They would be earning $20. per shr. by 2015..They are sure going to come up, way short of that goal..Now on a mkt correction.. Is it possible IBM could drop to $140. or on big down turn.. How low could it drop?

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    DSX to report tomorrow morning..

    by jrmills0014 Nov 24, 2014 5:11 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Nov 25, 2014 8:46 AM Flag

    Actually very surprized.. They earned .08 per shr... In glancing over results.. Seemed their ownership in container ships.. Done pretty good?

  • They will report about same loss, as last qtr..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Nov 24, 2014 4:56 PM Flag

    If IBM, really "EARNS" what they report? Where does the money go? A yr. or so ago.. Debt was like $30B.. Now over $45B.. OK, they been buying back couple of billion worth of stk, every yr. And pay out $4B a yr. in dividends.. Seems that leaves about $10B per yr..They reports as earnings.. That is smoke and mirrows? They should cut off divvy and stop stk buyback, untill they get debt payed down...Stk holders getting hurt lots worse, with low stk price.. Than getting a divvy every qtr.. And why buyback stk, with borrowed money... All that would look lot different, if revenues and earnings were going up.. But they ain't!!!! It's time for new game plan...

  • If you doubt that check Analyst Estimate Board...

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