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  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 18, 2014 12:34 PM Flag

    And joe, let me explain something about percentages.. Spot Rates for those Capes had fallen from like $38K at first of year.. To as low as like $9K per day, since.. They been bouncing for few mths now.. From like $10K - $15K.. But strange thing, using percentages.. If you buy a stk, for $10.. If it goes up 10% to $11. Then drops 10%, from $11.. You lose money. Same thing.. If it drops 10% to $9. and then goes up 10%.. Either scenario, you lose, the same amount?? Bottom line.. If rates for Capes dropped 75% and have gone up 50% from low.. Still very negative!! Hell if they rebound 100% off their low.. It would put them at $18k-$20k per day.. Still down about 50% for year.. And if you check 2013 YE results for Drys.. They tell you Drys lost $223M in 2013..If you check 2012 Y.E results.. Drys lost $246.8M.. And let me tell you this.. So far in 2014. rates for bulkers, averaging lot less than any year in history? Joe just have some dry powder, when they report 3rd qtr results.. But then again. GE could very easily falsify results.. As he done in 2nd qtr... No way in hell.. Should he have removed $69M of Drys loses, with what Orig, reportd. As he told everybody. In one little sentence. In 2013, 1st qtr ER. That Orig + Drys, assets and financials completetly separated.. On Drys ER's he "indicates" The Co is Drys? In court.. If it got to that point.. He could say, with all Cardiff's shipping interest.. People should realize, ""The Co."" is Cardiff.. And results reported..Are where results for Drys + Orig are lumped together.. Bottom line, he didn't need to tell you but once.. Drys and Orig.. Have been completely separated... Now you figure out if anything GE reports, is exactly true? While making, himself billions in last several yrs.. In mean time read warning on earnings reports..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 18, 2014 10:23 AM Flag

    Anybody stupid enough to believe that BS.. Deserves to lose their money... This is "one" word of truth in that BS.. Rates for Capes have went up in last week.. But you forgot to tell them, they were down about 75% from first of year.. And those 2 Capes you are alluding to, that leases expire in Aug.. Are now leased at $26K per day.. And spot rates for Capes, now at $16K per day! And as far as rates going higher.. We been hearing that BS for over 5 yrs... Since Drys had all their bulkers leased at like $48K per day.. And were actually earning money.. Now with spot for Capes at $16K per day.. And spot for Panamax at $6.3K.. Drys and DSX got rough row to hoe! As Drys has 28 Panys. And DSX has 20...

  • They are higher than they been for mths.. But a year ago, when they were at $7.3K. Seemed people, realized how bad rates were then.. Drys was selling at about $2. per shr... Now they are leasing for $6.3K. And stk is at $3.20? And the fact rates fell as low as $3.3K per day in last couple of mths, and have now come back some. Don't think that ain't going to reflect in 3rd qtr.. Capes have come back, and are now little above year ago.. That don't have big impact of Drys.. They keep Capes leased at fixed rates... All I can tell you.. Drys has all their past earnings reports in their website.. Check back and see what all their bulkers were leasing for (TCE). The last time Drys, didn't report loses... All their bulkers were leasing for like $30K per day.. All these other Drybulkers, didn't file for chtr 11 and wipe out stk holdrs for no reason... Last one. EGLE...

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    BDI up 7.7% to 1015

    by audiophul Aug 15, 2014 9:17 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 15, 2014 9:54 AM Flag

    I just checked Drys website. And they hadn't updated BDI at 9:47 EST.. Where did you get your figures? Or is that just some more of BS, you, kemmy, and your other I.D's post...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 15, 2014 9:45 AM Flag

    If you think OPEC, is concerned with anything other than how much money they need to keep their counties running.. I think you are wrong.. Its been a while.. Yr. maybe 2.. I read something to effect.. Saudi, needed oil to stay at about $80. to substain their budget... In mean time.. Saudi, when needed, has ability to cut back on production.. But can other members of OPEC handle drop in price, or either consider cut in production? If, one of them started selling more oil? At which point, it would be hurting, oil prices.. OPEC has got smarter over the yrs.. Maybe regardless, they will stick to their quotas? In mean time, I don't think, what oil needs to drop to, to effect Russia economy, will have any effect on oil prices.. OPEC, ain't going to cut their nose off to spite their face.. I think Saudi, is sitting on a sea of oil.. That don't take much more than sticking a straw into ground to access?

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 14, 2014 4:45 PM Flag

    But just how low can oil really drop? Oil Cos. going to do everything they can to keep them up! Your Govment going to do what they can, to keep all those taxes rolling in... Then Saudi, with all the oil. Subsidizes everything for their uneducated.. They got to keep oil money coming in... Or they won't be able to continue, using gold s... pots...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 14, 2014 4:18 PM Flag

    Not that anybody pays attention.. But oil is now down to $95.33 per brl...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 14, 2014 4:06 PM Flag

    Well its not trading at $1.50 now.. My assessment: Just a gamble, by ones putting up $1.1M to keep a worthless Drybulker, listed on Nasdaq.. BTW: Only thing new going on is that upwards of like 2M shrs, they got for for $1.1Mpromise 4 capes, to start over with.. That they are already sell at profit of like 50%.. In mean time.. Those 4 Capes, ain't newbuilds.. They are 7.5yrs old.. With what capes are leasing at.. I imagine $1.1M value is boarderline as to value of those 4 capes? Now if Capes could get back to above breakeven rates.. Ship could be off to the races.. Lot of idiots, will sure buy these worthless Drybulkers... And lenders will lend money, if you can convince them, they will be profitable... In mean time.. They ain't got no leases signed for them.. And until, those Capes are sure to be delivered? Will everything fall apart.. In mean time.. Can't blame, a bunch of jacklegs, for trying... Hell if that bunch out of Monaco(SALT), can come up with money to buy $3B of newbuild bulkers.. This is sort of comical...

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    Tramp freighters can make a ton of money

    by hansundfran Aug 14, 2014 2:05 PM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 14, 2014 2:54 PM Flag

    Your post is feasible? But everybody don't have free labor as your uncle did.. With what Capes, Panys, Supras are leasing at, now.. I don't think not one Drybulker, can operate at a profit? Now what are lenders, on the hook for billions going to do.. Hey with little DD, you know what they done, done with EGLE, Free, Newl + and few others.. They take over, and try to sell new stk, to new bunch of idiots, like audio and crew...

  • Over the years. CREE just fluctuates up and down.. If you knew? What officers did, ahead of time. You could get rich just like them... Check out insider transactions board.. Officers have rung the register pretty big in last yr.. Now may beneficial to them, to let it drop big time.. If so.. Why not let it drop back to $12. once again..

  • I just glanced over it.. But ole chucky and few other officers, done rung the register, big time in last yr.. And as it hasn't been updated since May.. Going to be interesting to see how many more shrs they sold since May till now? Like I said, I just glanced over it.. But one thing did pop out.. While Chucky was selling shrs.. Got another 50,000 shrs, at cost of 0.. Hell that's like hitting the lottery.. Of course I guess that is BS money to Swaboda, Who either knows, or have people who know how to make little biddy light bulbs.. Anybody kept up with that big headed Niel Hunter, who turned the Co. over to Chuck, after he had got filthy rich?

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 14, 2014 1:47 PM Flag

    If you had got caught holding a bunch of it as he obviously did? What would you be trying to convince people to do?

  • Seems, around 2005.. They figured out where big money was.. Selling stk to idiots.. That think they actually own something..Then borrowing as much against assets as possible.. In mean time money from stk sales and lot from loans, going to them, China had big expansion for couple of yrs.. Created big imbalance.. At one time rates for bulkers jumped to $100K per day.. Now check what they are leasing for... When rates were up.. They sold billions and billions of dollars of stk.. And borrowed billions and billion, against asset.. And just recently, quit ordering, lots of newbuild bulkers.. With exception of idiots in Monaco (Salt).. I guess, if greeks can make billions. Why not them? In mean time.. Drybulkers built a glut of Bulkers, that have a life of like 20 yrs.. And ain't leasing for enough to cover operating cost. Let alone all that debt.. Now for all practical purposes.. Lenders own everything.. And not one drybulker generating profits.. Just racking up more loses, qtr after qtr...Eventually I think every drybulker will end up, just like EGLE.. Lenders, take all assets, and try to figure out how to make money of them? When BK is finalized.. Existing stk holder will be basically wiped out.. Then they will reissue new stk, to bunch of new idiots... Now my assessment Of Geo. Economue.. And mind you.. Lot of transactions.. You got to determine, just exactly what did go on, with facts shared! He don't exactly lie.. But I think, about anything he says is so far from truth.. It's just like lying.. In the mean time that sleezy, slimmy, SOB, crawls on his belly reptile.. In mean time in last 10 yrs.. Has made himself, off Drys and Orig.. Hell Drys no longer owns Orig... But reality.. Hasn't GE really always owned Drys and Orig? He is one nervy SOB.. In 1st qtr. He just come out and said.. Drys no longer owns Orig.. But as usual, didn't state it like that.. You got to figure out who owns ORIG?

  • If you check.. That backlog, that GE points out, constantly.. In last year, has already dropped about $1B.. And in that backlog.. They have a contract that's supposed to start in 3rd qtr, 2015 for $1.2B... That contract was added to backlog over a yr. ago.. But read what they say.. That contract still ain't been finalized? Unless it has been done since last ER.. And those oil Cos. ain't beating Orig's doors down, to lease rigs coming available, in next yr. or so.. And oil prices.. They do be dropping right now.. But reality, since Drys and Orig assets + financils have been completely separated.. All Orig means to Drys anymore.. Is price of that Orig stk, Drys still owns.. And of course, any divvy, Orig declares helps... If oil prices drops much more.. I think Orig will be in as bad a shape as Drys, within next yr? May not be able to lease rigs at breakeven rates.. And then got all that debt.. If you think that stopped GE from ordering 2 more rigs lately at a cost of like $675M apiece.. Where will money come from.. To pay builders to continue building them?? You don't want to know what I really think of GE.. He keeps, ..it stirred up.. As long as money flowing.. He ends up with his shr.. If its your money, he ends up with.. Shame on you! You are just ones of many, who contributed to make him multi billionare...

  • And rates for bulker most important to Drys (Panamax) are now leasing for $1500. per day less than a yr. ago.. And in last year GE, diluted the stk by another 33M SHRS... If Jusus Christ told me Drys was going to $10.. I still wouldn't buy any of it.. I rather burn my money.. Than think Geo. E. ever got one more penny of it.. Hey rates for bulkers have went up 6 days in row.. Don't impress me.. Still way below break even rates.. And those 2 big spike ups from Sept to Dec. in 2013.. Fell just as fast as they went up... Since Dec 31st.. Rates for Panamax dropped from $38K per day, steady down to $3.3K per day.. Now back up to like $5.8K per day.. As we are half way thru 3rd qtr.. In 3rd qtr, rates for Panys may have averaged $4.5K per day.. Last time Drys reported any earnings.. Rates for all bulkers were averaging over $30K per day.. Check past earnings reports.. They are all in Drys website.. People b crazy, to be driving up drybulker stks? BTW: Why I point out Panamax rates.. Most of those are on spot.. While they keep the Capes, on longer term contracts, at fixed rates.. And they only have 2 Supras...

  • When they decide what they think about all this.. Cree could take big move in either direction... On that note.. I don't think they are going like the figures, they are looking at?

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 13, 2014 12:01 PM Flag

    We had 2 big spike ups from Sept to end of Dec, last yr. Still scratching my head as to why? Drys run from about $2. Per shr. to $5. per shr.. Give GE opertunity to sell additional shrs into mkt.. Now from yr. ago.. Stk has been diluted by 33M more shrs.. Rates for bulkers are lot lower than a yr ago.. Yet drys going up??? I personally don't think we will see much of any kind of spike up this year.. If so, it will be caused by drybulkers refusing to lease bulkers at these little piddly rates.. Whereby, They will be paying cost, of laying those bulkers up, while not generating any revenues.. But don't worry about Drys.. When GE works over figures.. You will never be able to figure out what they are really losing..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 13, 2014 9:42 AM Flag

    outstand shrs went from 409M shrs to 413M shrs... Those 4M shrs were probably bonus GE awarded himself.. Seems like hell of a bonus, as Drys only generated $85M in revenues.. And (I think) lost $75M...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Aug 13, 2014 9:35 AM Flag

    OK, now bdi up 4 days in a row.. But everything I just posted is basically the same.. Those Panamax are now up to $5.3K per day.. Which is still $2K per day less than a year ago.... And Drys lost $223M in 2013.. When rates were quit a bit higher.. Now let me address that divvy, that Orig declared.. It does one person any good.. As all monies, from sell of $3B of stk has vanished and all revenues and profits have vanished.. And GE has lenders on the hook, to the tune of like $6B... But that divvy, which about $15B flows to Drys.. It don't effect what Orig reports.. That divvy comes out after what they report is compiled.. And goes into Drys as income... Thus helping hold up Orig and Drys stk price... GE is slick as an eel, when his well being is concerned... You did notice.. Even thou they didn't sell any stk, in 2nd qtr..

  • OK, bdi has went up last 3 days.. But rates for bulkers still close to all time lows.. And they were losing lots of money when rates for bulkers were 4 times higher than now... There is not one drybulker, operating at a profit.. All are losing money... If you check BDI.. Spot Rates for those 28 Panamax of Drys.. Have rebounded to $5K per day.. A year ago, drys was trading at about $2. And Panamax were leasing for $7.4K per day.. Since then.. Drys stk has been diluted by an additional 33M shrs.. Outstanding has went from 380M shrs to now 413M... And few brybulkers have wiped out stk holders equity.. By declaring BK, or just turning assets over to lenders.. Last was EGLE.. They had already declared BK, Last Tues. announced lenders, now own 99.5% of the Co. And what Drys reported for 2nd qtr, is just pure BS. As far as I am concerned.. No way should they take that $69M orig reprted in earning, And remove $69M of Dry loses... Now you can read earnings report 1st qtr 2013, to decide for yourself.. GE stated.. Drys pure shipping Co... Drys and Orig assets and finanials have been completely separated... BTW: All past earnings reports, are in Drys website... Now why would GE distort the truth? Just remember, he said he was going to sell $200M worth of Drys stk, So far he has only sold about $120M.. He stated, that they didn't sell any in 2nd qtr??? But sure didn't say ATM, had been discontinued?? He could start selling that other $80M worth at any time?? Of course.. Maybe Evercore, has refused to sell any more.. As they have figured out what a POS it really is.. That Drys + Orig, have been completely separated?

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