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  • If interest rates had of gone up.. Drys would have went BK long ago.. But as real interest rates have stayed at about nothing, for yrs.. GE kept borrowing all he could.. He could have cared less about interest rates.. What the hell.. He won't going to pay back principle, let alone interest? As he kept kickng debt down the road.. He sold a lot more of Drys stk and Orig... And you can bet he has been taking all the money, one way or other.. No way in hell.. He should have been able to sell another $423M of Drys stk in 2014..And that last $200M of Orig.. As he's getting ready to stick $6B of Debt up lenders recktum.. My best advice to you yunguns!! Go to school.. Get degrees that qualify you to be a CEO.. Even a dumb one, can make billions..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 13, 2015 12:45 PM Flag

    The more I read your BS.. More upset I get.. You indicating they done distributed cash?? BS!!! If there is any cash?? You can bet GE has already took it..Before he turns those remaining bulkers, that may be worth $220M over to lenders.. Toward ever what debt is now.. Untill Drys Reports, we won't know what debt is, as Geo. handled everything concerning him buying all those tankers , all the Capes, and 4 of those Panamax.. Rest won't worth buying..

  • I have thought IBM was under priced since it dropped below $180. per shr.. Now ain't so sure Ginny is one who can turn revenues and earnings around?? But if you got a brain.. Play IBM to go up, when they report.. I am now, convinced it will fall? Last couple of yrs, Been buying a few calls before they reported.. Convinced it would go up... My record speaks for itself!!! Always wrong..So broke now, sitting on sideline..Waiting!!!! If I ever jump back in.. I'll let you know!! U play the other way.. U can get rich...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 13, 2015 11:01 AM Flag

    Just checking in! Read last earnings report..I have same senitiment.. Stk worth 10C at best?? The ones throwing in those 8 bulkers.. In process of borroing money, To pay for them? And they set the price for them.. $186M.. But as banks won't lend but about 80% of value of those bulkers..Read where one of the ones involved.. Is throwing in $3.5M for little less than $20M shrs.. If he can sell that stk to dummies. At 50C per shr..He turns $3.5M into $10M,, Stk is selling at 70C a shr.. But not a lot being sold.. Now read where Nasdaq approved them selling $200M worth of SHIP stk, to anyone dumb enough to buy it.. Check out how that first bulker done last qtr.. Generated like $1.76M in revenues.. After everything said and done.. Lost over $1M.. Don't let these greedy %^&*(*& talk you into buying these worthless drybulker stks... You ain't doing nothing but supporting a bunch of crooks...

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 12, 2015 4:57 AM Flag

    Anybody suggesting such a stupid move as buying those calls.. Must make money selling them?Just the fees on calls would kill you..If there was a chance in hell of Drys going up to 50C?? Buying the stk st 20C would be a lot better move.. If you bought those calls for 2C.. Stk would have to go to at least 54C to even break even.. If you bought stk for 20C.. At 54C you would be up more than 150%.. Pay this idiot no mind.. BTW: Drys will most likely be BK by Dec.. In that case.. Stk and options will be worthless..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 11, 2015 12:21 PM Flag

    If you haven't figured out end of this story? You should have.. Drys and Orig are way past worthless.. And were! When he sold last $449M of Drys stk and that last $200M of Orig... GE took it all.. He shouldn't be able to borrow another penny against assets? Which I doubt he can? Or sell another shr of either stk? I figure right now.. GE in process of sending Drys and Orig into bankrutcy? May last thru one more earnings report.. But waite!! After he writes all that money he "took" off.. As impairment charges... What the hell.. If Drys is still selling at 10C to 20C.. With Drys having 665M shrs outstanding.. Is GE low life enough, to reverse split it and keep it listed? May be little more blood in this turnip??? GE may not would? But you can bet low lifes like kemmy and Crew would..

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 11, 2015 11:45 AM Flag

    GE is one nervy %^^&&^%.. He took Orig and used it as if he owned it? He never invested a penny.. At end of 2010.. Drys supposedly owned !00% of Orig and had sold enough of Drys stk Those first 6 rigs should have been about paid for... First of 2011.. He sold 22% of Orig for $500M.. Drys got $100M of that money, for some options Drys had paid for.. Rest went into Orig copher (More lie GE's) Since: All profits have dissapeared..And Goe has borrowed about $5B against Origs assets.. And how much he got selling part interest in some of them rigs.. I guess only Geo. knows?? How long and how much could GE have scammed?? If oil prices hadn't crashed?? If Drys didn't ever actually own Orig.. Who did? But to resolve that problem? GE was steady resolving it.. Pledging that stk that Drys supposedly owned, to lenders.. This was Cute little move.. Drys pledged Orig stk to Orig to obtain a $200M loan.. They just paid Orig back.. With Orig stk!! So GE has already dissapated at least 60% of that Orig stk.. And Drys hasn't ever see any benefit.. Sorry about all those billions, yall paid GE for stk...

  • In 07 when bulkers were leasing for a fortune.. He cancelled $1B worth of bulkers, Drys supposedly had ordered.. His private Co. charges 30% commision for ordering bulkers.. I just assumed he just took those bulkers for himself.. And may have chrged Drys cancellation fees on top of commisions..Drys took hell of a hit on those bulkers.. Now wonder if those bulkers were ever ordered? Lot more went on in 07.. Lot was also going on in 2011... Biggest:: IPO'ed Orig.. But while no one was paying too much attention.. His nephew had come up with like $20M and owned 51% of OCNF.. Ocnf was going BK.. Stk had already fallen to like $5. GE and nephew would have been only ones involved with this decision.. Drys paid like $19. per shr for OCNF.. Nephews shr was like $50M.. On last earnings report.. Those Capes that were supposedly leased from $20K to $55K per day.. GE said they are all leased now for $12.5K per day?? Now I am wondering if anything ever reported was for real??? How would anyone ever know? All leases are handled by GE's private Co. (Cardiff) Most of the bulkers and tankers ended up being bought back by GE.. Drys took the ones with big impairment chrarges.. GE took the ones that were a bargain.. Now that all those billions from stk sales are gone.. Drys may have $1B debt? And own 22 bulkers that no body wants.. Maybe worth $220M? Anybody that thinks that Orig stk that Drys supposedly owns is worth anyting? I thin are daydreaming.. GE went to sleep, not exploiting that Orig stk.. He probably could have sold a few billion more of it.. Before oil prices dropped.. But not to worry.. GE made his off Orig.. He has took their prifits of all those billions in revenues.. And has lenders on the hook for another $5B.. That investor lawsuite against Orig..May be coming from the ones.. He sold part interest in some of those rigs? The ones who bought those part interest and become partners.. Probably thought they were friend of ole Geo.. And he was doing them a favor. yea

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 10, 2015 11:26 AM Flag

    As far as reverse splits? GE may have waited too long to play that game?? Regardless of whether there is 665M shrs Or 6.5 shrs.. Only thing less shrs wouldl do.. Magnify loses per shr.. If Drys Would have had a 1/100 reverse split, before reprting last qtr... Loss per shr would have been like $280. per shr. vs like $2.80... GE decided to write off all the loses, he had been impairment charges!! His biggest scam.. Impairment cost are irrelivant.. They are one time charges that don't matter.. BS!!! Where the hell did all that money go???? I'll tell you where all that money come from and went!! It come from idiots buying over $3B of Drys stk, in past 10 yrs.. And lenders , lending Geo every penny he could borrow against assets...GE not only took that money! He has took billions in earnings, If anything reported by Drys and Orig were true?? If Drys and Orig keep doing earnings report?? No need to tell you results.. I don't think they will keep reporting.. Just too ugly a picture!!! Hey Geo.. pls tell everybody thank you, before you dissapear with all their billions!!!

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 10, 2015 10:26 AM Flag

    I personally believe.. GE will want Drys to just dissapear? Whereby.. No stk holders to question Where all those supposidly billions in earning went.. Or the billions he got from selling stk...I am looking for GE to send it into BK.. Then just remove all info pertaining to it?? Depending on what debt is.. He may have to square it with lenders?? In mean time: He has made billions off Drys..Recently, he personally bought those tankers, Capes and 4 of those Panys.. If GE were going to keep beating this dead mule?? Most likely he would have started reverse splitting the 665M shrs outstanding? Look for Drys to just dissapear??? Before it dissapears.. I would sure want my broker to send me my stk certificates... Makes nice wall paper... Has anybody ever even seen one of their stk certificates? Hell If I could make them send me 1 stk certificate for each 1 shr. owned. I would buy a few hundred shars at this price, for the hell of it.. I doubt they can print and distribute a stk certificate for 20C..

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    I warned many times let us work together

    by dabh001 Oct 9, 2015 2:34 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 10, 2015 9:23 AM Flag

    I ain't giving any body advice.. But may would have if lawyer would have answered when I called.. I got answering machine.. I did leave a msg...They should make a copy of all of Drys and Orig's past press releases.. If they could prove those billions ge made GE were made by fraud and deception.. Lot of lawyers, could get filthy rich.. And if one thing, I would like to see.. Them invetigate.. You sleeze balls.. That have tried every trick in the book, to get people to buy these worthless stks.. Hell you sleeze balls may have made as much offf Drys and Orig, manipulating them up and down, as GE made? Now you little hoes can sqeal like a pig.. I figure yall got stuck with big portion of those 665M shrs of Drys..When yall bought that last 250M shrs for $333M.. You were daydreaming.. Thinking you could drive it up.. Oh you drove it from $1.40 to $1.50 per shr.. But think alll you were doing was buying up additional shrs, to go with shrs, you really wanred to sell.. And same thing happened every time since then, as it dropped, and ya'll trying to convince people to buy a POS... Even now still trying to convince people to buy Drys + Orig.. And hand writing is on the wall!!... GE is ready.. To send them both, into bankrutcy.. At that point.. All those billions he got from selling stk.. Stk will become worthless.. Well if you had your stk certificates sent to you.. You can use them for toilet paper....Have a nice weekend...

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    I warned many times let us work together

    by dabh001 Oct 9, 2015 2:34 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 9, 2015 2:04 PM Flag

    If that law firm could make GE give back half the the money he has beat stk holders out of.. It would be billions.. I have kept up with moves GE has made. And have went back and read lot of past Press releases.. . I know the untruths GE has told? But to understand what he has done..You need to connect what bulkers, tankers and now rigs, were and would be leased at going forward.. If you don't believe I can connect the dots.. Think again.. I hope that law firm can connect the dots... I doubt it? His last move.. Buying those 13 Capes from Drys... Because he had been lying for yrs. What they were leased for..(Long story, he sold billions of Drys stk based on that BS) But he dumped 12 tankers on Drys.. When rates for them tanked? Drys took hell of a hit on them in lastt 3 yrs. Now rates for them very profitable.. GE has bought all of them for about 50% of what he ordered them for.. And may have charged Drys 30% commisions for buying and selling them? In 2013.. He said he expected rates for bulkers to suck, for rest of year.. They had biggest increase by Dec..I ever saw.. Then on Dec 31st..He expected rates to stay strong? What a crock!.. He knew they were going to crash.. He started selling Drys stk at $5. per shr.. Since then check and see what rates for bulkers have done.. Drys stk has done what it should have.. While GE cashing in!! It's dropped from $5. to nothing and is going BK..

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    I warned many times let us work together

    by dabh001 Oct 9, 2015 2:34 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 9, 2015 12:47 PM Flag

    First thing that law firm needs to do.. Make a copy of every press release Drys and Orig has ever made.. Before GE sends them into BK and wipes all that info out.. All press releases are in their website.... If I had anything invested.. I would make a copy.BTW: All past earnings report are in press releases..

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    I warned many times let us work together

    by dabh001 Oct 9, 2015 2:34 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 9, 2015 11:19 AM Flag

    Not even GE would want to buy UDW rigs, at any price.. GE has told one truth.. May have to cold stack them or scrap them, as contracts expire of cancelldl? You did read, where one customer was breaking contract.. Now lets question who ever really owned Orig? When Drys supposedly owned 100%..At end of 2010.. GE sold 22% of it for $500M.. That money went into Orig's copher. It should have went into Drys copher... Out of that $500M Orig paid Drys $100M for some options they had paid for. So who owned Orig? I'll tell you who was handling the billions from revenue and stk Your good ole CEO, Geo. Economue. In mean time GE took those first 6 rigs, that Drys stk holders basically paid for.. And should own.. And started borrowing every penny they would lend him against them as Orig assets.... Where that SOB may have sheet in his hat?After he has took Billions from revenues and loans.. He couldn't pass up getting another $200M selling a worthless stk., before letting cat out of the bag, that Orig is worthless..He should have passed on that $200M.. If he has made the billions I think he has off Orig and Drys.. If you read last earnings report.. Orig is still in good shape? Now that GE has drained Orig Dry..That last $200M is last blood left in this turnip.. He's explaining why Orig.. Will go BK!! Word of advice to GE!! Get those yatchs, island and art collection in someone elses name.. Cause they are going to come after you!!!

  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 9, 2015 9:52 AM Flag

    As far as Orig? Just who did ever own it? At one time Drys supposidly owned 100% of it.. Yet at end of 2010..Orig sold 22% of it, for $500? Even paid Drys $100M of that money for some optiions Drys had bought.. That got transferred to ORIG books..So reality, Orig sold stk they never really owned? Drys was the one that got F'ed.. At one time I googled one of Orig subsidiaries, that were making loans using Orig stk as collaterial? How the hell could they do that?? Orig didn't really own any of their stk??? Lo and behold.. That subsidiary.. Had a list of like 52 subsidaries of Orig, that may have been doing the same thing?? Now, what they were really doing I sure don't know.. But pretty sure.. This ain't legal anywhere? GE sold part interest in some of those rigs and Orig took on partners.. And that money from those deals never showed up anywhere? If you are a stk holder of Drys or Orig stk.. Forget ever getting a penny of you money back! Now do like me!! Hope they lock GE up and throw away the key..

  • I feel the last $449M worth of Drys stk,that GE sold.. Was sold by GE indicating Drys revenues and earnings belonged to Drys.. In 2013 1st qtr earnings report.. GE stated.. Drys and Orig's assets and financials have been completly seperated... Yet he kept indicating on Drys earnings report.. Revenues and earnings from Orig.. Belonged to Drys.. Instead of Drys showing all the loses they were raking up.. Were indicating they had earning.. This inabled GE to sell like $23M worth of Drys stk in 4th qtr 2013.. Then $90M in 1st qtr 2014.. Then that last $333M worth in 4th qtr 2014.. Now on last earnings report.. GE is writing off all those loses that should have been showing up on earnings report.. As impairment charges... In mean time.. Figure out where that $449M went? It went the same dam place the money from the first $2.5B went..

  • It's close!!! But ain't we had fun.. You sluts lying to everybody.. And regardless of how hard I tried.. They rather believe yalls BS.. Than the truth.. Oh well! Hope people are generous when dropping their change into your tin cup..

  • Now hoe, go back and see where Drys was trading at.. In the mean time we got other posters that been checking out what I been posting.. And they are becoming to realize, what I been posting is true!! Not that I think any of them have went back and read past earnings reports and press releases as I have..Audiophule is telling everybody.. He told you so!! GE started raping Drys in 2007!! How do I know.. Cause I went back and tried to figure out where all the money was going.. I read most of past earnings reports and press releases.. Bottom line:. GE putting on a dog and pony act. Convincing people to invest billion in Drys and Orig.stk. Which ultimqatly ended up in his pocket...

  • Orig is way past worthless.. On the verge of declaring BK.. At that point in time.. Stk will be worthless.. It is embarringsome to sell a stk for $2. that you paid a lot more for.. But lot more embarringsome.. If you end up using stk certificates for toilet paper.. Take my word for it.. Stk certificants are rough on old rusty..

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    Look at Losers posting their nonsense.

    by finallytherenow Oct 8, 2015 10:31 AM
    jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 8, 2015 11:29 AM Flag

    BTW: In 08 or 09.. CNBC had a few hedge fund mngs or whatever they were, market makers or whatever on ... That after yrs.. were cashing with a few billion.. And retiring.. After driving stks up for yrs.. They pulled the rug out from under them.. And you little pip sqeaks.. Think you can make yours, over night? Cute part the ones retiring with billions.. Looked like they should be delivering Pizza!! Yea it would be nice to make billions while ole johnson stays hard 24/7.. It just don't happen that way..

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