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  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on EBIX at TheTechTrader site noting: Ebix Inc. (EBIX) has a swing trade on it that’s working. It broke through resistance with a breakaway gap four days ago and has been up every day, and on Wednesday, it was up 46 cents to 48.32, on 463,672 shares traded. It’s at the top of the short-term channel. It may pull back and consolidate, but I have a target set for the mid-60’s. It has 23 days to cover.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on CC at TheTechTrader site noting: The Chemours Company (CC) has been acting great ever since the breakout out of a wedge. It’s been up four days in a row, and eight of the last nine days. On Wednesday, it was up 17 cents to 9.23, or 2%, on 3.7 million shares. It broke through the double top, so I’m looking for a move that immediately tests 10, and then maybe up to about 12 1/2-13.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on RRGB at TheTechTrader site noting: Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc. (RRGB), which has been negative all year, formed a large bear wedge in Aug, came down, wedged again, bounced back to the declining topsline, failed, and on Tuesday, it rolled over, dropped out of a little flag, and went down another 1.55 to 62.33, or 2.4%, on 244,700 shares traded. It may be embarking on lower lows at 56, and then 48.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on EGRX at TheTechTrader site noting: Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc. (EGRX) was continuing downward on Tuesday after breaking the wedge on Monday. It came down another 2.39 to 14.00, or 6.6%, and looks quite disastrous. Any further damage and it could cascade lower to the mid to high 20’s for starters.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on TRGP at TheTechTrader site noting: Targa Resources Corp. (TRGP) is one our swing trades that finally broke out of a wedge, has been edging up the last couple days, and then on Tuesday, it finally took off running, up 2.19 to 29.75, or 7.3%, on 3.6 million shares. It looks very intriguing. The targets are 6-6 1/2 short-term, and then mid to high 40’s

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on CPXX at TheTechTrader site noting: Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CPXX), one of our swing trades, is acting great. On Tuesday, it was up 82 cents to 13.21, or 6.6%, on 2.7 million shares. Ever since the huge breakaway gap it has be running up in a channel. It still looks like it may test 17-18, and then 21-21 1/2.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on ZFGN at TheTechTrader site noting: Zafgen, Inc. (ZFGN) had some big drug news on Wednesday, and exploded from 5, and change, to 10.00, up 4.42, or 79%, on 24 million shares. It reached as high as 11.88 earlier in the day. That kind of historical volume coming out of a gap, it looks like double resistance as well as the moving averages, and trend line. Look for a run at the 19 range going forward and see if it gets a follow-through there.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on NLS at TheTechTrader site noting: Nautilus Inc. (NLS) has been acting great. The action over the last couple weeks when the market was pulling apart, NLS held up well. Yes, it pulled back from 21.00 to 16.00, but on Wednesday it popped back to 20, up 1.77 to 19.75, or 9.8%, on 6.8 million shares. The volume and OBV both increased. There’s still resistance around 21 1/4-1/2. That’s the level to watch going forward. If it gets through that, look for a run up to 23. Anything beyond that and it will be headed to the high 20’s.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on SCO at TheTechTrader site noting: The ProShares UltraShort Bloomberg Crude Oil (SCO) has moved up nicely the last four sessions, 40 points in three days, and on Thursday it was up 7.15 to 161.65, or 5%, on 671,600 shares traded. The target is up at 170.70, but be careful going forward because at the Oct lows when it was in the 70’s, and then it ran all the way up to 163, more than doubling in the last 90 days.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on AGX at TheTechTrader site noting: Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX) was up 1.37 to 8.75, or 19%, on 32 million shares. The long-term chart shows that it traded for a while in the mid 50’s from 2008 to 2012, and then rolled over and dropped down into the single digits. After multiple waves down it formed a big wedge or coiling-type base, and then popped on high volume on Thursday, and went straight up. This was a significant breakout. It may very well be short-term, but the targets are 10 1/4-1/2, followed by 12 1/2, and then 14.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on NEO at TheTechTrader site noting: Neogenomics Inc. (NEO), a former swing trade, and still a running swing trade, held several times, made a nominal low, held the 50, and then reversed. It was up 14 cents to 8.24, on low volume. If it gets up through here, it could see 9.00 and 10.00. Those are the short-term targets. It has 12 days to cover.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on KERX at TheTechTrader site noting: Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (KERX) had a swing put on it Friday, and on Monday it popped 18 cents to 5.77, or 3.2%, on 1.6 million shares, and after pulling back, it held support. That was the key for me at 5.45-.46. If Monday’s high at 5.89 is taken out, and Friday’s high, it should reach up to 6 1/2, 7, and maybe 8. Those are the target going forward for KERX.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on FLDM at TheTechTrader site noting: Fluidigm Corporation (FLDM), one of our swing trades, popped 77 cents to 11.37, or 7.26%, on 554,100 shares traded on Monday. This stock has been acting better the last four or five days, up from 9.60 to 11.46, and looks like it may want to test resistance around 12-12.10. If it gets through that, look for a test of the gap at about 13 1/4. So 12 and 13 1/4 are the targets going forward.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on AMBA at TheTechTrader site noting: Ambarella, Inc. (AMBA), after running up huge in the last few years, going from the low 20’s to 130, then double toping in July and running all the way back down hard to 50, it formed a little base, and on Monday, it popped 4.34 to 62.81, or 7.4%, on 4.3 million shares. That was the better volume of the year, and that kind of breakout above the 50-day moving average and lateral price resistance looks like clear sailing if this stock extends here. It could see mid 70’s or low 80’s, so keep your eye on it going forward. It has 6.3 days to cover.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on HRTX at TheTechTrader site noting: Heron Therapeutics, Inc. (HRTX), one of our prior swing trades, ran up a little bit, pulled back and consolidated for three or four weeks, and broke out again on Monday, up 3.00 to 38.46, or 8.5%, on 2.3 million shares. Right now, it looks like it’s in run mode. The target is 42 1/2-3/4. Beyond that, this stock could reach up to the mid-to-high 50’s.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on NVAX at TheTechTrader site noting: Novavax, Inc. (NVAX) swing trade stalled last week, but on Monday it reversed, going from 13.20 to 14.25, closing up 84 cents to 14.14, or 6.3%, on 4.3 million shares. It needs a little bit of a follow-through, but first it needs to get up to 14 1/2, and then 15. If it gets above that then 16 and 18 are targets.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on MBLY at TheTechTrader site noting: Mobileye N.V. (MBLY) appears to have had a breakout day on Monday. It had a double-top, consolidation, a reversal on Friday, it gapped on Monday, going through the moving averages, and ran up 4.49 to 64.14, or 7.5%, on a hefty 8.7 million shares. Look for this stock to hit 69.00.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on GRBK at TheTechTrader site noting: Green Brick Partners, Inc. (GRBK) is doing great, up 43 cents to 14.55, or 3%, on 455,300 shares traded on Monday. It’s been a while since this stock has gone up 5 consecutive days. Four days ago it was at 11.65, and on Monday it was just below 15.00 at 14.93. Still, the target is in the 18-18 1/2-19 area. Initially, though, the target is 15 1/2, and then as high as 17 1/2-18.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on AXON at TheTechTrader site noting: Axovant Sciences Ltd. (AXON) had a big reversal day on Monday, going from 11.20 to 14.10, closing just 4 cents off the high, up 2.35 to 14.06, or 20%, on 1 million shares. There is, however, resistance at the spike high at 14.40. If it can get through there it has a shot at getting up to 16.35, and from there it’s on its way up to 20-21. But, for now, let’s see if this reversal day gets a follow-through.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on W at TheTechTrader site noting: Wayfair Inc. (W) was phenomenal. We put a swing trade on it on a break out, it had an intraday pullback at 43 1/2, and in a day and a half this stock reached 56.84, 16 points. That’s pretty amazing. The top of the channel was tagged. It pulled back, but it’s still up 4.63 to 51.58, or 91/2%, on 65 million shares. That’s tremendous volume, which means it may go into a consolidation in this zone.

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