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  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on DDD at TheTechTrader site noting: 3D Systems Corp. (DDD) is one of the 3D group that has really bombed of late, to say the least. It was on our short list for a long time. On Wednesday, jumped 1.77 to 31.95, or 5.86%, on 4 million shares. It has gone from almost 100, down to the high 20’s. This stock based out by forming a triple bottom, and then started to move up. First, it took out the declining topsline a few days ago, stalled for two days, letting the moving averages cross over, or curl up and begin to cross over, and now has accelerated to a resistance level near the 33 1/4 area. If it can blow through here, the next target is 37-38, but if it stalls in here, and sets up, it’s going to be important how it sets up, whether it pulls back sharply or flags in this zone. We’ll keep an eye on that one. 20 days to cover could fuel the advance.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on RNDY at TheTechTrader site noting: Roundy's, Inc. (RNDY) broke out of a big base in Aug-Sept of last year, had a 5-wave decline, snapped back and retested, and then broke out on Monday, up 60 cents to 5.73, or 11.7%, on 2.4 million shares. It went through two levels of resistance. The next target is up around 7.00.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on QURE at TheTechTrader site noting: uniQure (QURE), a stock I’ve never seen before, had a fantastic day on Monday. After breaking out of the base back in Aug of last year, retesting at 12-13, it has made its way all the way up to Monday’s high at 35.50. It gapped up and ran 10.75 to 33.61, or 47%, on 26.6 million shares. Normally where there’s this kind of gap, eventually they move higher, so look for it to run up towards the 38-40 range.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on EPAM at TheTechTrader site noting: EPAM Systems, Inc. (EPAM) has been beautiful all year. The trend goes from 14, all the way up to Monday’s high at 67. This stock spiked and broke out after running up in Feb, consolidated for 4-5 weeks, and on Monday, popped 4.35 to 66.07, or 7%, on 20 million shares. That’s a breakout in new, all-time high territory. It looks like it may reach the top of the channel at 70 short-term.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on BAS at TheTechTrader site noting: Basic Energy Services, Inc. (BAS), one of the junior oil stocks that is acting great, was up 46 cents to 8.31, or 5.86%, on 4.5 million shares. It has dropped from 30, all the way down to 5, based out for several months, formed a beautiful base, and on Monday, it pushed up and through the resistance line, and may very well test the gap around the 10-dollar level. Beyond that the targets are 11, and then 12.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on W at TheTechTrader site noting: Wayfair Inc. (W) was up 28 cents to 32.22, on nearly 800,000 shares traded on Monday. The latter part of 2014, it stair-stepped its way lower, formed a base. In February it started an uptrend, as multiple tops broke with a breakaway gap. It formed a wedge, and then another wedge, and now it’s four waves up. I’m looking for a fifth wave near 40. Target is 38-9 1/2, and it’s probably a good swing trade.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on RALY at TheTechTrader site noting: Rally Software Development Corp. (RALY) had a big gap on Friday. I wanted to see if there was a follow-through on Monday, and there was. It jumped another 91 cents, closing at 13.84, or 7%, on nearly a million shares. Good volume. The overall structure shows a nice base pattern. The stock is moving through the October high, and could very well test the $15 area as early as the next day or two. After that you’re looking at a $17 target.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on JMEI at TheTechTrader site noting: Jumei International Holding Limited (JMEI) had a big move on Monday, up 1.22 to 16.18, or 8% on 3.1 million shares. It broke out across declining topsline and lateral price resistance, and could very well lead to a run-up towards 18, which is the next target.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on CYBR at TheTechTrader site noting: Cyber-Ark Software Ltd. (CYBR) has been in a pullback mode, but it may have broken out on Monday, up 6.20 to 54.99, or 12.7%, on 4.8 million shares. It opened at 50.79, and ran up to 55.03, before closing at 54.89. That was a huge day for this stock. Volume increased dramatically. The best volume on an up-day in about 5 weeks. Let’s see if it will get back above the 21-day moving average. That level is about 56. If it gets through there, look for 63 to be the next target.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on FOLD at TheTechTrader site noting: Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. (FOLD), has been moving up nicely. We’ve been watching all year, from back when it popped out above the 3-4.00 range. It formed a flag, another flag, a large wedge, another wedge, and finally the consolidation zone exploded with a big gap above it. It reached as high as 13.20, closed at 12.46, up 3.11, or 33%, on 21.6 million shares. That’s monster volume for this stock. Lateral resistance for the high back in 2009, may be another reason why this stock backed off. Target is up at 19 plus.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on CRC at TheTechTrader site noting: California Resources Corporation (CRC) is a fairly new, junior-oil issue, and on Wednesday it was up 58 cents to 7.08, or 8.9%, on 6 million shares. After it came down with all the other oil stocks from late Nov through Feb, it had gone from a low of 3 3/4 to over 7.00 at 7.70. After the little pullback, it snapped back from 6.38 to 7.13, and closed at 7.08. A nickel off the high, but a nice close. The next target is 9 1/4.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on EBIX at TheTechTrader site noting: Ebix Inc. (EBIX) has a very attractive pattern. I like the way this looks. It was up 81 cents to 30.72, or 2.7%, on 569,200 shares traded, on Wednesday. After the stock based out and broke out with a breakaway gap on big volume, it formed a flag, and then a falling wedge. It had four waves up, and the fifth one is underway. The extension is as high as 33-33 1/2.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on RGLS at TheTechTrader site noting: Regulus Therapeutics Inc. (RGLS) had a nice day on Thursday. It popped 2.59 to 21.13, or 14%, on 1.7 million shares. That’s the biggest day on an up-day since Jan 10. This time it popped across that line and stayed there and closed very well at the upper end of the range, only 9 cents off the high. A terrific day for this stock. If this continues, it may run up and retest the 25-26 area short-term.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on MBLY at TheTechTrader site noting: MOBILEYE N.V. (MBLY) had a good day on Thursday, up 2.21 to 37.02, or 6.45%, on 8.9 million shares. The major declining topsline was tested on Thursday as was lateral resistance. It didn’t close great. If it can get through 38-38 1/2, then look for it to head up towards 42.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on FEYE at TheTechTrader site noting: FireEye, Inc. (FEYE), after the base was broken and the run-up occurred, a nice little wedge formed, on low volume, and with On-Balance Volume rising. This appears to be a stock that wants to be 50-52.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on CSIQ at TheTechTrader site noting: Canadian Solar Inc. (CSIQ) had a nice day on Thursday, indeed. It gapped up and continued higher, closing at 34.60, up 4.42, or 14.6%, on 11 million shares. That’s the second biggest volume all year. The significance about Thursday is that it went through key resistance, and spiked through the top of the channel. If it gets any follow-through on Friday, look for it to test somewhere around 35 1/2-3/4. If it gets through there, it may even see 40-42. For me, I would be looking to sell a stock that had a run from 18-18.68, and is doubling near the 35 range. But that doesn’t mean it can’t extend. Going forward, though, put in your stops.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on NLNK at TheTechTrader site noting: NewLink Genetics Corporation (NLNK), a swing trade pick of ours, is doing great, up 3.39 to 49.53, or 3.4%, on 700,000 shares traded Wednesday. It popped, pulled back, and consolidated nicely, and it hit the top of the trendline. With momentum it could get to 52-53, the short-term target. Beyond that, look for it to get to 60-62.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on CLDX at TheTechTrader site noting: Celldex Therapeutics, Inc. (CLDX) had a beautiful day on Wednesday, up 2.93 to 29.30, or 11%, on 5 million shares. After the recent breakout, it pulled back, topped, pulled back one more time, formed another wedge, and broke away with a breakaway gap. It had a couple important technical days leading to the top of the channel. If it gets some upside momentum, look for 33-34, but at any moment this stock could get into a consolidation mode since it’s at resistance. Longer term, the February highs at 33.33 would be a target zone.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on ADXS at TheTechTrader site noting:Advaxis, Inc. (ADXS) had a terrific day on Wednesday, opening at 10.15, getting up to 10.90, and closing at 10.59, up 47 cents, or 4.6%, on 1.1 million shares. The volume was the best in a couple weeks. As this stock recently came out of a falling wedge, it stair-stepped its way up with a series of pops and flags, and now it’s been up two days in a row. Watch for a test, maybe as early as Thursday, of the 11-11.10 zone. If it gets up there and through that, then the new targets are 13 3/4, and ultimately to 19.

  • Harry has posted Charts of the Day video on DPLO at TheTechTrader site noting: Diplomat Pharmacy, Inc. (DPLO) had an explosive move on Thursday, up 4.57 to 30.09, or 18%, on a half million shares plus. The key is that it broke out of a wedge or coiling pattern, and the on-balance volume on it has been steady through this entire pattern. At this point, I’m looking for a follow-through to test 32 1/2, maybe as quickly as Friday. Keep an eye on this one for potential scalp trade, and then longer-term if it gets through that, it could be breaking out to new, all-time high territory.

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