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justthefactsmaam_ok 2 posts  |  Last Activity: Dec 28, 2015 1:02 AM Member since: Feb 2, 1999
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  • justthefactsmaam_ok justthefactsmaam_ok Dec 28, 2015 1:02 AM Flag


    Some guy on a message board is talking smack about your wife and you keep replying?

    "Wise up? Does that mean when I side with your opinions about Tesla?"

    LOL! That's a classic! You interpreted my comment about you taking n0m0's points and wising up as taking MY side about Tesla? Um, n0m0 has consistently been a critic of Tesla and Elon. His overall view is negative as is yours except he makes far better points. He also uses more data to make his points and let's his words display his intelligence whereas you mostly keep trying to tell everyone how amazing you are. He also hasn't proclaimed how he was correct about something when he wasn't, unlike you who's missed most if not every delivery forecast you've made and then post how you nailed it. And you never admitted you were wrong when I proved you made obviously wrong statements about Tesla's PPE. There are others but that's enough.

    "Lastly, what am I going to learn?"

    Good point. You've learned nothing over the last 3 years. And except for a couple of things early on, I've learned nothing of value from you. Too bad. As I've said before, you had potential. You just couldn't get past you.

    Sentiment: Buy

  • I appreciate the on-topic content of your posts the most of anyone who posts here and hope you'll continue posting despite the flood of garbage drowning out useful discussion. Actually, I probably enjoy the posts about your current and previous real life experiences the most. They add to your credibility, at least as much as it can be verified on an anonymous message board. The irony hasn't escaped me that there's but one long among you, a long with whom I agree on nearly everything Tesla while being mostly in disagreement with him in regards to the environment and politics yet the opposite is mostly true with the rest of you where a non-Tesla view has been expressed. And no, my view on Tesla hasn't changed.

    Should also give a nod to ahoykapitan's entertaining posts and futurecartsla, who hasn't posted much recently.

    I know I've missed a few others but they haven't posted in a while so couldn't recall their names. Between the volume of garbage posts, recycled FUD and the religious hatred of anything Elon I decided to save the time and just lurk.

    n0m0: while there's always food for thought in your on-topic posts, I especially enjoyed your scathing posts to ballcoach. While the narcissistic bully backs down to you, he's too busy being the same thin skinned and blustery fool to comprehend the numerous useful, constructive and actionable insights that you were spot on in pointing out. If he ever wises up which is doubtful you should send him a bill. His latest barrage of ridiculous posts as evidence he's learned nothing.

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