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jvzeppa 35 posts  |  Last Activity: Jan 20, 2016 10:20 AM Member since: Nov 23, 1999
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  • Well new 52 week lows great job CEOs should given a raise. What a pos! Love the support the only bottom is zero a true garbage penny stock now thanks to a garbage management team and the worse press releases ever

  • it closed in 90 cent range the lowest was .95 NOVEMBER 24th 2015 with a intra-day touch of .90 on light volume. so the questions should be where do these FAKE CHEAP SHARES COME FROM???? if it touched .90 for a grand total of 3500 shares between .90 and .95 where it closed that day back in November… can you trade under .95 cents 90 thousand shares when only 3500 shares where ever sold under the old mark of .95 SOUNDS LIKE A FRAUD TO ME!!!! fake shares driving the price down and being held down?? wonder why mgtment doesn't ask the NASDAQ for inquire on how there value can be dropped like a used rubber so easily? the CEO SHOULD RESIGN for this lose of millions in shareholder values this isn't even a dollar stock anymore its PENNIES this BOD and MGTMENT GROUP SHOULD BE FIRED ASAP!

  • Time this CEO is fired! this lack of anything from these bums is criminal. No support and the lack of news has killed this company stock and shareholder values. every day the markets find free shares to drop the price?? insiders have been selling all year long great support from those loser! Time this company either make a move or sells out to the highest bidder they can make it as a stand alone the mgtment team is to #$%$ to handle the future in the investment world?.

  • ASAP this dead stock price and daily higher lows is killing any value left... They need to sell the company.. But for sure this ceo needs to go!!! Since new year has this even held a gain it's penny to death now under a buck no support no news trades like it's headed for BK. Worst mgtment group EVER.

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    Anyone home?

    by fenwayfan123 Nov 10, 2015 2:08 PM
    jvzeppa jvzeppa Jan 12, 2016 6:27 PM Flag

    yes today was bad it looked promising at the pre-market open at 1.20 then straight down like a ski slope. to flat line and close at a buck talks great volume of this stock no gain is ever held a true sign of a pump and dump company. Maybe these CEO and bod should sell out to a bigger player and save some face this buck a share is sad.

  • other stocks to watch? I found one today for all the longs here besides AMEDICA look at this stock (OHGi) this could be a nice pop for next year. Incredible growth go do some research. OHGI anyone have some new stocks to watch post them? another possible runner is GURE the only thing I didn't like is the investment amount before they recoup in china… but possible double on that one… OHGI should run a couple bucks come next report. well hope AMDA get the buy out we all need…. Later to next year!

  • jvzeppa jvzeppa Dec 31, 2015 12:33 PM Flag

    this will be bought out by a bigger player now that they signed a deal to get into china which helps the other player sell to asia and other deals that china company has partners with. This will never see a buck again best price was shown earlier this year was .65-80 cents a share with no debt and 15 million in bank around 200 million shares this company real value is around 100-110 million so the buy-out should be around .55-.70 cents a share depending on that FDA approval. once thats done the cost to produce will move to china the other player will have access to 100 millions going forward and AMEDICA will be a memory… so at best from today prices which the 15 mil. investor took positions at first at .47 cents with new shares at todays pricing average cost for them is around .27 cents they will make a double come buy-out time… thats way NO HEDGE FUND HAS SOLD OUT. and why its strange NASDAQ MMHAVE HELD it flatline over the last month… this will just open at .45-5 cent run up to .65 fall down flat line at bought out price and be done with.

  • every warrant is now down. the new total of outstanding shares is what 197 million they added 23, 13, and 9 so no more warrant crying no more debt to cry about nice multi million dollar china deal only thing is the FDA to sell here, SO WHY THE NASDAQ HOLD DOWN TACTICS AND HIDDEN SOFTWARE TO FLAT LINE IT? With the 15 million cash given for financing the warrant holders are losing money so they are not selling no insider selling no hedge fund selling so how does NASDAQ do it? where are the shares coming from?

  • jvzeppa jvzeppa Dec 30, 2015 10:00 AM Flag

    next stop 15 cents up to near 20 cents then half day tomorrow run up next year first week back to 50 plus cents and around 65 cents next release will be the buy out...

  • jvzeppa jvzeppa Dec 30, 2015 9:59 AM Flag

    already have it sorry nice try!

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    Why no mention of contract value?

    by boobadoobie Dec 30, 2015 9:09 AM
    jvzeppa jvzeppa Dec 30, 2015 9:57 AM Flag

    cause the next release is a merger buy-out cause first off there a billion plus in that country and in india and so on… next theFDA rules don't apply so it will be cheaper to move it over there to make, next the investor already knew about this and thats why they wanted to change out warrants for next year to lock in pricing this year… that way the hedge funds will show HUGE GAINS goig forward to window dress there portfolio's

    lastly cause this china company has 250 million in cash in the bank and there petty cash could buy out this company for 50 cents on the dollar…..

  • not once did it trade from fridays close price so where does 8 million plus shares magically come from to hold it under fridays close price not to mention the fact it went down 2-3 cents and flat lined? WHO HAS THIS MUCH NASDAQ CONTROL to flat line this stock? I swear the NASDAQ IS A FRUAD and its to bad groups of people don't SUE the #$%$ out of them for the scams they pull.

  • something wrong here… this should be flat line at the close price from friday why the drop of 3 cents? doesn't make any sense?

  • jvzeppa jvzeppa Dec 13, 2015 8:14 AM Flag

    Well just thinking out side the box they have 89 million shares outstanding even if they decide a 10 for 1 reverse split the problem is 8.9 million shares is not enough market cap to maintain listing!!!! so I agree the plan has to be inside or hedge fund buying to raise price to a point that if and only if they reverse split a 5 for 1 or smaller to gain both a stock price and market cap value to maintain listing..

    another thought move the stock to the AMEX exchange they have less rules then NASDAQ… another thought a clean offer to buy out the company for a few million so in the long run they clean up in the medical field since NO ONE has what they offer.

    The cheapest way to go is a rush to buy up the cheap penny shares in the way to reach a buck… if you sit down and figure out who holds what those people are not selling or buying.. the totals are close to 75 million shares take the 89 million away leave 14 million shares to the street to trade… now at todays price .14 cents times 14 million is like 1.9 million dollars.. is it cheaper to buy up volume of 14 or 2 million bucks to raise the price?

    say the three big dog hedge funds holding stock all offer a buck buy how fast will it rise to a buck and stay there if only at guess 14 million shares are in the way… cause you know people holding those 14 million shares are not selling but just in case they ares selling at the same time the total is 14 million bucks….

    in theory is will cost 14 million bucks to take this company either up or out… is it worth 14 million bucks??

  • jvzeppa jvzeppa Dec 8, 2015 9:36 PM Flag

    so from 13 cent to a dollar hahaha can I get hit from that bong.....

  • which at the time is a third of the price value the CEO is a worthless so is this company the markets have spoken bail out now take it to zero??. you have a conference headline it to add value not kill it the CEO is boring?.. here a little news WHY HASNT INSIDERS BOUGHT WHY HASNT THIS LOSER CEO BOUGHT SHARES???????? WHY HASNT HE PUT A LITTLE MONEY INTO A COMPANY BUY BACK answer they will reverse spilt to save there rear ends and the #$%$ starts over sell it to zero once they reverse SHORT IT BACK TO A DIME collect your money back!!!!!

  • I been watching the paper been selling at every price down there no way there this much stock out there to sell now in the 10 cents range it never holds a gain never goes up only to sell right back down and to go lower….. IT TRADES LIKE IT BK…. the CEO and BOD stole the money there no other excuse for this daily sell off all the hedge funds have bailed and the only fools still here are the retail idiots think this is a double…. sell it off this stock blows!!!!!!!!

  • that all this stock ever does is tank and drift lower and lower… I wish the nasdaq would just halt it and put it out of its misery so we can just take the wiped out tax write off…. this CEO and the entire BOD should be sued and a criminal investigation into the fraud and fleecing of shareholder money value or whatever!!!! the guy just had on shareholder dime a conference a INVESTORS CONFERENCE and this POS did was drift daily lower and lower on monster 5 million day volumes… the hedge fund all but sold out daily drops over and over no one hold this POS will be the next filing

    worthless paper,,,,, to all interested STAY THE "F" AWAY!

  • I tell you what the CEO and BOD should all be getting fat raises for this performance

  • every day 4-5 million shares to go up or down a PENNY and either gain.0005 only to lose it right back the next day talk about a major player in the health care industry…. time this CEO is removed and the company sold off…. no way it makes it by itself in the last say 15 days of trading EVERY SINGLE SHARE HAS BEEN TURNED OVER over 150 million shares have traded from 9 cents to what 16 cents the retail investor is the last to know just how bad they been SCREWED….. straight dead lines over and over yet MULTI MILLION VOLUME DAYS! the scam is almost over next stop a reverse split to get rid of all the small no bodies…. then mgtment rewards themselves with options and new finance deals happen to run the stock totals back to 100 million and the cycle starts again….. THE CEO AND MGTMENT TEAM should all be in JAIL like WORLD COMM…. what a great scam of fleecing the money to build what? zero shareholder value zero support zero anything from these people and then LETS TALK ABOUT THE NASDAQ what a fraud exchange… every small cap micro cap stock is a scam and held down sideways with fake software trades… THE SEC WATCHDOGS HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH paid off no bodies…. scam to its fullest!

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