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  • The Catholic Church has powerful tentacles into every facet of Brazilian business and the politicians that run the country. It has been that way for 500 years.Unquestionably, some of the graft money made it's way into the church coffers--which is normal and ordinary conduct in Brazil.

  • by kblab2 Nov 13, 2015 6:42 PM Flag

    CRAZY borrowing from unreliable banks and funds have undone this company.BELLY UP MUST BE VERY NEAR.

  • CX -- This Mexican based company lacks trustworthy financial information. Therefore, only fools and novice investors will look for profits.The hedge funds and gullible banks are bleeding to financial death--let these greedy fools take the hit.DON'T GET A CASE OF MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE

  • We increased our short position at $37.40. Typically,, when GVA gives quarterly financials the hedge funds boast the price by increased wash trading--so we take advantage of the price jump for more shorting profits.
    GVA is a cash flow rich and profit poor company with a P/E of about 39-- therefore it is a no brainer to short this grossly over [priced company--watch us make nice shorting profits.

  • by kblab2 Oct 28, 2015 1:45 AM Flag

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  • by kblab2 Oct 27, 2015 8:06 PM Flag

    Respected stock analysts and other knowledgeable investorsand stock market players have concluded that there is a bright sunny and profitable future ahead for STRL. BUY NOW WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD. !!!
    Don't let the imature loser NERE-DO-WELLS who disgrace STRL --like DIRTY STINKER prevent you from making this profitable investment.
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  • Recognizing virtually no daily trading volume for a company that has almost twenty million shares outstanding has got to mean something is really rotten somewhere.We opine that belly up negotiations are ongoing with the banks, creditors, et al. in a last desperate attempt to stop the ship from sinking.


  • Today there was a very keen share buying interest--almost 6,000 shares LOOKS LIKE THE INSIDERS KNOW WHATS GOING ON.--=- BELLY UP PREPARATIONS ARE PROBABLY ONGOING ==TIME WILL TELL

  • TIS WACKO NUT JOBS LIKE YOU THAT GIVE US BIG TIME BELLY LAUGHS.Obviously you are a LOSER and GVA employee or ex- employee. None of our 8 person investment group have ever worked for GVA and we are far too smart to work in the construction industry. We make our very nice profits from nut jobs like you and from the greasy greedy mis-managed idiot hedge funds that own and control GVA. Watch the hegde funds when the panic selling starts--rats running from a sinking ship--huge profits to be made from our on going short position.

    The more nut jobs the better.!!! They will never learn which is fine music to our profitable ears.

  • by kblab2 Oct 21, 2015 3:59 PM Flag

    WE pity the good hard working Brazilians--the Govt. is an abomination--Sadly Lula is obviously involved-- A POX ON ALL OF THESE DIRTY PEOPLE

  • by kblab2 Oct 19, 2015 11:32 AM Flag

    FINANCIAL STATEMENT shows $144M in assets with $122M in accounts payable.THIS IS CRAZY --accounts payable should be in the $10M to $15M range.We avoid companies with WACKO financial statements and so should any one who wants to avoid loses

  • by kblab2 Oct 17, 2015 5:17 PM Flag


    What the controlling hedge funds are looking for is a bloom in earnings which will allow them to bail out while others buy in --probably novice investors like you.
    ONCE AGAIN --STRL is in a cut throat business where even the best run construction companies can't make a profit. We expect that STRL will use every trick in the book to put lipstick on this pig to try and mask it's unprofitably.The abysmal daily trading volumes show that even the STRL insiders can't stomach buying any more shares and the hedge funds don't want to continue wash trading.


  • by kblab2 Oct 16, 2015 2:54 PM Flag

    Virtually all construction companies that trade on the U.S stock market have similar operating profiles before the inevitable belly up filing.

    Firstly-- financial reports that are unintelligible even to prudent and skilled financial analysis

    Secondly--- record back log of work--obtained at any price and without any chance of a profit so as to to ensure a cash flow.

    Thirdly--- Management spouts good times are always just around the corner but sadly never obtained.

    Fourthly-- Vicious cut throat competition prevents the company from obtaining profitable contracts

    Fifthly---Wash trading by the controlling hedge funds to support the stock price irrespective of the company's real value.The controlling hegde funds want out ASAP but trying to sell their millions of shares to other hedge funds that are similarly stuck would reduce the share price to a few cents a share.

    Sixthly--- The banks, debtors, and sureties finally say enough is enough and pull the plug on bank loans, equipment loans and bonding capacity--that is the end of the trail.! ! !

  • GVA regularly announces contract awards, but never tells the real story which is the bid results and how much money was left on the table. GVA is operating in a business climate whereby it is competing with much smaller construction companies that have a big cost advantage because they much lower overhead costs.
    Also there is a statement that Kinney was low bidder on a road and bridge job.Kinney is a tunnel construction company--the don't know diddle about building roads and bridges at a profit.
    GVA made a massive bid error on the Tappen Zee bridge--it will get cash flow but no profits --only loses.

  • by kblab2 Oct 15, 2015 3:15 PM Flag

    Hawaiian Dept of Transportation has awarded a contract to Road Builders that is toxic for profits. As we understand it the contract is not a fixed priced contact, only being performed on a rental equipment basis and mark up on labor and materials.
    Recognizing the the equipment rental rates in all western states are mandated by the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers Region 9 rental equipment rates-- any contractor will eventually go broke because the equip rental rates are only about 60 percent of the actual cost of equipment ownership.Furthermore, the mark up on labor and materials just covers cost --therefore there is little if any real profit --only cash flow.
    STRL has its head where the sun wont shine getting involved with Road Builders and Myers.This arrangement is a hold over from the past ousted management . STRL is so poorly managed that even a toxic profit job is touted as a good thing.

  • Only novice wacko losers buy this company for making a profit from increased earnings by STRL. The entire heavy and commercial construction business is a profitless rat hole--no company is doing well.Way too many dogs chasing far too few rabbits makes cut throat competition a way of life in the construction business.
    You will also be introduced to DIRTY STINKER -- a low life skuzzy incompetent ignorant immature mouthy loser-- he will never grow up and learn --but who cares?