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kblab2 27 posts  |  Last Activity: 2 minutes 18 seconds ago Member since: Mar 30, 2004
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  • CX is a bit like GASEX --nice to get relief !!! CX is an unknown --for sure a massive debt load and unknown financials --we say pass

  • FCX is in a very poor business climate.With horrible timing it has gone into the oil business --vastly over paying for acquisitions so the insiders could make a killing --ripping off the shareholders. FCX still has billions of dollars in debt to pay for buying dodgy oil assets.

    Copper demand is down, and an additional six million tons will come on line by 2020,Additionally, the crooks who run Indonesia and the so called Democratic Congo will want ever more money under the table-- bribes in the tens of millions of dollars are common place and necessary to operate.

    Gold and silver prices are way down and will probably go much lower.

    Tis time to sell or short.Let the greasy greedy hedge funds take the big time hit as the price drops into the low teens

  • FCX has still a long way to go down-- let the ignorant mouth offs spout their garbage-- the only way to make money is to short this company

  • The recent Senate CIA Report has failed to tell the truth about the capture of Osama Bin Laiden.--Contrary to previous CIA claims, Bin Laiden was not captured in Pakistan --he was captured near Reno Nevada

    He spoke English with an Arab accent. He was arrested by the CIA when he came out of a local whore house and admitted that he was just BIN LAIDEN

  • by kblab2 Dec 9, 2014 12:50 PM Flag

    Surely there are SUCKERS still out there holding onto this vastly over priced pile of #$%$.At $36 they need their head examined-- sell or short and let the incompetently run hedge funds take the inevitable hit.

  • by kblab2 Nov 6, 2014 2:22 AM Flag

    Let the greasy controlling hedge funds take the hit. GVA is worth about $6 yet sells for $36-- watch the hedge funds run like rats when the inevitable plunge over the cliff takes place

  • LORD KNOWS FOR MANY MANY MONTHS-- WE DUN TOLD YER--GVA now with 3 billion dollar back log -- all highly unprofitable work.Never pay no mind -- watch the STINKO HEDGE FUNDS HOLD UP THE PRICE VIA WASH TRADING.

  • by kblab2 Oct 30, 2014 2:36 AM Flag

    FCX's entry into the oil business is such a bad move it is almost unbelievable.They vastly over paid for the oil and to boot, took the share holders to the cleaners.The insiders and old cronies made hundreds of millions -- a huge rip off -- so what else is new,

    We made some good money when copper was high priced but now we won't look at FCX until it is below $12,50 a.share.

    First we had the housing price bubble --now we will see a stock price bubble

  • NEWMONT valued it's plant and equipment at $19 billion on Sept 30, 2013--now just 9 months later plant and equipment is valued at just $13 billion..Whats a $6 billion loss to big shots like Newmont Mining
    management ?
    No one in management has a sizable stake in the company.It is under the heavy thumb of the controlling STINKO HEDGE FUNDS== there's a time to buy and a time to sell.GET THE HELL OUT NOW OR BETTER STILL SHORT THIS GROSSLY OVER PRICED STOCK.

  • During the ongoing market down turn, astute investors will have notice that the price of GVA has on some major down market days has actually gone up.



    ANSWER: BY HEDGE WASH TRADING --Wash trading works like this:. Fund A buys shares and then immediately sells them to fund B. Fund B, in turn sells the shares to fund C , who in tern sells them to fund D, who in turn sells them to fund E, WHO IT TURN SELLS THEM BACK TO FUND A.Usually only about 1,000 share are involved, but, these shares are continually sold via a computer program through out the day. Thus, creating the impression of big time volume and investor interest.

    Thus, the cost of these trades is minimal to the big greasy hedge funds and this type of wash trading saves them multi-millions on dollars.

    Eventually, of course, as the market continues to go down, the hedge funds lose their nerve and panic selling ensues. GVA is way, way over priced---watch for the coming huge price drop.

  • CEMEX is a tricky investment because it is a MEXICAN company where flim flam and fraud is common place.Also the cement/concrete business is still depressed from the levels of 2008 era. CEMEX bought RINKER at such a sky high price we question the competence of the management--they subsequently had to sell RINKER at a huge loss .

    We will review this company again when it is the five dollar range.

  • by kblab2 Oct 10, 2014 2:30 PM Flag

    WACKOS BY THE DOZEN MOUTHY LOSERS BY THE SCORE. All hat and no cattle posters without any expertise or know how-- so what else is new?

  • There is a time to buy and a time to sell --now is the time to sell ASAP.

  • The dearth of intelligent posts on this board indicates lack of expertise and due diligence.big time loses are inevitable at this price and the mouth off suckers will lose and cry never to be heard of again.--so what else is new?

  • by kblab2 Oct 7, 2014 7:41 PM Flag

    GVA has done well over a billion dollars in contract work this year and yet has made no meaningful profits.Also GVA now has two joint venture contracts which total about 1.5 billion out of a backlog of 2.5 billion.These are huge risk contracts which if they go sour will essentially put GVA out of business.

    GVA is in a high risk no profit business--watch the price go off a cliff in the coming months THE GVA BUBBLE WILL SURELY BURST-- LET THE STINKO HEDGE FUNDS GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP--GET OUT NOW OF BETTER YET SHORT THIS OVER PRICED STOCK.

  • GVA touts it's $2.5 billion backlog made up several very large projects.Silent as the grave, however, there is no mention that GVA has never, repeat, never made reasonable profits on the large projects and often has incurred huge losses.RE: the ongoing road job in Washington stated and the recent Highway 20 job in Oregon state.Both are financial disasters.

    GVA 's profitable work has disappeared -- it was large contracts for developers where GVA would develop large tracts for housing--getting paid when the development was completed along with a percentage of the developed property. These were very profitable contracts.

    GVA is controlled by the hedge funds and Wall Street Stinkos-- due diligence is non existent along with bubble share price evaluation all relying on the bigger fool theory for sucker investors.

  • by kblab2 Sep 30, 2014 3:46 PM Flag

    FLR has no management that have a substantial financial stake in the company. FLR .is owned by the hedge funds and Wall street #$%$.Bechtel however, has hands on ownership by Riley Bechtel which is another huge advantage over FLR.

  • Bechtel is by far the more competent company both as to size, professionalism, and profitability. It always has been even when FLR was a private company like Bechtel.

    FLR's bidding on hard money bridge jobs is so bad as to be unreal.How do the incompetents who prepared these grossly incompetent bids stay on the payroll. ?

    Bechtel goes out of it's way to down play it's successes and hid it's size.It's policy is to be low key and stay below the radar, whereas FLR tries to spout and hype at ever opportunity.

    Bechtel is a very large company with many hidden subsidiary companies and huge unstated assets.On a true comparable basis Bechtel is number one and the next company FLR is number twenty one.Also, Bechtel's ace in the hole is Bechtel's very strong connections to the White house irrespective of which party is in power.

    Also, we noted that there are no posters that have expertise in the heavy civil design build construction field. There are many mouth offs-- but no expertise-- or as we say here in Texas-- they are all hat but no cattle

  • Hedge funds hope upon hope that something will turn up to save this grossly over priced piece of garbage from falling off the cliff.Only more suckers can do that.

    Suckers have yet to learn that there is no free lunch and nuthins gonna come in the mail.

  • FLR has a horrible track record for making profits on major bridge construction contracts.First there was the incompetent San Francisco Bay Bridge bid which left $500 million on the table with only two bidders.Now, we have the Tappen Zee bridge contract for the State of New York which resulted in leaving a Billion dollars on the table with only three bidders.

    FLR is incompetently managed, bidding far below it's competitors just to obtain work--big time loses are inevitable along with a corresponding drop in share price. FLR is a $7 company pretending to be a $70 company.We say get out now and let the controlling greasy HEDGE FUNDS TAKE THE HIT

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