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  • by kblab2 4 hours ago Flag

    We are very sad to learn that DIRTY STINKER has been banned from air travel in the United States and Canada. From documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act we learn that DIRTY STINKER was suspected of carrying a live snake on a plane, when in fact, it was only the concealed XX111 inch DANGLER. We understand that DIRTY STINKER plans to appeal since DANGLER reduction surgery is too expensive and risky.

  • by kblab2 Aug 30, 2015 10:42 PM Flag

    Using the concept pioneered by Snap -On- Tools_- DIRTY STINKER is using Snap On technology for resolving his pea nut size deleterious problem.DIRTY STINKER is using twin base ball size snap ons to accompany his XX111 inch size Dangler.They look much more fitting than the 2 pea nut sized mysteries dealt by to DIRTY STINKER byMother Nature

  • The Romans invented a numbering system that is still in use today. For twenty three ( as in DIRTY STINKER Dangler length in inches ) the Number is XXIII.
    Errectus stability problems occur for the Dangler-- therefore, DIRTY STINKER has cleverly devised a portable crane device whereby, for errectus support purposes, wires are attached to the top of the Dangler. DIRTY STINKER has patented this clever crane device and named if PROMISCUOUS XXXIII.

    WELL DONE DIRTY STINKER-- we now look forward to your innovative action on resolving your pea nut size decrepitudes.

  • We learn that the correct angle of DANGLE for DIRTY STINKERS world class pendulum is proportional to the inverse of the square root of DANGLER length multiplied by breadth measured at 68 degrees with zero dew point
    Well Done DIRTY STINKER you are a great example of the scientific application of preponderance principals

  • by kblab2 Aug 29, 2015 1:35 PM Flag

    We are glad that DIRTY STINKER provides advice and guidance pertaining to his very generous act of offering his world beating size dangler for medical research.We understand that Viagra is thinking of cloning this priceless work of nature.However, for preservation purposes, the medical profession is still wondering what to do about the 2 pea nut size appendages that are attached to the base of DIRTY STINKER;S monster sized dangler. We hope DIRTY STINKER will be kind enough to gives up some of his valuable time to help resolve this pea nut sized dillema

  • Posters may recall that DIRTY STINKER has generously agreed to leave his world class dangler for scientific research. However, there is disagreement within the medical community as to the best way to preserve this master piece of nature.Some say it should be pickled, others say freeze dried, others say salt cured.All techniques have advantages and disadvantages.We solicit the opinions of the many posters on the board-- what method would you vote for? We believe pickling is the best solution to preserving DIRTY STINKER'S fabulous gift to medical science.

  • by kblab2 Aug 25, 2015 4:51 PM Flag

    huge volume shows the controlling funds are panic selling-- they don't want any part of this spavined company.

  • The company will survive, but it will take many years, perhaps decades, to over come the horrific mis-management of getting into the oil business a the very peak of the oil market.As for the stock price it will be dead money for years, A GREAT COMPANY TRASHED BY INCOMPETENT AND GREEDY MANAGEMENT.

  • PBR will continue--but it will take many years, perhaps even decades to recover from the evil corruption of the politicians who will now surely use their stolen money to buy off the legal consequences of their corruption. MOST SADLY, IN BRAZIL THIS HAS ALWAYS WORKED AND WILL PROBABLY WORK AGAIN

  • STRL share volume on 08/21/15 hit 57,000 shares .!!!! Wow way to go--things are looking up--bright future ahead.!!!!

  • by kblab2 Aug 22, 2015 1:58 PM Flag

    LULA --SO SAD--HE'S INVOLVED IN PBR CORRUPTION The way things work in Brazil, a so called independent inquiry will be made into PBR corruption. The head of the inquiry will be fixed --the result will be Lula is not guilty even before the inquiry starts.


  • by kblab2 Aug 22, 2015 1:02 AM Flag

    America --the streets are paved with gold!!! You can even sell a profitless construction company --gva for $32 when it is only $5.
    america--wow what a great country.

  • COPPER can go so low it's hard to believe how bad things can get.WE SAY SELL AND BUY BACK AT A LOWER PRICE

  • by kblab2 Aug 21, 2015 4:22 PM Flag

    CX management approved the purchase of Rinker for 25 times earnings- an astounding premium over what Rinker was worth. Since that time we have shunned CX-- it defies belief that this immense over payment was ever made -- the same story in Indonesia. Surely brides or other wrong doing must be going on. CRAZY ECONOMICS have doomed this company

  • By our count Brazil has had at least 6 military take overs --maybe more.The military has not wanted this unpleasant job, but correctly saw it was the only way back to cure entrenched govt. correction at every level.
    The politicians are the cause of the problem and obviously won't do anything about it.Brazil a huge country with 200 million people and vast natural recourse.Yet it is essentially a banana republic and horrifying incompetence at every level within the ruling class.The military govt. in the 1970's laid the foundation for the huge uplift of income and prosperity--only once again to see it ravaged by corruption.


  • BRAZIL has high hopes for democracy-- but the vast cancer of corruption reaching to the very highest levels of govt. needs radical action to cut out the cancer and save the country.

    BRAZIL is a great country with fine hard working people-- but their tolerance for corruption is so sad-- it has allowed the corruption situation to arise and flourish.


  • The great investor Warren Buffet has evaluated taking over STRL. We have it from an inside source that Buffet intends to make a bid of five and a half cents a share,with all share holders being given a bottle of coke and a pound of Chinese green tea.Buffet said management must go and that he found back door providers like DIRTY STINKER as repulsive and would not be allowed on any job site.


  • by kblab2 Aug 20, 2015 4:46 PM Flag

    GVA is in a tough mean profitless business with no end in sight for better days .GVA's bids on some of the big time jobs like the Tappen Zee bridge in N.Y are so bad, they are profitless rat holes for years to come.Hiring so called business development wallahs won't cure the problem, neither will the trash spoken by CEO Roberts.
    GVA at about $32 is way,way over valued.It has a valued in the $5-$7 range.


  • BRAZIL is a South American country that is over 500 years old.Throughout it's long history Brazil has always been horribly governed. The military has repeatedly been forced to kick out the corrupt govt, only to have it reappear, years or decades later.Sadly, the military is again needed--the politicians are the main corrupters, so they will never make the necessary top to bottom reforms.
    SAD DAY FOR DEMOCRACY IN BRAZIL- get the military in and then out ASAP.

  • GVA is in a sea of red ink.They have recently hired a couple of yokels as business development wallahs.At $34 a share this company is worth less than $10 a share and more likely $5-$7. The hedge funds control the company and no employee has any real equity. GREAT SHORTING OPPORTUNITIES CONTINUE .-- do DD and check it out.

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