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  • kcf_07757 kcf_07757 Apr 30, 2016 11:18 PM Flag

    when we all get national healthcare comparable to the VA --I`d agree with you... until than.............

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    Ted Cruz must bring Trump to reality

    by tenkings21 Mar 6, 2016 9:40 AM
    kcf_07757 kcf_07757 Mar 7, 2016 12:23 AM Flag

    How do you support Ted Cruz ????

    He`s a highly educated man, who has argued numerous times before the Supreme Crt -- so he is obviously no dumby.... Yet this highly educated man claims that the 97% and growing group of climate scientists and every major scientific organization globaly, is wrong about human enhanced climate change...

    But just on Friday, 3/4/16, the 2 scientists who`s study that Cruz quoted in his Congressional subcomittee witch hunt regarding this --- came out and annonunced that their study was flawed and their revision now shows that they were wrong in their report and that Climate Change is real and a growing danger... Yet Cruz still backs his position....

    TAkes a real devious 2 faced liar to do that.... So what`s his agenda --- probably follow the money and we`ll know ..

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    Why does everyone hate Ted Cruz?

    by drstone0007 Jan 17, 2016 2:50 PM
    kcf_07757 kcf_07757 Mar 7, 2016 12:13 AM Flag

    For you 4 idiots that gave me the thumbs down on my post.... Today is 3/6... if you read the news on Friday - 3/4/16 ... you`ll read that the 2 scientists that Cruz had based his Congressional subcommittee witch hunt on against Climate Change.... had just did an update on their prior study (which Cruz supported to belittle the Climate Science supporters with) ... and guess what ???

    Meers and his co worker -- now announced that with the revision --- their study now falls in line with the reporting from the vast majority of other Climate Scientists who state that Climate Change is here and it`s dangerous.... and growing...

  • kcf_07757 kcf_07757 Feb 27, 2016 10:45 PM Flag

    Actually Trump spoke the truth... 2 weeks ago when he said told the audience as he addressed Jeb in the debate that Dubya /Cheney lead us into a war on false pretenses.... The statement `prosecute her`... should be `prosecute them`...

    But that`s a step to far for the party that listens to Fox like it`s the gospel ... much rather be deluded than to face facts.

  • Murdock got his Fox media cable shows working back in the Regan years when Circut Crt Judges Scalia and Bork, took down the `Fair and Balanced` law that oversaw the media for 40 yrs to maintain some amount of `truth` in reporting to the public... That ruling and it`s results have proven so toxic in the USA and how it has ripped about the electorate and even families --- that when conservative Canadian politcians tried to get a similar ruling in Canada in order to get their own `Fox News` reporting ---- it was voted down by a wide margin....

    Scalia in my mind has been one of the most destructive Supreme Crt judges in modern history --- allowed the Fair and Balance law to be voided. Helping to create the massive political hatred we have in this country today... 2) helped usher in the Bush Jr administration which gave us a war that wasn`t necessary and massive debts (when he started his first year with a surplus) --even Gov Kasich running for President now says the Repubs in his first admin ran through 3 trillion$$$... 3) helped push Citizens United which allowed the billionaires to take over the elections -- if in doubt how the heck did Newt Gingrich stay in the running in the last Presidential election after he ran out of money (Casino owner Sheldon Adelson single handedly kept him in) - so what did Newt promise him ??? ...and who backs Rubio... and some of the other --- billionaires...

    adios Anton.... I`m thinking it`sreal hot where your going to be for eternity...

  • kcf_07757 kcf_07757 Feb 14, 2016 4:06 AM Flag

    corneeee ----- Been reading your posts to ggekko...

    Got to say --- you are one flaming idiot. don`t know what rock you live under but you are really a danger to the country -- as well as yourself.... ` of ISIS`... ???? What kind of B S do you listen to ???

    dam man.... get your head out of your but

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