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    OT BS Hawaiian electric on track

    by barbershores Aug 28, 2014 10:07 AM
    keembodakine keembodakine 5 hours ago Flag

    You still make poor argument. What HELCO's mission is is to make money for stockholders..That is all. Hawaiian companies have zero grasp on realities of energy production....What they have is a good grasp on gouging. Their new attempt to screw solar producers because their loss of revenues from them force non solar users to pick up the slack...is ridiculous. That is like saying someone driving a 50 mpg gasoline car should pay more for gas than someone driving a 10 mpg gas car, because the oil companies aren't selling as much gas to the econo drivers, so they should charge them more. HELCO is trying to put a "wood" fired power plant in Pepeekeo, HI using Hu Honua as the company to produce the juice. HELCO has already gone on record saying they don't need the juice, but it is just another way they can purchase expensive juice and get high rates from the PUC. What needs to happen here is a CO-OP formed and bypass HELCO and HECO already. YOu don't seem to understand that business is crooked here. Your comment about HELCO having a good grasp of the practical realities of energy production goes to show just how little you understand Hawaii and what goes on here. You don't build bio plants that have to drive 60 miles on narrow roads with overweight trucks full of logs to get to a plant that will try and make juice using wet wood...as we have very high humidity here. The only wood bio plants that operate efficiently have their source of fuel very close to the plant and not spend millions trucking logs long distances to chip up and then burn green, because we always have high humidity. It is all political, as they can claim renewable. Nice try though.

    Just My Take

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    OT BS Hawaiian electric on track

    by barbershores Aug 28, 2014 10:07 AM
    keembodakine keembodakine 19 hours ago Flag

    Mr. Shores,
    I don't know what you are trying to postulate, but you not being a HELCO or HECO customer makes you nearly totally unaware of what is going on with solar here in Hawaii. Jay Ignacio, who is in charge of Helco on this side of the island wrote much of that article. Until very recently, solar was near non existent in Hawaii. The grid was paid for by everyone ALREADY. Granted, after the hurricane here, Helco is replacing a lot of poles. HELCO's million dollar executives see that if more and more people produce by solar, then HELCO has a hard time maintaining big bucks for shareholders. HELCO charches $.43/kwh for juice and yet over half produced on this island is produced by geothermal at a cost to the producing company of less than 8 cents kwh. HELCO won't build a storage facility, as they are lazy and just want the PUC to grant them their profit as a percentage over cost. The more they can spend, the more they can charge. Now...because revenues are falling due to more and more solar generators, they must make the shareholders whole somehow, so instead of charging $20/mo as a standard hookup fee, it will soon translate to $70/ mo for solar grid tie up. The answer for people soon will be to go off grid entirely, and tell HELCO to get their poles off your property. It is a game here in Hawaii...Mr. Shores... "of the money, by the money, and for the money."
    Remember...Puerto Rico and Guam are both islands...both are oil fired generated electricity, and yet both islands have residential rates nearly half of what is charged here. What it boils down to is this is how you can operate if you are a MONOPOLY. I'll bet if there was only ONE oil company with one kind of gas, they could charge you ten bucks a gallon and you would pay for it...because your car is useless without it....although electric cars may change the game in the future.

  • keembodakine by keembodakine Aug 29, 2014 4:09 PM Flag

    Hilarious. 800 shares or about 80 bucks jumps the stock up another ten plus percentage points just before closing...trying to make it look like there is something here to cheer about? Financials please!

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    22% of earth electric power

    by lakeed98 Aug 28, 2014 8:56 PM
    keembodakine keembodakine Aug 29, 2014 3:40 PM Flag

    It is all about American greed keeping solar down in the US. Solar installations in Europe cost about half of what they do in the US. Solar contractors in the US gouge people blind which reduces solar acquisition to only those well hinged and green. The first thing a solar contractor wants to tell you is about the tax advantages. Look at the actual costs of solar panels panels now. You can get many vendors selling 5KW worth of 20-25 yr. warranted panels for under $5K or under a dollar a watt. This should completely cover most folks' usage. Micro inverters can add another $3K Other electronics to give grid tie and monitoring might add $1500, so you are looking at $9500 for everything but permits and installation. Here, the contractor sends out 2, $12 hr workers up on your roof, and everything is done for 20 panels, and hook up in two days. Just how much did those workers suck of the total cost? The contractors want $30K-50K to do the job. The same units installed in Germany cost about $16K. No wonder solar isn't catching on.

  • keembodakine keembodakine Aug 29, 2014 3:27 PM Flag

    Selectequities101 poor post.

    Mr. select. This is a quote from your post. " Everyone I've let know about Nanologix is extremely interested. They don't seem to mind so much when they hear that a pink sheet company doesn't report financials."

    If in fact you actually had told the truth, then perhaps you can explain the following and clarify. Did the stock price fail to go up, because "Everyone" you have let know about Nanologix doesn't have enough interest to purchase any shares thus creating an upward trend in price, or is it that "Everyone" you have let know about Nanologix doesn't have any money or that there are so few people you have let know that with all their purchases from their extreme interest, they can't move the share price higher than a yearly low. Maybe the huge majority of people you "don't know" might actually mind the fact that this company doesn't report financials often, and has never turned a profit when they did post. If they are reluctant to post sales, it is for one reason only.....the sales figures are low. People don't hide good news.

  • keembodakine by keembodakine Aug 28, 2014 6:25 PM Flag

    "Slurry spill has left trail of death in Ohio creek -
    Thousands of bass, sunfish, crayfish and other fish and aquatic animals were killed Friday in a coal-slurry spill in an eastern Ohio creek that is home to an endangered salamander.

    In all, more than 4,000 animals died in the spill that fouled nearly a mile of Captina Creek in Belmont County."

    Moral of story? Solar is bad, because birds sometimes die, but coal is good, because there are too many bass, sunfish, crayfish and other fish and aquatic animals.

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    OT BS Streamers

    by barbershores Aug 18, 2014 2:11 PM
    keembodakine keembodakine Aug 28, 2014 6:00 PM Flag

    Mr. Shores argument is really pathetic. Birds aren't the only thing in nature. Perhaps Mr. Shores should put figures down as how many salmon and steelhead smolts are ground up in hyrdro turbines, and after that, he can put down how many fish and wildlife deaths occurred when coal slurry spills occurred and how the concentration of acidic coal water has decimated and toasted fresh water species. Then maybe he can tell the us the aquatic life loss due to the nuke plant disaster in Fukushima after the earthquake. I think maybe Mr. Shores needs to be a little bit more open minded. Yes, there will be deaths caused to birds and other wildlife due to solar power. That being said...oil spills and coal screwups that are making fuel for power plants have done so with regularity and impunity for years. What Mr. Shores needs to do is as solar use increases and coal usage decreases, add the amount of birds and fish that now survive due to less coal usage. How many birds are killed on the highway every year from non solar powered autos?

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    OT BS Medicaid scams

    by barbershores Aug 18, 2014 12:08 PM
    keembodakine keembodakine Aug 28, 2014 12:20 PM Flag

    Mr Shores,
    What it boils down to is that the govt. tends to trust people, and a certain percentage of people, as you say, when tempted will take regardless of need. Look at our "voluntary" task system. Unless you are audited, you can put whatever you want under deductions and get lots of money from the Feds. What percentage lie on their taxes? I don't know, but plenty of people either declare writeoffs they should not declare, or they fail to report monies earned. How many people are paid cash for something ...either labor or goods and fail to report it? You seem to enjoy picking on the health care system, when it is just cost of doing government. Every govt has people scamming it. Here, we have defense contractors promoting wars to get more contracts to get more of a nation's treasury. You have police forces full of military weapons now that must be maintained, so higher taxes will incur. Perhaps even you have put something down on your tax form that you truly knew might not be quite kosher, but...hey, you probably wouldn't get audited. This makes you no different than the wheel chair companies screwing Medicare. Enjoy.

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    OT BS the latest on bad screenings

    by barbershores Aug 19, 2014 9:41 PM
    keembodakine keembodakine Aug 27, 2014 3:41 PM Flag

    "If someone is sick, and they can be helped, and the approach is cost effective, they should receive care."

    Mr. Shores....
    I don't really find coherence in your post. Here you are deriding testing and procedures, and yet if you just google "sore throat", you will find there can be a myriad of causes...hundreds...from a smoker's sore throat to bad sinuses, to deviated septum whereby people breathe through their mouths to esophageal cancer to other forms of throat cancer, to strep throat...et al. In case you haven't figured it out, testing and diagnosis are what is required in order to treat the problem, unless of course, you want to leave all problems untreated and undiagnosed. Symptoms are similar in loads of the above cases for throat problems that I gave you. Go look it up. Costs with no benefits will exist no matter what, unless you are fortunate enough to have had your original diagnosis be the problem and good treatment for the problem is observed. However, most times, doctors may run a battery of tests to eliminate certain diseases from the diagnosis. In doing so...every test cost money, and every one that comes up negative for one's sore throat is an expense that wasn't needed, had the doctor been so smart as to never need tests for anything. The benefit is that if in one test, strep throat is confirmed, then a treatment can be prescribed.

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    The Bottom Line

    by madjen2 Aug 13, 2014 10:42 AM
    keembodakine keembodakine Aug 27, 2014 2:04 PM Flag

    People will buy and sell TRADE TRADE TRADE bankrupt stocks. That doesn't mean the company has any value, but it rather means that people are betting one way or another on the next trade. Lots of traders don't even know anything about the company in which they are trading. They just buy and hope the trades will either force the stock up a bit or down a bit depending on their bet, and lightly traded stocks like this one are the kind they enjoy. They can see the stock goes up and down 5-15% on a couple of trades. They know they cannot bet much, but they can can make a few bucks in the casino regardless of Bret Barnheizer, Nanologix, or anything else.

  • keembodakine by keembodakine Aug 26, 2014 3:21 PM Flag

    Numbers so large it is hard to report them?

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    Everyone's favorite subject...climate change

    by keembodakine Aug 25, 2014 1:21 PM
    keembodakine keembodakine Aug 26, 2014 3:08 PM Flag

    " Some people will worry about anything and everything while others should worry more. But what does worry accomplish?"

    Oh My! lol. Mr. dan...your previous posts showed your concern (worry) for folks voting for politicians that will take your freedoms away. What does scripture say about freedom? "What the Son has set free is free INDEED." You are already free as a believer. What did Jesus say about worrying, and yet you say "others should worry more." You sound like a worry wart to me. Have a worry free day scs_dan....and many more, because your worry about others' voting habits is really just a waste of your time. Have a great day.

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    OT Bank of America settlement

    by scs_dan Aug 21, 2014 11:26 AM
    keembodakine keembodakine Aug 25, 2014 3:21 PM Flag

    This is just the way banks operate. An old quote "Ice water runs in a banker's veins", has never been truer. It is easy to figure out what happened. Capitalism requires people to spend money and consume or the system collapses. Honesty has never been a requirement of capitalism...only greed is a requirement. Bankers had observed that when interest rates were high, people eventually couldn't borrow, and that wasn't good for banking. This is what happened during Carter/Nixon time when inflation and interest rates went ballistic but Volker curbed the speculation by raising them high enough, the game stopped. The new younger bankers saw a different game to play once interest rates started going down. They realized they could not make the same return...9% on a $50K home, and found it more lucrative to bring interest rates down to say 5%, but then pump real estate up so that the old $50K home is now $100K and they make more money. The banks, mortgage institutions, real estate brokers, appraisers, and yes the buyers all had a role, as it is always in the interest of a real estate broker to sell a house for more money, as their brokerage fee increases in dollar terms as the price of home increases and yet they do no more work for the money. The same is true for title companies. The real estate salesperson wants the offer to close, knows brokers who will lend, helps the buyer negotiate the paperwork and the banks play along as they in turn sell the new paper to other institutions. None of the big boys go to jail, but they do pay fines, but a 16 billion dollar fine pales to insignificance compared to the profits they made before the collapse. After the collapse, when democrats tried to put put restrictions on bank practices, the right wing free marketeers fought tooth and nail to water down anything that might restrict bank corruptions, so we are really back in line to see it all happen again. Enjoy.

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    Everyone's favorite subject...climate change

    by keembodakine Aug 25, 2014 1:21 PM
    keembodakine keembodakine Aug 25, 2014 3:07 PM Flag

    "By the way, the scientists pictured in the Huffington Post article don't look very frightened to me."

    You are correct in that there is no "terror" on their faces...However, I hope you would concede that they don't look exactly happy? That being said, you probably don't look too frightened right now either, but as you dwell upon your own death as you get older, your facial expressions may change from what they were when you were a child. Even as a child, you were on a march toward your last breath, but until one begins to face it, usually one doesn't show much anxiety. Have a good day.

  • Very nice pics and comments from scientists regarding climate change, so Mr. Shores should be delighted on reading it. Anyhow, try googling huffingtonpost 8/25 climate change and then scroll down to Photographer captures Scientists' Frightened Responses.. The facial black and white photos are cool. Not warming.

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    Bashers Wanted

    by erickarther Aug 22, 2014 12:12 PM
    keembodakine keembodakine Aug 22, 2014 4:13 PM Flag

    Can you please elaborate on Nanoligix being on the cusp of dynamic sales? Dynamic sales to whom and at what amounts? I am not bashing, but it does seem that you are being a "high end" pumping person. Can you provide me with past revenues, sales, and fulfilled forecasts? Can you please provide me with a valid reason for stalled shareholder meetings and lack of financial reporting? If as YOU claim, NNLX is on verge of dynamic sales, then you should be able to provide previous sales figures showing strong increases in sales....say for the last 4 quarters. If you can't provide this info, then your post is nothing more than a pump with proof of nothing.

  • Reply to

    Future Timeline for NNLX

    by dlakersrok Aug 21, 2014 5:59 PM
    keembodakine keembodakine Aug 21, 2014 6:11 PM Flag

    I don't think the company is going very far, and when is now. For all this super diagnostic stuff that NNLX is supposed to be about, there have been far far too many years of little to no sales resulting in little company growth and no profits. Within a few short years, probably Samsung or Apple will have a program app on your smart phone whereby you breathe on your phone and it will give you a diagnosis in a few seconds. Technology is changing faster than Bret can put a new shingle on his house. This is an industry that takes quick delivering on promises. NNLX's position in rapid disease detection will be history before long, and Bret just took too long and was too stubborn to realize that what he needed marketing by people far far better than NNLX has ever had.

  • keembodakine by keembodakine Aug 20, 2014 2:37 PM Flag

    The funny thing is, Bret could post that sales for the first six months generated $20k, and nobody on this board is going to panic and sell because of the news. Apparently, he is holding back with earnings announcements year after year, because he is afraid it will have a negative effect. What can be any more negative than a yearly low? Bret and his family may be secure with no financials disclosed, because they already know them. Bret doesn't have to disclose a single customer's name....just release the figures and let the chips fall where they may. It seems obvious that sales figs stink, or he would have posted them in bold print. Tell us the truth, Bret, even if it isn't what we want to hear. Sad.

  • keembodakine keembodakine Aug 19, 2014 4:02 PM Flag

    This was the problem the GOP handed Obama, and he bit on the bait..hook, line, and sinker. He caved in to the GOP demand that there would be no single payer option, and yet after doing that, not one GOP vote went his way on the AHCA. The remedy to zap the young is simple. National sales tax for healthcare and single payer option. Every time you buy something, you help purchase healthcare. This covers everyone and is similar to what happens in the real civilized industrialized world. Of course, you can increase taxes on the naughty items and earmark that tax for healthcare fund. This make people buying cigarettes pay additional into the healthcare fund. The same could be for booze. People then still have their choice to do as they please, but no choice as far as funding a national healthcare system. Of course, this is totally opposed by the drug and insurance companies, because they would be the biggest losers.

  • keembodakine by keembodakine Aug 19, 2014 4:25 AM Flag

    Doesn't look good. Lack of transparency is causing this.

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