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  • keep_investing keep_investing Jul 19, 2014 7:36 AM Flag

    Fraud, what has happened since 2009, is that RWNJ's, like you, have crawled out of your caves and infested the country with hateful racism and bigotry.

  • 1 - Dr Lanza sold 22% of his ACTCD shares over an 8 day period earlier this month.
    2 - In Nov. the company is asking for 60% more stock dilution, along with higher compensation pay for it's executives. Amazing, more pay for doing nothing, no product, no revenues, and no profits.
    3 - The SEC has come after ACT once again for Gary Rabin's past crimes of not disclosing his stock sales, while CEO of the company.

    Nothing good here for the shareholders, or for the folks with AMD or SMD either.


    I own 2,500 shares of ACTCD, and desperately want it to succeed, but all it's done is disappoint, and I am not going to sit around and say nothing, when I see how misreably this company has been run by it's CEO's over the years And as I've always said, Dr Lanza is the only reason for owning ACTCD, and now he's even selling.

  • Key points

    We have developed a biomimetic microfluidic platelet bioreactor that recapitulates bone marrow and blood vessel microenvironments.

    Application of shear stress in this bioreactor triggers physiological proplatelet production, and platelet release.


    Platelet transfusions total 2.17 million apheresis-equivalent units/year in the United States and are derived entirely from human donors despite clinically significant immunogenicity, associated risk of sepsis, and inventory shortages due to high demand and 5-day shelf life. To take advantage of known physiological drivers of thrombopoiesis we have developed a microfluidic human platelet bioreactor that recapitulates bone marrow stiffness, extracellular matrix composition, micro-channel size, hemodynamic vascular shear stress, and endothelial cell contacts, and supports high-resolution live-cell microscopy and quantification of platelet production. Physiological shear stresses triggered proplatelet initiation, reproduced ex vivo bone marrow proplatelet production, and generated functional platelets. Modeling human bone marrow composition and hemodynamics in vitro obviates risks associated with platelet procurement and storage to help meet growing transfusion needs.

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    ACTC; leader in the field of...

    by raymonddmilliken Sep 23, 2014 10:34 AM
    keep_investing keep_investing Sep 23, 2014 11:58 AM Flag

    Ray, ACTCD is the leader in stock dilution! And they still haven't marketed a revenue producing product after 20 years in business. Now isn't that what's called Monkey Business?

  • keep_investing by keep_investing Jul 7, 2014 1:49 PM Flag

    ....before Dr Wotton officially comes on board, then this ship should really start to set sail........Ahoy Matey!

  • keep_investing by keep_investing Jul 7, 2014 9:04 AM Flag

    Will Dr Lanza renew his contract with ACT, after Dr Wotton comes on board July21?
    I would think so, because Dr Lanza is on the verge of a historical breakthrough in curing macular degeneration, and then receiving the Nobel Prize for doing so. I am expecting him to receieve the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2015, or 2016.

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    President is holding a news conf.

    by aceofbasefanatic Aug 6, 2014 6:32 PM
    keep_investing keep_investing Aug 7, 2014 8:24 AM Flag

    "Mr. President, boring, its gotten Old."

    Ace, nobody is more boring than you, with your sad little epitaphs attacking the President. Please, just do us all a big favor, by checking into to your nearest psycho clinic.

  • And don't fool yourself by the $ sign now on this stock, it's still a penny stock. And all the tomfoolery of the 1:100 RS can't change that fact.

  • release some news, or at least talk about when you'll release news. So that we shareholders can get our just due, after many years of suffering enormous share dilution burn, we now deserve a break, don't ya think?

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    Sheep getting nervous

    by colepepper637 Jul 25, 2014 7:56 AM
    keep_investing keep_investing Jul 25, 2014 8:21 AM Flag

    Not true, Cole, the party is just getting started. So don't be a wallflower, instead jump in before you miss out on all the fun.

  • Because it sure has operated like it's living in a communist economy, and not like the capitalist economy that it's actually operating in. It's confounding that a company could be in existence for 20+ years w/o ever making a profit. So it's essentially been living off the welfare of others, especially it's shareholders.
    And now, in Nov, they will be asking for more shareholder dilution, 60% more, along with giving themselves higher compensation, something is just not right with this whole thing, in fact it sounds a lot like a scam. And if you've ever watched CNBC's American Greed show, one day ACT could be starring on it.

  • ....just to see if he's awake. He must be feeling like a fugitive who's hiding from his shareholders.
    Dr Wotton, all we want to know, besides the 60% stock dilution and higher compensation pay, is what in hell is going on at ACT? I thought you were going be an open and honest CEO, not a closed and dishonest one, so what's it going to be with you?

  • Could it double next week? Who knows, but at least now there is the audacity for hope, something we haven't seen from ACTC in a long, long time.

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    Only two more weeks....

    by keep_investing Jul 7, 2014 1:49 PM
    keep_investing keep_investing Jul 7, 2014 3:00 PM Flag

    Dan, the day that the Top Line Data is released in a peer reviewed journal, thats the day we all can get excited about.

  • keep_investing by keep_investing Jul 5, 2014 8:03 AM Flag

    And though it's great that we now have Dr Wotton as President and CEO of ACT, Dr Lanza is still the main reason for owning this stock, and he's the reason the company has made it his far.

    "Meanwhile.....Lanza accumulating SCNT patents.For those not following trends within the industry.....over the last year the race to reprogram the stem cell has moved from IPS cell to SCNT(therapeutic cloning). Most scientists now know that reprogramming autologous(IPS cells) is more complicated then once thought. No magic bullet, and will instead take years to perfect as scientists dig deeper and deeper into such complexities.
    The 'cloning' .....and for that matter embryonic stem cell stigma of the past is fading and the urgency of finding cures to disease has superceded the fears of such technologies. Recently Dr. West of Biotime hit the nail on the head when he compared the fear of hESC's to Harvard's ban of recombinant DNA in the 1970's.
    Robert Lanza's patents over the last 3 years reflect this trend in the scientific community and it's refocus on therapeutic cloning. Although not perfected the SCNT method looks to be the simplest way to perfect reprogramming hESC's into histocompatible cells/tissues for transplant.

    Here are 5 of Lanza's SCNT patents over the last few years:

    -11/07/13 - 20130295056 - Generation of histocompatible tissues using nuclear transplantation

    -08/02/12 - 20120196769 - Methods of repairing tandemly repeated dna sequences and extending cell life-span using nuclear transfer

    -09/27/12 - 20120246746 - Method for generating immune-compatible cells and tissues using nuclear transfer techniques

    -07/19/12 - 20120184035 - Methods and compositions for reprogramming cells

    -11/03/11 - 20110268709 - Generation of histocompatible tissues using nuclear transplantation"

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    Obama Lovers = Low Info Losers

    by sosuaman Jul 9, 2014 8:42 PM
    keep_investing keep_investing Jul 10, 2014 8:24 AM Flag

    Come on, Sosu, you that nobody can be lower than you are, as you're at the bottom of the trash pile of posters on this board. But at least you're good at something.

  • keep_investing keep_investing Jul 3, 2014 12:44 PM Flag

    And Deme says I never read, well, Deme, meet Luke. Anyway, Luke, read the Form 8-K, it looks to me like ACT has the upper hand in this deal, and that means Lincoln Park Capital knows ACT really has something great going on here :

    "ACT controls the timing and amount of any sales of common stock to LPC at a known price;
    LPC cannot require ACT to make sales, but is obligated to make purchases as ACT directs in accordance with the terms of the agreement;
    There is no upper limit on the price per share that LPC could be obligated to pay for shares of common stock under the agreement; and
    There are no limitations on use of proceeds, financial covenants, restrictions on future financings, rights of first refusal, participation rights, penalties or liquidated damages. "

  • ....and they deserve to be blamed, but lets not forget that GW banned funding for ESC research(On August 9, 2001, U.S. President George W. Bush introduced a ban on federal funding for research on newly created human embryonic stem (ES) cell lines.), which probably set this whole thing back at least 10 years. And then of course there's the good old Catholic Church(inwhich Deme is a groupie), plus other fundalmentalist religions, who are fighting ESC cures tooth and nail, just look at the current ALS cures they're fighting against.
    These closed minded folks need to move to Middle East where their backward ways are appreciated and accepted.

  • keep_investing keep_investing Sep 16, 2014 9:43 AM Flag

    Freddy, your paranoia has you seeing me behind behind every tree. Maybe you need to see a psychriatist, because it appears that I've gotten inside your head, and it's a vast wasteland.

  • keep_investing keep_investing Sep 13, 2014 11:37 AM Flag

    Black, another 6 months of doing nothing be the doom of ACT, as the Japanese are hot on our trail. And Dr Wotton has already had a few months now, and all we get is the same old #$%$, more dilution, and higher compensation pay for people who have done nothing to deserve it.

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