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  • there are hundreds, if not thousands, of drugs out in the market that have detrimental effect on the kidneys and liver from first pass metabolism. Hence patients with liver or kidney problems can not tolerate these drugs. Turn them into inhalations and bypass the liver. Inhaltion also allows smaller dose usage; therefore less toxic effect on the body and less impact on the ki.dneys metabolism which would benefit those with kidney problems greatly.

    Mnkd is sitting on a delivery platform that has been approved by the FDA; greenfield work isn't done folks. Sanofi is just the beginning.

  • Amph for insulin
    Sanofi for comercial and sales
    The candidate to manufacture Dreamboat may also ink a deal for technosphere (Can't believe Greenfield was hired to just ink a simple deal with Sanofi; there has to be multiple deals).
    Short days are numbered....that is all i can say at this point.

  • NOw they are battling up hills against small time retailers and insiders who own over 80% of the shares. That is the reason why this stock hasn't gone up but down. Deep pockets hedge funds with 75 mil shorted shares, doubling their positions to cause panic and mayhem, hoping the retailers and insiders would sell. Al Mann knows that he would have an uphill battle with these hedge funds; his words wouldn't make any difference. That is the reason why he remained silent for 6 weeks until the action speaks for itself.

    With $10 bill of insulin in storage; the market cap doesn't even come close.

  • The short hedge funds only had one thing in mind: FDA rejection! If they were right, yes the $10 bil insuin storage could be worth as much as scrap selling and mnkd would fall to near zero. But they were wrong and trapped with a company now worth $10 bil in insulin storage, AFrezza, and technosphere.

    How will the rich hedge funds cover 75 mil shares? continue to short more? some trading firms are running out of shares to short. This will be $50/sh in a jiffy.

  • $10 bil worth of insulin freezer stored in Germany (please google it).
    What is the worth of Afrezza? $5 billion?
    What is the worth of technosphere the delivery agent that can be implement to any SQ/IV drug? priceless!

    Short hedge funds made a huge mistake by assuming that Afrezza would get rejected by the FDA. If that was the case then everything would be worthless, technosphere and Afrezza would have no value, and the $10 billion worth of insulin would be sold to the highest bidder. Now that it is approved, these hedge funds are facing a company that was assumed to be worth next to nothing to a $20 billion company, looking for a buyer or partner.

    With 75 mil shares shorted, how will the hedge funds respond to this double edge sword that they got themselves into? Short more? But wait they are running out of shares to short. Time is running out for them, announcement of buyout or partner is inching closer by the day as management is working out on the detailed contracts.

    This is a classic case where 80% of the shares are owned by lesser saavy retail investors and insiders (47%) beating the presumed more knowledgeable hedge funds with more cash.

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    NEW HOLDER OF MNKD-----very interesting:

    by mikesmilitaria Sep 9, 2014 6:07 PM
    kevinvests kevinvests Sep 9, 2014 7:52 PM Flag

    Now we are talking, the goliaths are buying. Once they have enough they will manipulate the pps up. With 77 mil shares shorted, it will be a very easy manipulation. Adam Feurstein and Toubillion will not standup to the Goliaths of BofA and Vanguard.

  • It would only be logical for management to pump the stock after such an event, especially when they owned 47% of the shares. As long as you stay within the legal limits, you can lie and pump. If I was Al Mann I can call up my friend the Ceo of Merck, for example, and agree to a Merck buyout at let's say $8 bil. But I would also say, the decision wasn't finalized yet, it's still within legal limits to lie as long as I am ambiguous enough. The shares would have gotten pumped to $20/sh; shorts would have been torched mometarily. Then all of the sudden, I would say mnkd is more interested in a partner rather than a buyout and sign partner with Sanofi instead. At this point, investors would have been left with the impression that mnkd just turned down an $8 billion cash for bigger pay. Thye stock would probably rally even higher. than $20.

    So instead, management staid silent, allowed shorts to rape the share price for 6 weeks. When it came to Sanofi deal, eventhough the deal is for $925 mils paid in installments but the initial pay was only $150 mil that it got investors spooked, and the shorts jumped on and raped the share price again. IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. It seemed like management intentionally wants the share price down for whatever reason. That is the puzzle that I can't figure out. #$%$ is going on?

  • $10 bill of insulin stored in Germany. Making a plastic whistle will cost 20 cents each;; thus, the true cost is advertisement, sells, and manufacturing facility which is already built in Danbury. Even if they go alone this company will make hand over fist profits.

    But I still want a quick $20 billion buyout or a partner with $5 bil upfront cash

  • kevinvests kevinvests Aug 4, 2014 3:20 PM Flag

    so now you are asking, the $10 bil insulin storage was expected to be worthless if the FDA rejected Afrezza. NOw it is worth $10 bil plus Afrezza and technosphere!!!!

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    Cost to make Afrezza is nearly nothing

    by kevinvests Aug 5, 2014 11:05 AM
    kevinvests kevinvests Aug 5, 2014 11:12 AM Flag

    the problem with the share price is that the id iots hedge fund managers made a huge mistake on predicting an FDA rejection. Thus, the people with the money are manipulating down while retail investors which own about 30% and insiders own 47% do not have the cash to manipulate the price up. Thus, it is heavily attacked and manipulated by hedge fund managers to cover their short positions. They double down on their shorts-- that's not a way to invest, you can muscle your way through investment. Al Mann knows this, and he will make them pay big time.

  • ends up on the street homeless, that is my speculation. Probably 80 mil shares shorted now, getting too crowded-- no more shares to short, too many die hard Afrezza fans, and too much insiders. They can't even cover 5 mil shares without shooting this through $20.

  • Wallstreet hardly has any shares. Insiders have inside infos but wallstreet has the cash to make things move. So what does wallstreet do? They short the stock, and insiders refuse to let go of the shares. Sadly for the retail longs, you are stuck in the middle of this war. Insiders with strong belief of longterm success and refuse to sell, and wallstreet who wants in on cheaper shares (at least be able to cover and initiate a long position) simply can't because the 200 mil shares of float are mostly owned by retailers. The hedge funds who desparately try to cover lower and initiate cheaper positions can't. So what do these hedge funds do? They double their short positions to cause panic to stubborn retailers and the insiders who refuse to sell. The war continues...

    Insiders should never have traded this company publicly if they have such high interest in ownership.

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    BUYOUT COMING! Check This.....

    by jamosakbs Aug 6, 2014 4:33 PM
    kevinvests kevinvests Aug 6, 2014 4:43 PM Flag

    the website isn't searchable anymore

  • the drug is being administered through the lungs, but did they not do lung function comparison to control group????

  • prevent selloffs? making that option for additional partners to still come forward with offers?

  • companies miss earnings all the time. But what is so bad about this one that caused 75% drop? yes for the last year, earnings have consistently gone down but 75% drop???

  • I think these mega hedge funds who bet against mnkd, hoping for FDA rejection, will file for BK. Tourbillion $1 billion portfollio isn't big enough. If they spent just 10% of their funds shorting mankd, covering at 50/sh will bankrupt them.

  • kevinvests by kevinvests Jul 8, 2014 9:55 AM Flag

    every step toward approval gets a rally, only to be slammed later, after a buck or two of gains. Management is too busy sleeping?? Where are they?

  • kevinvests kevinvests Aug 4, 2014 1:57 PM Flag

    that's the problem, insiders own 47% and retailers own another 40% or so, none of you guys have deep pockets to manipulate and make your share price go up. The hedge funds shorted this lower than current trading price; they are trying to get out but can't. But unfortunately they are the ones with lots of cash to manipulate the market and make things move. They try and try, even doubling their short positions, and all they are getting is $10 to $8.

    Al Mann knows this, and the only way to move this stock is by action. Words aren't going to make these hedge funds buckle.

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    SA article confirmed my suspicion

    by scappy25 Aug 13, 2014 6:06 PM
    kevinvests kevinvests Aug 13, 2014 7:37 PM Flag

    What?! you gotta be kiddin! that's $2.5 bil upfront pay. This may support my suspicion by management has been downplaying their success; there is always something not disclosed in these contracts.

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