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    MU's Price

    by camp5500 Apr 9, 2015 2:54 PM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 10, 2015 5:51 PM Flag

    Hey Flam, thanks for your technical read! I see you've been retaining all the data much better than I. Weekly I tend to skim countless SA authors on SA for a gut feeling but don't try to retain much of the mountain of electrical engineering info. About the time I'd have half that stuff figured out it'd all change or I will have moved on to another stock/sector. Last few years prior to this I learned way more than I ever cared to on a bio stock I owned going bankrupt. Most of the minutia knowledge I stored on that is worthless now, as is often the case after you move on from a stock. All I know is this 3D Nand seems to be a cornerstone going forward for the semis and MU isn't scheduled to really be in the market until 2016. I do think our other core business will start driving the SP before then, after 3Q earnings. But, naturally it would be much needed security for investors now if MU/INTC can announce 3D Nand sooner than scheduled and also do a good job of keeping us informed on it. Thx again. kg

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    Question? seeking info....

    by lmhflying00 Apr 10, 2015 12:19 PM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 10, 2015 5:33 PM Flag

    Yeah, better off just using your own noggin...

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    Thoughts on the Buyback

    by Apr 9, 2015 2:47 PM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 10, 2015 2:23 PM Flag

    flamoir, do you know: what might be the reporting requirement for a company to keep stockholders informed when they buy back converts? Has anyone here been tracking how MU reports this (upon sale, end of month, quarterly and in what medium?

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    Thoughts on the Buyback

    by Apr 9, 2015 2:47 PM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 10, 2015 2:15 PM Flag

    Good luck bottom fishing for 25 again! Ships now on a slow steady cruise to get past 3Q and beyond... No more negatives to drive us down to 25 (barring overall market corrections)...

  • Telecoms today overall Flat to Down:

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    SHOR 7.09 +0.02 +0.28%
    RNG 16.59 +0.10 +0.61%
    CALL 7.19 -0.03 -0.42%
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    MU's Price

    by camp5500 Apr 9, 2015 2:54 PM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 9, 2015 5:22 PM Flag

    So much for the sarcasm. Perhaps you can answer your own question? Why they can't...

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    Anemic volume

    by cigarking50 Apr 9, 2015 2:55 PM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 9, 2015 3:33 PM Flag

    yeah great that we'e maintaining 27, might even make it to 28 soon. CNBC talking heads been saying low volume on everything this week.

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    Thoughts on the Buyback

    by Apr 9, 2015 2:47 PM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 9, 2015 3:30 PM Flag

    Hi Cody. (dunno who down arrowed you!) Excellent topic. Wish I knew. Wish I had a direct line to MU telling me when after they buy. I guess no transparency until they do. Agree not good to buy around 27 then see it drop. On the other hand, we don't know if they've already bought when it was below 27. Also, 27 might be as low as she goes or stays clear to 3Q. Especially if they plan to come in good shape for 3Q... kg

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    Acting Pretty Well The Past Few Days

    by vincent90157 Apr 9, 2015 3:17 PM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 9, 2015 3:22 PM Flag

    Hi VInce, surprisingly well today! Wonder what's behind the nice move up? We may see 28 soon... kg

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    MU's Price

    by camp5500 Apr 9, 2015 2:54 PM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 9, 2015 3:19 PM Flag

    That's pretty much how I see it too "27.00 - 31.00". Unless they accelerate the 3D NAND schedule and/or announce something new at one of the next three conferences(below). My gut tells me "other chip companies earnings" right now will be lackluster at best. (the general economy and high US dollar) So, not much help there. Ditto on your, "If they beat and do not lower guidance next quarter then MU is off to the races. " This is what I'm counting on. This is what I'm counting on. People buying at this 27 level will be in good shape come 3Q in July.

    " May 6, 2015, 8:35 AM CT
    Baird 2015 Growth Stock Conference

    May 28, 2015, 8:00 AM ET
    Cowen and Company 43rd Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference

    Aug 14, 2015, 8:00 AM PT
    Micron's 2015 Summer Analyst Conference "

    Kg2931 (Long & Strong 2K shrs MU @ $24.92 held since 3/5/14)

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    Intel drops Altera Talks

    by cigarking50 Apr 9, 2015 11:07 AM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 9, 2015 12:57 PM Flag

    I'm not sure how it impacts MU but would guess good because one less competitor/partner? Dunno. Not up on Altera.

  • kg2931 kg2931 Apr 9, 2015 12:51 PM Flag

    Beginning of this week there were so many new id spammers here! I wanted to "Report Abuse" but realized there's nothing to Report because their content is satisfactory according to rules/filters. Also realized blanket Report Abuse in this situation puts a flag on my id for possible misuse of the Report Abuse, ha!. So, I'm just using the Ignore. Be nice if Yahoo would add a Report Pests link as well... kg

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    In case you are clueless - Buy

    by bylo8 Apr 9, 2015 9:27 AM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 9, 2015 12:39 PM Flag

    If you watch the indexes and major funds, Telecoms have been a leading sector for the past month or so. I am sort of clueless on the telecom sector (VOIP sector) but it is the overall telecom sector that is going up, which VG is a part of (rather than the other way around). However, I also know that VG has a solid history of beating quarterly earnings and is likely to again this quarter. What's concerning is how VG lifted recently to a 4 yr high $5.20 and now having trouble holding $5.00. If, the beat is certain I wonder why the closer to earnings the more the daily lows, hmmm!

    kg2931 (10K shrs VG @ $5.22 ($52,207.25) Long since 4/28/11)

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    buyback related morning spurts in price

    by chartruserobinson Apr 8, 2015 5:16 PM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 8, 2015 9:26 PM Flag

    What's the relationship between this daily price action you're seeing and MU doing buybacks? kg

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    Message Board Disabled

    by ozzied69 Apr 8, 2015 11:32 AM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 8, 2015 3:59 PM Flag

    Hey, that works too. Nifty tip! Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Creature of habit is a serious flaw of mine, ha! Thx! kg

  • kg2931 kg2931 Apr 8, 2015 2:02 PM Flag

    bcorshort, Why would you short BCOR when there's zillions of other better known stocks you'd do better shorting? Makes no sense you being here, unless, of course, you're a paid msg bd hypster!?

  • kg2931 kg2931 Apr 8, 2015 1:59 PM Flag

    This is so cool to be able to access this msg bd again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Message Board Disabled

    by ozzied69 Apr 8, 2015 11:32 AM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 8, 2015 1:57 PM Flag

    Vincent, you are my hero! Thx for giving me that tip. I'm now able to get back to my BCOR bd! I recall learning that trick on another stock sometime back but never thought to try it. You just made my day! Thx! kg

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    BCOR Buy Hold or Sell

    by bcorshort Mar 5, 2015 10:13 AM
    kg2931 kg2931 Apr 8, 2015 1:53 PM Flag

    How do you know 3. Tax Software given away for Free? Source please.

    As a mid term hold the BCOR SP should get a pop after the tax season revenue comes in and reported.

    Long term, I agree with knowlegdeger1 (below). The value of BCOR is worth by far more than it's SP trades at.

  • I own BCOR stock and have not been able to access this BCOR msg bd in Yahoo for over a year! The link 'Message Boards' on the left hand side of the screen is grayed out/inactive. Someone on another msg bd just helped me get back here by pointing out you have to, "go to a different board then punch in the symbol in the box for "Get Message Board For", which I just tried for the first time and Voila I'm here again! Think how many other BCOR stock holders don't know this and would like to be here!

    Does anyone know why Yahoo grayed out/inactivated the link? Would Blucora have requested it?

    kg2931 (2392K shrs BCOR (INSP) @ $37.88 Shr ($90,621) held Long since 1/17/2001)

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