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kgrichard5 255 posts  |  Last Activity: Jan 25, 2015 7:10 PM Member since: Feb 9, 2009
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  • kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 25, 2015 7:10 PM Flag

    Jetman...thanks for the heads up. I have done my DD on RNN and like ISIS, know that patience is a virtue.

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    A management change from another companyI own

    by kgrichard5 Jan 25, 2015 2:21 PM
    kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 25, 2015 7:06 PM Flag

    Posi, good advice. I know I should move on and look towards the future of IMSC. I would be lying if I would tell you that is occurring. The PR regarding Glenn's resignation has me ruminating in all directions. A PR like the one above, would have made all the shareholders more comfortable with a needed transition. However, the vagueness and ambiguity is disconcerting to say the least. Perhaps the nature of the state of affairs means everything...i.e. Litigation, protest, national security company, ongoing negotiations regarding a partnership or buyout ...who knows. Hopefully, more transparency regarding the companies current status comes soon.

  • Notice the different tone conveyed by this PR. I thought Glenn should have received the same type of accolades.

    SAN DIEGO, Jan. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Mast Therapeutics, Inc. (NYSE MKT: MSTX), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, today announced a management change in connection with a restructuring of management to best support the Company in its current stage of development. The Company's President and Chief Operating Officer, Patrick L. Keran, will step down from that role and be leaving the Company effective February 28, 2015.

    "We would like to thank Pat for his tireless work and dedication over the years," stated Jack Lief, Chair of the Board of Directors. "He has been an instrumental member of the team and contributed significantly to the Company's operations."

    "Pat's contributions have been vital as we moved through some fundamental changes in recent years, which included multiple strategic acquisitions, and advanced our development programs to where they are today. The experience he's gained will no doubt serve him well in the next stage of his career and I'm sure he'll be successful in his future endeavors," stated Brian M. Culley, Chief Executive Officer.

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    Its really simple

    by thigrlsrk Jan 23, 2015 5:24 AM
    kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 23, 2015 2:27 PM Flag

    I am not being disingenuous. I have seen drugs pulled off the market with several hundred patients, going through P1, P2, and 2 P3's...and post marketing years. 100's fold the patient exposure than Etep. This is not a guarantee....it is a drug that is put into many different human bodies. Does it look clean so far, yes.

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    It appears we have a bash and buy going on today

    by jracc2000 Jan 23, 2015 1:02 PM
    kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 23, 2015 1:18 PM Flag

    Bash and buy, pump and dump, short and abort.....what other ones are there?

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    The real competition for Eteplirsen

    by winterlion7722 Jan 22, 2015 11:09 AM
    kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 23, 2015 12:08 PM Flag

    Copp, from week 144 to week 168, all of the kids decreased in ambulation. If there would have been 2 that improved and two that stabilized...that would have been huge. I bought into this heavy following the 48 week data hoping for the 20% by 5 efficacy model. Since then the data suggests perhaps a 33% by 3...which is still good, but not what the street and FDA was hoping for. The stock hit 55 pps for a reason, and with more data we sit at 12.

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    Its really simple

    by thigrlsrk Jan 23, 2015 5:24 AM
    kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 23, 2015 11:50 AM Flag

    3) Needs to be played out further with additional patients. This is not a guarantee. The FDA requested the safety trial for a reason. I do expect and hope for P2 - like safety validation and confirmation.

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    Is this stock trading again

    by kgrichard5 Jan 23, 2015 10:21 AM
    kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 23, 2015 10:34 AM Flag

    Sorry for all the typo's

  • I admit my ignorance. I owned share 4 or more years ago and forgot all about it with the legal mess. If it is trading and what symbol. I am only curious, probably won't buy unless there is a convincing reason. I was surprised this message boards is active.

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    A question for a medical/chemist MD/DO/Phd

    by kgrichard5 Jan 21, 2015 2:59 PM
    kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 23, 2015 10:13 AM Flag

    In addition, our MST-188 pipeline includes development programs in adjunctive thrombolytic therapy (e.g., acute limb ischemia, stroke), heart failure, and resuscitation (i.e., restoration of circulating blood volume and pressure) following major trauma.

    188 used in adjunctive thrombolytic therapy for peripheral vascular and cardiovascular circulation. Sorry if I offended anyone with GED comment..I was including myself in the relative comparison (joke). I am just trying to sort out the potential differences between traditional thrombolytics and 188...both lending to better circulation but with a different MOA (adhesive sealant tech). I know some Pharm D's and they they talk way over my head...I have an MS in health sciences but am not a pharmacologist.

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    A question for a medical/chemist MD/DO/Phd

    by kgrichard5 Jan 21, 2015 2:59 PM
    kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 23, 2015 10:03 AM Flag

    MST-188 is an investigational agent with potential utility in a wide range of serious and life-threatening diseases and conditions characterized by microcirculatory insufficiency (endothelial dysfunction and/or impaired blood flow). The active ingredient in MST-188 is a purified form of poloxamer 188. Substantial research has demonstrated that poloxamer 188 selectively adheres to hydrophobic portions of cells and molecules, creating a barrier that inhibits other adhesive hydrophobic interactions. The pharmacologic effects are improved blood flow and fibrinolysis and reduction of inflammation and thrombosis. On a damaged cell, MST-188 restores membrane integrity, providing time for a cell’s natural repair mechanisms to restore normal function. This broad pharmacodynamic activity gives MST-188 potential application in a wide range of diseases and conditions.

  • kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 23, 2015 9:34 AM Flag

    Do to the fact we are talking business and money here...unfortunately the biggest word you guys are using is "If".

    "Do" and "if" contain the same number of letters. However, if you were capable of writing, your word would have been bigger...."Due"

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    A question for a medical/chemist MD/DO/Phd

    by kgrichard5 Jan 21, 2015 2:59 PM
    kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 22, 2015 5:55 PM Flag

    WOW...What a response. MST-188 greases the cellular surface for less adhesion via less inflammation etc... One more time...is there any investor out there with a science degree that supersedes a GED. Other than the fact that this is an unmet need, I can only see the utility of this drug as reducing flare ups. This drug is not going to be a true game changer, like perhaps an oncology drug for OS time. Granted, if the 188 study grants approval, there will be a decent pps move. However, again. I ask the how this differs in utility and MOA effecting outcomes vs. thrombolytics? TIA

  • kgrichard5 by kgrichard5 Jan 22, 2015 5:39 PM Flag

    I think we will all agree that the unprecedented resignation of Glenn is creating concern and uncertainty. If it was a mutual departure, you would have to think they would announce the transfer of power AFTER the protest was resolved. We are literally weeks away from the GAO decision. If the protest is dismissed and IMSC wins with flying colors.....then....Congratulate Glenn for getting the job done and pass the torch to Bill in order to advance the company i.e. his experience and qualifications. The timing of this is quite disturbing. Three to four weeks...high fiving in the company and take it from here Bill...that makes sense. Glenn worked for years with sweat equity. Why not to make this transition look very natural....I appreciate the assertiveness of a BOD member contacting small retail shareholders such as myself, but conversely, it seems very odd. This is a national security company. OK...done rambling. We need clarity and integrity from the new management team.

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    Dear in_da_ money

    by ken_rybicki Jan 21, 2015 11:42 AM
    kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 21, 2015 7:13 PM Flag

    Thanks Posi. I have a lot invested in this company, probably more than I should. This is a very speculative play, but there is too big a diamond in the rough not to take a chance. Take Care, KG

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    Dear in_da_ money

    by ken_rybicki Jan 21, 2015 11:42 AM
    kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 21, 2015 4:16 PM Flag

    Yes, good advice. Posi, what are your thoughts about our new CEO and the company moving forward? As far as Glenn goes, I hope he was treated fairly and equitably.

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    Will CTSO be fifty dollars by 2016?

    by ecihc Jan 21, 2015 1:18 PM
    kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 21, 2015 3:13 PM Flag

    Which country do you reside in and what is your profession? It

  • How does the 188 MOA differ in pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics when compared to thrombolytics? TIA

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    is it halted?

    by alanthetrader Jan 21, 2015 10:29 AM
    kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 21, 2015 10:34 AM Flag

    Low interest (off the radar)
    Tightly held shares

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    Narrow Range Until 24-week Safety Data Emerges

    by mdwhittier Jan 20, 2015 2:56 PM
    kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Jan 21, 2015 9:12 AM Flag

    Tred, sorry it to so long to get back to you. I guess I should have prefaced 80% certainty the drug is safe and 20% probability it is effective (perception). However, objectively, the 20% chance of AE risk with a larger number of patients is important to the investment community and FDA for confirmation of safety consistent with the phase 2. I only say this because I promoted 4 different drugs over 27 years that were pulled off the market, even after a P1, P2 and two P3's. Post approval and in the market place is when they were pulled. I have seen this many times with larger exposure, so you can imagine the reticent safety concern with N=12, going to a new 24, going to another new 124 and so on. Safety is a very important component leading into the upcoming NDA....the FDA definitely wants to see more...believe me. Once safety is solidified...then the unmet need FDASIA may allow efficacy more breathing room...i.e.cardiopulmonary

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