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kgus79 12 posts  |  Last Activity: Feb 3, 2016 7:04 PM Member since: Oct 28, 2008
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    Guaranteed Prediction.....

    by kgus79 Feb 3, 2016 1:44 PM
    kgus79 kgus79 Feb 3, 2016 7:04 PM Flag

    It sucks being right. Hopefully next ER, they will replace CEO. Blowing more smoke up investor's #$%$ about Gopro's sustainability. Down 65% since last earnings release ($30.21 on 10/28 to $10.71 at close today). At this rate, expect to see at $5 by next ER and below $4 after.

  • If GoPro closes in the green, it will drop 10% or more after hours. GUARANTEED. It's only in the green due to shorts covering. They will re-establish their positions after hours and tomorrow. They've done nothing up to this point to gain investor's confidence. What makes someone think an already poor earnings will cause a rise in share price after hours. If the rumors are true about Hero5 on October and a late first half/early second half release of Karma, what growth will they have in the next six months. Company is a joke and stock is a joke. Only thing that will keep this above $10 is a buyout. Comments/thoughts???

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    No significant positive catalyst anymore

    by kgus79 Jan 20, 2016 1:15 PM
    kgus79 kgus79 Jan 20, 2016 7:45 PM Flag


  • There's a reason why Nick Woodman and his team are not making any news announcements regarding the company's growth. They have none. Sure these drones will have a positive impact on their revenue initially. But that will last only one or two quarters. After that, they'll be right where they are now. Think of it, if someone does buy a drone, what could the next generation drone possibly offer to get someone to upgrade their drone. Usually when a stock has such a significant free fall like the one GoPro has been enduring the past eight months, the CEO or someone from the company will come out to defend the company and lay a gameplan out on the table to reassure investors. GoPro has NEVER done that once during these last two quarters. Not a single word about the company's health or anything positive about the company. I challenge someone to find me anything the Nick or his other officers have said to make investors feel confident. They didn't announce anything significant at CES because they are probably delayed once again on releases of Hero 5 and drone. Company is done and will be a $5 within the next six months. Guaranteed. Comments/thoughts???

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    Rise and repeat......again

    by kgus79 Dec 10, 2015 11:26 AM
    kgus79 kgus79 Dec 15, 2015 1:52 PM Flag

    It's sucks to be right.

  • I posted a few weeks ago regarding GoPro's repetitiveness of share price in relation to Ambarell's earnings and Session 4 price cuts. Recap....Last two earnings from Ambarella and last two Session 4 price cuts caused massive drop in GoPro's stock price. Stock is at it again. Back in late September/early October there was chatter of GoPro being a possible buyout target. All it was, an author's opinion on why GoPro is a good candidate for takeout target. This cause massive increase in stock price. About two days later, stock dropped back to pre buyout talk and even confined to fall further. Fast forward to today, same EXACT scenario. An author is giving reasons why he thinks GoPro is a candidate for takeover target and stock has massive increase. By next week, stock will be in the $17-$17.50 guaranteed. I'll reply to this post next Wednesday showing you I am correct. Stock is a joke. Company is even more of a joke. No regard to shareholders value. Will be a $10 stock by April. Comments/Thoughts....

  • Wash, Rinse and repeat with this company over last few months. Ambarella gave weak guidance last quarter due to GoPros slowing growth and stock drops. GoPro cuts price of Hero4 Session camera from $399 to $299, stock drops. Fast forward three months later. Ambarella gives weak guidance for next quarter due to slowdown growth in GoPro cameras and stock drops. GoPro (again) cuts price of Hero4 Session camera from $299 to $199, stock drops (again). Absolutely no catalyst coming near term. Even with eventual launch of Hero 5, price point will be to high to get consumers to rebuy, forcing (once again) another price cut. The ONLY thing that will propel this stock up will be a buyout from a better run company. If not, guaranteed $10 after they release Q1 results in April/May. Comments/thoughts???

  • kgus79 kgus79 Nov 18, 2015 3:18 PM Flag

    With everyday of no positive announcement about GoPro by the company, analyst will continue to downgrade and lower guidance as well as give web authors the ammo to continue to write negative articles regarding the stock. No news following negative comments usually is a sign that whoever is downgrading might be on the right track. There is absolutely ZERO catalyst in the next two months to help this stock before earnings.

  • They have no positive information to speak of. Otherwise, some type of announcement would have been made to help stabilize the share price. They won't announce any product updates until next year because it will hurt holiday sales due to the fact that nobody would buy a current GoPro if they know a new one will be available in the coming months. It's looking like their earnings will fall below their already sand bagged guidance which is just sad. Will be $15 before Q4 earnings and $10-$12 day after earnings. Mark my word. Let's hope I'm wrong, but what reason do people have to buy this stock. Comments/thoughts???

  • Guaranteed. Notice the Jan. 15 puts on Gpro? Over 10k contracts traded. It appears MM want stock to fall to that price point. Possible upside from there. Doubt it though. I'm sure $10 will be next price point. Comments/thoughts???

  • There is no need for short sellers to cover their position any time soon as long as there are no buyers. Very low volume coupled with continuing stock decline suggests that buyers are on the sidelines until any news comes out. No rush for covering. Can't imagine any positive news happening the rest of the year. May take some time for any positive news (if any) on this company. I wouldn't be surprised if they missed Q4 as well, even with lower guidance. What has changed from last quarter to give this stock any upside. Absolutely nothing. Potential lawsuit and added advertisement expenses. Not a good sign. Comments/thoughts???

  • Looks like short interest is higher from last report. Up to 33+ million. Makes you wonder how much longer until covering will happen. No faith in this stock.

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