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kirby2ndplatoon41 12 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 24, 2015 3:12 PM Member since: May 26, 2011
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  • ...pla"Loon" spoofing, worthless #$%$ piece of sheet as usual. Interesting to see what's going on with bonds, end is near, thanks for posting the relevant info. Some old time boiler room thugs poping up again, must be time to wrap it up if they are re-bashing... 5 yrs in BK now, despicable.
    Susan I read your posts about carl, good stuff, forget social media as the c-rooks will not expose their legitimate identity on social media, nice to see some of you actually know who these criminal elements are, might come in handy when it's all over. Whate ever happened withe the 24 mil on bid on L2? 10% probably from colluded multiple entities to do 5+5 to add to carls 5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5 50% spread around the globe. Brett is going to have a nice empire dropped in his lap when daddy lets go of his chokehold on the markets. Hope this is over soon, sick of the manipulation over the last 15+ years, whole thing is going to collapse imo with 200 trillion unfunded overall. good luck longs.

  • I lost track, anyone remember? Must be having a helluva time trying to gather up the shares for their majority ownership for the 50% share split debt swap to exit and start using the Kleenex brand Blockbuster at full speed again, such a joke. Carl... CAAAARLLLL, time to wrap it up. You are not getting any shares for this deal, just hand off whatever you got to Brett already so he and his boiler room buddies will stop pestering the honset investors and they can run Blockbuster from on high. Or don't, see if I care. Holding out of spite and morbid curiosity at this point. Seriously, is is 5 years now? what is the longest any company has languished in BK to shake out shareholders? anyone? (traitorus boiler room criiiminal thugs need not reply)

  • Don't feed the parasites, they need your attention and your shares. Give them nothing.

  • Just post a number, I dare you. Sorry, entire float is owned by private investors who see the charade in progress.
    No shares for you!

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    Only a matter of time.

    by robertjg7 Jul 7, 2015 12:07 PM
    kirby2ndplatoon41 kirby2ndplatoon41 Jul 13, 2015 1:14 PM Flag

    I'm glad they are posting non-stop, wreaks of desperation as the entire float of shares is held by private investors, so they need shares for some reason, ok we get it. They will not. .. get shares that is, sorry, none available. Why? negative spin on an obscure message board, non stop, must mean something. Literally some of these people have been posting here over 15 years on the way down to the cellar box. I'm sure they cleaned up on the illegal shorting, maybe they are trying to get the 50% ownership before the debt swap for the other 50% ? weither way we will end up with half the shares we started with, wish it would end already, Blockbuster brand name will be back in play soon, who knows. Bk 4+ yeas? I lost track. Such a joke.Robert you and other longs do post good info on the industry and I know it is sickening to see these parasites posting non stop, but it can't last forever. 15+ years with 4 yrs in BK? yes, still, not forever.

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    I am NOT selling, #$%$ sound nervous...

    by kirby2ndplatoon41 Jul 8, 2015 1:28 PM
    kirby2ndplatoon41 kirby2ndplatoon41 Jul 8, 2015 1:34 PM Flag

    I didn't realize boiler room #$%$ was a banned word... it's ok to call them unpatriotic criminal liars and defrauders of honest investors i guess, but to equate them with the bacterial pundscum they are is off limits?
    BBi on Reg Sho naked short list for record breaking YEARS as share price was cellar boxed to sub penny and shorted all the way with fake shares. Market is starting to catch up to the ponzi and imploding, about time. Reap what you sow skumbagz.

  • kirby2ndplatoon41 by kirby2ndplatoon41 Jul 8, 2015 1:28 PM Flag

    I woder how many millions of shares they actually need but will never get? boiler room thugs sound desperate now, no way to get out of the hole they dug for themselves. Carl Sr and Brett will not be happy with them.
    Congrats to Yahoo for allowing spoof ID's and blatent manipulation on the MB's, kind of sad to be spoofed by kwitch/carl the mentally #$%$ boatrd clown, oh well. watch for the pla"L"oon, don't reply to the #$%$ please.
    Good luck Longs and belated Happy 4th, hope you all had a good weekend.

  • I was going to read that after I posted "crazy" reply, was it a legit article? one of you read it and posted you thought this board was the source, summarize please... thanks

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    This is Crazy

    by holdlong_55 May 27, 2015 1:06 PM
    kirby2ndplatoon41 kirby2ndplatoon41 May 27, 2015 1:52 PM Flag

    Since the hidden assets on "secret court documents" that remain with the BB shell are unknown, thought to be Blockbuster trademarks and new release theatre company streaming contracts and maybe antipiracy tech of some kind, who knows, everyone here is speculating on the hidden agenda. It is most likely the recap of the company where the stock remains active with a huge hiarcut on reorg as the crooks get half the "new" shares when it happens, turnkey company with separate stock already active, but there is a problem, most if not all of the leagally owned shares are being held by honest longs who see right through the scam in progress, and will hold to the end after watching a criminal cellar boxing and record naked short listing on regsho list. The only ones posting now are boiler room thugs who are suddenly focusing on why longs won't sell, and sound pretty nervous imo with all the ID spoofing they are doing, so I would think the end of 4 year+ BK proceeding charade is near, who knows. Not sure what the millions in NOLs attached have to do with it or if they are still alive with the length of BK but I'll guess it is the shares alone thatare needed to get majority ownership, or cover countless millions of naked shorted shares that they though would just vaporize but instead will come back to bite them in their rigged ask. Longs are holding just out of spite at this point with no chance of selling and probably buying more as they continue to rig L2 to cellar box to .0001, we'll see. Take a guess, can't be worse than the non stop panic from boiler room thug postings, shareholders are in the dark, like a mugging victim. Good luck longs.

  • kirby2ndplatoon41 kirby2ndplatoon41 May 3, 2015 3:21 PM Flag

    Nothing to see here, move along... just reposting mplecas post, do me a favor and don't reply to kwitch carl using my spoof ID 'loon' platoon/plaloon - Thanks and good luck longs - Real Kirby.

  • kirby2ndplatoon41 kirby2ndplatoon41 May 3, 2015 3:18 PM Flag

    trust to be BK remote with the publicly disclosed primary reason being said to be a safe holding spot for the NCR Blockbuster Express kiosks brand name liscensing, brought back into attention when Dish moved to cancel the liscense thus sending themselves to court thanks to a filling by NCR which clarified their right to continue to utilize the liscensing agreement as they stated that the placement of said agreement in a trust was done so specificly to protect themselves from such an event as they saw the clear path of BB towards BK. Conveniently the case never got to far as Redbox (Coinstar) surprisingly made NCR a very fair offer to purchase that segment of their operations, then immediately illuminated the branding....if Dish were truly the owners of all Blockbuster related trademarks...why...intention to continue to liscence the use of Blockbuster on Demand as well as the related digital content? (BB brand + ? in trust shell)...valuable to the studios and their Ultraviolet rental revenues exceeding physical for the first time last year. Yet over 80% came from pay tv.
    ...true at the root level, just don't know how this whole mess is organized and such, but believe that their is a fair likelihood of insiders having accumulated the vast majority of the 2012 notes as well as quit possibly the shares as they would reap massive gains from our hoped for outcome, there are just too many unusual elements to this saga to truly take any info at face value. (understatement of the year)... continue to position BB ideally for a massive comeback...this type of delivery and the consumer appeal to have roots to embrace this UV concept. END (4 yrs in bk, constant boiler room attacks, legally purchased shares accounted for, retail keeps buying L2 rigged shares when possible, no shares available for reorg plan or massive illegal shorts, BBi set records for longest listing RegSho naked short list. Thugs posting 15 yrs since L2 stock Cellar Box rigging began in 90's

  • Heavily redacted original by mplecas on Blockbuster timeline (comments)
    BB in BK, primarily Ch.7 for around 4 years since that ridiculous auction in which Icahn offered a liquidation plan of physical assets that Dish ended up winning, then he would personally finance an upgrading of the Blockbuster on Demand service with $200-$300 million dollars of his money in exchange for the other secured bond holders agreement to give him full operating control of the business (what is his secured bond position or where is the needed 50% group?). The other holders would not agree, Icahn proceeded to participate in auction, he remained set on not improving or increasing his bid beyond the meager liquidation value of the physical assets rather than outbid Dish ... (Public Auction completed after hours in icon offices)
    The only reason...if Icahn had knowledge regarding the excluded assets and that those assets excluded from the auction directly hindered the winning bidders ability to gain full ownership of the Blockbuster on Demand operation along with it's quit large digital library assets which was stated to be the largest digital content library of any VOD service back at the time of BB's Movielink purchase #$%$ major studios collaborated in creating said service...all contributed content in the form of actual assets. Why would Icahn not bother to place a winning bid, and second why is it taking so many years to complete a ch.7 liquidation of a company which supposedly has no assets left, ...believe that Icahn was well aware of certain BK exempt assets which had been safely placed into trust keeping them out of BK and liquidation...leading role in BB's course of action over the years leading up to the inevitable BK...yet somehow company and bank handling offering managed to successfully sell $675 million secured notes as company on clear course to BK. bonds were secured by BB's assets... Icahn maintain the ability to own the only aspect of Blockbuster's operation with a future.