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    Pass Nat. Gas Bill, Gas Export, Tariff on Oil

    by tnvisa Nov 30, 2014 9:32 PM
    kmacattack12 kmacattack12 Dec 2, 2014 3:30 AM Flag

    Put your money, or your LIFE where your mouth is and build a house about 1/2 mile North East of a coal fired generating plant. I'm not a "green" per se, but if you think the polar ice caps melting and icebergs floating 200 miles north to a harbor in Christ Church, New Zealand has nothing to do with climate change, then you are beyond hope. I'll be 64 this week and have lived in the same state all m my life. We had many summers where the temperature never topped 100 degrees one time. Two and Three summers ago, we had about a week to ten days over 112 degrees. We lost about 25 trees on our acre lot eventually because of the extreme heat.
    The most prominent "scientist" who was a climate change denier was employed by Koch Industries, which has a huge conflict of interest in denial of Global Warming or climate change. The guy came to the realization that Climate Change was not only real, but is largely caused by human activity. He left Koch industries and made several TV news appearances after that to tell America that he was convinced that Climate change is happening and carbon dioxide is largely to blame, since it is an established fact that CO2 eats ozone, the Earth's protective heat shield. The Kochs make Billions every year refining gasoline and diesel, and they have ZERO regard for the environment. They worship the god of the Almighty DOLLAH.
    The Kochs now control about 25 state legislatures because they bought them fair and square in 2010. Now they control congress, as well as at least two corrupt justices on the Supreme court.
    Sandridge is largely a "Clean energy" company poised to do extremely well if the republicans will act like REAL AMERICANS and pass the energy bill. The Kochs,big oil, and the dirty coal lobby paid Mitch McConnell $550,000 to block the energy bill backed by 59 senators and a large bi partisan majority in the house. This bill would have converted the trucking fleet to natural gas and made America energy independent within 5 years.

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    Pass Nat. Gas Bill, Gas Export, Tariff on Oil

    by tnvisa Nov 30, 2014 9:32 PM
    kmacattack12 kmacattack12 Dec 1, 2014 12:55 AM Flag

    Boone Pickens is a life long republican, but he and then Sen.John Kerry, who Pickens and Aubrey McClendon of Chesapeake kept from winnng the 2004 election, crafted the energy bill. The energy bill was then KILLED by the Koch brothers and their poodle, Mitch McConnell.
    The last thing the Kochs want is for America to become energy independent, because it will cost them tens of billions of dollars, and $85 Billion in personal wealth just won't buy what it used to. Their daddy made millions during the depression by building 17 oil refineries for Stalin in the Soviet Union. Stalin then sold large quantities of fuel to Hitler when Hitler was preparing for war. In the early days of WWll, Hitler and Stalin had a non aggression pact until Hitler invaded Russia a couple of years later. The Kochs worship one true God, the Almighty DOLLAH. They are stealing America blind, and yet Americans just handed them both houses of congress. In all the states the Kochs now control, they sent the same tax bill to their water boy legislators. They are insisting on taxing Wind Turbines, Solar and any alternative energy form that can compete with their monopoly. David Koch's twin BROTHER describes Koch Industries as "A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE." Google "The Koch method", which made them filthy rich. They STOLE OIL from landowners and tens of millions from American Indian tribes. They have a habit of stealing hundreds of millions and then plead guilty to the charge, pay a fine which is a small fraction of the money they STOLE. And David and Charles are always hiding in the shadows, letting their employees take the fall, over and over again. They are apparently "Too Big to Prosecute." If you question why Sandridge is having a rough time, or Chesapeake, etc. look no further than the Koch brothers. But don't take my word for it, Google what Boone Pickens,no friend of Obama's, has to say about the Kochs and how they are STRANGLING America for their own personal gain.

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    Pass Nat. Gas Bill, Gas Export, Tariff on Oil

    by tnvisa Nov 30, 2014 9:32 PM
    kmacattack12 kmacattack12 Dec 1, 2014 12:38 AM Flag

    You don't know what you are talking about. You need to look at who KILLED the American Power Act, which would convert the nation's tucking fleet to natural gas. There were 60 votes in the Senate to override Mitch McConnel's filibuster, including 7 republican Senators. The bill had already passed the Pre John Bircher Tea Party house by a wide margin. Obama WAS PUSHING THE BILL. When Ted Kennedy died, he was replaced by republican Scott Brown who allowed McConnell to filibuster the bill with his ONE VOTE versus 59 in favor. Charles Koch and Big oil , and the COAL LOBBY "donated" $550,000 to McConnell just before the vote. Koch made a rare appearance in Washington and made a televised statement "We don't need to be spending $450 Million Building a natural gas superhighway when we have deficit spending." That 450 Million would have meant the END of OPEC oil imports right about now. But the Kochs are in bed with OPEC, because they make a fortune refining foreign oil into gasoline and dirty diesel fuel. Sine 2010, the Kochs have been able to buy controlling interest in about 25 state governments, and now both houses of congress, as well as at least two Supreme Court justices, Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia, who secretly helped the Kochs plan their arguments before the Citizens United case was heard. Thomas's wife had made $2 Million as a lobbyist for the Kochs over the prior 9 years, and Thomas LIED about it on Federal conflict of interest annual disclosures, NINE TIMES, swearing that his wife had "no income outside the home." The Kochs were able to drive natural gas prices into the dirt about 3 years ago, which nearly bankrupted both Sandridge and Chesapeake. By doing so, they made it virtually impossible for Natural gas producers to make a profit. so they eliminated the threat of competition in the transportation fuel business, and at the same time made a fortune with cheap natural gas prices due to the huge quantity they use manufacturing chemicals and fertilizer

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