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  • kolemuip by kolemuip May 8, 2015 10:49 AM Flag

    You gotta be yahoo. stop censoring me

  • It’s official. Larry Clinton just named me his candidate for Vice President. He say that since I head Nephrologist I know all about Kidney. He say he hit his spouse in Kidney all the time cause spouse keep having relations with Pot-Belly Hippopotamus. But Kidney still fine despite all da trauma from punches. No blood in yourin just green discharge from spouses Long. She want to know how to break Kidney so spouse learn lesson. Spouse never admit thow so I not sure it fair to try to hurt him. When Larry ask all he say is it depends on the definition of the word face paint. So you see Kidney very durable so no need for Auxaria. Too bad long you lose. Go cry to mommy. I make $3 billion so far short. I may go shorter but it may look like I hav 2 belly button.

  • I jus came back from interview with wife’s Nephrologist, Dr. Bigwood. He must work for long cause he told me how excited he was about auralaxia. He said it blockbuster so I set him straight and tell him all what I know. This took about 4 second and for some reason my nose grew about a foot and a half. All he said was too bad my johnson don’t grow like that. I said what the hey does that mean. He tell me wife told him all about me being short. In fact he tell me wife’s favorite day of year is MLK day because she don’t go to work an instead watches Bruce Willis movie. I said that weird that make no sense. He said well she told him that she had a Dream that I would Die Hard. I said what the hey does that mean. He say wife tell him she hope Rigor Mortis make for better Coitus. I tell him too bad for her because I so short nothing gonna change that. Not science, not facts, not doctor’s opinions, not truth, not reality, and certainly not death.

  • Now yu fulls going to feel weal pain. I do extensive wesearch to plot chart of KERX using my johnson rod valuation system. No matter how I change the model it always point straight down. Only one model left but she come tomorrow. So it simple no matter what model I use it never point up. So it go to 3 for sure. You lose longs. You should go short like me. Last model confused. She asked if I could go longer and I said I will never go in farther than 3. Not sure why she laugh at me. I make 14 million dolhers yesterday. Boo hoo go cry to mommy long.

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