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  • There are some people on here who know what's going on and or, are making some money with it. But few are informed as to why, worse, they don't seem to want to care, or understand. As we vets know, that's a recipe for disaster down the road. At some point and time.

  • In continuation here, because I ran out of space. The big banks deraivatives contracts will all FAIL. If paper gold prices go over their 'set' and determined price. See king world news, about the mid-august london meetings. Of course, they can always say they have the gold they don't, and manipulate the price accordingly. But what if THAT becomes too difficult (the next LARGEST holder of gold and specific area is SYRIA and this after ukraine, duh, no wonder the bailout there - to GET IT OUT, continue shorting the paper price. We have recently started moves against them to get MORE). There are other options, and we've seen them also this past week. At the moment on thursday the nasdaq starting sagging due to up moves in gold (green while the market was red) options trading was SHUT DOWN, on select nasdaq 100 stocks like goog and some others. THIS helped turn around the futures, and it was called a 'gltich'. For four hours in the am also forgot to mention here, no futures trading and or etc, and then POW, up fifteen handles when they reopened in new york was early enough to have the people there for the volume. Now what if that had not worked, and what if it starts happening TOO much. This is why I wrote this here, and want to see if others want to WATCH this very carefully. Say, on a weekly basis w these boards. Morgan stanley owns bats and they were the ONLY ones glitching after the futures bump early. Will be checking how much of the volume the alone handle, if it isn't enough. We may want to check that out every time it happens, and pay attention to that ONLY before deciding to sell. SHORTS, are you listening or reading this? You might be if you've read or have been reading my posts. The more metals prices go down the more the indexes will go up. What if that reaches a breaking point? The long term buyers first area is 1200. We are at 1288 area and trending higher. Time to pay close attention here, forget about the technicals. This market has become POLITICAL

  • It by stressing a few points. The banks don't want it to because:

    To create hyperinflation, and drive the new billionaire class.
    Keep all profits to themselves, and those to bring on more politicians who's recently converted to their policies, by being forced to invest in the only thing making money for retirement long them (equities).
    Put their kids in charge, after firing off the competition just below them, who usually succeed (Notice how these guys don't retire anymore and work well in their seventies and eighties?). They run the trading desks, and have the energy in their twenties and early thirties to stay up all night long and trade futures (Gs just approved 25% pay raise for their squad last week). 45% of their offices around the globe who trade futures were formalized last five years.

    How is hasn't corrected:

    See the last thing above. Then add in the fact that these banks have squashed out most of the hedge funds that have ever existed (worst performing managers in the last six years, the very BOTTOM). How do you go from being the best performing managers to that in less than five years? By getting taken over by the banks trading desk swith their futures around the clock trading, which was just completed last year. Which did'nt exist before, after gs and banks put in all their people around the globe. Also, adding in about 25 capital markets to each countries major indexes, and greasing the right people to get it done politically (same here, every major person in gov't ex-gs manager).

    Why it still might:

    No idea how it possibly could until last week. IF the market's algos are overloaded can. IF gold would have been able to punch through 1300, the market's would have had to have a major correction to get it down (All asset prices get bundled together these days in sell offs, except other commodities it seems) and this had to be in check before month's end options expiration. Jp says it is all of sudden 'hacked'. Meaning, NO more gold buying you all,

  • 45 minutes. We will gap up higher, thanks to europe taking them out right away. All to hold down gold prices apparently, they are not even moving at the moment. Just fine under 1300 for weekly expiriation. A job well done...

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    This house market is falling apart

    by danorr331 Aug 28, 2014 10:21 PM
    kone2410 kone2410 Aug 28, 2014 11:14 PM Flag

    You should check out the articles on blackstone, rock and how funds are being given money from loans, possibly through the treasury to buy up as many houses as POSSIBLE. So the banks don't don't default on the notes I would think, or other. Your insight here is very good, and a real eye opener. My thought is that once these homes get close to being delinquent, they are packaged and sold as deals to the funds through the banks. In the end, this is where most people's 401k money will go. Directly back into their homes, so they don't lose that value and market. THIS is what the new legislature is designed to take care of being railroaded through congress. To stave of yet, another financial debacle. Because this one has already eaten up gdp. Now it will start to eat up the savings of most people who have been forced into mutual funds through their plans w jobs. Makes me think of the stock market in a different way for most of 2015 and 16 even.

  • After moving up into close, the charade continues. In my 23yrs of trading, never seen anything like it at all. This double top of ndx 5k was 250 points away, and yet, no one seems opening to the selling. But then again, derivatives were no so widely distributed as they have been ever at hundreds of trillions. Any takes would be appreciative. (Intelligent comments only) no double iq's or yahoo recent college grad, paid posters. You want twelve bucks an hour, you are better off working at taco bell (the pepsi stock options plans are better).

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    SPY jumping AH, whats up?

    by teknowiz Aug 28, 2014 5:57 PM
    kone2410 kone2410 Aug 28, 2014 8:32 PM Flag

    The banks trading desks lots the battle for first time in a while. When they do, they get po'd and start buying in a hours to make themselves right the following day.

  • kone2410 kone2410 Aug 28, 2014 2:07 PM Flag

    Thats a bunch of bs. Jp said same. If it were true then you would see many other institutions get hit with it besides them who systems are much more vulnerable. The only one to do so was target stores.

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    Hint - Go Long Tvix - Uvxy to make $$$$

    by wimax2day Aug 28, 2014 7:07 AM
    kone2410 kone2410 Aug 28, 2014 7:23 AM Flag

    I'd be careful of doing that. Morgan stanley has taken out huge splits on these reverse etf's. Once it gets low, they will do it again, and usually at monthly options expiration to screw all the holders.

  • The usual trading whipsaws to panic the gold markets. Once they've realized it did'nt work, they ramp everything right back up again. More unscrupulous behavior by the big firms for the banks.

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    Where are the shorts - this is your time to rejoice

    by nyk20h Aug 28, 2014 3:31 AM
    kone2410 kone2410 Aug 28, 2014 6:19 AM Flag

    I am short the equity index, been posting all day and you've commented.We won't go green as long as gold is up more than ten bucks or more. I have said that repeatedly for more than a month or so. This market is and has been in a lot of trouble for the reasons I've explained.

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    Where are the shorts - this is your time to rejoice

    by nyk20h Aug 28, 2014 3:31 AM
    kone2410 kone2410 Aug 28, 2014 4:05 AM Flag

    Right here bud. Been that way since mid-month, and began w the euro. Also went long metals. I do remember someone saying on here that they bought Txix at the close with a huge shares, that person's the real here tonight.

  • kone2410 kone2410 Aug 28, 2014 4:02 AM Flag

    Pretty sweet huh, that 1272 area was the exact retracement of 61%. Silver's also, should be hard ride up from here maybe spikes, if we go over 1300, the indexes will break down here and gap. That should be enough to make anyone regret selling over the summer.

  • kone2410 kone2410 Aug 27, 2014 8:56 PM Flag

    Very true. But at least with capitalism, you have a chance to get out of where you are and out of nothing, if that is what you have. As was told by some banker's when our margin was yanked one day long time ago. Why don't you just stick with the day trading #$%$ your with and let us trade without you guys. I said that #$%$ built something out of nothing in a room full of computers in an abandoned shopping mall you guys built and made something out of it. If that's #$%$, I will take it over a rat any day, and walked out. I write on this board from time to time for a specific reason. To prove some points about what works for the markets and what doesn't, and for average investors like myself. Who have been around enough to know the difference. The major one being, with what these guys have done to them, it is going to be a long time to get them to act like they are supposed to, and get the economy back on solid ground without all the debt. The first step is to get rid of the socialists who have attained power over them through the banks and eliminated due process with glass-stegall. Just my 2c.

  • Of course this doesn't matter, and a ten year recession w them, to new highs on the dow and sp, ndx. The fact that they are our 3rd largest trading partner doesn't either. Index futures, firm up and flatten out.

  • kone2410 kone2410 Aug 27, 2014 7:48 PM Flag

    The banks are socialistic in nature is my point. Do you work for the board here? If not then I don't see what yours is at all.

  • kone2410 kone2410 Aug 27, 2014 7:19 PM Flag

    Why don't you disagree with my points on the lending from the banks and prove me wrong then, that the trader's were harsh on mc for no reason. Name one co that has received the financing from them then, that is a start up and can grow jobs faster than any other entity. According to you it doesn't, but to this it does have to do with socialism, because that is what it is all about.

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    by obernankebama Aug 27, 2014 5:55 PM
    kone2410 kone2410 Aug 27, 2014 7:13 PM Flag

    I always have liked the term stepping down. Much better than having to say you are fired.

  • kone2410 kone2410 Aug 27, 2014 7:08 PM Flag

    You did'nt answer my question because you can't. Don't see anyone agreeing with you either. You may want to use those others usernames you post with to do so...

  • kone2410 kone2410 Aug 27, 2014 7:02 PM Flag

    Those guys are reps for the socialists who run the banks because they used to work for them. Macke was no different, and is only one not on the show anymore. All of them worked for jp, or took their orders on the floor for years, including adami. Which is why they are so harsh on anyone who's driving any start ups. That much seems obvious to me. Why don't you prove me wrong and point out which banks have loaned out money from the big four to finance any co in the ib sector? When you only loan it out to the elite groups for their activities, creating an oligarchy, that is socialism. Name one start up that has recieved financing that isn't run by a bunch of ivy leagers from these banks. I will bet you can't.

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