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  • We are so over priced in all markets world wide its just one massive pyramid scheme by all central banks/FEd and governments trying to manipulate fake recoveries on paper by controlling rates. Anyone else doing this would be in jail for market manipulation.

  • Oh yes all because Federal Reserve/central banks/ governments etc all have conspired with taking rates down to force people into stock markets world wide to have a paper recovery only. In reality there is no real recovery it is just paper.Wake up America we are getting screwed everyday by games such as this. You cant get a decent money market rate etc because of stupid games as this. This is why this whole system here and world wide will collapse when people realize how bad it has been manipulated and have gotten screwed.No one really tells the public the real truth.

  • Same old #$%$ they quit drilling or stop pumping to try to control inventory to artificially get volume down to get prices up so less inventory. Wake up America we need to put a stop to all these games that Wall Street /oil companies do just for stupid greed. Enough already. I say start boycotting these companies and make them really pay up. Too many fuel efficient cars already helping to put an end to these games. Same old games like cattle production/lamb pork etc We as a country must put an end to all games being played be business /our government etc. Its all greed every where only.The people get screwed as always.

  • Wake up people its just all games up and down just to make money with moves. Day trader funds making a killing at everyone expense. The FEd government is responsible for these games just allowing to get massive tax dollars for legal gambling buying and selling stocks daily. Wake up America put an end to these ridiculous games.All other countries markets governments playing same world conspiracy. THey all ar desperate because they all are in massive debt many will go to default.

  • Look for at least 30 to 40% drop in prices to unload all excess here. All because of iphone/tablets etc wake up people.Tech will crash period so over priced here.

  • All markets are due for at least a 30 to 40% massive sell-off, All because of games with interest rates played over last 6 years.Blame Federal Reserve first for starting all these idiot games.All to force investors into stock market so it would come back. NOw we are at least 35% over priced period.Same with over seas markets because same stupid pyramid scheme game all have played with rates and markets.Governments and central banks have played same stupid game so they could inflate everything in site.TRying to reduce their borrowing cost for all of these idiots massive debts on their own balance sheets as countries. Wake up people.

  • Its just one massive stupid pyramid scheme by all central banks/Federal Reserve/ governments etc to manipulate rates and stock markets, They are all desperate period. The whole system is going down world wide because of these stupid games . I hope all these fools collapse to learn a lesson on manipulation of markets. Any other firm or people would in jail for market manipulation at these extremes and controlling rates with subsidies and no return in interest to do it. Games never end until a collapse collapse like 2008. I say burn baby burn to learn a lesson of manipulation of markets. All of this to subsidize low rates for borrowing trillion and billions for governments to subsidize their debt also. Wake up people the world is broke period.

  • This whole system is out of control thanks to Federal reserve/central banks/governments playing games with massive flooding markets with cheap to no value money here. Its so stupid all these fools /investors buying all this #$%$.We need at least a 30% correction here.All trying to get their currency lower to get exports up etc. All markets are so over priced because of all these stupid games going on for years here. Now you have massive poor world wide because of this and massive debt by all governments because of this one big massive world wide pyramid scheme.Anyone buying anything at these highs is a fool.

  • Yep its been just one massive system manipulated by world agencies trying to hold up a bankrupt world. All because of massive debt borrowing and worthless paper money. All this debt in u.s. will never be repaid and gets worse daily. Its all been ignored because of financial firms keep buying to manipulate it higher chasing returns. Its worse here than 2000 era collapse. Its coming as soon as reality hits investors that they have been sucked into this massive pyramid scheme. Remember all governments are responsible for this massive scheme world wide trying to prop up the world that is broke.

  • World is broke from all these bailouts of everything/ and total welfare system world wide . Its all one big joke with this massive pyramid by all big countries trying to hold up bail out all bankrupt countries. Wake up people. All massive pyramid scheme by central banks trying to hold up world. Its insanity and all worthless paper money/currency.

  • All countries owe or in debt more than they earn or generate in taxes/income Going on for far too long. Playing games with interest rates trying to fool the public/stock markets.The world financial system will collapse because its all games. U.S. will never be out of massive debt or repay. Even with the Federal Reserve games being played. TRying to fool everyone and forcing them into stock markets for better returns in income. Same with central banks playing same stupid pyramid scheme. Only lasts so long when markets went up over a reasonable price here. I see at least a 20 to 30% correction. Whole system is inflated world wide.

  • Wake up people massive debt world wide on just borrowed money. Will never be repaid. Federal reserve games started all this massive pyramid scheme got all central banks to play same massive pyramid scheme. Now its time too pay and have a massive sell-off of all stock markets world wide here. At least 20%. Time to pay up all these financial institutions having a free ride of free money to inflate all markets world wide.That was the plan by FEd etc. They think this #$%$ will last forever at any price.I see it as one big joke on the masses.

  • Yep all created by Federal Reserve starting and getting all other central banks /countries/governments to play same stupid pyramid scheme game. JUst investors all chasing return because of governments virtually paying any interest short term to medium. Then they gave away free money to banks at 0 to .25 rate. So they all threw money at anything and everything . It wasnt their money to lose. Same with other countries central banks/governments playing same massive pyramid scheme to bring markets back and take them higher for tax revenue etc. This is why this whole system here and world wide needs to collapse and bring all these fools to reality.Any company or companies y doing this would be charged for manipulation of markets etc. They all did the feds dirty work.

  • So over priced like the whole stock market. I see a massive 20 to 30% sell-off here. Catch all these fools that have been buying at these hefty levels, FEd game is over . Enough games rates will rise because they have so over inflated stock market here and over seas. They all think they can play same stupid game buy at any price. Its all financials that have been playing this game its not their money. Its investors and FEds money at 1/4% rate that has taken stock markets up. All chasing return not paying attention to fundamentals here. I say crash and burn get it over with.

  • Wake up America this is the whole problem in America take out all competition. Then you can price items at any price. Wake up people. This is the problem of whole country here. LIke meat producers with cattle etc. They all keep prices up from smaller herd count from years ago and keep trying to over charge for beef for years. Only in America does this #$%$ happen. Same with oil and gas games being played here. They quit drilling when prices fall to get prices back up to ridiculous levels. They were still making plenty at the previous levels. Its all just greed in America and stock market system thanks to Federal REserve playing games with rates to make investors take risk etc. Enough already America wake up all manipulation at every corner.

  • Wake up people its all just games by all central banks/Federal reserve/ governments to keep this massive pyramid scheme going forever .

  • LIke banks/financials etc all his to get the banks to do dirty work of the FED to buy anything and everything to bring markets back for a recovery. This broke all laws period. Banks virtually got .25% money to speculate with . Savrs got virtually nothing . Banks had no risk in buying because they would get bailed out once again. This is whhy this whole system needs to crash and burn. At these highs all investors should be dumping [ everything period. Send a clear message to the FEderal REserve and government they cant get away with massive pyramid schemes and manipulation of markets period.

  • Only model they have to give free shopping here and there. They will crash and burn they never really make much money . They just try to under box stores period. Anyone owning them isnt too bright.

  • They are the stupidest system we ever had. Trying to manipulate rates bring back stock markets. They have put the U.S. into bankruptcy with this stupid policy . Its just one massive pyramid scheme that will collapse here. Gone on for far too long. All stock markets /countries.\
    /central banks/ governments trying to playing same game with rates. WE are in debt so far that we will go bankrupt period. Federal Reserve was desperate and thinking they could play this stupid pyramid scheme forever with other countries etc. All at the expense of the individual who struggles at expense of the rich.Our debt will never be paid. It gets worse every year because of stupid Federal Reserve games.We should be rated as junk here.

  • Only up on all games FEd has played. THey will take our whole system down with this massive pyramid scheme of massive debt they have incurred.Screwed all savers while making Wall Street/financials rich to inflate all markets with this stupid pyramid scheme. anyone in stock markets period here is a fool.

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