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  • This is why these markets will crash. Its all just one massive pyramid scheme by Federal Reservegames with rates with other nations to fix rates. All to inflate prices and financial instruments. If any other organization did this manipulation game they would be in jail. Wake up America this whole system will collapse. We are so far in debt because it has all been financed by free money to Wall Street to manipulate this massive pyramid scheme.We owe 18 trillion period. It will and cant ever be repaid. On top of that now 1/6 of our population is on welfare because of this massive inflation game FEd played with prices.NOw its just daily day trading games trying to hold up this massive scheme. I see all world markets collapsing here.Its been one massive scheme world wide by all countries playing this same game trying to hold the world market place up with games only of free money. Then the little investor gets nothing.

  • I say party is over . Enough of these stupid world wide greed only games being played by Wall Street/ Fed/Central banks governments with rates currencies etc. All one big massive central pyramid scheme to make it look like a world recovery. In reality we have more poor world wide than ever before because of these games inflating prices everywhere worldwide.Then you have day trading games on top of it just trying tpo hold up these markets. Just one massive pyramid scheme world wide that will collapse the whole system into oblivion. Wll be fortunes lost and other massive bail outs because of greed only once again. When you get virtually free money they take any risk not heir money once again. Wake up fools.

  • I would never have them when I can get a movie for a dollar at any time at a kiosk . Dont need many and only newer ones. Who wants to watch old movies over and over again. I see Nflx crashing and burning with their model. The whole stock market is so over priced with Wall Street just playing daily dy trading games trying to hold up this massive pyramid scheme. All from virtually free money.25% from FEd to gamble with. Worse comes to worse they get bailed out once again.What a system rich get richer with free money . Poor get poorer with just enough free money to survive on maybe. All from inflated prices from Wall Street games.This is why once again this whole system collapses. We are 18 trillion in debt because of FEd. Playing games with rATES TRYING TO FORCE THE PUBLIC INTO stocks also. All smart investors arent in this massive pyramid scheme.I say crash and burn into oblivion and pay up for all their greed once again. Need reality and common sense once again not games.

  • These markets here are so over priced over valued/ Same world wide. All these central banks/fed etc governments gave virtually free money to all these institutions/banks to inflate one massive pyramid scheme to make it look like a world recovery. Now are welfare population is 16% and we are paying massive billions/trillions yearly for this. Same old game by FEd trying to manipulate a recovery on paper with virtually free money. Wall Street throws money at everything in sight for years to make a recovery. While the poor get poorer because of massive inflation induced. Its all one big joke again. Screw the little saver with no return.All this to make it look like a recovery on paper. BUt not with 1/6 of population on welfare. Wall Street buys everything with no risk because they just get bailed out gain. They buy at ny price any level. Wake up fools before this massive pyramid scheme collapses on reality.

  • Wake up fools all chasing yields/dream here. The Federal Reserve will crash this whole system into oblivion with their stupid virtually free money .25% to Wall street/banks etc. Its one big joke up 20% this year. Greed only fundamentals say we crash into oblivion. Same game as always Fed plays and always loses in time with reality. ONce again too far too fast to much free money. They will once again take this whole system into oblivion .They never learn they always push things to their limits so it usually crashes first. Same thing in all other markets. Countries have collided with FED and central banks all playing this massive dangerous pyramid scheme only with virtually free to banks etc to throw everything. All this to make a recovery only on paper for maybe 5 to 10% of population.If it doesnt work they get bailed out again. Now you know why markets are sky high without pull backs etc. They cant lose they take massive risk and if they fail they get bailed out. In mean time they are trich and keep on pushing it all to limits. Playing daily with day trading taking markets up and down. Federal Reserve are fools to have played these dangerous games once again with the citizens money not theirs.I can so their position abolished here and now. We need real leaders not gamblers to try to fool the public.

  • These markets will free fall when Federal reserve raises rates within a month period. Whole system will collapse with it or not. Its all been just one big massive pyramid scheme, They gave financials institutions/banks etc free money .25% rate to throw at everything for all these years. But as usual Wall Street has got so greedy once again. I see at least a 25% free fall. We are that over priced here period. I guess they will want to get bailed out once AGAIN WHEN WE CRASH BECAUSE OF THIS MASSIVE SCHEME WORLD WIDE BY OTHER NATIONS PLAYING SAME GAME WITH THEIR MARKETS/ governments central banks etc. Talk about pyramid schemes. Cant believe all these people in the markets are that stupid to buy anything at these ridiculous prices.

  • No doubt with Russia playing games and markets at all times highs every where. Its all one big massi ve pyramid scheme chasing return. In reality its all one big joke/pyramid scheme by all countries playing same free money policy to banks/ wall street etc to suck in all the other pyramid scheme buyers with virtually free money for banks Wall Street so all other lose it all when it all collapses once again. Federal Reserve are all idiots they play these stupid pyramid schemes/games that will take the whole world markets down. Real truth is they are broke they just threw fake money printed at Wall Street /banks etc. All these deceptions to fool the public to buy and invest in nothing but massive inflated prices. Then they created 46 million at 1/6 of population on welfare. So the budget just gets worse daily with all these games of fake money its all paper that cant be backed up by anything. Last ones left in the stock market lose it all. This will be the biggest slaughter ever world wide when everyone realizes they have been sucked in chasing returns/yields.

  • Look out below Just like whole stock market. Its all one big massive pyramid scheme funded by Federal Reserve. Its all one big joke when this thing crashes into oblivion. It will wipe out the whole world financial system.

  • These markets are so insane here. Probably mostly short covering etc.But i see one massive sell-off coming real soon. Whole system is broken from top on down. President Obama out fund raising with all the problems we have in this country. Congress and top branch should all be working on everything to take care of all our problems. Then they let Federal Reserve run amuck with massive virtually free to try to fool americans that problems market is fixed and recovered. In reality its all just greed by Wall Street taking all the virtually free money from FEd to speculate and bankrupt us all once again. Why ?/Greed . The whole system will collapse because it is fundamentally broke. No one is doing their job period.All over paid and do nothing.I think you will see a massive free fall of markets because reAl investors have had it. Government is broken I see a whole new party coming in and taking control of a broken system that does nothing.Obama is biggest joke traveling around the country fund raising when the country is broken. Should be in his office fixing and talking to take us forward. Not backwards like he has done.Whole system has run amuck.

  • Never seen so many fools buying at ridiculous levels. I see massive sell-off. FEd is done with their games. They have screwed the whole country with massive price inflation period. Go try to buy any food/energy items and related things. All one big joke. Just like housing once again coming free fall. Got priced to high again. Rates are up. Same with all other countries playing same manipulated rates and virtually free money to prop up markets to keep throwing at it. This is the biggest pyramid scheme ever here. World wide you will see a slaughter. World out of control with immigration / warring factions world wide. Poverty world wide/ It goes on and on with energy prices out of control. Then these fools inflate all this stuff to magnify it all. This is why I see a total collapse of government here and world wide. Its all one big joke. All these congress people get paid to do a job and do nothing for all their money ans benefits. Thats the real joke and we elected them. Yep whole system broke from the top.

  • Whole bottom will free fall. Its all been one massive pyramid scheme and over seas. Everyone knows it. ITs the big joke. All those left in will pay up.!* trillion in debt as a country thats the better joke.All over seas countries playing same game financing their markets with easy money games. No consequences at all for them. Investors lose the money not them like before. Any one in these markets here is a complete fool.

  • Mostly short covering on these days. Markets have only one way left. Massive free fall on reality. Consumers have and will keep cutting back period. They have had it with the market place period. Every thing is so over priced period. Blame Federal Reserve for these ridiculous games trying to hold up the country with price fixing rates. Same stupidity over seas. This is why this system will collapse as well as all others. Just held up by all free money only. I guess they will be bailing out Wall Street once again affter they collapse it again.Greed has no bounds.

  • You will see the biggest collapse ever once investors realized they have been sucken in by Federal Reserve/Wall Street combo with virtually throwing free money by the trillions over last few years. YEp that makes for another massive free fall when all o this stops by September.Far too much downside versus any upside period. You will see consumers cutting back big time because of these ridiculous inflated prices world wide. Blame frest of agencies world wide like FEd Reserve for this complete collapse coming.

  • We are so over priced / over valued here.

  • Time to get it over with fools. These market need at least a 20 to 30% correction. Its all a joke based on back stop of Fed will bail them out if they go down. Its all a joke one big massive pyramid scheme. These markets here and world wide will collapse. Its all been a free ride with virtually free money from FEd and over seas governments manipulating markets. All of these games trying to instill confidence. ONe problem the public goes bankrupt while Wall Street gets bailed out when it all collapses again. Just like immigration is bankrupting us. Over 11 million illegals here what a joke. All getting a free ride period. Now starting all over again with massive influx again. Time to seal all borders here and now. Enough is enough.DEport all of those 11 million starting today .No more free rides to illegals period. Whole country and system is broken for the real working citizens.

  • Look out below this whole system will collapse It is so broken because of Federal Reserve games. They think they have put a backstop be hind Wall Street here. I see a total collapse of whole system here. Once investors realize this massive pyramid scheme here. Earnings will never deliver this current evaluation of markets here. Its all been one free ride because of free money policy of Federal Reserve. They will take this whole system here and world wide down for a massive collapse with their stupid free money policy. All other countries have played same game because of them to compete in markets. All greeed chasing yield etc. Individuals will lose. Wall Street will crash and probably will be bailed out again. Same old stupid games no accountability at all for the free money by FEd. Its time to put an end to this. Get rid of Federal Reserve here and now. They have caused too many problems period of massive sell-offs and gains due to stupid policies. Time is here and now. Manipulation doesnt work for a supposedly free market system. Wall Street keeps buying at any price not their money its all greed. IF it fails they get bailed out. How can you lose. Investors take the losses.This whole country is broken period. Too many rules not a real free market system. This is why we will collapse here and now. Investors have had it with these stupid games making rich richer the poor poorer.

  • INtc and msft will crash as well as markets. Its all been Wall Street games of greed. Earnings will never justify the ridiculous stock prices period. Blame Federal reserve when this massive stock market collapse comes. All chasing yield/return easy money . All one big joke. You will see fortunes lost when we free fall on reality.Federal reserve will be held responsible for this massive bubble. Its all been funded by free money from FED. Its all one big joke same as all other countries s playing same game virtually free money. Earnings will never justify prices here period. You will see massive prices free fall. Consumers will never pay for this #$%$ at these ridiculous prices like computers/tvs etc. Anyone could play this stupid game with free money from FEd and not be accountable. If all else fails they get bailed out again no fear. Yes we are one massive broken down country. No accountability at all at any level at all.Immigration will take us down to bankruptcy here because of Obama law from years ago. Time to close borders period. Deport them all 11 million mexicans starting today. Enough is enough of this massive welfare system that is taken the whole country down. This whole system of everything in this country is going down. I see massive changes in congress now. The people rule period. Need massive over haul period. System is broken because of stupidity.

  • All the buyers have been had here. We are so far in debt we will be going under period. Federal Reserve has done massive rate games just to buy time and inflate prices and markets. It is so over priced and out of control. Easy 20 to 30% downside here.Same with over seas markets. All playing same stupid ma nipulated game. All united to do same stupid game trying to hold up world wide financial markets. This is why this massive pyramid scheme will collapse. World is bankrupt basically period. Massive debt that will never be repaid. All rates low to inflate prices/stocks etc chasing yield. But know it is all out of control here and world wide.What a game conspiring to try to hold up world markets with all same stupid games. All of this caused massive debts for all. Basically world governments are bankrupt.

  • Just like U.S. Massive debt load will never be repaid. If any normal person or company had this debt is would be declared bankrupt. Its all one big joke.Euro countries will go down same old problem throwing money at financials to make everything look good. All smoke and mirrors putting it off until this massive collapse world wide. All trying to buy time. What a joke these financial peole at top putting us in massive debt trying to fool the world to give confidence.

  • It has been so corrupt/manipulated by Federal reserve with virtually free money to Wall Street. Once again so they can gamble without any responsibility again. Rates will rise in next month or so. FRee money party is over. I think you will see one massive collapse. Its all been one massive pyramid scheme world wide. All world banks governments playing same game to take all markets up. All smoke and mirrors. Every vountry in the world on verge of bankruptcy with massive debt. Ours will never be repaid period. Inflation out of control because they dont count food and energy. Its all one big joke. Once it starts look out below.We borrow without ever worrying about paying it back. Just like all bankrupt people we are in same boat here.Federal Reserve is a joke.

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