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  • This whole system has been one big joke. All up on free money from Federal Reserve virtually This whole system will collapse any day now. The party is over. Markets at least 30 % over priced. ONly up because of Wall Street greed with .25% rate of borrowing billions. Were suppose to use it for loans. What a joke. The whole system is just one big massive pyramid scheme that will collapse any day. The free money is over. So far over priced. I see all world markets crashing as well.FEderal Reserve games always end badly when they stop. Take at good look at HD. How stupid for it to be at his price. Dont shop there because too many self service registers period TRying to pocket more money as all companies. Thats why no jobs with self service games etc. The whole world is one massive pyramid scheme by central banks/ governments that will collapse. This #$%$ would never of gotten this far if the media would tell the public the truth.

  • They never lean this whole system is going to collapse/ Once investors realize the have been had. Tale a good look all games. Sell offs to only go up again. Massive schemes being played. You will once again see a sell-off but at least 10 to 20% this time. Everyone has been reeled in like a fish chasing yield. Its time Wall Street takes the massive hit it deserves. I see everyone unloading here and now. Let Wall Street once again take the hits. They deserve to lose it all. Playing games with free money from FEd. Fed is too stupid to stop this massive pyramid scheme. They have just put out a little less money at each meeting. One massive joke.They should all be fired for market manipulation with these games of free money just to financials. Then the financials keep buying at any price. Woudnt you its not your money. Its tax payers money . Just all printed money that will never be repaid. This is why this whole system is going to crash period. All other countries playing same game with the g7 #$%$ meetings. All trying to fool the world into recovery. In reality its all free printed money world wide. The average investor has no clue to these games. Just think everything is great. Then you have massive inflation world wide because of this stupidity. You will see the whole world crashing any day here. It has going on for far too long. ONly idiots are in this market at these ridiculous prices. The media never informs the public. If they did no one would be in the stock market at these ridiculous prices. Economy is broken period. ITs all games there is no recovery in jobs / Media is Obama biased. They need to tell the real truth he is probably the worst president ever here.Same with Federal Reserve games here and world wide. This massive scheme to make it look like a recovery on paper of all markets. In reality more poor and middle class worst off. The rich get richer. Wall Street gets money virtually free at .25% . Why dont the rest of us get that rate.

  • Yep we have at least 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. Probable 99% on welfare system. The real problem is that if we ever had a secure border we would never have had any in the country period. A complete waste of tax payers money. Less jobs for unemployed because they take jobs no one else will take at least. Whole system is a joke. Government is broken period. Cant even ever agree to a budget 99 % of the time. We all suffer everything and anything because of massive taxes to fund any of this broken #$%$ system. WE over all top officials in government like high gs levels/ congress etc. Then the really bad part is Wall Street really rips us off. Constantly raising prices for everything and anything in market place. Then they the executive and boards always buy back their stock to get even more higher bonuses and salaries. Not only do they do this yearly but also compound it with long term bonuses etc. Talk about corrupt. Never have enough shareholders to change system because they all have massive shares and institutional votes to keep this massive pyramid scheme going. YEp all in this together to screw the average investor with mere little returns.At best we may become a middle class. Because the system now is even rigged to keep the average citizen out of college because they cant possibly afford 50 to 100 thousand tuition for a great college. A community college at best.then the tuition takes probably 10 to 20 years to ever pay it off for great college. Tell me how great America is now?

  • This whole system is broken. No free market system or functional government period. Obama is a joke cant get anything done but play golf/ Markets need to crash and burn start all over. So far out of touch with reality. All manipulated by big free money by Federal Reserve giving it away to banks/Wall Street/ Prices out of control/ So much for no inflation another lie. 33 % of country in poverty with welfafe paid to them. hole system is a joke of bail outs trying to fool the public into investing into a broken down system of manipulation games. All of this to make everything look like a recovery.

  • Markets have been so rigged. I see massive sell-off when investors realize they have been sucked in by all analysts once again. Never think for themselves . Think this can go on forever with Federal Reserve manipulation games. Its is over .Everything is o over priced in the market place here. You will see consumers not buying any thing here.Food prices out of sight/car prices out of sight. Being screwed by car manufacturers here big time. Profit margins out of site. You have low labor costs down south like tennessee etc. They still charging out of site prices on all cars. Wages are way down from previous levels. New car prices are extremes here. Not warranted at all here. ITs one big joke. Car loans are out to 6 years plus no interest to try to get ridiculous prices here. Its all one big joke. Blame the fed for these ridiculous games of massive inflation they dont count. I see a total collapse of housing etc once again. The prices there are out of control. Higher prices less house square feet etc. Less lot size etc. America is broken period thanks to Obama. Never get anything done in congress period. One massive failure period.

  • Same Wall Street games take markets to all new highs with extremes. Then they unload everything and take the whole world order down. GReed is amazing. Borrowing free money only for them the banks. Then not even following rules to make loans with it. Instead through it at markets. That way all greed makes quick money. Then on top of that they buy back their own stock to get even higher bonuses . Their stock even goes higher to keep this massive pyramid scheme. Amazing all of companies playing buy back stock game so they get raises and bonuses big time. Wake up America a massive pyramid scheme that will once again take down whole system. Because they have no limits.Federal Reserve made this happen with their cheap money only to them. They screwed the rest of investors. With low rates in interest bearing accounts etc. YEp had Wall Street do their dirty work to make it look like a recovery. In reality all the average and poor are suffering from massive price invcreases because of these stupid games.

  • Blame the Wall Street greed/companies etc. Inflated prices beyond usual limits. Loans for cars at 6 year rate or more. Its a real joke car prices. Then they try to manipulate it with charging ridiculous prices for used cars also. Whole system of a democratic society and market needs to crash and burn here.All chasing yield thanks too Federal Reserve games only. They have inflated everything to point of no return. Federal Reserve needs to be abolished for these massive tactics of killing the middle class.Whole system is a joke borrowing money that they never can repay. Besides its worthless . Just paper. All greed on paper. Housing will once again crash. Prices way too high and less house for the money. Stock market so over r priced by at least 40%. Be just like last time bailing out banks because they are never held in control. Especially when given virtually free money.MIddle class is screwed as always less money. POor get bailed out /Rich are richer.The only hope is the stock market crashes into oblivion as it should. Its all a joke here.Day trading back and forth just to generate money not good fundamentals. THats why the massive greed here. I see car sales diving at these ridiculous prices. When they have to be financed at 6 years or more its insane.

  • All designed to lift markets. Never seen so many games being played from fear from governments etc. They have given Wall Street /banks free money at .25% to loan to bring back housing economy etc. BUt with their usual greed they took all the money for quick buck greed games as usual. They have no limits they always take things past the limits with their massive greed. After all not their money to lose. Tax payers money once again. This time they will be a total collapse of whole system. Already have massive debt of 18 trillion that will never be repaid. All of this to make everything look great with new market highs. They screw the little people old and savers who dont want the risk with little return on their money. Why didnt the whole coiuntry get any amount at .25 %????/ One big world wide joke being played. THe middle class has gotten screwed with these games by massive inflation that isnt being counte in their formula by FEd . I say time for the FED/government etc all to go here. WE need a new system that actually works and is fair. Then we have the poor 33% getting bailed out period. Amazing?

  • Enough of games with rates and giving away our tax money to Banks/institutions etc. They were suppose to use virtually free money to make loans to bring back economy. Obviously their greed threw all their money into quick buck want it now stock market. same as last time they know no limits with their greed. This is why the Fed must be abolished for not enforcing this. Time for the whole system to collapse because of these massive pyramid schemes. Same over seas all countries playing same game. Their central banks/governments playing same game all to keep this massive pyramid scheme going world wide. Now we have massive 33% bailouts of money given to the oor. 133 million. Then middle class gets screwed with no bail outs and massive inflation that is not in their formula of inflation items/ LIke food/energy etc. Whole system just needs to collapse on reality. With 18 trillion in debt its coming anyway.FEd has played games with Wall Street to formulate a recovery on paper.Only top 10% have really benefited from these games. Yep you guessed it the rich.

  • Let someone else have a job and retire. Thats what is wrong with whole system over paid extremely at rtop levels and they never want to give up big bucks. After they really dont do much. Just like congress whole system is a joke. Working people middle class always gets screwed. The poor get bailed out and many dont even work. Just like stock market is broken got the rich doing the evil work of FEd. Buying at any price with free money from them. HOW can they lose . Another big joke. If markets go down because of fed raising rates Wall Street banks get bailed out again. No matter how reckless they were. At current levels it is going to happen. ITs all a joke world wide with the test of governments central banks doing same sneaky games of manipulation giving away virtually free money to financials/ banks there. Cant believe congress has allowed this stupidity manipulation to continue. Because of these games middle class has gotten screwed with massive inflation they dont count in their stupid manipulated formula.

  • The public has no clue to whats going on with Federal Reserve games of manipulating rates/markets etc. To have a recovery on paper only. The rich are richer. the poor to middle class are so much poorer here. Its one big joke. Give Wall Street virtually free money to bring markets back and higher with their usual greed. Same game being played with government central banks world wide to have a recovery on paper.ONly top 10% gets rich everyone else gets poorer. Because of massive inflation they dont count. All pyramid schemes collapse once the truth is known. All these games to have a paper recovery of stock markets to fool the world with paper rebound. In reality the world is poorer because it is all one big joke of printed money world wide for this the recovery. Nothing to back it up. Media doesnt tell the truth. JUst a matter of time when whole system collapses. Their is no money to ever get out of our massive debt. All these games they play is just trying to generate quick money for government with revenue from all this day trading games being played here and world wide. Anyone in these markets here is a fool at these highs.Fox news is the only one that ever informs the public about these games and corruption.

  • We are so stupid as a country and markets. A mass of complete fools chasing yields. This is one big massive pyramid scheme by Wall Street and Federal Reserve playing dangerous game here. Once again they will take the whole system down once again. They never learn from their stupidity of greed of Wall Street. Federal Reserve is just as stupid risking whole system collapse with their games played with rates so low. All of this to have a paper recovery of markets for confidence. In reality it is one big joke. Have screwed the real conservative investors. Rewarded risk takers with the money. In turn they will take down the whole system once again because of greed. We are bankrupt period as a country. All of this trying to generate income to FEd. playing this back and forth game of greed by Wall Street and Federal Reserve letting this and making this happen with free money to them. All to get massive tax revenue from this daily day trading games. But all little investors get screwed in the process. But as always when the masses get tired of this crp they will unload and whole system collapses to all new lows once again. Fed keeps trying to hold up these daily games with virtually free money to Wall Street. Will crash this whole system once again because we are broke as a country. 18 trillion in debt. They organized this sme game world wide by other countries to play dame dangerous games with rates. This is why this whole world wide scheme will collapse. It has gotten so far out of control here.

  • Its all a big joke whole system stock market. Its all just daily games trading back and forth. This whole system will collapse because of FEderal Reserve games of free money to prop up this sham by wall Street. See whole world markets collapsing as well. Party is over all this free money time is gone. Party is over. Its been a stupid joke by FEd giving away tax payer dollars to run this massive pyramid scheme to financials of virtually free money. All of this to make markets come back with just free money. They put others in jail for schemes such as this manipulating markets or getting others to do it. Same as last crash over extended markets. We as a country are bankrupt period. 18 Trillion in debt. Should be down graded to junk status.

  • Thats how over priced we are here. Party is over one big massive joke. Federal reserve are complete fools playing these games. The media is responsible for letting this #$%$ go on. The real truth there is no real recovery here. Its all games with rates and giving trillions to wall Street virtually free over last 5 years. Wake up people the media is corrupt. They dont tell or inform the public of the real truths. Obama is absolutely a real joke of a president. HE has failed the whole country. The only thing h that held up the country financially is the games of free money to inflate wall Street by banks. Time to go public and take this whole system down to reality. It is just one massive world wide pyramid scheme by Federal Reserve playing this game world wide with other countries. All this to throw free money to inflate prices and an artificial on paper only recovery. The real truth we are bankrupt world wide period. Its all paper money worthless currencies.Whole system is a joke. Average person is barely getting by and 100 million one third of country is on bailouts virtually poverty/assistance from government. They call that a recovery. This whole system will collapse.Its one big massive joke.

  • Everything is so inflated its all one big joke. Blame the federal Reserve and the congress and Obama for taking this whole country down. Prices are inflated to the point that barely anything is affordable. Middle class is no the poorest class thanks to these ridiculous controls/ laws etc. welfare class is better off because it is free for them. Wake up America this whole system is going down. All due to these stupid idiotic policies . We are essentially bankrupt period. Only backed up by worthless paper money. Same with rest of the world here.Wall Street keeps buying only because they are greedy and try to hold up this massive pyramid scheme. All free money virtually for them by the FEd to manipulate a stock market recovery to fool the world and the country. Problem is most of the middle class know the stupid game being played. As always whole system comes crashing down like 2008 era once again. Guess Wall Street knows it will get bailed out for manipulating and playing the game of paper recovery only.

  • Too many fools buying anything. They never learn it has all been greed once again. Consumers wont be buying anything period unless it is a bargain. World wide collapse coming once again. The whole world is screwed up out of control. Its all been one massive pyramid scheme by all governments trying to cover up massive debts that will never be repaid. World is basically bankrupt. Wake up fools. All paper worthless money.

  • Thank you common sense commentary. I see massive crash as should be here. I say crash and burn learn a lesson about manipulating stocks Federal Reserve fools. Making investors chase returns then get screwed instead of letting system work. These fools never learn it works for a while but greed always wins and takes whole system down. Once again it is coming fools.

  • Computers are sitting on shelves. At current prices they will never sell. Consumers waiting for massive discounts. They will be given away for much lower specs on computers. Same with other makers. So over priced in this debt ridden economy.Same with everything here. Car prices will free fall here. Too many and too competitive. Games of offering 6 year financing at o% to try to move inventory. ITs a joke you are still over paying for these cars. Massive profit margin has to free fall here. Gas prices will have to free fall also, Food prices also. YEp this economy is broken period. Everything so over priced here period. All because of Federal Reserve games.

  • Cant sell any of upper line computers with higher priced chips etc. Not needed and far too expensive here. It will crash to all new lows. Computers out there with no real need in upper chips speeds.

  • All because of Obama and Federal reserve games pyramid schemes.

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