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  • Always trying to buy out competition. Always over pay. These markets are so ridiculous as a system period. The whole system is rigged by these companies. Wake up America no one should be in the stock market period. I say time to put an end to this massive manipulation game. Only the big money people get rich everyone else might get by. Take a good look all these companies primarily the big ones take all the massive money from the companies. Take a good look at all the yearly results and election time. See the massive pay yearly bonuses and on top of that long term bonuses at same time makes it magnified. Then all fringe benefits on top of it. This is why the whole system needs to fail and crash and burn. Enough already America. never enough votes to ever change the yearly meetings voting etc for boards/ceos etc.Too many shares held by other financials all playing same greedy game.

  • GEt real it is just like the whole stock market. We are so over priced on nothing but FEd games. Wake up to reality this whole system will collapse by end of year easily. Its the biggest joke ever for a financial system. The just invent every ETF etc just to try to magnify markets. Just more massive stupid day trading schemes. Last ones lose it all as usual. Never seen so many fools still in the market period. This whole system here and over seas will all crash. All based on free money given to financials to keep buying to hole up this massive pyramid by Federal Reserve/ world banks/governments etc. ITs a big joke like HD at almost 93.00. Just one example why thee markets crash. Over whelming insanity. Federal REserve is too worried to stop these games. Doesnt matter it is to the point of total collapse here.

  • There will be a killing made by mid Sept. when these markets crash. FEd is done they have screwed up the whole system with massive debt. It will never be repaid period. Will be the biggest and worst sell-off ever. You will see over seas markets collapsing as well. One massive pyramid scheme of debt that will never be repaid.

  • Take a good look out there this is the worst shape this country has ever been in. With current leadership we have it only gets worse. Why? Because there isnt any. ITs all a joke. Just bicker nothing ever done for the good of the citizens of the country. Then you have these people who are charge that will destroy the whole system Like YEllen with her games of rates. Just like Bernanke they dont when to stop manipulation games before the markets crash. Its always because of manipulation games of rates.Wall street games on top of it every time. Greed fall stronger then common sense. Besides if they lose they get bailed out I guess like last time. All one big joke at the expense of American public.

  • These markets here and world wide are doomed to free fall. So over extended on all massive games by all markets governments banks etc to manipulate a recovery with virtually free money and rates.Time to crash these fools Let the truly free markets work. They dont count the massive debts the governments have that will never be repaid because of using borrowed money for these games. The real problem the media ignores these truths and doesnt inform the public with these reckless policies.

  • Will be massive new millionaires once this sell-off begins. World wide sell-off is on the way. Markets have been so manipulated by world banks.governments/ countries etc. It always ends badly when you let greed run the markets as always. Fed needs to pay for their manipulation games period. as do all other foreign market counter parts.

  • Fundamentals dont support any of this upside. Just free money virtually to banks to manipulate markets up. All this to make it a recovery or look like one. In reality it has screwed the average person. Just all gaes by FEd. They must pay with a massive free fall on reality. POnzi schemes only once again.

  • Time for Federal Reserve to pay up for massive manipulation games. Giving free money to banks only to take markets up. Wake up people its just one massive scheme that is doomed once again. Let the free markets work not manipulation games that screws the average investor. Needs to be consortiums come a in at these massive highs and tank these markets to reality. Fed must pay for games period. Let supposedly free markets work what a joke.

  • Thats how over priced we are world wide.

  • Home builders will crash once again. They have gotten far too greedy. I see another slaughter here. Inventory will build on new homes. Less home once again and far higher prices for sq. ft. a d lot. Its a joke once again.

  • All car makers are going down for the count. Inventory massive will have to be cut. Massive discounts coming. I see 5 to 10Thousand dollars discounts on expensive cars. FUel standards should be higher. All should be both electric and gas period. That will be the most widely wanted car. Need massive tax credits for these cars or massive car discounts period. Its not affordable with 6 or 7 year term payments. Consumers being screwed again.

  • Far too many cars in market place. Prices way too high. Consumers cutting back on everything. Payments run for 6 years minimum for a decent low payment. Its all a joke because its not realy low. Cars far too expensive. MPG is still low considering technology now. All should be 50 mpg or better. Less weight and smaller engines. If they have both it should even be higher. 60 to 70 mpg.

  • I think within next week or two. When all these sillys realize they have been had. They will get stuck big time. Never seen such a stupid stock market. You can thank your Federal Reserve because of virtually free money to banks/Wall Street. Their greed never ends. THis is one massive world wide pyramid scheme that will end ugly. With all governments playing same manipulation games with rates etc. It always end ugly.

  • Its all been because of free money from FEd games. Wake up people you would of bought too if you were given virtually free money at .25% to gamble with. I say sell sell sell and stick it to these fools who have and are buying at any price. Time to make them pay for all these massive manipulation games by FEd etc. Never ending stupidity to manipulate prices and yet we have massive inflation. Massive debt. The Fed needs to be abolished here and now.

  • Anyone buying anything here is a fool. Thats how out of touch these markets are. Buying anything at any price. Just tryiing to keep taking markets up. Greed never ends with Wall Street. Thanks to Federal REserve giving them virtually free money to bring markets back with this massive pyramid scheme.I say crash and burn time to pay for manipulation games here and world wide.

  • Enough of these manipulation games world wide. Time to pay up for games of greed only buying. Easy to do with free money from governments/agencies at .25% . Wake up America get out while you can with your money.Never seen markets so manipulated with these games and do nt even keep it a secret.In reality inflation is massive they just dont count the highly inflated materials. Thats the real joke/

  • We have been so over priced for years. This has been just one massive FED and Wall Street game. FRee money virtually given to Wall Street banks.So they can run amuck again to make everything look great with a stock market recovery. All pyramid schemes end badly because of the greed period. Its time to pay up for these manipulated games as always.FEd needs to be abolished here and now.

  • So over priced even think will test previous lows. It has never been profitable wake up people.

  • Same old games take markets to extreme new highs on nothing. Then they come in and unload all their stocks. i see at least a 20% downside easy here. We are so over priced period.

  • Yep whole system is a joke/ Bottom line computers will have to be given away here. Makes so stupid in computers they think they get get anything for bottom line products. Will have to trash/give charity of 3/4 price discount.

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