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  • ITs always same old games here with markets. There in reality is no recovery period. This whole system needs to collapse s once again to lower lows. Its all games by manipulators to try to bring back oil and stock market period. ITs all one big joke. Whole system is broke. Federal Reserve is one big joke. They keep trying to keep this massive pyramid scheme with rates going forever. We as a country are 19 trillion in debt. YEs we are essentially bankrupt period Thats the rel truth. FEd keeps trying to play thee stupid pyramid schemes with rates for forever. They are desperate period as well as their counter parts central banks worldwide. All playing the same massive rate pyramid scheme.IT only worked because banks got to borrow at.25 and at 0 . How could this possibly not work and if it didnt like a sell-off now they would get bailed out once again. Why didnt we all get these free moneys. WE instead got screwed as savers with .25 to maybe 1% interest return all these years as savers. All trying to force savers into massively over priced stock markets period.Talk about manipulated markets/massive pyramid schemes well there you have it.

  • This stupid massive pyramid scheme has been going on for last 6 years. Stupid Federal Reserve games with rates at .25 to 0 for Banks all to let these stupid cemers/manipulators s bring markets back with trillions in free money. How can and could they possibly lose. They got to gamble all these years with virtually free money to make everything look great like a recovery. Then FEd made rates lower so more borrower could get more lower rates buying houses etc. Then they let dead beat borrowers have new loans at lower rates/ also to refinance game so people would spend more. Wake up America its one massive pyramid scheme world wide. They got other countries central banks/governments to play same games so all world markets would recover to make everything look great.Now everything is so over priced. World governments/U.S government is bankrupt with 19 trillion in debt period. More going out than will ever come in. Whole system is broke period. Its always games/schemes to make everything look better. In reality whole country will collapse because government is broke/bankrupt period. 19 trillion in debt that will never or cant be repaid period. The real truth wake up people this massive scheme keeps trying to plug along. Would be nice for the FED to come cot with real truth.

  • Once again Wall Street keeps trying to play stupid games of buying just to get others to buy. They have all free money fools your money is your own to risk. Theirs is all free from the FEd to speculate with. Thats why these markets are broken. They would never be this high without those stupid games of free money from FEd. Then they got foreign central banks governments etc to play same pyramid scheme game to feed of each other for global come back all these years. Wake up people party is over .They also didnt have any decent returns for savers to try to force them into stock market. But they all risk their money they dont get free ride with no risk like banks etc. This is why this whole system needs to collapse world wide because it is not real period. Just money throw at markets to fool everyone that all this #$%$ is a recovery. But now all world governments/central banks /governments have bankrupted their countries in debt. That the real truth one massive world wide pyramid scheme. We have 19 trillion in U.S. debt that will never be repaid period We are basically bankrupt period.We spend more every year than we ever take in. Wake up people.

  • Take a good look fools Markets are just going up because others foreign markets going up etc. Just plain stupidity like Federal Reserve games. They didnt raise rates just to play their stupid idiotic games. This whole system needs to collapse to common sense not manipulation games/pyramid schemes period. Wake up people whole system world wide is one big joke. The real truth it all collapses because it is a manipulated scheme not a real investment in reasonable stocks etc. Just look at ridiculous prices/ amazon netflex other in hundred dollar or higher. Its all just greed not common sense. Its all gmes by governments forcing investors into over priced markets because of low interest rates. ITs all one big massive pyramid scheme that will once again collapse. FEd keeps trying to hold off playing stupid games because of recent market sell-off world wide. They are idiots playing these games.

  • Wake up peple whole system will collapse once again. So over priced period. We still need at least another 2 to 3000 point sell-off back to reality. Student debt is just another stupid game by colleges and uncle sam feeding the so over priced system. Get education n now free and maybe pay later in over 20 years etc? Then you have stupid Obama want to forgive it if you cant pay it back over 10 to 20 years etc. What a real joke once again stupid government policies by idiots. You dont give away tax payers money period. Let these students pay their own way and try working for it like everyone else who has to work/earn a living period. Be accountable people. Resembles FEderal Reserve game to free money to banks. If they bet wrong they never pay up they once again get bailed out.Wake up people the country is broken period. We need a real government that functions.

  • You will see more massive sell-offs here. Too many alternative energy sources . OIl, natural gas will keep free falling on reality. Markets trying to manipulate price back up once again. The real truth no real demand and massive over supply.Just like stock markets world wide still so over priced all on just stupid day trading games. Wake up people. OVer supply of everything here. Everything is so over priced that the reality. Its all desperation trying to hold up this one big massive world wide pyramid scheme with markets.

  • Same old stupid pyramid scheme as always. Take a good look here. The FEderal Reserve gave away money to banks to gamble with at .25 and then 0 . Who couldnt make money then throw it at stock markets with no risk. They get bailed out once again . Markets come back big because of these stupid world wide pyramid games by all central banks/ governments etc. Most corrupt system with these stupid games of free money . They these wall streeters take no risk and get bailed out once again if they fail. How could one loose .The FEd should be abolished for this corruption. They screwed savers at same time with 0 to maybe a 1.0% savings rate.THey and we had no guarantee to gamble and not lose our money. Banks was free money borrowed. If they gambled wrong they get bailed out again. Where is the justice. This is why the Federal REserve needs to be abolished for these crimes.

  • This whole system will collapse they cant keep throwing money out there forever. Whole system has been put through massive manipulation schemes by them. We will hit that total collapse any week or two here. They cant play this stupid game forever. We are now 19 trillion in debt. Cant pay any of it fools. Cant believe fools buying into it. The free money to banks at 0 rate is gone.Its time to take the FED down and back to reality with more massive thousands of points sell-offs.Anyone else doing this crap would be in jail for manipulating a massive pyramid scheme

  • Playing games back and forth in markets daily. Whole system is broken and corrupt all because of day trading games in everything. Markets need to crash another 2000 points and start all over. Take out all these fools out and start all over.

  • Look out below massive free fall

  • What complete fool buying anything here.

  • What complete fools out there buying and selling. Just to trade like fools.This whole once again will collapse.

  • Same old stupid games just to day trade and will free fall once again on Thursday. Markets are broken period. Need another 20%correction and move o n here. OI and gasoline will continue to free fall with massive over supply here. Another .50 to .75 cents a gallon drop free fall nationwide. Burn baby burn oil buyers make up for years of massive manipulation .

  • Whole system needs to crash another 10 to 20% get it over with. So over priced still. I see oil free falling at least anothr .50 to .75 a gallon easy here. Massive over supply and no real demand.

  • Whole system is broke. These markets need to crash another 10 to 20% back to reality.

  • Markets are so stupid just to buy and sell only games back and forth. All this just to trade to get big bounces and short covering etc. Wake up fools whole system is broke. The FEd should be abolished they are not needed period. They are taking the whole country down into massive debt playing these stupid free money games to banks etc to try to hold up this massive pyramid scheme. Never ending until they collapse whole system like early 2000 era once again. They always go to extremes period. Let the true markets work not stupid pyramid schemes.

  • THis stock needs to free fall at least 200 dollars.

  • Massive free fall for them and oil prices nose dive here. Will free fall to $1.00 to $1.50 a gallom

  • This whole system has been so manipulated/corrupt by Federal Reserve games with rates.

  • Has been so manipulated since FEd world central banks governments started playing manipulation games with rates.

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