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  • Never seen so many foolish people in my life. Pay a premium for junk. Will replace every year what a game Aapl plays. Consumers so stupid. Mostly young foolish people.

  • Too far too fast on nothing but manipulation. All virtually free money lent to Wall Street and all governments flooding markets with massive amounts at low rates. One massive pyramid scheme world wide to make it look like a recovery world wide. In reality there are more poor than ever and standard of living is worst. Al caused by massive price increases by this manipulation and letting all currencies free fall. One stupid game.

  • No surprise markets at new highs. Only fools holding at these tops. You will see another massive slaughter thanks to Federal Reserve games of manipulating rates. So over priced over valued.

  • Far too fast on nothing but games. Fundamentals arent there. You will see massive consumers quit buying anything here. Products items etc are costing so much more and get less of it for previous item. Its a big joke. Only ones getting rich are ceos controlling markets/ products etc at consumers expense. All out greed here only. Then FEd doesnt count this massive inflation its all one big joke. This is exactly why this whole system will collapse. CEo get bigger raises and salarys and directors are all ceos etc at other companys so they all conspire to take care of each other. This is why the stock market is one big joke.

  • Just far too many games being played. No fundamentals in place. Companies manipuating prices/airlines now a monopoly game no competition. owed too many mergers etc. All countries playing devaluation of currency games. Companies/growers/ industry have cut back to spike prices on everything to spike massive price inflation here. E no longer have a free market. wall Street can bid up prices in commodities in every sector once there are some shortages. This is why this whole market collapses. No price controls to prevent this manipulation. So much natural gas there will never be a shortage but they bid up prices anyway.

  • Take a good look. Its all being manipulated by governments/federal reserve/ central banks. Massive currency devaluations etc. Massive inflation with rate games and flooding markets with money. Then you have all industries letting inventory in all sectors get low to inflate prices. Airline consolidation no longer competitive few left. all play same game with baggage screwing consumers. Beef/ milk/ pork ./ chicken letting inventories fall so massive price increases and not building up. Its the same game as Obama plays do less or nothing and get a free check from government. Thats the mentality of the country here period. Federal Reserve has caused this massive inflation with flooding market with free money for Wall Street. All this to cause inflated prices by FED. So the average worker gets screwed period. This is why I se the whole system collapsing here. Prices are ridiculous because they dont count the inflation of food and energy which virtually effects everything.

  • So over priced like price line and other over rated companies. Price line is a joke you make an offer. How stupid because there is always a discount in marketplace. Why because all the hotels inflate starting price. Wake up fools price line is a 50% free fall here.

  • No buy out. So over priced like whole market here.

  • So far too fast on just Federal Reserve dumping trillions to Wall Street virtually free. Now so over priced over valued. Just like last time Wall Street takes whole system down once again all greed. Never have to answer or pay for it. Rest of consumers suffer because of over priced products period so vastly inflated.

  • Just people playing the markets daily casino game. It will all collapse on reality they have been sucked in.Take a good look everything in the market place is so over priced no value at all. Same with stock market all game playing not reality.Blame the Federal Reserve with all maniplation causing massive inflation. have priced average worker into poverty to low income. Middle class even struggling and it always ends badly.

  • Crash and urn baby so broken these markets. ned a massive slaughter to wake up fool buyers.

  • Downside is huge. i see a 15% correction minimum probably 20%.All just day trading games. Federal Reserve will crash these markets with their games of free money. So over priced over valued trying to get yield. It always ends ugly.World markets playing same game with governments/ central banks etc. One massive pyramid scheme.

  • This is why we need a 20 to 30% correction. Just all day traders daily games. Flip on a dime probably big money playing these games at little guys expense. This is no longer a free market here. Just one massive casino game. Same with all world markets also. Quick buck just like society here. Thats why we have the massive poor because of Federal Reserve not counting food/energy in economy. U.S. will be broke because of Obama bailing out everyone who doesnt want to work. Wake up people.Federal Reserve just trying to fool everyone like everything is great since markets recovered on paper only.Its just one massive joke.

  • Too far too fast on nothing but buying games. Daily casino cap only. 20% correction easy here. I see massive free fall in oil prices. Too much oil in market place and fracking massive supply and natural gas coming. Its all been Wall Street keeps buying to control prices to kill little money workers. Enough already need a really free market place not wall Street always manipulating prices daily.

  • Its been one massive pyramid scheme by Federal Reserve/ banks/ Central banks governments/ world wide. All to make everything look better. See 15 to 20% correction easy here. Consumers have put their foot down.Tired of daily games with oil/ food/ products etc.Monopoly game make everything look good on paper.Far more poor than ever because of Federal Reserve games with inflating prices to make Wall Street rich for more tax money. So many smoke and mirror games. Media doesnt report any of these truths. Except for fox news.Rest of media is afraid.

  • Thats why I think a massive correction is coming here.Probably 20%. Its all been a joke. All price/rate fixing by Federal Reserve with virtually free money for Wall Street. made the rest of the country poor with this to cause massive infaltion/food/energy they dont count.Same as last collapse they will get bailed out Iam sure.

  • Far too expensive for new products. See older chips and computers free falling in prices here. Consumers cant and wont pay for newer ones when current computers work. Blame this on the Federal Reserve with massive price inflation policy. They will take this whole country down here.

  • Wake up people the big massive set up because of all governments/ financials banks/central banks etc. All lies their is massive inflation every where . They dont count food and energy wake up. Energy counts toward every item. Its all games instead of letting free markets work. Same old greed has taken over. I see the biggest collapse ever coming real soon on reality. You have all businsses companies creating false shortages like beef/energy etc to i crease prices. Then that isnt counted because food/energy dont count as inflation. All one big massive pyramid scheme joke by governments. Then they screw the citizen because they have to bail out the poor with free hand outs because of massive inflation they created.When you manipulate a system you ask to be screwed.I can only hope common sense comes and these markets crash 20 to 30% as they should to reality.Its all just greed buying with free money and then get bailed out again if it collapses. Wake up America.

  • All one big massive world wide scheme pyramid scheme central banks/governments. federal reserve etc.Will have a massive free fall when whole worthless system collapses again.

  • Take a good look. Massive inflation world wide. food /energy arent counted that makes up most of everything. All a big joke. Central banks/governments .governments manipulating rates. Causing massive poverty to lower class and middle class. All desperate for only more tax money. They have and are bailing out more people in and into now poverty because of all their actions period.It will all end ugly in one big massive free fall because of these world wide manipulation games.Just one big massive pyramid scheme. WITH WALL Street greed and others doing dirty work.

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