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kopach 58 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 23, 2015 12:08 PM Member since: Sep 27, 1999
  • Wake up people they wont be able to put everyone out of business like they are trying to do. They try undercut everyone to buy time. Use their free postage #$%$ to promote agenda. They will go under they have never been profitable. Its all credit and borrowing on stocks price.

  • No demand for chis at current prices. Consumers will never pay the ridiculous prices for computers with the highest upgrades. I see prices dropping another 30 to 40% for computers here. Mostly chip prices and storage e etc.

  • Part of whole system corruption. Anything they are desperate Wall Street games just plays back and forth games. We need a massive 20% correction to send all these fools to bankruptcy for manipulating markets with all these games. All starts with FEderal Reserve starting all this #$%$ with .25% loans to banks etc. to gamble with billions of dollars. If all fails they once again get bailed out like last time. Wake up people we are at least 20% OVER PRICED. Never seen so many fools desperate to fall into it. All because of FEd games of low rates for savers and foreign countries central banks/governments playing same stupid manipulation games with rates.

  • They just dont get it. Every time like one country goes under or about they do a band aid fix. WHOLE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT SET UP BY GOVERNMENTS/CENTRAL BANKS/ fEDERAL RESERVE MANIPULATING RATES. fORCING INVESTORS INTO STOCK MARKETS. Wake up people its one massive pyramid scheme designed to fail. They think they can do this forever. We are so over priced need at least a 20% correction. If anyone else did this like companies they would be prosecuted for manipulation of markets/rates etc.I say crash and burn to reality. The world is broke. All these games is on credit the US. is at least 18 Trillion in debt. They will never be ever to pay liabilities going forward for social security/ government retirement plans.medicaid/medicare etc. Iam sure the rest of countries playing same game. All kicking can down road with temporary fixes to make everything look great. One big joke. Wall Street plays the game because of their greed to keep it going. You would also if you borrowed at .25% or less from FEd and get bailed out if markets collapse. Everyone else loses they get rich. Wake up people.

  • There will be a total collapse of whole system. Wake up people. All these broken/bankrupt countries getting temp help to only go bankrupt again. Same band aid trick. Whole world is going under. They all spend more than they take in. Just like Americas poor . They get bailed out also why work. You can blame Obama for this whole mess. Better not let clinton in there it will be more of the same. Try something let people actually work instead of welfare free money. Why o you think none of them will work when you get free money.This is exactly why we go under also.

  • JUst like U.S. markets all games trying to hold up over priced everything from markets to goods. Wake up America beef at ove $r3.00 a pound thats insanity and manipulation of markets by cattlemen. Just like every other sector or item. Then you have heinz buying Kraft more manipulation that was allowed. Enough already thats why we are suppose to have people over seeing this #$%$.

  • All due to Federal Reserve and others manipulation of markets with rates. Then greed buyers think they can keep it going forever with Federal Reserve manipulating rates at lows for so long.Greed world wide with this massive scheme by governments/central banks etc.

  • Wake up America This has been going on for years just because of Federal Reserve games. When markets cant produce or stand on their own they need to be done away with or collapse. The whole system is broken. Its all about making money from trading. No long term investment all. Its all games to keep this massive pyramid smoke scheme going. Every time these fools manipulate markets they too it for too long to extremes like now. Now everyone must pay with 20 to 30% sell-offs.Stupidity of federal reserve never ends.

  • Wake up people the whole system is going under.World wide collapse underway .

  • Buying when Greece is going under as many others following. Everyone should be selling here. Wa Street is desperate they keep trying to pump u markets. Same game borrow free money virtually from FEderal Reserve to gamble with. If it desnt work they get bailed out again.

  • What fools are paying these prices for just pasta.Everything is so over inflated.

  • What fools are buying anything here. Insanity whole system of world finances are going down period. Everyone is broke. All countries/governments/ etc Most debt ever.

  • Drop another 2000 points. Its all been one massive pyramid scheme.

  • Whole system is just one massive pyramid scheme. Just like 2008 era collapse . They never learn. You think the FEd can pump trillions forever. They are broke like all other countries period. Its all worthless paper money. Nothing to back it up. Why do you think the deficit is 18 trillion and counting. Not counting all obligations owed for next 30 to 40 years. Retirements/social security/ pensions/ Medicare. Wake up people.

  • Its all about manipulation games by FEderal Reserve/central banks/governments manipulATING rates to inflate stock markets. All this to recover from years of stupidity. Now the new stupidity another over valued/ over priced stock markets world wide here. Games never end with countries/governments trying to foo the masses. Their is no real recovery. All smoke and mirrors. Only the rich maybe thats 10% of world people got rich. Everyone else missed out.Banks did all the dirty work by borrowing at 0 to .25 % any idiot could and would take that risk. Besides they would all get bailed out once again.

  • Come back to reality. Its all been just Federal Reserve/central banks game and governments playing games with low rates punishing savers trying to force all into stock markets. All this for a stupid paper recovery to make rich richer at expense of savers.Anyone else playing and manipulating rates like this would be in jail. Why isnt the Federal Reserve in jail for these manipulated rates and giving banks virtually free money to gamble with. If markets crash they all get bailed out again. This is why the Federa REServe needs to be abolished period.No need for them. All of this and getting other central banks governments to play same games for a paper recovery. They have punished all savers period here.

  • Yep time to take down this whole massive pyramid scheme by Federal Reserve playing games with rates and savers lives. Enough already . This massive pyramid scheme must pay up for these stupid rate games and manipulation of markets/rates by central banks/governments and Federal Reserve. ANyone or anything else would be in jail/prision for these actions.

  • The world is broke period. All borrowing money that is not there. All on paper games that were taken to extremes. All this to make the world markets etc and world like it was one big solid rovery. ITs all one big hoax. Its all borrowed money period.

  • Fools have been ignoring all the news. They think this stupid manipulated pyramid scheme started by Federal Reserve can last forever. I think not the whole world is going into bankruptcy. Everyone has rung up more debt worldwide than ever r that can possibly be repaid. Time to pay up or all go under. Puerto Rico is going under here and now. Just the beginning of all like previously Detroit etc. U.S. is far in debt it will never be repaid period. Just making token payments. Why do you think they screwed savers with virtually no return on binds etc. money markets etc. To also force investors into stock market for higher rates on returns so government gets more money. Over 16 trillion in debt. Not counting future liabilities for social security and government payments/ medicaid etc. The whole world is and has live beyond its means period. But the rich haven gotten rich. THey the government manipulated all this so banks/financials would buy into stock market etc because of higher returns. NOrisk for them borrowing at 0 to .25%.Besides they would all get bailed out once again if we went down big. This is why the whole system is corrupt period. Playing games with the poor and middle class.

  • Back and forth to highs or nea then sell-off 500 to 1000 points Same games of massive pyramid scheme until whole stock market system collapses. Its all so over priced here.

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